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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Tuatha De Danann Domain....A Day in the Life

                                                            "Celebration" by Christine Von Lossberg

A day in the Life........

I wake up in a pure organic beautiful smelling bed. I'm wearing sumptuous fabrics made into the most comfortable sleepwear so pretty and practical they can be worn anywhere. They're made of either soft silks, silk blends, hemp's, linens, flax, cottons, all sturdy and soft in natural tones, though all natural colors are used I prefer usually whites and every shade of off whites. They have beautiful embroidery on them and are cut into very interesting patterns, many Asian styles and those of the ancient worlds too. They drape and elongate and are elegant making all who where them regal in appearance. Everyone loves them  in the new world of organic luxuries. We make and design them in happiness.
                                               Angelica Huston in "Mist of Avalon".....if you watch that movie, and look closely at their fabrics you will see what I have in mind. I can zoom in and play in slow motion and I think those are the best made costumes I've seen yet. Italy excels at this. 

I open my eyes to a pleasantly lit large room with lots of windows and gorgeous views. The air is pure, crisp and fragrant with nature's GreenLife and flowers and even our own incense made of herbs, resins, tree bark, flowers and grasses which are contained in carved wooden bowls with lids or tightly woven baskets handcrafted by the artisans on land. Beautiful artwork, inspirational and magical hang on the walls, which themselves glow with living color and light.....most pleasing.... using special crystals and lighting. 
I am also surrounded by large trees and plants inside and much beauty all harmoniously placed.
This morning I am by myself, but I do sometimes wake up in my beloveds tender, caring embrace. He must be up already. He does have his own rooms, for each human being must have their own space to be in their own center of power. I often need to sleep deeply to heal and rejuvenate so I must sleep alone in these times. 
This morning I woke up ravenous and so I quickly freshen in my lovely sunlit bathroom, spray my face with pure rosewater and head downstairs. He is there smiling and his eyes ever sparkling when gazing upon me. It is the assurance I see every time, that I am the light of his life, as he is to me. This man is gorgeous to me, his dark hair thick, healthy and long. His dark eyes living gems in a face sculpted for my pleasure. His smile a thing of joy. His toned strong body covered in healthy dark skin. This man loves me, has waited all his life for me. He is a rare kind of Humane Being, in love with his own emotions....he is adoring, tender, caring to all my needs, desires, wishes, dreams, thoughts. He feels he lives to care for me, delivered by the Goddess Herself to tend to me in this mortal life for the rest of my days. He is well equipped to do so, being wise, intelligent, nurturing, observant, solicitous, knowing and knowledgeable in the healing arts. As I have tended to people in the past, he tends to me. All we feel for each other is mutual in joy. We each learn things from each other. 
On this morning as we are smiling at one another I hear his thoughts again....we are telepathic....he's thinking: '' there is the Beauty of my Soul, my dreams. I never tire of gazing upon her. She is fresh from bed and still beautiful. Her long hair falling in dark waves, her large cinnamon eyes sparkling for me and her bright happy wide smile, a joy. Oh God, thank you again for her.....for answering my prayers better than I asked!"...these thoughts almost quell my smile for their sacredness almost makes me come to tears....again. He sees my grin fading and understands I have heard his silent thoughts again and for a second worries the tears. Upon me seeing his worry, another smile is born upon my face, one to comfort him and he also smiles again. These moments of silent communion are sacred to us....we are awed.
We hug and breathe and inhale the scents of each other. We linger. Finally he speaks and asks what kind of magic can we conjure up for the world today? He knows I love this question almost more than any other as it sets my imagination off and this reflects in my eyes as lights and a grin from ear to ear! He loves this expression on me more than almost any other and he lights up as well. 
This question has become our mutual purpose in life.
Some days we go out together dressed in our creations. I wear flowers or feathers in my hair and sometimes he places them for me, being very artistic and having an eye for beauty, as one of the Tuatha De Danann would. 
On these sojourns we'd be tuning into the people around and sometimes anonymously pay for their items or drop them compliments when we can see their spirits need it. Sometimes we hire performers to act things out in the streets to give people a reason to pause and applaud. Sometimes we throw tea parties in a public place spontaneously. Sometimes we summon the Angels and Fairies to bless the ones we can't see. He is very talented, my beloved, and lots of my own abilities ignited upon our meeting - we were the spark the other needed for our full magic to be born.
So on this day, as I contemplate and feel out the magic in me and how it wants to play out, I have no immediate ideas and he soon comes up with one that lights me up and now we're in full bloom conjuring, excited, inspired,  and joyful. We finalize the days plans and soon he is completing the morning's manna he had begun before I arose. Fresh juice is made and all kinds of culinary delights tempt our senses as we look forward to them throughout the day. 
Fairy Menu planned, we soon dress and are ready to take magic and beauty to the world. He looks at me with sparkles in his eyes and see's a small adjustment to make with my hair. He decides a long skinny braid hanging on one side of my face would be perfection. I get the comb and he proceeds to braid it. He adds a tiny bead and is pleased to no end....and so am I. 
I cannot even begin to describe the sensation of my beloved playing with my hair, his hands, the caring, the closeness, the scents, the textures.
And for him, it is akin to having his own personal Fairy to play and dress with! We leave arm in arm to enchant the world.

The world however, has not quite caught on to the High Magic that fills our lives and they still live in some mediocrity. This causes some pain and pleasure in us both. Pain because lack of magic is pain and pleasure because in our lives with each other, there IS only magic and we can see the effects of it in the world.
We are in service to a degree to humanity's needs. We discover these throughout the days and tend to them as they arise.

We are building quite a few organic homes and are always on the lookout for good materials. We design and decorate them together. Today we come across some quality discarded lumber and arrange for some workers to claim them for future use. We have lots of extremely talented and gifted people we work with. We drive around the beautiful lands on the way to town where everyone gathers for all their needs and meet some lovely friends who themselves are unique and gifted in their ways. 

Today my beloved and I parted for a while to take up our individual tasks. My tasks were to assist at the local Fairy Food Cafe and to do some design work at the studios, both on the clothing line and The Flowers and Nature Center which is where we are kept busy using the abundance of Nature to keep the town village decorated with garlands and large pots of flowers. My beloved loves the building aspects and today he was gathering materials.
We met late to drive home, to our own place of sanctuary. Here is where I feel I'm in Heaven. I can spend weeks here without leaving. This place is in the woods with views from all windows. There is a Mist that lives here and is a portal to magical places. We both go through and back to work in other realms and to enjoy other beings. An amazing thing happened to us both when we moved into this place. We grew younger and slender.
With our love was found the elixir of youth for us both. This is how we are sure we were created for each other in the other realms. We strengthen each other.

 The house was expanded upon quickly. Making courtyards, gardens of all themes and permaculture food forests. The house itself is many faceted, both enclosed and open, both safe and secluded. Around our home we have gathered our closest of friends and kin to live with us, so we always have love around. They live as they chose and we see each other as we please. They are happy to live on this land with us and help us to maintain its magical sanctity for surely they are also Tuatha De Danann and all our united values kept sacred, with Beauty the result in all things. This is why I don't feel a need to leave this Place I call Home. But being mortal in a human world I must do as mortals do in our physicality.

Our Home is made of stone and wood. It has open air verandahs and inner courtyards. Sometimes this is where we mingle with our kin. Sometimes with great fanfare and celebration we  parade into the Gazebo Grove in the forest. We are a people who have genuine communion with the Nature Realms, they are a different form of our relations. 

We have plants, flowers and trees both inside and outside. It is difficult to see where House ends and forest begins. It is my pleasure to tend to them and watch them grow. The temperatures are maintained to perfection with the help of these Green friends and with woodstoves in all the right places for needed warmth. Coolness is kept with shade and trees, open air spaces for breezes and fans. Crystals sparkle the views and abound. Candlelight is everywhere. Fountains are both beautiful and musical, soothing. We don't need much electricity for the Home is so self sufficient, self adjusting. And since we eat seasonally, our bodies self adjust seasonally too. Most of our food is grown and fresh. 
Music comes on the air with birdsong and water features, and our kin who are wonderful musicians. Also amongst our kin are yogi's, tai chi masters, energy workers, poets, artists, herbalists, craftspeople, artisans, bards, dancers and singers. We often are in training in all of the arts. We also have some animal kin in cats, dogs, horses, wolves and wildlife. We all benefit from each other, all live in admiration. 

At each of the four corners of the courtyard is a double sided stairway with only an open platform at the top. Flowers line either side of the steps. The platform is used to observe the sunrises and sunsets, the greater distances, or for an inspired flutist to play a melodious tune, or singer to chant vocals or arias. 

                                                                 "Stairway to Paradise" by Thomas Kinkaid 

All sounds meant, designed and effected to implant  some ethereal enchantments. The large pond also provides some music at night with frogs in chorus. Nightly, a harpist strums lazily, singing lullaby's.
By this time in the dark of the evening, the conscious activity of all kin quiets, the mind going silent and the senses picking up in attunements to our formless ancestors, the Spirit of the Mist, and the lights from the stars. Thus we are prepared for nighttime sleep and the work we begin in our formless state. Fragrance from our anointed bodies, the trees, the forests, and incense fill us in a shroud of heavenly perfume....language no longer needed, we drift with Mist into other realms. Another kind of Magic begins.

This place is real. It is here, in the 3D world.....we can do this together.....calling all Kin....the Beautiful People, The Tuatha De Danann.

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