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Monday, November 2, 2015

Kefir and Kimchi Cured My Hip-Joint Pains

Hello Beautiful People,

Just wanted to share some wonderful news, which is ecstatic for me which is alot of fun. :D
As the title says it all, I will just tell of my experience but I encourage everyone to begin to ingest and make your own living pro-biotics which can literally make your life from one of depressed and in pain to one who feels free and light and pain free, even in short time.

Cultured foods should be part of everyones diet to have a consistent and life giving internal environment to healthy gut flora for life. Cultured Foods of all kinds are the only way to do this effectively and safely.

Kefir, by the testimonials of the people themselves, is curing so many ailments it is impossible to list them all. It is simply a miraculous food.

My story:
For the past 2 years I had developed a hip joint pain that didn't make any sense for me as I am not prone to disease and sickness, and took good care of my self all my growing years, being organic for over 35 years now... and not taking meds.
I am a home person, prefer to stay home and slowly I noticed I was limping. I tried to go for my walks but they were painful and I felt stiff. I hardly noticed there was a problem until it was excruciating and could not lift my leg for 2 small steps on the porch unless I picked up each leg with my hands. By this time it was more than a year of these pains, and the reason I didn't quite realize it is that I live with various pains, from having fibromyalgia, (gone now) and having 5 accidents in life so I was used to being in some kind of pain or another, all of which I felt were temporary and would leave eventually when I did everything I could for them. And they do. I am not the type of person to accept ''disease'' which I know is merely symptoms of a problem. Take care of the root of the problem and the symptoms will go. I do not believe in sickness, all is curable. And I do not accept genetic problems as those also can be transcended and reprogrammed. I've done all.

But when I could not get up from a chair, or from lying down, or move normally, and all I could do was not walk gracefully but wobble from side to side and not be able to go do simple shopping, nor bend without meditating on it first, it got my attention. My housemate was also experiencing some of this and as an empath I eventually realized I was picking up his stuff but that I needed to process and heal myself anyway because I was worse for some reason. I kept trying to go for the jogs, but realized I could not even do the walks without gritting my teeth and holding my hands so tight they got white and I would not breathe.

Then the day I had to lift my legs for those 2 small steps with my hands, and the pain was so bad, and recovering from the walk took 24 hours at least, the degree of this problem I thought would just ''go away'' really got my attention.

I wondered if this was arthritis, but I would feel this in other parts of my body as well and did not. I wondered if this was an injury, but I had done nothing to hurt my hip joints to this degree! I wondered if this was damage due to 20 years of jogging, but I didn't believe that was true since the blood flow of jogging and aerobics was more healing than damaging. But in any case I treated myself for all. I began by treating myself for arthritis for a month and there was no change. Then I treated myself as for an injury, and no change. I rethought the damage of jogging and no, because there were the odd days that the pain would be entirely gone, and often disappear at night after 10 pm as if it were on some sort of schedule and if I was awake that late to realize it, so it was a strange thing, coming and going, but mostly there. Sleep became terrible as the pains would spread then started to shoot down my thighs and wake me up at night. Moving around the house during the day was much slower, I did less and gardening became agonizing.

Also, at the same time I was having abdominal problems. Everything I ate was upsetting my stomach. Even healthy foods. Made no sense. This is what told me I needed to address my problem by introducing really good food and I knew my kimchi was nutrient dense and medicinal, so this is what started me on this, was my poor tummy.
What happened with my hip joint pains was a side effect!

My body was definitely going wrong, and I needed to wake up and do something before damage set in and the healing process would take years instead of weeks.

So you get the picture.

One those light airy wisps of intuition......I felt I NEEDED to have my kimchi, not want, I was craving it. I felt my inner alchemy was off and I wanted to start eating it again so I decided to make some and I did. I speak about this in a post here.


I made the kimchi and tasted it in 3 days which I'd not done before since I usually wait the full 10 days, but I couldn't wait, I was craving the stuff. It tasted delicious! oh my god, it was so good. But that told me, as taste buds and cravings will tell you what your body is needing. And this goes both ways.....cravings for negative type foods such as sugars, chips, coffee, alcohol etc are all cravings from bacterias, viruses, fungi etc of the negative kind which are craving to be fed and this increases negative microflora. Cravings for positive foods, living foods, greens and water, juices etc are all your body telling you you need those positive foods and they will taste off the chart delicious. So my body was telling me this is what I needed, were the living probiotics of the kimchi which is what my body was familiar with and sent a signal to my brain to crave it. The body knows.
This was good but Somehow I wanted more living probiotics though this is not what my mind was thinking, I still had cravings for living foods so my mind went to kefir.  I used to drink this too, but was not consistent and had no problems then to notice a difference. I got a couple of bottles of the Lifeway brand in ''plain'' available in most large stores and in every health food store. I could not stop drinking this either, I was craving the stuff! I drank half a bottle a day.

Sooooo....I began eating just a bit of the kimchi every day, and drinking the kefir. Within 2 days I noticed my mood and mental state was lighter, happier, which was an odd thing, but I take it! :D
Then I noticed my hip pains were less because I could move better, simply standing up and walking in one move and walking without wobbling, etc. Within a week, all of the pains of my hip joints have been gone, and I am sleeping better. This last sentence bears repeating.....within a week of taking kimchi and kefir all of my agonizing hip joint pains were gone and its been over a month now and I am moving physically back as my old self.

This is the reason I am making this post because I want to help others who may be experiencing this or anything like it. I cannot explain it scientifically but I have since gone online to do some research of scientific papers on the health affects of kefir and living probiotics and the material is scant. But there is a plethora of people who are posting their own testimonials everywhere on forums, websites, youtubes etc and I am listening to the people who are taking these living foods and what they are experiencing and it is all miraculous to me.

Pro biotics are pro life, they are the very substance that give us life to our immune systems, and they eat the negative micro-organisms which degrade and diminish our immune systems and organs, and replace them with the life giving nutrients which rebuild our systems of all kinds from organs, gut flora to neural brain-pathways hence the fact that the probiotics are called ''the organic prozac'' since it helps with peoples moods. I had someone else try it and he is bipolar and he raves first about his mood lifting after all his life being depressed and how his body is working better and he is sharing it with his family....on and on.

Kefir is a Russian word meaning ''good feeling'' and I can attest to that as do thousand of others.
It is a cultured milk, and tastes like liquid yogurt and I love it.

I am also making ginger bug. It is cultured ginger and makes the best Ginger Soda!

I enjoy making them all.

Kefir is made using what they refer to as ''grains'' which look like this.....

 These go into a large jar, with milk added and covered and left on a counter for 24 hours.

then it is strained and bottled like this.......

then you add the grains back to the original jar and add milk and do it again.
Instructions for this and all kinds of questions are found on youtubes and internet easily.

This amazing food led me to making my own of all of them which I am doing every day now, eating kimchi and drinking my new favorite.... Kombucha.... which I also make now and have a continuous brew going on all the time. I am able to drink ''soda'' again and my favorite kombuchas that I make are the Strawberry Kombucha and the Ginger Kombucha......I cannot get enough of these. The health benefits of Kombucha must be researched and understood, as it can and is a miraculous medicine.
I keep the tea in a gallon tea dispenser which is ready in 7 days in my house. Its made by making the sweet tea with what they call a scoby which is an acronym for ''symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast''. You add sugar to the tea and the scoby eats the sugar, and becomes cultured, fizzy, carbonated, and delicious!

After it is done, you can add all kinds of wonderful flavors to the tea in the bottle. I blend strawberries, strain and add it to a couple of bottles. The others are Ginger Kombucha and housemate wanted to try Lemon Kombucha. Here are various flavors being drunk as we wish. Delish!

I want the best and healthiest foods/medicines this planet has to offer and my own investment in time learning and doing has proven to be the wise ways of the ancient ones who lived well, make and culture their own foods for health of mind and body.

There is a quote that says "Let medicine be your foods, and your foods your medicines" and this is exactly what I am doing and it is working so beautifully, so organically and poetically. The beauty of its simplicity is exactly how I believe God works, that something that heals is easy, delicious and simple.

The same with aromatherapy.
There are tons of websites to learn this from but the easiest is to try them, then begin to make your own. Everyone in these fields of living cultured foods are all very helpful and are free with their time and answer questions, they are just happy people.

I could go on with this, but I encourage you all to try it.

Now for the Gardens:

And here are some pics I found in my camera. Gardening was nil this past summer due to the drought we had here, but I hope it will pick up again. The lotus in the pond went crazy and were beautiful though I had to remove them as they were too aggressive for the pond, too lush.....the point of my pond is to have the water as clear reflective light and shadow.  Below are some pics......

 wonderful, wonderful rains!!!!!!!

Health is Wealth......Goodbye for now....and thanks for visiting!

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