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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore. Welcome! to my world. A world where my love of the organic purity of the Nature Kingdoms inspires personal whimsical art, Beauty and love of the Mother. In the Spirit of Anam Cara love.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dreamy Tulle Skirt, No Sew, 1 minute

Hello Everyone,

It seems I don't remember how to make a post anymore ;-)lots of kinks.....will continue to try here.....

I pray everyone had a peaceful Holiday and that Spirits were deeply nourished.
I'm still not "over" the last events with the children and what is happening with the violent madmen of this world wreaking havoc for others and continually making lives miserable. But I feel like every time something like the shootings happens, a piece of me is also killed, and slowly I feel myself withering away. I cannot get over this latest with the children and I don't want to get "over" it because it seems very insensitive to me for life to go on as though nothing is happening, because it also will happen again in the future and life in this way is intolerable. I am very uncomfortable living side by side with those capable of doing this kind of thing and more and more I want to make an absolute exit from this life.

Any rants from others about this are more than welcome!!

But enough of that......
for now......

because this post is about a little piece of Dreamy Beauty that I came up with..................


....... thanks to an inspiration from Ozma of Odds and her last post on her Christmas outfit.... Please go to her site, everything about it is Angelic and Heavenly........


...isnt' that beautiful? And such a beautiful thing coming from a beautiful soul.
I asked her how she made that skirt and she told me and sent a link describing how its made using 6" tulle and tying many strips of it onto a band. This is a 2 minute video tutorial on how to do it.

Which sent me on a bit of a journey.

The possibilities are grand.....using different shades of the same color family, or using different but similar materials like organza, and different textures for instance. :D
There are very many variations of this skirt and some of them are absolutely gorgeous and I have come to feel every woman needs at least one of these. :D including me :D
I personally never liked tulle but I've been buying this particular one from Joanne's called "crushed tulle" and it is so soft and who knew I like wrinkly fabric?? But I love it and bought 3 yards, hung it on the window and was in love. I bought another 3 yards and hung it on a doorway, and another 3 yards lol just to have around to feel and touch which is now draped over a lamp which this Fairy loves.

Obviously I love this fabric whether or not it is polyester!
But recently whilst on line to pay for a little thing at Joanne's a woman asked me if I could use a 70% off coupon that was good only for that day....could I ???? yes! I went straight to the fabric, tulle, and picked out the Champagne Crushed Tulle and bought 8 yards of it and was a happy camper. It is really muted brownish light pink, antique pink you could say and just like Annie Sloans' "Antoinette" chalk paint as I'm calling it my "Antoinette Tulle"........she would wear it! :D 

So online I saw many of these hand tied tulle skirts and some of these women make gorgeous ones!

Black adult tutu, long black skirt, sewn tutus, Wide Satin sash, Wedding tutu, Prom dress

Adult long tutu skirt, Adult tutu dress, Ivory with a hint of Peach Adult tulle skirt,  bridal wedding dress, sewn tutus

Tulle skirt, ivory with a hint of gold, flower girl tutu dress, bambaroos boutique

 and look at this little one.....

Flower Girl Tutu Dress in Couture Peacock

Gorgeous, fun and playful, and very doable for anyone. And who would not feel beautiful in one that was the right colors for her and the right style?

So in my little world, I have had this champagne tulle fabric and sometimes I pick it up and ask it "what do you want to be.....will you tell me please?" But the only thing it would say is, "not yet, and I don't want to be cut either....just wait, you will see."

I waited.

Well the other night it did tell me. And while I could not sleep, I got up to play a bit with the idea and this is what it showed me.

As I wait for my 6" tulle to arrive in the mail to make one of those hand tied ones as shown in the video, I have this beautiful Champagne Tulle that told me it can be even easier and just as beautiful. This is what I did.

I took the length of the 8 yards and folded it in half to make it 4 yards. Then I folded the lengthwise length over a tie which was a piece of lace I have laying around to tie my hair, and then held the two ends and tied it onto my dress form and I have a skirt.
That's it.
Unbelievable that I don't have to sew this, cut anything or do anything else but tie it on and I have a skirt. This takes no time, is beautiful and YES I have every intention of wearing it. I cannot tell you how much I adore simple simple simple and effective!
Here is 8 yards of tulle folded to make 4 yards, bunched up, then a 1 1/2 yard length of lace ribbon placed over the fabric, less than halfway down, at a length that will give me a shorter outer length and then a longer one.But this is where you can play with the length and layers etc....just play with it :-)

Just drop the shorter length over the ribbon. Skirt is done! crazy simple.

here's the finished skirt :D:D:D

I went to my dress form to tie it on.....with a thin white embroidered skirt underneath so the tulle is not see through.

I tied it on making a bow with the lace ribbon as a sash and adjusted the tulle around the sash.

I'm just showing the skirt beneath the tulle here.........if you want to keep it closed you can use your imagination to figure that out but I don't mind it opening with that pretty white skirt beneath, or I can use 2 tiny tiny safety pins.....OR! you can sew on tiny rose appliques with 1/8" ribbon on either side to make a few ties, the possibilities are great....but I like it as is. If you want to keep it permanent you can sew the band closed beneath the ribbon tie but its not even necessary.

It's done.....

I put several things as a top on this to see the different ways to use it......

I love this one with the bolero sweater and a silk veil used as a long thick sash in Silver Sheen.......

Tulle is not just for weddings anymore........this I learned.

big bow in the back....

And with a linen Walking Jacket......

dont' know why the camera makes it orangy,

Has anything ever been more simple to "make" ? I can't even say I "made it"....I only put a ribbon on it and tied it on. Can't wait to wear this. I'm sooo in love with it.

I will soon "declare" a NATIONAL TULLE DAY In which every woman and child  is 'required' to wear a magnificent example of some kind of tulle skirt or dress, in all shapes, sizes, and colors and combinations...... and so the visions of this country with women and girls in dreamy floaty tulle will enchant and delight the senses and awaken the Little Princess and Grown Queen in us all! Have fun with this, its too easy and too beautiful and anything that makes us feel more beautiful is a "Must DO".



  1. Great post! Love that linen walking jacket. Hope you had a great Christmas!

  2. Hello Lady, I think your tulle is lovely and how lucky you are that you can sew. We can always use our creativity in so many ways that bring us joy and inspire others. The world is a very troubled and violent place and I feel the same way you do about the horrible shootings. Many of us have been shattered but it is so disturbing to see the politicians, don't get me started on the NRA, and their slower than a snail approach to solving problems. The fiscal cliff, gun control you name it. I am totally disgusted by it all and I know that if we had more WOMEN in public office this country would be the better for it. We know how to get things done. We communicate in ways that men have no understanding of and we could push through these problems and make things better for everyone and protect our children. Hope you don't mind my ranting a bit.

    Enjoy the beauty in the world and keep creating. I hope you have a lovely New Year!

    1. Hi Diane,
      thanks for your comments. But I do not really know how to sew, I'm teaching myself very slowly....but this skirt is a NO SEW...which makes it absolutely a dream.
      I agree with all you said, and about having women in positions that make decisions for our societies. I could write a minimum of 5 books on this subject, but it is clear the all male dominance is deadly to every form of life on this planet. I will not go on because once I get started it goes on.
      But I thank you for the support and anytime you want to rant I'm all ears!.
      blessings, lady

  3. Wow that is a beautiful romantic skirt. Thanks so much for telling us how you made it. Take care, Darlene

    1. Thanks Darlene. If you "make" one, or rather put the 8 yards together lol, take some pics and show us.
      blessings, lady

  4. Love the skirt and especially love it with the bolero sweater. Beautifully done!

  5. omigoddess, i want it!!! gimme! :)))
    love it. love you.

    1. lol...hugs and love to you too! too easy to make, let me know if you try it.

  6. Hello Lady, I wanted to visit once again and say thanks for letting me rant on your blog and for your kind reply. I was feeling so frustrated and needed to express myself. I kind of wish I worded it a bit differently, but I meant every word, even though I sound a bit wonky lol. I did want to mention again that I do love your tulle skirt, and since I wouldn't have to sew that would be even better! Also loved the pic of the little girl in her tulle flower girl dress. Love the different colors. Thanks for sharing.

    1. oh please, rants are my favorite form of expression! lol....rant away as often as you is needed for this reality check because far too many are complacent in a state that is like hypnotism, from so many belief ''systems'' that ''explain away'' what is happening so that no one takes any actions...I am against this kind of public negligence. Well, don't get me started....have you heard the latest in Delhi, India where a woman was gang raped by 6 men/boys who also cut out her inside organs and then threw her out of a moving bus?? and the world thinks I have a problem because I speak of these things??? Delhi is called the rape capitol of India...and people act as if life is normal.
      I tell you, people are deep in sleep.....India is finally waking up...
      Thanks for commenting again....I'm all ears.

  7. Good morning my dear. I am so late in coming to see this masterpiece of yours, for I finally finished MY OWN that is ready to go into the bridal shop window. Much work was involved in what I did , as I know you understand, seeing YOUR own creations! I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE HERE. I wear tulle when I go out and I don't care if people think I am strange!!!! That gray one is exquisite, is it not?

    MUCH LOVE, Anita

    1. Well so honored I got a sneak peak at yours and there is of course, NO comparison! much work you did and all of it, and I did literally nothing for'd love to see the tulle you wear, I'm still learning about it....looking a pics and seeing what is possible for me.
      Yes, exquisite is a good word for that one we have. :D

  8. oh my goodness
    those dresses
    they are sooo
    beautiful and
    fun and lovely
    perfect for
    stepping into
    that image!
    happy happy

  9. Darling Lady!

    Thank you for coming to visit the blog post today! That oil painting in my front room was given to me by my sweet husband five Christmases ago. It is a reproduction of a French painting by Coret. He had an artist reproduce it with some changes, one being the dark green forest in the foreground. I have another photo from the other side of the front room that I should have used to show yet a grander oil painting that is of a forest, but this morning, I had NO TIME TO POST!

    Many thanks and next time I post, you will see more of the dress! Anita

    1. I would never want to miss one of your posts Anita...they are too magical....a dose of much needed beauty. And I have a silly question.....are you French in any way? lol, there is so much reference to it with you I was curious....if you are, I have some questions, if you don't mind :D.

  10. Oh my, how gorgeous! You are such an inspiration. I am so wanting to hop in the car and seek out tulle at Joanne's Fabric!

    1. lol, then you should go for it, there is nothing to sew once you get the fabric, what a joy! let me know if you try it.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial! I have been dreaming of ways to make such a skirt, but I have never been one to enjoy sewing.. other crafts and art I adore, but sewing I find tedious. So thanks for sharing this beautiful no sew skirt! I can't wait to try it now!


  12. Just lovely and full of magic! Thank you for sharing! Blessings to you!