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Friday, November 30, 2012

A.S. Coco & Antoinette Writing Desk

Another piece from Bombay Company, a writing desk. I love this one, it was actually "fun" in the color choices. I had painted it the Old Ochre and I kept getting the "sensation" that it needed to be something more fun, more frivolous and whimsical LOL....and I'm ALWAYS up for those!

But I wasn't sure about breaking up the Whitening.....however.....once I put a few strokes of Coco over it, that was it, and I just knew I wanted "Antoinette" in there too and had to figure out where, and then I stenciled with Martha Stewart's "Flourish" kit from Michaels....and here it is.

and an ever so subtle stencil over the desk part, I like how it is barely there, but you can see a pretty design.

I decided I wanted more of a secretary desk so I got an old wood cabinet from Indonesia that held one collection of Essential Oils, I painted that the same colors, and hung it over the desk. The "Coco" on that wood came out a dark green and I had to lighten it with a dry brushing with Old White and it fixed it. Love how messy painting can be done and it all looks good the more messy it is! But the inside is where I ran out of "Antoinette" and that is a sad moment let me tell you!

But its done.

flash....too bright!

Now that is just a writing desk with all the things one needs for writing, not that we do that anymore LOL but I used to send lovely cards, some of which I still have on that table there, and I used to use wax seals, and stamps with glitter and just beautiful things! This desk may become another thing, but what?
The bench that comes with it is in my bedroom for now because I need a place to "throw" my clothes at the end of the day Lol....until I can find a proper one for that spot.

Thanks for visiting!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Annie Sloaned French Side Table and Champagne Tulle

Hello Everyone,

In my process of Going White.......

I didn't know what this kind of piece was called so googled a bit and lo and behold, its not an English side table as I had thought, but a French one! How did that happen? My housemate bought that piece and sorry I didn't take before pics, but picture just brown!....all brown.
I did it allover in AS Old Ochre, and then it looked nice but boring, :D, so I decided to do a dry wash/rub with the sample pot of Coco and I loved it immediately, it looked like it had an old dark wax finish and the housemate said it looked antique right away. I got online for some inspiration and saw a few that had stencils, and yes, that's what I've been doing alot of here lately and so I did some in 10 minutes with Old White....and loved it! Then because I accidentally got some OLD White onto the drawer as I was brushing the handles, I  liked that so I dry brushed more white onto it and it brings out the contrasts of the Coco and the stencil a bit more. I just have to wax it and I think I'm going to add some acrylic paint in burnt umber to my clear wax for more texture and detailing and antiquing but I'll do that tomorrow....when I can find the dang thing because the gremlins here have taken that for fun it seems........but here are the pics.....
Actually here is one of the terribly blurry and dark pics of the before and this table is on the far left with the lamp on it.

and now......

Is it ok? should I do something else? opinions would be nice. :D

"JUST" 3 more pieces to go and then I can begin playing with decor and Xmas and with all the pretty things I've had that will look so much better. I give myself another week. I really want to get back to making my clothes.

I almost forgot.....I took a few pics of the Queen Anne Console, not good ones, but another piece done and not making a separate post about is a blurry before ......


and now....I did it also Annie Sloan Old White with Old Ochre for the drawers and small panels.

I decided to make this a Xmas table. Its going to get cut pine, and cloches and candles.....I will play and see.

That white bookcase is going to goodwill along with most of what is on there and the bookcase behind it is going to get painted last.....sigh.....there is an end to all this, right?

Yesterday I got the softest most delicious crushed tulle in a "Champagne" color that looks like a very brownish pink I was able to get because while I was online paying for silver ribbon to finish up my pink ornaments, (post soon) a really nice (Angel) lady gave me her 60% off coupon from Joanne's and I was able to get a beautiful 8 yards for $16.00! THAT was a sweet moment. But this color is a brownish describing it, it sounds very similar to "Antoinette" by Annie Sloan, let me check.....OMG it is! and I've had my eye on this crushed tulle for a year!

Took some pics of that too LOL   Look at this! oodles of luscious pink softness and luxury....

"Champagne" crushed Tulle and AS "Antoinette" Chalk Paint....perfect match in color.

this most delicious, precious, soft, feminine, luxury is now renamed my "Antoinette Tulle" :D:D love it!

and finally a gorgeous prism from the morning south window that went through the crochet curtain on the door to the wall.....what a beautiful pattern and colors! Prisms are fun people! just fun! the round ones, Swarovski.....I highly recommend them as a MUST HAVE in life! :D:D:D

Have a magical Day!

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Homemade Muesli and Gifts

Top of the Mornin' to You! as the Irish say! :D:D:D

Today I made some muesli. I was hungry in the morning which I'm usually not, but wanted something healthy because I had not been eating too well. When I checked in with my body, I wanted some fruits, nuts I happened to have lots of dried ones on hand and so Muesli was the answer. I must stress all these things must be fresh and not old or defeats the point and you'll not be encouraged to continue eating it because you can taste it, and its not good.....fresh ingredients only.

I had some whole almonds I broke up in the blender a bit, some pumpkin seeds, dried mulberries and goldenberries, some raisins, powdered cinnamon, and walnuts. You can add anything you like. I wish I had some dried raspberries. What you do after is mixing this together is what makes the meal delicious!
I decided to make this a post after the fact and just lined up the ingredients and took a picture.

 I mixed about an equal portion of each item into a large bowl. This is an open thing, mix in what you like most. This is when you add your cinnamon to taste.

This is the fun part. I added some of this mixture into my bowl, added some almond milk first so it begins to soften the nuts and dried berries a bit, added some honey, two hefty spoonfuls of Greek yogurt which is to me like ice cream! lol.....a couple teaspoons of Rose Preserves, and lastly two pinches of ground cardamon from my gorgeous Turkish Spice Grinder :D. I would definitely say the yogurt, Rose Preserves and cardamon are a must!

A beautiful healthy homemade natural, delicious and raw breakfast!


I think this makes a wonderful gift too, for those who want something homemade, something healthy, or for those who do not eat healthy this could be a perfect introduction into a healthy breakfast that tastes deliciously "unhealthy" can pack this into mason jars, add a ribbon and gift them away!


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Friday, November 23, 2012

ASCP Wall Unit & Bronzed Pine Cones

This is the second piece of furniture I'm using ASCP with. I'm finding that it is not for a fine finished perfectly painted/covered kind of look, because the brush strokes remain even after 2nd coat and become more pronounced with waxing which I'm doing in a totally guessing kind of way, not knowing if I'm doing it right. It turned out I was not using enough wax when I called my stockist to ask, and even when I tried to add a bit more all the warnings about using 'just a tiny bit' stuck and maybe it is ok, not sure until 'where and tear' tell. Also, it does give a rustic kind of look because of its matte finish and very dry texture which makes painting furniture easier knowing it is not perfect and so the pressure for perfection is totally off! LOL love that! and distressing becomes fun, an artform. I distressed it just a tiny bit and lo and behold it looks like an old wall unit kinda thing but nicer in white.

Here are the pics. I'm really liking the Whitening results, if not the process, but slowly the house is brightening up and the housemate says it looks larger. White does that. Cools it down too which is important for me right now especially in Florida.

This picture is before the walls were painted Off White and before the border was taken down.

The walls were painted and everything taken off this piece to be painted. I did not have the stomach or the patience to do the inside. I did the inside of the doors however, but the inside may never see paint. This is not my furniture and I'm not interested in it, but the owner of this says it looks much better now, much!

This is A.S. Old White and Old Ochre on the inside panels and caning as accent. Nice!

I painted the brown trim on the fish tank with Martha Stewarts "Golden Pearl" from Home Depot.

In my world, everything man made is only a backdrop for Nature's beauty. I have cut some wild plumosa fern and put into a very tall apothecary jar, and these last for months! I love the magical forest feel they give!

I brought back inside the copper glitter branches which stay up all year because I love them so much.....and lit a few candles to be ready for Thanksgiving Dinner. It looked very peaceful and nice.

And the Pine Cones....I love them :D:D:D

before I had grapes up there for my "Tuscan" kitchen.......but I had already begun tearing off the border here......and its blurry, sorry

The fireplace and mantle.....I love the plumosa fern spreading all over it so wild and beautiful !

But I always prefer no electric lighting unless its fairy lights and candles....
on the left you can see the IKEA Cabinet I just painted and the TV on top is covered! with some lace.

Something from my heart to yours

Have a blessed and grateful day!