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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Making Ready for the Coming Festival of The Ages

We are going through many spirals of intense change in very little time. With entering the final and last 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar, we are experiencing evolutions within 20 day periods. This means every day we can experience a previous lifetime worth of change. Everyone should breathe deep and move more slowly. I have made this now my practice, first out of necessity and now from a deep sense of a pleasurable centering process, of connecting with my huge soul which surrounds my body and merging my thoughts, feelings and actions to it.

This morning I am recuperating from a fantastic exciting 5 1/2 hour skype call with a new amazing ally of the Fairy Kind, who I shall call Catherine. What a boost of energy and cleansing of my heavy heart I felt with liberating it was to speak with one so open, so comfortable and confident with herself that it allowed me the space to be me without any problems......We spoke colorful language, we laughed, we were silenced in awe. Thank you Catherine!

So this morning, after sleeping deeply, a  rare thing, I felt around for the ambient energies. I still had too much excitement from the previous nights conversation and realized I had to let it go, for today was a new day and I had to create empty space within for the day to fill it....otherwise I would be in overwhelm, moving too fast, and missing the sublime in this day.
I centered, emptied, felt around, scanned, and as usual when I do this properly, I realized I had to get myself in order, prepped for the day in my magical way. This is how I bring my magic to the fore, made visible so I can see it in the mirror and not just feel it is something inside, invisible....remember, I'm all about bringing the inner Beauty out spite of the muggles of the world who literally don't believe in magic anymore or what it looks like!
So, I find myself smelling jasmine, that most heavenly of fragrances, and there it begins. I always get guidance and help from Nature when I become silent inside, listening to the silence. I look at the window from my all white bed and I can see the jasmine blossom's. I get up now with a purpose of making ready for the day, my way. I go out and cut some blooms for small vases, and some for my hair because in my hair I smell them with every move of my head. How sublime that is! I've been wearing flowers in my hair for years, since moving to sunny Florida because I always marveled since a child at the incredible Beauty of the Tahitian and Hawaiian women who have thick long hair, and the head wreaths they make and wear and the plumeria's or hibiscus they wear....such a simple thing, but such great beauty! What joy for themselves and all who see them. I wear the flowers, forget I've placed them there and when I'm about and shopping I see many smiles!

Please look at all the beautiful variations Flowers in Hair for inspiration!

I want to practice making all kinds with various head pieces, as these are some of the decorations and embellishments Fairy People love to wear, and as some will come to love for themselves. Having been a professional florist and event planner by 'sheer coincidence',  I already have some skill but it will be really fun to make these works of art of wreaths of green leaves and blossoms, ribbons and feathers, so that for the "Festival of The Ages"  all will be attired in the Spirit of The Green Kingdoms.

Some jasmine blossoms have fallen and I collected those to put into the tea I shall make shortly. I chose the Jasmine Green Tea Pearls, and I'll add the blossoms at the last moments before drinking so as not to overheat the volatile essential oils in them, and to be able to actually inhale them in the taste and smell of the tea as I raise the cup to my lips. Joy!

The vases for the bathroom, the 3 loose ones are in my hair, and the ones in the bowl for my tea.
Flowers in hair, I prepare the house, light the daily prayer candle and incense for worldly blessings, then sit to playfully embellish my own face. I'm working with wearing gold....on the lips, as highlighter, and glitter! Fairies love this look!                   
Tea made, and posting here done, after tea, I have several dishes to prepare today. I am practicing perfecting many dishes, to make ready for the "Festival of The Ages"  as I'm calling it, when Kin find themselves with their soul families on green verdant giving lands to live on and care for.

Today I'm making various salads with beans and legumes, and then when all are done, I'm going to sit and enjoy the Persian Ice Cream I made yesterday finally!
This pic was taken at the Persian restaurant
And this one is my own...... 
I must admit it doesn't taste quite the same, I do not know exactly what is not right, but I shall work on this recipe until I perfect it LOL but it will have to wait until this gallon I just made is gone.
    I did not have enough saffron for the ice cream, but I at least learned how to prepare it, how it is used, and that I truly love its unique fragrance and I may become a saffron freak......adding it to many more seems to me, with the bit of Persian blood I have, that it evokes a timeless feeling of something vaguely remembered from the Ancient Times when Persia was truly the land of abundance, where everything of beauty and luxury was a natural part of all our lives, where the Jinn lived and played, magic was a natural part of our lives, where the ports of call were busy with activities importing and exporting. It was a culture where color and beauty were the signature of the highly advanced and scholarly Ancient Persians. The color freedom and beauty of these women and their lives were far different than what is now taking place in those lands.

I'll be working on the wreath making, the foods, the scents, the new clothing, all to appropriately attire our newly awakened Kin, far away from the patrix uniform of t-shirt and jeans, yuck...but draped in quality fabrics, made into graceful and dignified raiment worthy of Beings of Light and Beauty! 
Fairy Greetings !

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