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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Update on Jasmine Enfleurage and Jasmine Wine !

They both worked ! For the Enfleurage.....such a simple process to put blossoms in a jar of oil and remove them, and have a wonderful scented oil!
I removed the petals from the oil today, April 30th, and the smell is divine! It's just like wearing the blossoms in my hair. Its delicate yet enough fragrance as I rub the oil into my skin. The Rice Bran Oil is delicate in itself and is so divine to rub into the skin, but the added Jasmine fragrance is sublime! It also picked up a nice golden/green color.
I was rubbing it into my hands as I walked over to my neighbor her and she could smell it. 
Now I just have to keep adding more jasmine petals to the oil for another 3 or 4 days to strengthen the fragrance until the strength is where I want it. But I have to wait until it rains enough to produce more blooms. But there is no rush, it already smells wonderful.

I'm going to try the same with Gardenia's....if my neighbor allows me to pluck a few blooms from their huge bushes.

As for the Jasmine Infused wine......first I poured a bit and smelled the new mix of both the wine and something new, Jasmine. Then I tasted it and it is most exquisite! A very unique sensation to taste what I've only been previously smelling. It definitely enlivens the heart and soul and is as Jeanne Rose says.

I think today also calls for another delicious pot of tea for a conference call with Lucia Renee at 3;00.

Many Blessings!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jasmine Enfleurage and Lotus

Good morning Kinfolk,

I have made a beautiful pot of Moroccan Mint Tea infused with Fresh Jasmine Petals just to sit down and write here about my day so far. I took a picture so you can get a feel for how wonderful tea time is! Drinking this wonderful tea as I write is such a gift! and to think I gave it to myself. This tea I decided to make a little differently than usual. I usually use the Chinese Green Gunpowder tea with lots of fresh mint, but decided instead to use the Persian Blend since that tea alone has wonderful flavor. And I added fresh jasmine blossoms. The Mint is the primary flavor and I plucked plenty from the garden, about what is considered a ''bunch''. I wish I could offer you some! LOL 
I learned how to make the Moroccan Mint tea here . It was truly the best way. When I had done it the way shown, that was when I understood how this tea thrives throughout the centuries! The Moroccan Pot is also very much worth the expense....for there must be beauty in utility otherwise it is a mundane chore instead of a gift of exquisite elegance. And I am!....getting the delicate floral essence of Jasmine flavor in my tea! sigh.....

There is the Moroccan Tea Pot, the Moroccan Tea Glass lined with real 24K gold, fresh mint from the garden and I added pineapple mint too, jasmine petals in the small wooden bowl, organic turbinado sugar and Persian Tea Blend.  Please do not mind the year date on the pics, every year it goes back in time instead of forward. LOL!

But I wanted to talk about my day so far today. I did not know how to create a day of beauty. I was not feeling well. I slept alot and calmly last night for which I am immensely grateful, but was a bit sad about finding myself with a day I did not know what to do with. It is far too hot to be outside and inside there is not much to do. Today did not look promising to my mind.
I forget how to create sometimes. And in this state I am not happy.
But nature has her ways for those who love her, and who can take in the sights, sounds, smells and textures of Herself on a given day and who can live in the moment.
I wandered outside as always first thing in the morning, and the smell hit me....Jasmine! sublime jasmine! If only I could give you the scent through these words! I was enlivened a bit, and felt a little dance within, and knew only that my next move was to put some jasmine in my hair so I can smell it with every move I make during the day. It is truly sublime. There were not too many blooms so I only took 3 small pieces for my hair and added some greenery too. Then I put on my abalone shell earrings bought in Jamaica about 20 years ago as they have a bit of the green of the leaves. It is nice to appear coordinated.
Back outside I saw some clouds and realized that the rains coming would pound the jasmine flowers and they'd wind up on the ground so I decided to cut what I could find on the bush and put them in vases around the home. I got the ladder to get to the roof of the house and the top of the jasmine bush was at the corner and lo and behold all the fat blossoms were all there at the top! As I climb I'm thinking of what else I could do with the blossoms. I cut what I could reach and had enough for 3 simple projects.
The tiny vase pitcher filled with blooms is already scenting my room as I type and my hair is happy with what it has.

I collect and save glass containers just for purposes like these for example, when white scented petals of jasmine need a beautiful glass container. I looked around for a small one and found one. I filled it with jasmine petals, and closed the jar. Jasmine Tea Petals for tea is done.

Next is Jasmine Infused Oil for perfume. I found another small glass jar with a cork lid to add flowers and oil for enfleurage. For the oil I chose Rice Bran Oil since others have too much of a scent and I wanted something clean and light with no scent, and I find Rice Bran Oil beautiful for this. My skin also loves it. So I filled the glass jar with the flower petals and topped it with the oil. I will have to keep changing out the flowers every 3 days until the oil is scented strongly enough. The Jasmine bush blooms as long as it rains alot.We are entering rainy season :D

I read about Jasmine Infused White Wine and I thought how lovely that would be! And I happened to have white wine and a beautiful glass jar with a glass topper and filled that with white wine and added some jasmine flowers. That will be some really divine wine to drink! I've made flower infused wines before and they are heavenly! 

On the left is the Jasmine Enfleurage, next is the Jasmine Infused Wine, the small vase of blossoms, and the tiny jar of Jasmine Petals for tea.
So there are my creations with Jasmine today. 
The day is still young, but I already feel so much better having worked with Jasmine, who enticed me with his scent to play....for Jasmine is known to be the King of Flowers.

To simply share some more Lotus in the pond in my back garden. It is sooooo beautiful. I took pictures in her various states bloom. She changes from a pink to a cream color within the 3 days of her being in blossom. I love her. The entire Lotus plant is medicinal as well as beautiful to behold, a balm for the soul. I drank some tisane of lotus several days ago specifically for the summer heat syndrome it is said to be good for and I do believe it helped. Here are her pictures.

This particular bloom was over 3 feet tall. Now it is a seed pod and when it is dry I shall collect the seeds, since they are very medicinal too. There are now 2 other blossoms in various stages of blooming. The leaves and flower stamens fall to the water and land on the lotus leaves, and I collect them too. 

The day is still young. 
I seek inspiration, but I hope it finds me first. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Bright Future of Woman

The Bright Sword of Illumination was radiating this morning and speaking within me, and so I must speak it. A touch of Heaven arrives upon the Light of the Sword of Illumination.
This is about the New World for Women, what it looks like, what it feels like. 

Every woman has all her needs met provided for by Mother Nature as it was intended. She knows no lack for anything. She would be the equivalent to a very wealthy woman in this world, only there is no such thing as ''wealth'' in the New World as we understand it, because money doesn't is not needed. That was specifically a device created by a demon priest to extort spirits into slavery through stealth. And so when money doesn't exist, and no sickness of domination exists, there is no such thing as need or want.

She lives without the demoralizing deceit of rulers. She convenes with the Wise Women in circle for the Good of All. She is the uncompromising protector. She knows truth and lives for it, for in Truth there is cleanliness of Spirit and Godliness. And the woman's spirituality as a direct conduit of the Creator, lives within a lush landscape in complete expanded awareness  of verdant beingness because she is balanced in her brain and sophisticated complexity of processes, embracing all that the universe and cosmos presents to her, being a complete  woman and bearer of life and Keeper of Magic.  She does not fear mysteries, she embraces and welcomes them. Her Spirituality hears the winds, feels the moon, respects the trees, the Green Kingdoms and the animals. She dances in rhythm. She understands and is the embodiment of caring and love, she lives for love. For Her, to multitask is to dance. Home thrives with Her. She is therefore the best suited to organize and oversee larger communities for her sole desire is to perpetuate and care for life.  ''The mind of the woman protects all generations to come''...Aine. Her wisdom is the rhythm of the Universe. This is the Nature of Woman.
She will never destroy whales and dolphin, nor deforest the wooded areas while killing natives. 
She will never organize crime. 
She will never sell her children or her men as sex slaves or to be beaten.
She will never annihilate any species of life. In fact, with her, they will all thrive.
She understands the ''as above so below'' and ''as within so without'' because she lives it in truth.
And in her very body is the amalgamation and alchemy of both yin and yang. She would never seek to destroy another for to do so is to destroy a part of herself. She is the one who knows this. Thus, the whole of her environment reveals only the Light and Comfort which results in Great Beauty.
"In Truth There is Love" by Elvira Armhein

The woman of the future has everything. This creates a completely different world and environment and feeling in which she lives because nothing is withheld from her for her enslavement. Therefore prostitution does not exist Nor are women or children sold into sex rings because no pimps nor priests are forcing her through threat, extortion, blackmale either spiritual or mental,  nor through subjugating violence to submit to their depravity.
Because there is no war she feels secure, and happiness can grow within her. Because there are no chemical nor industrial plants, she is psychologically clear and free to think clearly without the poisons of chemicals in the air she breathes nor electric magnetic negative frequencies affecting her brainwaves, and she becomes the intelligent intuitive magical being as was created. 
The woman's children are safe, happy, and free to pursue a life of discovery and co creation with the Divine Essence.
She finally knows joy!
"Sacred Space"  unknown artist

And so it comes to pass that the woman begins to understand freedom in its truest sense. She has no threats to her life, no lack of nutritious foods, no lack of home, home goods and gardens, no lack of security and safety....these things are all given as birthright upon birth. The concept of having to ''earn'' the basic necessities of life is considered insanity, our world, and it no longer exists in the future. I've always wondered since a child WHY I had to pay money to someone, to live on a planet I was born on! Never made sense because being born on a planet in a sane world meant that all your basic needs were met as created by the Mother from the beginning and the concepts of having to pay for your existence is a foregin installation into the Human hologram by male deviants.

So a life without the dark pall of patriarchal creations allows one' Spirit to be Lifted, and for Light to truly enter ones consciousness in an exquisite way that only authentic liberation can provide.

The Light enters, she begins to breathe deeply, inhaling in the fragrances of flowers, trees, grasses, Green Life of all kinds, and these allow her to relax in the deepest way and to inhale Life again. She feels safe, secure, for her entire life knowing that no such thing as war is possible.....not here. She begins to feel what it means to be alive. She is free for the first time in Earth's history. And her children grow to become intelligent sovereign beings of joy.
The woman no longer has diseases of any kind because the causes of ailment is gone. But especially the diseases of the feminine organs because she is no longer taking in the poisons of anger, misogyny or lust into her body in the form of sex. Lust, a lecherous craving, is a poison greatly misunderstood and underestimated in our world. Because she no longer takes in this lust poison into her body she is free of all known ''wo-Man's ailments'' which have truly been ailments caused by the male contaminating her with his avarice, a low frequency and pain causing vice. Lust has created those diseases, for example endometriosis, wherein this one even grows hair and teeth within the woman's organs and causes extreme pain and these ''animals'' must be surgically removed. These little monsters are growing in her body because she had sex with a man who lusted after her, and she allowed this, or did not allow it, but it was taken through rape, and so this poison he leaves in her body grows into diseases and little animals that cause only pain and great distress. Lust has many forms and is extremely volatile and can erupt in many ways including sex, anger and violence, and often all three together. But when this takes place within the woman's body she eventually develops ''wo-Man's ailments''. The greater population is not aware of the causes of many of these today. 
The New Woman is knowledgeable of not sex, but sacred union, as a divine and sacred act to be shared with only those men of the same caliber of frequency as her knowledge. Thus she is free to engage in sacred union with only those who understand her to be of divine and sacred nature. This is beyond Heiros Gamos. This is an absolute divine and sacred act almost akin to what can be described as a religious experience.

The New World does not have these sicknesses and so woman is free and healthy. The other avarice of the basest kind is rape, and 2 out of 3 women on this planet have been sexually abused by the time they are 5 or 6 years old. Most women do not have recall of these events for either trauma erasure of memory or because it was blotted out for them. Therefore this is part of the reason women of this world grow up with an unceasing need for security or protection which she sorrowfully searches for in marriage and relationships to her detriment. This is a failure. Her unhappiness is never quenched and she knows not why. The trauma of being sexually abused as a little one never goes away, and she remains living life in search of an illusive happiness which no relationship can cure. She is a traumatized being living in world that is persistently terrorizing because of the dark male and his perversions upon her and her children, her air, waters and lands.

That most women on the planet are depressed according to statistics is also testament to this unimaginable crime inflicted upon her as a child. What is also unknown is that the collective psychology of the female as a whole is felt by all, even if many people believe they are individuals living their ''own lives''....the collective is always present, and is felt. Thus the whole world suffers.
The psychology of women at this point in HuMan history is such that even women themselves do not know the extent of their own illnesses, physical, mental or psychological, yet the entire planet suffers because of the most heinous atrocities done to the feminine. And because there is no true separation of consciousness, the entirely of the Feminine condition on this planet is living in a massive Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome which is pandemic even among those considered healthy. They know not what is taking place with their sisters in other places and these atrocities add up daily.
It is known amongst the Higher Realms that the most terrible of crimes upon this planet, is the treatment of women.
So, they have never known liberation nor sacredness and the sick do not know they are sick. This includes the modern woman who has taken into her paradigm the patriarchal creations of ''work'' ''money'' and ''status''. These abominations are nothing from the natural worlds. And so it behooves women to liken unto themselves amongst each other and begin to discover together what it truly means to be that Divine Creature known as Woman.......what it means to be Spiritual and to be ''connected''.......what protection truly is. Only the woman can ''define'' herself in her direct communion within Herself. For the male not only has no clue who or what She is, but those who do have been male oligarchs who fearfully and disdainfully gathered amongst themselves in secretive dark rooms and taken her ''rights'' away via religions and governance by both esoteric and exoteric means, and instilled laws that make her a citizen of Earth with an even lower status than animals in many areas. No man anywhere has the authority to do this, yet it is done and still enforced today. This sickness is rampant today as the world is being destroyed by these ones en masse and at great speeds. So the Women themselves must convene amongst themselves to discover their True Spirituality for the sake of the entire Planet. The Life Force on this Earth depends on this single factor.

It has become such in times past that because women needed to find a way to preserve their lives, often to live to care for their children, women have turned on each other to deflect the mad preists away from herself yet this betrayal was violently instigated upon them by the horrors of the Inquisition period where women did such to preserve their lives from madmen. There have been many of these atrocities as burning women alive, selling women and their children, beating them, drugging them, and poisoning them, all these things done to the woman by various means in all countries, still to this day.
This has created a miasm of the collective female on the planet and they now have become self preserving in the form of a jealousy amongst each other which has become the norm in our world today. For women have not been able to exorcise this tragic miasm from their psychology and body still, due to a persistent feeling of persecution because it is still taking place currently as in sharia law, and so have not come together out of great fear.
In the New World, every woman and child is honored and brought into the world feeling loved and secure. Anything less is unknown.........unknown.
A good description can be heard here starting at 3 minutes into part 8 and going onto part 10. 

Breaking it Down:
She lives without war, a male abomination
She no longer lives in fear for her life. War does not exist.
The threat of male wars and their sick abuse of female genocide in war areas does not exist. She is free knowing she has a life of liberty to pursue her divine nature's calling as Mother Nature created it. The pall of war torn and abused women and children is a tragedy unspoken of yet is one of the major causes of all ailments in our world. The question of why men who declare war upon each other go to villages to rape women and children has never been examined.....why men bring women and children into their sickness is not only depravity of the most vile nature, but is pandemic in the world over. It has penetrated domestic living.
This does not exist in the new world, and the woman and her children are free to live happily without threats.

"Women Singing Earth"  by Mary Southard

Her psychological nature is at ease and she awakes each day to a new freshness where her desires and simple happiness can be explored in great detail. There is a natural inclination for the HuMane Being to live in peace, and the woman does this well with her children knowing she lives in safety and security for their entire lives. There is peace within her, and a perpetual smile lives on her face. She begins to glow and radiate divine Light, and this is spread like ripples upon a pond into the community and all feel the effects of cumulative peace with the women and children. They begin to understand that the purpose of life is Joy....and they begin to dance, for no reason. They are lifted in spirits with their feet planted on the Sacred Mother Earth, and their hands reach for the sky and their eyes glisten like stars, and the Inner Joy moves her body into the Sacred Dance of Joy which happens all over the community spontaneously. This vision of dancing women brings joy to all.

She has no lack for food.
The new woman lives on grounds that produces food in abundance in its pre-gmo Pristine Nature. The foods are grown everywhere, in everyone's gardens which is a source of joy for people to work on. There is not much work to do for the people only need to plant seeds, and Nature does the rest. Most of the trees are fruit and nut bearing trees and they are dripping with produce all year round. It is truly far too much for all to consume because Mother Nature is naturally abundant and giving. The fragrances of these trees in various stages of flower and fruit throughout the year provides scents to intoxicate the senses, and creates a blissful feeling for all throughout the day and night. This free flowing food is freedom for all. There is no hunger ever.

She has no lack of home, shelter or gardens.
The New Woman lives on lands that have easy production of homes and shelters whose names bely the great beauty of structure and design they entail...for they are mostly works of architectural art. It has been the pleasure of many members of this New World to become great artists and great pride is taken in being able to produce a thing of beauty. Every one has a home designed by them when they have grown, but the parents have already provided the child with their own home when they were born. Only the designers and builders need to fill in the detail of the grown child's requests when they are ready to move into it, after leaving their parents. The gardens have also been provided by parents and other kindred spirits of the growing child ....and as the child grows and reveals their personal likes and dislikes, their parents and kin plant such desirables so that by the time the child is moving into their own home and garden, it is already a thing of great beauty instead of a blank canvas with nothing on it. Again, the home and garden is worked on by the child/adult when they move in to make it perfectly to their liking. These homes are made with materials local to the lands, and are abundant in Nature, and since no one owns Nature, there is no ''buying''.  Those who pride themselves as artists do the building. All are happy. Yet the homes are beautiful and organic and sheltering and all are safe and happy. Those who build them are doing community service which all in the community perform to keep everything running efficiently for all.

In summary, because the woman and childs only persistent threat to her life, sanity, safety and well being in this world was the sick male's creations and abuse, she no longer has suffering, no longer has patriarchy to either ''allow'' or ''disallow'' her any human rights given by Creator, nor does she suffer any kind of mal treatment, nor disrespect, nor is held back from attaining natural rights of possession of lands, home and all necessities and desires, she is a free sovereign being. She cannot be extorted, blackmaled, prostituted, sold or threatened. 
She is free and clear of patriarchal contaminations.
So she knows peace. She knows safety, and this psychological freedom allows her to live in a mental state which is conducive to long life. She lives free and easy, knowing there is no possible threat to her life nor to her child. She begins to throw off all previous worries and concerns, and her body begins to show a rejuvenation unknown before. The cells of her body regenerate in a state of deep peace and happiness, and therefore begin to grow into their original divine perfected state. She begins to display glowing skin, strong bones and teeth, strong organs, and strength of muscles. She has plenty of time to pursue arts of body strengthening such as horseback riding, dancing, oriental arts, all those things that show her the power and strength of her body to build flexibility, stamina, energy and vitality.

There is no threat to her in any form, physical, psychological, mental, spiritual or she blooms, she blossoms into a divine creature of great beauty and vitality and becomes the epitome of Creators greatest and most divine of Creations. She has no religions demeaning her status, not prohibiting her from the Divine. She is herself the direct conduit for divine communion. She is the voice of the Mother Herself, and has an un-breachable power as a result. She is comfortable and happy with her sisters and brothers. Her children are happy, beautiful and ingenious. Her divinity grows and shows, and she radiates, with all the power of Creator within Herself. There are no impediments of any kind. She is free. She is love, loving and loved. She is perpetually happy.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Week of Transformation - The Bright Sword

Hello Beloved Kin.

I have been through space and time, to hell and back again, burnt alive and burnt away, in and out of consciousness and now I sit here whole, renewed and rejuvenated, more than ever before. The time of purification was, yet again, upon me. I had to call it in, and go through the fire
In and out of this madness, in and out of consciousness, I had visions, all clean, all simple and all comforting. In one instance, a Fairy Elder, was with me, a bearded, thick haired man, who was playing with materials, shaping, molding, creating, and affixing spires to his creation. In another vision, he was placing what turned out to be a crown, very ceremoniously upon my head. I could not see myself, but the man was such a beloved member of our Kin, and I was touched at his gentleness and the way he felt, as he placed this upon my head. I was pleased. He was proud.

Also, since last week, or last eon, I was given a gift by my Fairy Ally Catherine, and not just a gift, but also friendship and repeated assistance throughout this past eon/week.

And finally, I will tell the story, the one I was gifted with before this past eon had come and gone, a story I didn't want to tell because I didn't want it. Why I could not understand why it would not go away, and why it persisted and refused my own creational process. I learned, through my ally, that it was because it was not meant to be dismissed as I was trying to do, it was meant to be embraced. If not for Catherine I would not understand the meaning of it all, which I will tell now.

After writing "My Beloved Speaks'', I intended to write something everyday, of our lives, as both a creational act and as an alchemical infusion of the worlds I hold in my deepest heart, bringing forthe  into our realms here the magic from the sublayers of our existence there. 
I had come up with one, or rather I should say one came up within me as I watched it unfolding in my visionary eye. I will tell it now, and then explain, why I was dismissing it and why I so embrace it now........

    ~  I awoke in the dark night, my eyes opening quickly, alert and wide. I quickly mentally scanned for my beloved and realized I could not ''reach'' him. This meant he was not only not asleep, but had closed himself off for privacy. For no one may be telepathically available if they choose not to be. And usually when one of us closes down for privacy it means we are engaged and do not wish to be disturbed for one reason or another. However, when beloveds close down with each other, it is very rare since our greatest joy is to be forever united, and when we shut the other out, it means something of great importance which must be understood. I at this point however, did not understand.
I mentally called out to him but received no response and I could not sense him. I went to his rooms, and he was not there. I decided to find him and understand what has him closed down to me. I went back to my rooms and grabbed my cloak and put my boots on for protection. I ran down the stairs with my cloak flying behind me as I kept my mind open to receive any indication where he might be at this midnight hour. A few candles were still lit and burning low so I could see around the house and he was not in it. I go to the back archway which is the entrance to the main courtyard where all other areas are available from, and as I approach it I can see a few torchlights still lit for nighttime visibility. I see a woman in the distance and another man conversing with the moon......each having their own communion with the Natural Kingdoms in their own ways. I scan my mind again for my beloveds location, and I see he is deep in the woods. I decide to go in to meet him. As I'm wandering in deeper and deeper the wolfe friend comes running from the depths to meet with me, he has sensed my presence and came to escort me at this time of night. He is truly a wise friend. I ask him telepathically if he has seen my beloved and he says yes. He directs me to the right, and tells me he is there and safe too. I am curious, as I begin to walk in that direction. My beloved will sense me now as I approach his vicinity, and if he needs his privacy he will tell me before I reach him, if not, approaching him is welcome. He has sensed me and has communicated that he is on the way to meet me. I can feel a smile in his heart and I am soothed. Wolfe runs ahead to greet him so I know he is close. Soon he is before me and we are looking into each others eyes. He has something in his hand. He tells me he wanted to surprise me with this gift but knew it was only a matter of time before I discovered he was away at times working on something. However, he is happy I didn't discover this until now, as he is finished tonight with this gift, this surprise. He holds it up, shows me a most elegant, exquisitely crafted sword of the most beautiful kind. It is a work of immeasurable skill, magic, and Beauty. Forged with the Magic of Elementals, The Tuatha De Danann, but mostly feelings of love.....his love, and it is uniquely mine. I can see it and feel it. He is very proud of his craftsmanship and I am in awe of its absolute perfection. 
I am also deeply disappointed. 
I wanted nothing to do with swords, a weapon, a sharp object used for killing, or an object of so much metal, having nothing alive nor soft in it. I do not know why he made me a thing of such beauty, and destruction.

My beloved can feel my feelings exactly being an empath, and he knows and feels my disappointment. Somehow, he is not swayed by my response. He has an understanding I do not have yet.

We stand in the midnight of dark, in the woods, with our friend Wolfe watching us from a distance who listens intently as he understands this is a moment of profound implications, one that would shape the future of our lives, the future of our people. He listens, as I ask my beloved the meaning of this gift.
My beloved says, he has been escaping for months now, in private, at all hours of day and night, crafting this sword for me with all the skill of The Tuatha De Danann of the Ages. He says when all needs of the day were taken care of, when I myself had no needs except for my own solitude, in these quiet times he would go and do this work. He would take any time, day or night, and he would, in peace, work on this magical artifact.
He says there is only a certain way such a device may be crafted and he has incorporated every single one. With the magic of his lineage, he had begun the work with absolute integrity and with absolute love, for only one of such a love as his is allowed to forge such a device as this sword, and only for a beloved. What goes into such a device is not only alchemical but is imbued with the most powerful force in the universe, Love. And it is this love with which he crafted this sacred artifact for me. He has worked through hours and days of prayer, of focusing on his Love, of utterance of invocations, intentions, and magical words of protection. I can see beautiful inscriptions inlaid on the blade. He has not swayed for a second from his task of concentrated focus every second of forging this device for me. This alone, to retain this degree of focus hour after hour is a skill rare among any but the most disciplined which is why only certain Beings qualify to create such a device, only one who has given his heart in love and spirit for the highest good can create such an artifact. He tells me he began this work with an indication that the magical realms called to me, to enter more deeply, more fully, to be the full embodiment of my Soul's Essence.

My beloved is such a wise and caring man.

Upon his words of heartfelt explaining and narration, I became undone. I wanted this gift more than anything, but I still didn't want a ''sword''.....a ''weapon'', a sharp object known to hurt or kill. I understood what went into its making, but still didn't understand its use, what he had created, forged out of love and masterful skills and prayer. 


And my creational story would not go away, nor could I change any of it. It remained, and so I, left it.
I could not get this story out of my head, and as each successive day and night passed, I wanted to create another one as I felt my creational abilities had gone awry that I could ''imagine'' a story about something I did not even want, and yet it would not go away, and I could not create a single other thing in my imagination. I still did not realize yet, that this was not imagination, but events unfolding in the ''other realms'', real and timely.

So after going through the fire, and in my successive talks with my new ally Catherine, it happened in our discussions the ''sword'' came up, and when she mentioned it, I told her about my inability to write more about my days with my beloved because this story of the sword wouldn't go away, nor allow any other to take its place. 
Then she asked me what color it was and I told her, and she put her face in her hands and began to explain to me yet again, the meaning and implications of something about which I had no clue. 
The ''sword'' of my story was no sword in the traditional sense nor all ! 
It was a completely different object than what people have come to understand, myself included. 
It is in truth and in origin, a magical artifact forged out of love, by love for love, and created and intended for use only in cermonial ritual and for other uses of power, and for nothing else. Its uses as a magical device of power and enhancement of its owner have no comparison in the muggle or mortal worlds, as magical devices have been surgically removed from the Human experience by the dark priests. So nothing of equal to a Magical Artifact can be given as analogy in your/our world.
What the world of common mortal men have made of the sword is another matter entirely as they weaponize anything and everything they can.....and so what was originally a Magical Artifact was defiled into a thing of destruction, and it became something I did not want in my life.
I had not been educated on what the origins were, nor the true meaning of this ''sword'' which I shall henceforthe call a Magical Artifact, and in my ignorance had tried to dismiss it, and did not see its significance and importance in my beloved's crafting and forging of this deep magical device for me.....until now.
It was the greatest honor of Giving, aside from giving one your own heart, but I didn't see that then. I do now.

Some of what Catherine explained to me follows:

About the "Sword" .
" First, .....This sword had the gift (illumination) of speech. The Leabhor na h'Uidre mentiones the sword which would turn against the holder if false speech was uttered. Then there is the tale of the "Sword of Light," which, in the hands of the Draoi, possessed the ability to remove spells and provide protection. "
"We find the Bright Sword of the Tuatha de Danann a tool and not a weapon. In addition, that tool is consistently linked to the magical element. In summation, the Bright Sword was a symbol rooted deeply in the history and consciousness of the Tuatha de Danann, long before their arrival on the Emerald Isle in the 13th century BC. It held the magical qualities of not only protection, but also was a symbol of illumination, wisdom, skill, creativity, speech and honor."

And so I discover through Catherine what my beloved had forged for me was nothing less than the Magical Artifact of Illumination, Wisdom, Skill, Creativity, Speech and Honor......specifically known as The Bright Sword of The Tuatha De Danann peoples, my people, my beloved.

And I am now responsible of my own volition to master all the uses of this sacred artifact in my own time. A ''sword', an artifact that is powerful in both realms, here and there, both of which I dwell in. 

I had not been able to dismiss, or forget the ''story'' which had shown up in my minds eye because it was no was an experience, and experience cannot and will not be dismissed or replaced especially when it is revealing something of such great importance. Therefore, it would neither go away nor allow it to be replaced. My 'imagination' went into lockdown. Also, my lack of understanding of the meaning of this artifact should have shown me I had to do some investigating as to the true meaning of a ''thing'' that ''shows up'' but for which I have discord. Lastly, that I was blessed with Catherine's understanding of what it means, and her supplying me with the information of what it means specifically to my beloved's people, my people, The Tuatha De Danann, to forge such an artifact, and to bestow it upon a loved one, blew my mind, since it explained precisely what I needed when I needed it.

My beloved has honored me so greatly, and I am humbled by his gift. I accept it with all my heart, throughout all time.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Making Ready for the Coming Festival of The Ages

We are going through many spirals of intense change in very little time. With entering the final and last 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar, we are experiencing evolutions within 20 day periods. This means every day we can experience a previous lifetime worth of change. Everyone should breathe deep and move more slowly. I have made this now my practice, first out of necessity and now from a deep sense of a pleasurable centering process, of connecting with my huge soul which surrounds my body and merging my thoughts, feelings and actions to it.

This morning I am recuperating from a fantastic exciting 5 1/2 hour skype call with a new amazing ally of the Fairy Kind, who I shall call Catherine. What a boost of energy and cleansing of my heavy heart I felt with liberating it was to speak with one so open, so comfortable and confident with herself that it allowed me the space to be me without any problems......We spoke colorful language, we laughed, we were silenced in awe. Thank you Catherine!

So this morning, after sleeping deeply, a  rare thing, I felt around for the ambient energies. I still had too much excitement from the previous nights conversation and realized I had to let it go, for today was a new day and I had to create empty space within for the day to fill it....otherwise I would be in overwhelm, moving too fast, and missing the sublime in this day.
I centered, emptied, felt around, scanned, and as usual when I do this properly, I realized I had to get myself in order, prepped for the day in my magical way. This is how I bring my magic to the fore, made visible so I can see it in the mirror and not just feel it is something inside, invisible....remember, I'm all about bringing the inner Beauty out spite of the muggles of the world who literally don't believe in magic anymore or what it looks like!
So, I find myself smelling jasmine, that most heavenly of fragrances, and there it begins. I always get guidance and help from Nature when I become silent inside, listening to the silence. I look at the window from my all white bed and I can see the jasmine blossom's. I get up now with a purpose of making ready for the day, my way. I go out and cut some blooms for small vases, and some for my hair because in my hair I smell them with every move of my head. How sublime that is! I've been wearing flowers in my hair for years, since moving to sunny Florida because I always marveled since a child at the incredible Beauty of the Tahitian and Hawaiian women who have thick long hair, and the head wreaths they make and wear and the plumeria's or hibiscus they wear....such a simple thing, but such great beauty! What joy for themselves and all who see them. I wear the flowers, forget I've placed them there and when I'm about and shopping I see many smiles!

Please look at all the beautiful variations Flowers in Hair for inspiration!

I want to practice making all kinds with various head pieces, as these are some of the decorations and embellishments Fairy People love to wear, and as some will come to love for themselves. Having been a professional florist and event planner by 'sheer coincidence',  I already have some skill but it will be really fun to make these works of art of wreaths of green leaves and blossoms, ribbons and feathers, so that for the "Festival of The Ages"  all will be attired in the Spirit of The Green Kingdoms.

Some jasmine blossoms have fallen and I collected those to put into the tea I shall make shortly. I chose the Jasmine Green Tea Pearls, and I'll add the blossoms at the last moments before drinking so as not to overheat the volatile essential oils in them, and to be able to actually inhale them in the taste and smell of the tea as I raise the cup to my lips. Joy!

The vases for the bathroom, the 3 loose ones are in my hair, and the ones in the bowl for my tea.
Flowers in hair, I prepare the house, light the daily prayer candle and incense for worldly blessings, then sit to playfully embellish my own face. I'm working with wearing gold....on the lips, as highlighter, and glitter! Fairies love this look!                   
Tea made, and posting here done, after tea, I have several dishes to prepare today. I am practicing perfecting many dishes, to make ready for the "Festival of The Ages"  as I'm calling it, when Kin find themselves with their soul families on green verdant giving lands to live on and care for.

Today I'm making various salads with beans and legumes, and then when all are done, I'm going to sit and enjoy the Persian Ice Cream I made yesterday finally!
This pic was taken at the Persian restaurant
And this one is my own...... 
I must admit it doesn't taste quite the same, I do not know exactly what is not right, but I shall work on this recipe until I perfect it LOL but it will have to wait until this gallon I just made is gone.
    I did not have enough saffron for the ice cream, but I at least learned how to prepare it, how it is used, and that I truly love its unique fragrance and I may become a saffron freak......adding it to many more seems to me, with the bit of Persian blood I have, that it evokes a timeless feeling of something vaguely remembered from the Ancient Times when Persia was truly the land of abundance, where everything of beauty and luxury was a natural part of all our lives, where the Jinn lived and played, magic was a natural part of our lives, where the ports of call were busy with activities importing and exporting. It was a culture where color and beauty were the signature of the highly advanced and scholarly Ancient Persians. The color freedom and beauty of these women and their lives were far different than what is now taking place in those lands.

I'll be working on the wreath making, the foods, the scents, the new clothing, all to appropriately attire our newly awakened Kin, far away from the patrix uniform of t-shirt and jeans, yuck...but draped in quality fabrics, made into graceful and dignified raiment worthy of Beings of Light and Beauty! 
Fairy Greetings !

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

To A Love Starved and Weary People....

I am so thankful and surprised at all the wonderful responses I've received from my "Message To The Old World" here and elsewhere.
I made a decision, a declaration and now I am on the straight road of The Beauty Path. 
It seems the world is starved for the rich nourishing magic of the Ancient Ones, the Priestesses of Lemuria, and the Shining Ones, one dedicated to Life, to Beauty and all good things. The limiting patrix (patriarchal matrix) has taken the Magic out of Life, out of you. Well, it is being returned. It is your legacy. It is your were born of Magic or Miracles, and to Magic you shall return.
My magic is real, to the great surprise of some.....(stories about that to follow) and I shall spend all my time in creating it and giving will be my Joy.....from my beloved's and my Kins heartspace to yours.

I shall be as the Queen readying a feast for The Ages! We will be devoted to taking in every detail and making all ready and beautiful for the arrival of the rest of the world. We shall spare no attention to detail, nor leave out any source of bountiful pleasure from the Natural Green Kingdoms. We shall make the garments for the New Celebration and shall ready the musicians.

I am not kidding.

I shall truly spend my time with others of my kind, inventing, designing, creating, all things of Beauty for the Great New Life of those whose souls have transcended the old world for the New. 
I shall go forward, create................ and never look back.
May you be nourished, and strengthened by the Beauty that never died.
May you have the heart to create your own wherever you are.
And may we meet in the twilight of the New Higher Order.

Lady of the Woods

                             "Vintage Festival" by Tadema

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Beloved Speaks.......

"..............    my love, listen to me", he says as he grabs me with both arms and looks intently into my eyes. I listen.
"if you give me your body, I will love you, I am ever by your side. If you do not give me your body, I will love you, and be ever by your side. Nothing changes.
Nothing changes."
"I love YOU....'you' meaning, your spirit, your soul that is my soul. And your heart and your mind. YOU are the other half of me. Your body is not 'you', your spirit and soul is you and it is that which I love, have always loved. I loved YOU before you became of flesh and I will love you after. Our Soul is One. And though my heart is inside of me, it belongs to you.
Look at you! cry so!"

He watches me for several moments as the tears of deepest gratitude are falling from pools of unshed tears.

"I am sorry"  he says.
"No dont be sorry!" I shake my head, but I know he is being empathic and feeling everything I am feeling within his own body.
"I know. I'm empathic too - I feel you. I know it is not that I hurt you, but you cry for never having heard words of love from a man before, and it is this that makes me sorry. That in all these years no words of love have been spoken truly to you. For this I am truly sorry, for you should have been hearing them from the moment you were born. Our separation has pained us both, but now we are here and I love you as a true man, from my heart and soul, not from the flesh. For what would it be if you had fallen sick and no ability to use your body? Would I leave you or stop loving ? This is not love! I can't even speak now the words to describe what such a one as that truly is for I am speaking now words of love to you and will not utter anything less. But it is no man who does such things and it is no love.
"You and I are one Soul, before time and after, before the flesh and after. We shall be as the doves who pair for life, and fly forever. Truth be told all this talk of 'you' and 'me', is lacking in appropriateness, for to me, in my heart, there is no 'you' and 'me', only us. Language is so tiring.

He says sadly,"You cry still". "Let it out. Cry it out so you may liberate yourself of the pain, so I too no longer feel it with you, and in your lightness thereafter we are truly free to fly.
"Come.....let me hold you, be with me by my side until you are done. I am ever by your side."

He holds me to him and caresses my hair. He breathes with me, and when we are synchronized, he walks me to our bedchamber to do just as he said....hold me until I truly released all the previous pain. He cares so ! And my heart is like to burst in wanting to be one with his. We lie together. He holding me with both arms, and I with my face on his chest, his soft flaxen linen shirt soaking up my tears. Tears shed from a lifetime, tears that are both mine and every womans. He is feeling it all. He continues.......
"My soul," he says. "Know that a true man loves from his heart, not his flesh. The flesh knows nothing of love - only the heart. Bodily pleasure is temporary and temporal. And though I could not be more pleased with your face and your body's grace, my spirit knows your spirit best and loves this the most. It is your love that I want the most".

Time has ceased. We lie in a space of no time - it is an eternal moment - it feels like forever is here with us both in this one place we occupy.
Nothing else exists. 
We are One. 
God is Here.  

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thank YOU AnaTara

I must thank AnaTara for her inspiration which helped me to make a most life changing move, for the Better. She was the gentle breeze, the sweet song, the wind beneath my wings, that propelled me forthe into my Higher Self. I will always thank her for doing this. And any who may benefit in any way from these pages also have her to thank.
A thousand blessings to you AnaTara!   

Message to the Old World......

 For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, let them.

Hello, greetings and blessings to all.
I have arrived.
I am at a place now where I can no longer 'take in' the information of a world in its death throes. I can no longer take in information and readings about events from a chaotic world. Should I continue to do so, I myself would die with it.
I am leaving it. I am unsubscribing to most all subscriptions, because I no longer need what has been given to me. I realize now I need to give out the Beauty that lives within. I am going to be giving, giving out the Beauty that is endless from within me, my soul.
I have never felt a part of this world, and it grows older and is dying as we speak. I however am about Life and immortality, the New World, the Higher Realms, and I am choosing now to stand in that space with all of my Presence from now on.
From now on all my days and time will be spent creating my ideals, the world of Beauty and Harmony and creating all kinds of things as such for the Beauty I plan to move into with my Kin.
I am therefore not receiving any more emails that do not support the Beauty Path.
I have lots of things to create, to pull out from the heavenly worlds of imagination, and bring life forthe for my own joy and for the joy of those who are my kin, The Tuatha De Danann, The Beautiful People.
From now on, I live and breathe only to create a life of Beauty.
I invite you if you should chose to drop the old world of the patrix and join kin in creating a life of Beauty.
Soon I hope to find a place to live near is closer, it is calling me to it.... a return to my soul.
I have a blog now to describe my journey and my world.
It is the only world now I can live in. I am  of the New Higher Order. 
This is both an affirmation and my intention.
I have decided.
I have spoken.

Calling all Kin.

Lady of the Woods,
Who walks in Beauty
She Who Walks in Two Worlds
 "Elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo"
"a star shines upon the hour of our meeting", an Elvish greeting.
Love the Mother with all your heart, and you will know Love.

More on Tea

Last night my friend Yami came over and spontaneously said we should visit our Persian restaurant for some exotic cuisine and pure joy! She especially wanted their Persian Ice Cream, which is a combination made only in heaven! When I first had it, I NEEDED lol to have a gallon of it because it was so divine I felt I could live on the happiness I felt when eating it. I tried to get others to chip in with me to buy the huge container but alas, I was alone in my addiction.....for the moment ! :D....but I shall make that one another post.

But last night, we went, and I ordered my Persian Tea and food and appetizers and we had a feast fit for Royalty. Their presentation is so beautiful one doesn't even want to disturb the artful arrangements and beauty of the dish, but eventually hunger and desire win out and the art presentation is delicately broken up with forks. lol. 

But I found another love, and it was their tea. Luckily they delight in telling you their secrets because they sell some of them right next door in their store. So I had to go find the tea they were serving and then they also advised me, very important!..... that making it was also part of the wonderful flavors....which is specifically in a Samovar. 
How beautiful are they! Look at all these pics on google to see.

So once I learned another way to prepare tea, I felt my world of Beauty opened up even more and so today I am not only on the hunt for a Samovar to prepare this lovely Elixir of delight, but I also have to make some of that first addiction I had years ago of their Persian Ice Cream which is an aromatic blend of vanilla ice cream, saffron, rose water, and pistachios', topped off with a sweet dark sour cherry sauce to perfection, and served in a stemmed glass. Do I have to make this at home! of course I do!...and today is the day. I shall be off soon, to purchase a Samovar from the Persian store, along with their tea blend, and to get the ingredients for the Persian Ice Cream. 

I shall surprise my friend Yami with my own creation of her new addiction, lol, and serve it up in the same stemmed glasses I ''happen'' to have, only in a frosted glass, and not in the green and blue ones they used, but I will add my own special touches to it as well. I am delighted to spend my day in this magical quest, and to delight my friend later. I shall keep you posted! :D

"More on Tea"......
But as for ''more on tea'', aside from learning a new way of preparing it in Samovars with blends perfected by Persians, I have just this morning discovered a very cool place for one who decided that his connection to people was more important than anything else and he created ''Samovar Tea Lounge''! This place is fantastic..... A beautiful place! Please peruse all the links to get the full experience of what has been offered. Enjoy !


Tea for the Soul

I will start this story with the experience of my friend and neighbor Yami. I hope she won't mind writing about her, but I'm sure if I offer her ''tea time'' she will forgive me almost anything! LOL.

She helped me discover a talent I didn't know I had.....making Tea Time into Healing Time. I did always enjoy good tea in beautiful aesthetic tea ware, but I didn't know how truly powerful and transformational it was until she explained it's effects upon her, which I was soon to see. Then I understood better the effects I've had on other people who I thought were just being complimentary. I knew I have medicinal healing abilities, but I didn't know they transferred so well into simply serving tea and food with such love.
I had returned from a 3 month trip to Australia when I came back to a humid and unpleasant state of affairs in my gardens. Everything I had planted had died. It took me 3 days to get up from being depressed to face it and when I had gone out with a warrior's determination to fix it all in 2 days, there she came up to say hello to me, and told me her news. Separation with divorce pending. Her sadness was palpable.  My heart went out and she had my full attentions. I invited her again to my kitchen to have some tea or something to eat, and after 7 years she decided to take me up on it. 1 or 2 days later she did, and then began the magical journey of transformation and healing for her and the discovery of the uncompromising power of Earth's medicines, love and attention. The true magic lies in the depth of power and how the healing and transformation radiates out to all involved.
Firstly, Yami, was not a ''tea'' person AT ALL. If anything she enjoyed coffee but tea was that dried out little black bag that came in a box from the grocer, and which was thrown into a cup with hot water.
This is NOT tea in my world.
If one is to enjoy life, including daily chores, they can be transformed into acts of mindful meditation when you do them with love and things of beauty. 
The Japanese excel at this, and I learned from them another life.
I have beautiful individual size glass tea pots. I love the fact that the glass allows you to watch the transformation of tea buds and flowers open up to reveal a much larger ''Green", and how the water changes colors and how the leaves and flowers float.....and then you can drink this elixir.

I bought some ''flowering teas'' which is a meditation in itself. 
the tea store
The amount of work going into creating these flowering teas, hand rolled tiny bundles of individual leaves and flowers rolled into various shapes made into ''arrangements'' with poetic names, tiny leaves and petals rolled into tiny balls called pearls, and the combining of leaves with flowers. It amazes me how so many people can spend so much time, energy and resources creating such a detailed intricate artform....... for the pleasure of Tea. You can watch what I mean here:

So my appreciation grew with the love of those tea makers and for them. I bought some glass pots, pretty bowls, wooden trays.....all things to make the Tea Time a Thing of Joy and one of the Tuatha De Danann would. I also bought some exotic blends and more flowering teas and have fun mixing them with others to make wonderful tasting blends for different moods.

One of the best medicine's for me, and it turned out for Yami as well, is the Orange Blossom. I will have her write out her experience of her discovery so I can move on with my story here, but how she/we discovered her Orange Blossom as a dear friend is quite amazing. I soon had to make her a perfume of Orange Blossom or Neroli, as well from my Neroli Essential Oil which was brought for me from Paris and it is divine.....!..., which also became her ''anti anxiety'' medicine, as it has been mine.

Yami came over and I invited her into my kitchen on the new high table by the window overlooking the Salad and Shade Gardens. It was also then that "Serena's Garden Cafe" came into being.
I asked her if she wanted tea, and she, completely unaware of what was about to transpire, literally, as she says, a change of life, she accepted for lack of anything else, :D seemingly the polite thing to do when one visits, is to accept water, juice or the teabag. 
The ambient music playing low and soothing. We especially enjoy Bliss's CD "Quiet Letters" .

I began moving about the kitchen and bringing out the pots, the servers, asking which kind of glass she prefers drinking from, the wooden spoons, the flowers, the honey and soon there was a ritual and a celebration the petals of a flower opening in the sun.
I had pulled out the choices and let her sniff them, and she chose the Orange Blossom, by Rishi.....  and this one is a heavenly blend of green tea, organic lemongrass, org. osthmanthus flowers, org lemon myrtle, natural essential oils of orange, lime and tangerine....a truly blissful combination.                                                      
I serve it with organic Orange Blossom Local Honey.
Tea served, she with her own pot and honey bowl and spoons, and me with mine. 
The inhalation of testing,  first sips were taken......then approval...... from the Soul,. She was sighing deeply.....and had a perplexed look upon her face as if for the first time listening to something deeper speak silently to her. She listened and felt it......and down went the Elixir of Orange Blossoms to soothe my friends' broken heart........ and the magic began.

                                         Tea on its way......Flowering tea in pot, Orange Blossom in individual strainer. In this pic the entire tea serving was not yet out. I will soon take more pics of teas as we enjoy them. I also have an individual flower for my guest as well. Here one can barely see a deep purple pansy which faces her.

By the end of her visit she was not feeling so bad, she seemed to have strength and conviction and the ability to move around in her world efficiently.
I soon saw Yami again, and then more often, then daily....and we discovered we truly liked each other, laughed a great deal, and simply enjoyed every moment together. I always have some wonderful Tea and food to serve and we enjoy it not simply for food's sake, but because when one enters my home, it is time for magical transformation of anything less than love and I intend that all will be healed. I love doing it, it is medicine for everyone's soul. It works like a charm every time. We are healed together, lighter, stronger and able to face the mundane world.
I joke that it took a tragedy in her life to finally cross the 50 feet to my home and discover the friendship we so now loved! She agrees! But she also admits she would never had taken Tea if she were not so depressed lol.... and would have missed out on that World of Earth's Medicine's! It was perfect timing.

I have a wish list for the CD, DVD and book called ''The Meaning of Tea'' 
View trailer here
Tea time is so important, it is critical for Communion with one's own Soul and those of other's. It is a sacred bridge for traveling to anothers inner space to be with them, in them, and to have them be in you for a time. It is indispensable for us, taking in the Green Life of Mother Earth of which we too are made, through her herbs, flowers and grasses, in delightful combinations, to transform one into a better being.