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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Of The Fae Meld with Human

*Note: when I speak of the Fae People, I mean people, beings, with great wisdom, beauty, knowledge, written of in every culture throughout all time. At times they have been 'confused' with 'aliens' such as pleideians, or such, but such obfuscations are always writ by the hand of obfuscators.

**I would ask that those of you who know your deeper heart, to dis-engage denial, stop trying to conform to male ideologies, (religion, rationale, regulation, etc), see ridicule for what it is and put it in its place....... and be true to your self, your purpose, and your creator. It is time.
Thank you to those who have written to me.

Every where I turn now, someone is mentioning the Fae or Fairy People. Something huge is going on.

I have kept it secret my whole life, my knowledge of who I am in truth, in essence. I gave a little clue with the title of my blog Fairy Cottage and Gardens, but most if not all missed it. These things I know of my Self I keep sacred and do not share, but am doing so now, because I am totally compelled to not keep this to my self any more. I am not liking it, knowing people, but I must do as I am having something to do with an eons long service to others.

As I write this I am listening to bird song and soft music, and delicate gentle humming of a lullaby nature. I will just share it here.....feel free to play as you read.

I am not sure where to start, I am so full with so much to share and say. And I am full of the expected responses from humans who have doubt, or ignorance, or simply are pessimistic and lacking totally in the knowledge that Life is, if anything, malleable in its imaginative scope, most of which no human mind can grasp but at best merely accede with any degree of intelligence, that it is not something we can ever understand, but spend a life time or more, finding out, hopefully with a magical and innocent curiosity, what Life actually is and how it encompasses everything from human, to stone, to animal, to bacteria, to skies and stars.....all to reveal an ineffable Beauty it would take eternity to describe with any accuracy.

But I will try to stick with my one opening line and why so many are speaking and writing about the Fae at this time, claiming to have seen them, know them, or are I have. I have always known, no one told me, but as a child I knew, and I also knew that these others who surrounded me and called themselves family and friends, strangers etc, were something ''else''.

I have spent my life doing as others, doing as I was told, doing the norms and learning what is passed off as "learning", which I struggled with the entire time recognizing its insane stupidity, but I did it....and I spent my life trusting that in doing all these things, I'd feel normal one day.
I never did.
And I never want to feel "normal" as normal is considered amongst these people.

I have learned in all these years, from all the family, the education systems, the controlling systems, the institutionalized systems, and from all ''systems'' in general only one thing......WHAT NOT TO DO. And I have learned, that these so called people, are so ignorant, and so closed minded and so much in suffrage all because they are ''learning'' from first of all, the male mind, who is the tyrannical authoritarian who runs all things from education, to industry, to how things are built, designing, to food growth and distribution, to the invention of money and the extortion of natural freely given Earthly resources which they steal, and then eek out for monetary greed, keeping the majority on the fringes of poverty from receiving the free gifts given by Nature for all. But secondly I have also learned from this 'plane of existence' that I have knowledge in me that has always been there, knowledge about many many things that would better the quality of life for everyone who is willing to engage in caring of sharing. I know, and have been planning how to build a city for magical, efficient, sustainable green beauteous living for all, including the overlooked needs of women and children, a city alive with nature, pure running clean drinking waters, and mature loving trees since I am 14 years old. No one taught me this. I was born with this knowledge.  All of the knowledge I possess is for the greater betterment of living for those here. It is all for you.

I have kept all this to myself in all these almost 60 years. Thats a long human time to be silent.

But there is some resurgence, some Renaissance, some phoenix resurrection that is taking place now because so so many are acknowledging what cannot be contained or hidden any longer. So many are bursting at their seams, wanting to continue in sacred secrecy, but can not because their fire has outgrown the container, and is starting to singe the container. We are on fire to reveal what must be known despite the onslaught of the inquisition that lives in everyday humans.

There is something from the Gospel of Thomas that says,:

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”
And so, it is true, I humbly admit, in a last attempt to save my own life and soul, that I am being forced to bring forthe what is within me. Trust me, it is not that I want any responses from naysayers, but I am truly trying to save my own soul and this brings an ancient trepidation to my mind but my heart is what is on fire to live and share the love that is alive there......and to bring forthe the Great Wisdom of my People, for the sake of your people.

I personally have lived in isolation for so long, in such an alien hostile territory, that I am far beyond being affected by the weapon of "ridicule". I have things to say and I will say them to those who will not merely listen, but learn and apply.  

We, of the Fae, are here for you, always have been. It is time we lay down the pernicious provincial mind, the monster of mediocrity, of beliefs, deliberately given by the dark lords of tyranny, through their many religions who claim to know all of what GOD has created and how, to keep humanity in the dark, and suffering, when all that is needed for a beautiful and harmonious life has already been given. All those men were/are sick in heart and mind, have/had controlled small, provincial minds, either dimly lit with a touch of "good intentions", or rabid with frenzied religious insanity. You must know now churchs and the vatican is filled with sickness and riches. They were/are not stable of mind, nor balanced in heart, and at worst, hateful of any virtue of the feminine. No knowledge nor wisdom can come of that sort, and yet all religions are born of that psychopathy. Hence the deep sickness we see in society now, committed by rabid men, from pedophilia, to organized human trafficking which is to service more of those men, to the amounts of foods grown and discarded because they were not paid for with their enslaving systems of money. Orcs have overrun this planet, they are disguised as men. This is all vile. None of this is of virtue, and none of this is born of a sane mind, a loving heart, nor comes from a service to others, and least of all from GOD.

The times now are bordering on an impending crash, a doom, that would result in many years of good planning to be undone. A crash that is bordering not on the material world, but on the annihilation of the soul, of the Divine Spark. Material things can be recreated. Nature can be regrown, but what is at stake is the Divine Human. That crash must not happen. The forces wanting to protect humanity are now being forced out of hiding to make themselves known to offer what knowledge they possess, and to be an example of what can come of life when cared for as it was meant to be.

I am hearing and seeing many of these gentle souls claiming this Sacred Secret, speaking out and revealing what they know and trying to listen for any hint of interest from those they are trying to assist. We are speaking softly, dropping hints, and waiting......waiting and .......more waiting......for the interest and the curiosity must come from you. We are bound by Sacred Laws that do not infringe, do not pontificate, and do not violate the nature of "desire to learn".

There are those who are so viscerally drawn to the Lord of the Rings, mostly to the Elven People of that series. Many wept tears of resonance and felt a painful nostalgia when seeing them, listening to their music and not understanding the depths of that sadness. I felt it too. I felt it my whole life. What the release of The Lord of the Rings was, was a wakeup call, in the guise of Hollywood Blockbusters. Peter Jackson was compelled in the Faery Way, to create the call.
I have my own interpretation of the Passing of the Elves scene. It was said they were leaving their lands, to go to Aman, The Undying Lands. Arwen chose to be mortal because of her love for one human man. Many of us have love for many humans, we are so close in Nature. But some of those Fae races were not just going to Aman, a land of great beauty and harmony. Their sadness did not come from such a promise of beauty. The sadness was some of them were also going to the lands where mortals dwelt, to be born, to be human, to relinquish immortality and dwell in help with the lives of Human and Fae.

These people are now everywhere. They are children, they are elders, they are geeks, they are nature lovers, they are autistic, they are suffering from immune disorders, they are musicians, artists and dancers. They are wives and boyfriends, girlfriends and hermits. They need you to ask.

Some like me are not waiting anymore, I am an Elder, so am speaking.

But most still have the ingrained Time Capsule, hesitant to come out to what they know will be hostile, and even a witch hunt, when they speak. We have already gone through this. And yet we risk much, once again......for this service.

I am letting you know, those who read, who have eyes to see and ears to hear, that help, assistance, knowledge, care and sacred magic are ready to be deployed to those who are open to receiving.

Nothing will be forced.
No one will dictate.
No one will offer what is not received with kindness.

I am asking you, to engage the Fae who are here. Ask, learn, and practice what is the beginnings for an entirely elevated paradigm of living for us all.