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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Hallow's Eve My Way

*Greetings Everyone....

I just want to share my own way of ''celebrating'' Hallow's Eve.

It is far from the Mass Marketed Male Minded Maleficence that is of the dead, ghouls, cheap candy, ugly witches with bad intentions.....etc,.......all false.....  It is very very far from the Truth......
This is the time when the Spiritual Invisible veil is thinnest and we in the physical can interact with non physical spirits if we like. Some people like to speak to their deceased loved ones, much like they do at their graves, or in church. At this time of the solar cycles, the veils allow this communication more easily.

If you seek the Truth, ask a Wise Woman. Only we know our Truths, only we.

Ours is the Real world of Natural Enchantment and Good Ol Fashioned Magick, the Real Woman's Way.
Do not let anything dark or conniving enter your mind, this is purely Natural.

First we prepare with a lovely bath scented with our favorite oils of lavender or orange blossom or rose?? and while we're at it.....light the house and property alight with candle is lovely!

and music of course........

Then we must open our Treasure Box.....

Here we are women of power and beauty who owns treasures that are Hers alone, some from her very Spirit and some from Nature varies from woman to woman, from land to land......what are yours?

Mine has sparkly things in it.....I invite the Fairy's to Play, to make the plants lush and happy, to bloom, to provide beautiful air for vitality of mind and spirit....and just to play with, they are the most fun.

I have set up a place in my room for those things I need for this Hallowed Eve with friends.
It has all the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.....and a few extras, like shoes, wisdom oracles, spherical objects just because I love them and of course......glitter!

The Woman/Fairy/Witch/Wise Woman/Healer is everything in every woman to some degree, it is by Divine Decree.....accept it, it is a gift..... we are created with these natural powers for good reason.

We are filled with Magick, that ineffable, eternal mystery which confounds the minds of men who are so locked into the small left brain, they miss the numinous world of Divine Creation.....we are the ones who still and always will possess the  Magick......a gift of love.

 ''When you seek the Truth, ask a Wise Woman''........

We do so much always, every day is a Hallowed Day.......let us Accept our Gifts of Magic, extend them with the Love in which we were made, and do it with Grace.......

The alter is set, the offerings made, now it is time to go out in Nature where the Life there awaits a celebration with us!

 We dress and plan a lovely soiree in the forest......we dance!!!

But I love this.....From The Mists of Avalon, the Isle of Women who knew their powers and lived them, tending to Nature harmoniously, reaping abundance through their gentle farming practices, utilizing everything of all the plants, which are not only foods but medicines both......this is what I would wear to the Hallowed is perfect! what do You think?

But I will need my wand for that outfit.......what are the words again??

oh....oh yes.....Bibbledy Bobbledy Boo!

  Lets go to the woods!


 Where we are welcomed Royally by the Beings of Light who are Guardians there.....

Our friends of Mythical proportions await us.......

 and even the trees dance with us!

the Moon Goddess blesses us with her Luminous Light, and mystical gifts for each of us......

All manner of Gods Creatures celebrated with us all night long......

As we danced and celebrated the night away, we are left with the parting farewell of the BlueMoon Fairy......

 Till next Hallowed Eve!


Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Good Fairy-Witch Has Been Found!

Greetings BlogLandia.....

I want to tell you a little story.

I woke up this morning while it was still betwixt time....not light, but not dark...... I love this.
I had sleep still in my eyes and head, and yet my body knew to move and exactly where to wander outside to see this mystical light becoming.
It was as enchanting as ever and came with a surprising chill, a chill I haven't felt in many many moons. My skin was needing a cover it said, how odd I found this. My visit was short but sweet and it kept its numinous quality with me as I ventured from Mystical Nature to human home. Yet my home is imbued with lots of this Nature.

Something compelled me to get online, though I try not to do this so early, I don't remember now what it was. I visited several places and then I saw an I've loved all my life. How so very simple is this image, yet it evokes within me some powerful kind of passion, magnanimous with Spirit. It was an image of a woman's hair, long hair which I love so dearly. It was in a style I loved but hadn't worn in far too many rotations of the sun. I remembered and I wondered, why? why hadn't I worn my hair so? I grow it long for a reason, it is a mantle of beauty, of comfort, of joy, of playfulness, of decor, of all that is natural. I took the pins out of my twisted bun and set my hair free. I could feel a huge sigh of relief. I shook it out and checked for its length....yes, its still there. I ran to my looking glass.... How is the texture? It was ok because the twist gives it texture and wave and body. I brushed out the tangles and added a beautiful fragrant oil to the tips, and misted it with Orange Blossom Water. I wanted to put my hair into that simple image I had seen of my previous self. A simple pony tale, with the band loose and leaving the whole head looking like the hair is still free, but yet tied in the middle so you don't see where the length ends. I left my hair to settle itself.

I went for my Hat.

I have a hat you know. A new one. Its a black hat. I don't wear black hats, but I had to have this one.
I told myself when I saw it, it is not an appropriate hat for me, but my hands wouldn't put it down. Another wiser self said ''get it, you will make it into an appropriate one and it will be alot of fun''. Well, when a wise one speaks of fun you don't argue or think, you do.

I had the feeling something was happening. That something was going to happen. That someone special was coming and I needed to get ready. I was all for it! What else do I need? My hair is happy and fragrant and looking like an image I loved and now was Me.

I went for the hat. I added only a couple of things and tried it on.....and a smile came to my lips.

So the hat determined the rest of what was to go together, it felt rather Witchy to me......{{grins}}

Something else now.....something more mysterious and playful......oh! I know!

Were the colors ok? The wise one made a wry expression............. if you can feel such things, I think you most certainly can!....there is no such thing as ''matching'' when it comes to special visits and special people, there?"
"No! of course not! you are so right".  I put it out of my head.

I tried it on with the hat....and found myself playing....yes the eyes fit, just right in fact.

Now I needed some jewelry.....some earrings......long favorite....

 yep, those work, I made them myself out of Quartz Crystal and silver them.

Is that it?


I go to my cabinet and pull out a few things....

my pearls of course....
huge silver bangles
and an ancient designed Bronze Celtic Brooch Pin with Moonstone inlaid gemstone.

Now I need to dress.....''what do I??......''    before I could finish the question I just almost seemed like someone was helping me!


I love how the bottom is full of flouncy lace......... this is a special designed Lace Coat. The one who sold it to me told me the other woman who owned a similar one got married soon after she got it.

 What about shoes?.....''already done MiLady!''

 humm......I'm starting to really like this.....what goes with the Lace Coat?

''how about the black skirt made of antique sari silk and embroidered with silver thread?"

''Oh! I know the one! ''

It's all very pretty and so much beautiful texture! I think I'm ready......

I began to wonder about all this. I was definitely preparing for something and I haven't done this in a very long time.
I put on my music and reveled in the feelings of playing with all of this.
I went for some candy I actually made myself. It is quite amazing how simple my favorite-candy-in-the-world is, but in all these years I never thought to look it up as I thought it was some complex miracle of some celestial bakers who conjured up such a scrumptious treat....but I had a craving for this which I've not had in....oh about 30 years? Its called Nut Butter Crunch and my mother used to buy it and I could never get enough. I never bothered to look into this miracle since as a child I thought it was purely impossibly unattainable. I have since tried it in a few places but it never hit the spot.
But the other day, I wondered.....I got online and lo and behold, this delight of my youth is called by various names, some refer to it as English Toffee. Whatever the name, it turns out to be unbelievably simple to make. It was so simple I could not believe it. I could not believe that the heavenly delight I ate as a child could be this simple, it MUST be more complex in ingredients. I searched and looked and looked at various recipes and spent an embarrassing amount of time watching moving-pictures on making this, just to make sure I was really seeing this right. I thought maybe they simplified it, degraded it, since things now are definitely NOT the way they were when I was growing up. However, I could find no complex and lengthy recipes. :D And since it turned out I had the 4 ingredients on hand, I decided to make it. I did vary on it a little bit, I always have to do things my way based on my taste buds telling me what it wants and it came out rather perfect I have to say!
You can find many recipes online, they are basically sugar and butter melted together, cooked till dark, spread onto pan, left to harden, melted chocolate spread on top, then crushed almonds or walnuts or whatever nuts you like on top of that. Leave to firm up, then crack apart. How simple was that?

So this Magical Mysterious Morning, as ''we'' were preparing for some special guest.....the first thing I wanted was a piece of this Butter Crunch....this sweet was to satisfy the imp in me who was orchestrating this whole venture for some reason.....


But because a proper Fairy's diet consists of the very living environment in which she lives, the vegetation and fruits from trees, the herbs, and leafy green vegetables......she has to have a large amount of a combination of this and she does so next ........


and while she was in the kitchen getting candy and Green Drinks, she also wondered about dinner and brought out the huge bowl of greens to be prepared for later.....
now back to our Mysterious Visitor and helper.....

She/I/we?? sat at her Vanity and began to gather what else a special guest would want......
she brought out all her ungents, bottles, and beautifying things .....
pure Oil of Coconut blended with Pure Oil of Frankincense, makes the skin soft and fragrant, this oil is divine! No magical being is complete without sparkles and I have a selection with brush ready here.

Also the skin must glow like a luminescent moonlit night, so crushed then pressed Moonlight Powder is ready too.

''Will I need a Magical Pumpkin ???''

"No." she says softly with a smile.

 We are nearing the end of our preparations.....wonder who this is for??

"This is for you, my darling......for you who hasn't seen your true self in many many a moon. You have been hidden.....hidden by too much of the mundane world, crushed by things your heart could not bear to see, whisked away from the outer and hiding within the inner. It is time for you to come out, come out and play, to be Your Self, to Play with the World, to teach the World, to be the Good Good Witch that you are......No longer allow anything or anyone coerce you to conformity, nor seduce you into submission. My darling, come out and play are ready, you are more than ready, you are must attend the most important celebration there is.....Your Own Life.....

even as you prepare you wear a Crown of Pearls........

The world needs you and your Magic......''

You have been preparing.....''

FOR YOU .....''

Now Welcome Your Self with our custom of affection and joy at the return of a very special guest, and treat Her as you would the most special person you can think know who She is......

''I will be back........''   she says with a soft smile.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Vanity, Alter of Self Lovingness

*An Early Christmas gift comes as a shock, on a day I found something I've been trying to thrift-fully engineer from bits and pieces of highly potentized thrift finds.

I went to Big Lots to pick up my tapers, as I love burning one in the crystal candleholder as I'm working in the kitchen. The glow is like a pure, friendly and warm spirit who keeps me company, flickering away its golden amber light as I prepare foods.

I spoke of wanting a Vanity Dresser and why here.

Today, I found a Vanity Dresser, the right size, the right colour and with just enough carving to make it interesting, and with my favourite type of mirror, the tri-fold.
This piece was gifted as an early Christmas present since waiting until I had the funds for it would take months.....I must have been ''good" :D.
But it is now sitting where I've been envisioning it and though it is lovely, I have another vision for its final outcome which I will need to work on. I am really needing some Paris Grey in this room.
In the meanwhile, this little beauty is sitting there calling me, to sit at our Alter and engage some serious self loving routines which I simply am giddy about.....just like a Lady of the Woods :-)

Please understand, I have come to understand the way I operate, how thoughts and feelings become things. This ''vanity'' is not in the negative sense of the word, I am a firm believer that everyone needs to spend quality time grooming, and performing all those acts to enhance ones body and appearance, and no need to say how this can get out of hand for some, but what this means for me, is that for a woman like myself who for years now feels fragile sometimes, vulnerable sometimes, ugly sometimes, broken, tired and in too much seems like there is no beauty for me anymore, that I do not possess this. I am wrong to feel this, or rather I should say those feelings have no basis in reality. I knew this intellectually but I had to trick my mind into finding a way to KNOW this.
I have learned something about myself and that is, if there is a spot for some particular thing, then I will use it as such. The way I can correct these feelings is to take self care into a reverent place, a sacred place where I am in a loving state, giving care to whatever it is that needs caring for, be it my face, my body, my feelings.....a beautiful Alter or Vanity Dresser, can be that small space I give to myself, having all I need in one place. It is here where I don't allow the pains and negative voices any space, this is only a space for love and care.
I am already in love.

I will be back with the finished one.

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