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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Glorious Fragrant Tea and Laduree of Paris

Hello everyone.

I'm a tea person.....
''tea''.....what does that say? Not much in America, but in other countries you would get a dignified nod , perhaps even a slight bow, acknowledging your culture and some other je ne sais quoi, a combination of deep respect, grace and admiration.
And anyone who thinks of tea bags or *gulp* Lipton, has not a clue what I'm speaking of...... there is another world aside from that sorry cup.

 The language of the Green Kingdoms is so vast there has been no end to its scope of discovering its gifts and there is an infinity to its combinations of greenery combined with flowers, berries, fruits, and other delectables.....combinations which know no bounds.

And so, in my desire to become many things, but firstly a true representative of the Green Kingdoms, as my blog title indicates, including the Fairy Cafe for which I'm becoming ''famous'' for in my tiny neck of suburbia here....... I want to be a walking garden, myself fragrant with the herbs and greens which I both drink through teas and green juices, and eat of the vegetable kingdoms. I grow as much as I possibly can, and though Florida summers and heat don't allow much I will not quit for there is, to my mind, a solution for everything and anything. I shall persist.

But I try to consume the greens of the world in any way I can for the greens of this world is an almost identical match to our blood in content, is what sustains and beautifies us. The healthiest blood is very close to greens and is why it has been given to us for foods and medicines.....again, via the veggies for foods and herbs for medicines and flavouring, spicing, pleasure, spiritual cleansing, perfumery, and every other thing.
I've had several friends tell me I'm their best smelling friend LOL.

Back to Tea.....a person can spend a lifetime engaging in the teas of the world with no end to pleasure, education, diversity, exquisiteness, beauty, fragrance, perfume, effects that are sedative, invigorating, exalting, calming, healing, rejuvenating, regenerating, or pleasing in every and any way......all found in the Teas of our World.
As I type this I'm drinking one made of organic black tea, lavender buds, with essential oils of bergamot and lavender.....and some honey. It is amazing as it speaks to my spirit, changing, effecting, morphing me alchemically back into balance. It ''speaks'' of its own origins, offers its medicine. I drink of its indigenous stories, of where it comes from and I inhale its spirit. The combination of these plants and oils create their unique kind of party, if you will, in my mouth and for my spirit.

I've learned that the right kind of tea can entrain my frazzled self back into one of equanimity and repose, without any work at all......just drinking the right brew.
How do I find the right one?
Well, we all have a built in guiding system, a most intelligent, wise, all knowing and always right, honing system, or device if you will, that is foolproof and divinely attuned..........its your Nose. Your nose knows.
It is so simple to find what is perfect for you in that particular moment, and all you have to do is sniff, and your approval or not, your excitement or disdain, your response of becoming enlivened or not, is telling you what is right for you in that moment. This is how I know which teas are right for me on that day, or in that hour or even moment.
I buy a selection of organic teas and combinations and I have my own herbs, flowers, and berries, honeys, and flower waters I add to them as well.....which affords me infinite combinations of teas, and when I feel like having tea, or my Spirit is telling me it needs some kind of healing, repair, re-balancing or love from the Green Kingdoms of the Mother, I will pull out my teas, walk and pinch in my herb garden, sniff them, and the one that causes me a deep intake of breath followed by a siggghhhhhh, is the one. I mix and match according to my nose.
This works for everyone.
It is that simple.

I have had people who proudly and convincingly and loudly even arrogantly LOL tell me, they are not ''tea people''.....they are coffee people. I just smile.
''Well indulge me for a minute will you? Smell these and tell me what you think''....I say. I wish I had a camera for all the times, I've done this, for it NEVER FAILS that their faces change with each sniff of each different tea. Some are definite "no's", some are curiosities accompanied by frowns, the inevitable 'wait, let me smell that one again', and then you have the one that smooths out the face and brow and yanks at their very breath.......and they ultimately choose the one that caused their intake of breath, and when they drink this, found that they not only love it, but they discover they like tea after all. Then I have to write down what it was, where to get it, etc......every time.

I have one friend who refuses to make her own, she thinks I have some special powers LOL, and comes only to spend time, hours with me, drinking pots of brews after our sniffing tests. And she has come to find herself literally feeling the "medicine" of the tea as it courses through her body, into her blood, and she feels its effects of healing on her and she is amazed every time. And its not the heat either, because she drinks coffee too and it is also hot, and it never has this effect on her. These moments are silent ones, for though we are talking she wants to tune into this traveling medicine in her body as the sensation is indescribable, and she is different because of it. I have seen her in mid sentence take her first sip, and fall silent, captivated by the tea's living magic, its medicine already at work. There was once her favorite tea, nothing compared to this scent, nothing could come was orange blossom tea....and it was the essential oil which I'd make a perfume for her out of, and this would literally calm her when she was in bad states. This orange blossom's medicine is to CALM the nerves. It is noted for this and it works. My friend inhaled it, drank it and wore it. It worked for her and she called it her medicine. Now however, that she is over the trauma of that particular time, when she sniffs the orange blossom and other teas, she chooses another. Her favorite of all time LOL now! fresh Mint with Lavender. She says with traitorous guilt LOL that she likes it better than the *gulp!* orange blossom......the reason is, of course, she no longer needs that medicine the orange blossom afforded her, she is now calm and in a good state, her life better from the medicines of Nature, also from moving away and a new job and home. Her favorite now, is mint and lavender, and mint is known for clarity and acuity.
Its so  beautiful to watch how these herbal medicines work on people, and how it quietly does it job. Pure love is Mother Nature.
She likes to tell me and others that I literally scraped her up off the floor of grieving with my teas......I tell her, it was the tea, not me.

A good summer read is a fantasy and magical story of how teas and spices work on human beings called  The Mistress of Spices or see the severely edited movie version of it starring the beautiful Aishwarya Rai.

And so it is for anyone who is in need of any kind of care, healing, balancing, calm, medicine, reconnection, peace, and every other quality that is desirable within the human, can be found in the Green Kingdoms, in the form of Tea.

I've always wanted to open my Fairy Cafe or Fairy Tea Salon, here and show more people just how beautiful Teas are, and how to experience this, while honoring the Spirits of the Fairies who tend to all the Green Kingdom.
I see my Salon decorated with soft lighting, organic textures and beautiful colors. Mine happen to be light spring green, light pink, ecru's and whites with touches of silver and gold. This is my room and I love it. I'd have chandeliers and lots of crystal everywhere, beautiful dishes, glassware, and tablecloths on every table, glass displays and cases filled with delights made of organic delectables, gorgeous music, lots of plants and vases of flowers everywhere....a virtual garden of Eden, inside, where time ceases to exist and one is lost to the pleasures of the senses. The scents of flowers and teas brewing would be an ever changing perfume filling the air. I could go on, but I think you can imagine this, yes? :D

Are you thirsty yet? LOL

That said, I have come up with combinations of teas that have become so healing to others that I want to help to spread this healing even further. I decided to come up with a blend of my own and to introduce more people to the world of Tea Culture and hopefully catch them up to the rest of the world......especially France.
Speaking of France, I have just learned a week ago.....yes I can be slow to catch on to what is happening......that they have done my dream.......of course!!.....and they have done it well. I have learned of their Tea Salons and how beautifully they have done them, of course again!......and how one in particular has used my favorite colors of light green, pink and touches lavender, aqua with accents of gold or silver......(shaking my head)
Somehow because of this similarity and this bizarre common theme I have with the French in my clothes, music, teas, decor etc etc etc, I believe I must have something French in me and because of this I have just developed a desire to actually go there to learn about their culture. Maybe. I have traveled around the world, and was never interested in France, but I am now.

One of their tea salons, Laduree has done such a beautiful job of their Tea Salons that I am still in awe having discovered this, and I have to mention it because they are using my specific colors and done ''my Tea Salon".

Will you look at this window display of Laduree and their packaging? These are the colors in my room and I love them.


You must go to their website and enjoy their little trip through their animated salon and I love how they have the sounds of a live salon going on as you peruse their site! so fun!

Another thing Laduree is famous for is their macaroons, something I see is very popular, which believe it or not, I have never had. I'm not a sweets/sugar person. I know that white flour and white sugar products of patisserie, pretty as they are, age you from the inside out. I'm more into rejuvenation from living ingredients.

But these macaroons are beautiful little colorful things!!

You can also go to this site to see many pictures this blogger has taken of Laduree.

I have been referred since last week by another blogger to other tea salons in France. Gorgeous all of them and I really miss not having these common European luxuries in Florida.

There is also this fascination of Marine Antoinette I've become curious about. It seems she has finally gained, hundreds of years later, her rightful popularity ?? I hope her spirit is enjoying this revival of all things Marie Antoinette as Laduree has honored her by making a tea named after her. And it was these boxes of pink which first captured me and my heart when I saw them and learned what they were. I wish I could find that picture, but alas, I cannot.

Laduree however, has captured my heart, and in this same kind of fashion, is how I envision my own Tea Salon capturing with goodness, the hearts of those here.
As far as I'm concerned there is room for many more Tea Salons!

So, since the inception of my Fairy Care and finally creating my blog, I've decided to develop a tea of my own, which I'm experimenting with currently.....and as we speak my counter is full with glasses, black teas, rose water, jasmine petals fresh from my bushes, rose buds, essential oils, dried fruits, etc etc etc.....and I will experiment until I come up with one that causes that deep breath and a sigh to come from my spirit. When I have this, I will package it in the way I package all things, with exquisite beauty and attention to detail, its all in the details says this Fairy, and I shall have my first tea.
I'm planning on three. If these are not appreciated, I'll just pack myself up and leave for Europe where I'd fit in better.
I'm working on the name, which will ultimately gain its inspiration from the ingredients, however, I'm liking my "original" idea of honoring one from the Fairy Kingdom itself......another Queen who has not had proper recognition either, (another similarity I just discovered now as I'm typing this LOL).....and she is none other than the Queen of the Fae......Titania.

So my theme will involve the herbs and flowers born of Nature and those Spirited Elements known as the Fae who care for them under the guidance of Titania their Queen.

Stay tuned!

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Beautiful Aqua Marine Blue

 My colors if they can be called such, are whites and ecru's.....these pale colors look lovely on golden olive skin and in Florida those shades are pure simplicity, elegance, beauty and purity. I love them.

However, once in a while something comes along and knocks me off my pretty perch ! LOL this skirt in aquamarine or turquoise.

This is my inspiration for the love of this Aqua Marine blue.....and I know the greenish top helps with the effects of these hues.


this is the music that goes with this color too......yes, I'm ''funny'' that way LOL.

When I saw this color it was love at first site....I NEEDED THIS. LOL
And so I went on a search/quest for these kinds of blues and blue greens or what is organically or naturally orginating from the Turquoise family.

Like the language of flowers, such as the peony which I spoke of here and here , I had to understand why I craved that particular flower when I hadn't been around it in many many years, and now its a color.
But my quest led me to understand what my soul was saying for the soul doesn't speak in linguistics, but in sights, sounds, colors, fragrance, feelings, sensation, intuition, all the higher faculties of our makeup as humans.

So do colors speak, and this Aqua or Turquoise color is speaking very loudly. When I saw this lace skirt I fell, and my quest began.

From here

The meaning of the color turquoise is open communication and clarity of thought.
Turquoise helps to open the lines of communication between the heart and the spoken word. It presents as a friendly and happy color enjoying life.In color psychology, the color turquoise controls and heals the emotions creating emotional balance and stability. In the process it can appear to be on an emotional roller coaster, up and down, until it balances itself.
A combination of blue and a small amount of yellow, turquoise fits in on the color scale between green and blue. It radiates the peace, calm and tranquility of blue and the balance and growth of green with the uplifting energy of yellow.

Turquoise recharges our spirits during times of mental stress and tiredness, alleviating feelings of loneliness. You only have to focus on the color turquoise, whether on a wall or clothing and you feel instant calm and gentle invigoration, ready to face the world again!
Turquoise is a great color to have around you, particularly in an emergency, as it helps with clear thinking and decision-making. It assists in the development of organizational and management skills. It influences rather than preaching and demanding.
The color turquoise is a good color to aid concentration and clarity of thought for public speakers as it calms the nervous system, gives control over speech and expression, and builds confidence. Print your speech notes on turquoise and every time you glance down you will feel the effects of the color.
Turquoise heightens levels of creativity and sensitivity. It is good at multi-tasking, becoming bored if forced to focus on one thing only. Sometimes its thinking can become scattered if surrounded by too much of this balancing color.

Turquoise encourages inner healing through its ability to enhance empathy and caring. It heightens our intuitive ability and opens the door to spiritual growth. It is the color of the evolved soul.
Turquoise can also be self-centered, tuning in to its own needs above all others. At the same time, it can help us to build our self-esteem and to love ourselves, which in turn supports our ability to love others unconditionally. At its most extreme it can be boastful and narcissistic.
Although turquoise is self-sufficient, it fears being alone and can become aloof and unapproachable when this occurs, making the situation worse.
Turquoise has strong powers of observation and perception and can be quite discriminating. It has the ability to identify the way forward, the way to success, balancing the pros and cons, the right and wrong, of any situation. It is a good color to use when you are stuck in a rut and don't know which way to move.

Turquoise can sometimes be impractical and idealistic and remote from emotional reactions, appearing excessively cool, calm and collected.
Too much turquoise in your life may give you an overactive mind and create emotional imbalance, making you either over-emotional or non-emotional.
Too little turquoise in your life may cause you to withhold your emotions, resulting in secrecy and confusion about your direction in life.
From a negative perspective, the meaning of the color turquoise relates to being either over-emotional or non-emotional, lacking communication skills, being unreliable and deceptive.

Positive and Negative Traits of Turquoise
Positive keywords include communication, clarity of thought, balance and harmony, idealism, calmness, creativity, compassion, healing and self-sufficiency.
Negative keywords include boastfulness, secrecy, unreliability and reticence, fence-sitting, aloofness, deception and off-handedness.

The Color Turquoise Represents
Communication: Turquoise represents open communication from and between the heart and the spoken word. It relates to the electronic age and the world of computers, and communication on a large scale.
Emotional Control: Being the mid color between the extremes of red and violet, turquoise is the color of balance, for the emotions, thoughts and speech.
Self-Sufficiency: Turquoise has the ability to tune into its own needs and find the way to success.

Effects of the Color Turquoise
Clarity of Thought: Turquoise enhances the ability to focus and concentrate, assisting with clear thinking and decision-making, and the development of good organizational skills.
Calming: Turquoise is calming yet invigorating, restoring depleted energies.
Non-emotional: A negative effect of turquoise is that it can cause people to be too aloof and to hide their emotional reactions.

Variations of the Color Turquoise
Aqua: Closer to green than blue, aqua is refreshing and uplifting. It is creative and light-hearted, yet strong and individual.
Aquamarine: Enhancing creativity and inspiration, the color aquamarine calms and balances the mind and the emotions.
Teal: A more sophisticated version of turquoise, teal signifies trustworthiness and reliability. It promotes spiritual advancement and commitment.
I have found lots of lace and crochet pieces. Thank goodness it is the trend right now, and available in places like Marshalls', T.J. Maxx etc.
I did find a crochet lace skirt like the one in the picture,*insert happy happy dance!*  in a natural tone cotton and I thought it would be perfect to dye it. I didn't know how to dye anything, I'd never used a commercial dye before, but the day after I made my decision I learned of a new color by Rit called Aquamarine.....and I got it from Joannes. Serendipity assists ! LOL 
I'm currently dying several  things I already had and the new lace skirt in this color and will hang them to dry and take pictures....they look gorgeous so far! :D

I will meditate on the color when I have the pieces dried and wearing them.

Here is the original inspiration:



  And here is mine: the original has more green in it which makes it a truer turquoise, and the color I used is Rit Aquamarine....which is a blue. I'd have to add more green to get the original inspiration, but I'm sooo totally fine with the AquaMarine! :D

 My AquaMarine clothesline, which is making me very very happy and smiley! LOL   :

 blessings of aqua!

Friday, June 22, 2012

* Fairy Shoe Challenge !

Frosted Petunia's is having a beautiful Fairy Shoe Challenge

Fairy Shoe Challenge!

Fairy Shoe Challenge!................

and I decided do this, and I'm only just beginning it today, and its due tomorrow....
my mom would just roll her eyes at this, I always waited for the last minute to do the ''homework''....but I always got it done! LOL
I don't own shoes, living in Florida I only wear flip flops, but because of a friend, I remembered last minute about my old dancing shoes! how appropriate!
I absolutely, undeniably have to disengage from this world, and do something completely and totally fun, unpredictable, engaging, creative, and different inspired from realms beyond and above this I'm in!

This is what I'm working on.....

stay tuned !

 .....Many hours later.......

ok the deed is done.

I really think the word "challenge" should be replaced with a more user friendly term??? LOL

I have to say I don't really have as much material as I tend to think I do. While I thought this project would bring out my creativity, it did not, it challenged me LOL as the endeavor implies. I really had to work to find a way to create something out of what is already on hand, and I didn't have much at all!
I had questions like what would a Fairy really wear...and things from Nature come to mind which become my own criteria. I did not have amounts of materials to ''work with''....and a plan just never showed up.
I paced quite a bit.
I began to have fun when I finally had an idea and surrendered to the tediousness necessary, and began to work with it. Then unexpected things come up, etc but worked through them.

But its done! I'm exhausted now almost midnight, as I've been up since 4;30 this morning, and I will need tomorrow to sleep as late as possible and a dear friend is driving here to see me and I must be with her.

The good news, is I actually like the way it came out, simple, but pretty and that combination! I wanted to do more and I REALLY wanted some bling....... but I simply didn't have anything and I scoured this house LOL to see what I could take apart....and I could not find my sparkly buttons......also I usually do not work with dark colors, but again, I worked with what I had.

I'm glad I didn't have to do both shoes.....I will save the other for another time....

All in all I like how it came out! I'd wear these myself LOL

This shoe is covered in feathers ........Classic Elegance!.....for a Midnight Ball  :D The theme for this Ball was Deep Berry Richness....lush and mysterious......we had fun!

Trying to show the layers of these gorgeous iridescent with multi colors in varying hues....
I love ties that come up around the shoe itself from the outside......


I don't know if I did this shoe for a Fairy or for myself is truly something I'd wear !

but wait! there's more !

.....a new development!

The Fairy Princess walked outside this morning, to test the daylight in her new shoes.....she likes it !!! LOL... she decided its not just for Midnight Ball's!
She lost one shoe in the evenings reverie though......and didn't mind one bit.

~ (Fairy wax's poetic here.....) ~

She said she had such a beautiful night at the Midnight Ball
she stayed up to watch the raindrops fall,
as she sauntered outdoors in the early light,
she daydreamed, sighing, about her lovely night......

She said she found love!......

"Oh what is it about Princesses both Human and Fae, who find love during a Ball only to lose one shoe??"

She spoke of her dilemma to her friend Black the Unicorn, of how she found love and does not know where he is and how she longs to be with him again, and he quickly reared up on his majestic legs and sped off to assist the Fairy Princess in finding her love........

The Fairy Princess however, was too tired and too much in longing to being in a quest for a search for her new love and she decided she would linger by the pond.
Its reflective waters would speak to her and show her her beloveds face as it soothed her............

So, on this morning, She is waiting........


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Home Made Deodorant

I make all my own body products, I've done this for over 30 years especially when I discovered I was allergic to all un natural things.
One thing I particularly love is my perfumed body powder which I keep in a pretty little toile green fabric box.

 Its lovely! This scent is amazing and I love this powder. But sometimes one just doesn't want a powder, because it is visible or seems to not last too long.
And so 2 weeks ago, when I decided I needed a deodorant, as the crystal stick I had was annoying me and didn't quite work anyway, I knew I had to make one. I got on line to look for simple recipes, one that is a spray because I like simple sprays, but I kept coming across one that is creamy and put into either a jar or an empty deodorant stick dispenser. I looked at many utubes on this and all of them said the same about this particular one with basically 3 ingredients, and that is that it worked, their hubby's and family used it and every one liked it.

Do you know why its so critical to make your own and NOT use chemicals in your arm least not anything that you cannot eat as food? Because one of those most critical glands you have in your body for purifying and cleansing your body is located your lymph glands under your cleans the body and releases from you do NOT want to stop this evacuation NOR do you want to add chemicals to this area that is supposed to be releasing toxins and have it absorbed into the lymph glands....... poisons like aluminum known to cause Alzheimer. There is so much more but you can research this.

This deodorants ingredients are baking soda, cornstarch and coconut oil.....wait a minute....oil??? how does that work?
I couldn't wrap my head around the oil part but all the women said it worked and it was not oily and even their families loved it, and since I had everything I needed on hand I decided to get out of my way, make it and try it and THEN decide....and I'm sooooo glad I did!
I never had sooo much fun using deodorant people LOL~
You can find many variations people are using here .

What I did, simply, is to use the aluminum free baking soda from Bob's Mills, and all I had left was about a tablespoon. Then I added a tablespoon of cornstarch and mixed those two powders. I love essential oils in everything I make as it makes me smell like a garden of many delights with a mix and blend of various different essential oils in the various products I use on my body. I have a blend I love from Australia called Love and Friendship and I added maybe ?10 drops of that to about a tablespoon of liquid coconut oil which was at room temperature. I melted it in the sun (love the sun!) for a minute just to get the liquid consistency so I could mix the essential oils into it easily. One helpful hint in the many utubes I watched was one girl who said that she also loves using fragrant essential oils in her products but because the baking soda absorbs odors it also absorbs the fragrance put into it, so I didn't want to waste a precious oil by making it fragrant with more drops. It should be a thick is a very LOOSE recipe and one can play with the amounts to find what they!
I also added a few drops of Eucalyptus oil since I didn't have the Tea Tree Oil which is used in many of these recipes and Eucalyptus is also very antibacterial and clean smelling.
So basically/roughly/approximately! LOL equal parts baking soda, cornstarch (and/or arrowroot powder), and coconut oil, essential oils of choice, mixed well and that's it!
I put it into a little jar as I didn't want to make too much as this was just a test sample to see how oil works in a deodorant, but it works well, even a bit as an antiperspirant, and I can see already that this little jar is going to last me a long while!
Not only do I adore its consistency, but I love how it feels creamy in my fingers and how it melts and disappears into my skin, its clean smell and that it dries almost like magic once applied.
I have also found I do not need it every day....maybe every 3rd day or so. This stuff is really amazing, it works like a charm, is fun to use, and smells wonderful cause I made it so LOL....AND is very very very cheap to make and no need to buy chemicals made by psychopaths who never think of the consequences of their chemicals on human bodies. And organic and natural deodorants sold in health foods stores too are way too expensive....what a racket.
I had to find out the long and hard way how allergic I was to chemicals back in the day when no one was considering that these so called ''common'' body products and foods were the very things causing all my ailments.....especially doctors who refuted that chemicals or foods were causing my problems. When I was told I needed surgeries etc, that is when I decided to find out what is causing my sicknesses and ignored all the so called experts, and this alone has saved my life, my organs, and I grew up to cure myself. I cleaned out everything I used and ate, and there were all the culprits causing my misery. I then taught myself how to eat, what I can eat, what I can use on my body and how to make every bit of it. When I did this, I found health and found Beauty.

Please try this people, it is a wonder and a joy.....for pennies!

blessings of beauty and health.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Tea Time

I wanted to have something special....
special light,
special magic
special concept....
I made this....
love the light and colors.


Not the kind of tea I usually have.....but it was sustaining.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

White Peonies.....

There is a language in Flowers that only the Soul understands.

I understand this one.

I had a quest for the Peony. I needed its medicine and its meaning. I talked about it here . And after spending many moments reading into every lore, myth and story of this Flower, I have condensed its meaning to this:

........"And so what I'm hearing, my message is from this indefatigable Flower of Wealth, Nobility and Beauty,
The Peony......
this most sensuous and fragrant flower, though it appears delicate and feminine, she is neither delicate nor fragile, but adaptable and strong with powerful medicine, and who reigns over the forces of darkness who seek to destroy her, to live out her purpose of her dedication to a beautiful world, whilst hiding as an elemental fairy, a nymph, in the folds of a thousand petals."

2 days ago my housemate who works in Whole Foods was informed by the floor manager that they received some peonies in the afternoon. He bought me a bunch, in white.

Thousands of ethereal petals looking so gossamer and the purity that is White. And just to add an excruciating embellishment of more beauty just to take you over the edge, is a touch of pink on only a few of the outer petals......siggghhhhhhhh.........

Only the Mother.

 On the bridge that trolls had broken due to their many battles beneathe them.
The resident Elf, my housemate, finally fixed it.

Peonies on the bridge.

Do you see the excruciating beautiful pink on a few of the petals?

Peonies with sea shells.....can there possibly be any other more divine combination ??

White Peonies......mercury seashells.......sighhhhhhh.........a meditation is coming on......

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fairy Lunch is Served....

Today's Menu at the Fairy Cafe and Gardens........

''le déjeuner est servi de fées''

"Fairy Lunch is Served" 

For our in-house fairy's.......(moi) we have Berry Juice .....blended whole berries of blackberry, blueberry and raspberry artfully crafted (mixed) with organic grape juice.....

the fairy's could not wait for photos, they drank half of it  

before I could run for the camera!            

Lunch consists of whole organic tomatoes from the vine.
These are still ripening. :D

 Once ripened..........

sliced and sprinkled with Magic Crystals (Celtic Sea Salt), Black Dust (fresh cracked black pepper) and paired with sliced garden green onions.......

YUM O people ! :D:D:D

This is one of the best salts in the world....PURE MINERAL CONTENT LIVE...... as opposed to just regular salt (sodium only) which is deadly and ages you and your skin faster than you can blink.
Sprinkle this on your  foods and you will never go back.

drizzled with Liquid Gold (organic imported Olive Oil from Crete and no where else!) voila ! Lunch fit for a Fairy Queen!

ajustement déjeuner pour une reine des fées

(Honestly, I have no idea where all the French talk is coming from! :D)

These beautiful juicy tasty, sweet, and tangy things are still growing from the vines. This is the most I've had in years, and I'm loving it!

Please people.........grow whatever edibles you can in whatever piece or patch of sun you have, to enjoy the purity and vitality of truly fresh foods! Your body and soul will reward you for it. Guaranteed. 

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