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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

My Little Pleasures of Late, For Irina

So Wonderful Morning to you, my dearest!

I wanted to speak with you as usual, but the hour forbids, and so I decided to write to you, but then there were lots of pics to show what I mean, sooooooo, I decided to make a post and this is for you.
It seems most of ''my posts'' of late are simply emails, so I will try to keep this blog/journal alive by posting what I can here, and others who may be interested in my little life can enjoy something of it too. :-)

I am going through a major healing, and getting into the proper mind set to allow for this seems to be the most challenging. However, I am now in a place of peace and quiet so I am entraining myself to the quiet of this place, and slowly my body is beginning to trust its environment, and so will begin the healing process.....a process that runs deep for so many reasons. I intend to heal because I so want my vivaciousness back. And with that, all of my creativity, that so pleases me, and which shared with others pleases others.

In this place, and by "place" I mean, this climate, this energy, this house, including the history of this place, its measure of time which literally runs slower than other places (against all laws of physicality), the expanses of gentle rolling terrains ancient and green and undisturbed for so long, itself containing a peace that I gain by osmosis.....all contribute to what I mean by ''place''. The spirit or soul of a place, and here one can say it is the "Beatha (ba-ha) " or ''that which sustains us". It just feels so good. And slowly, I am learning to slow myself enough to that pace that begins healing.

Anyway, I am posting a few things, that when I see them bring me joy. They please me and I just want to share.

First, every morning and throughout the day, I am compelled to check in on what ''this place'' is doing, how it feels, how it looks, the winds, the leaves, the skies.....all of it, I am deeply interested in it. It fascinates me.
I have never seen so many leaves, and they alone create a magical whishing sound that sounds like oceans moving or rains falling.
You see, I grew up in New York, a concrete jungle with only token trees planted in rows whose leaves were routinely picked up by city workers. Then I lived in the sub tropics of South Florida, land of flatness and palm trees mostly. So the only times I've encountered the magic of leaves and Autumns is whenever I made the rare trips to upstate New York. There I was also enchanted by Nature in all its glory and fragrance and I could smell the life of Nature there and see so many trees, leaves, and colors. But that was way too long ago. I cannot believe how much I have missed this.

I love the 'backyard' because I've never lived so far from the next thing, as that crown of trees in the distance......a distance which offers me the respect for space I need around me. In between this house and that crown of trees the deer hang out, and where I have seen that same buck sprint across when speaking to you.

I try to keep up with the leaves but I cannot. The dancing is continuous and often I leave them to their frolic, resigned that they are so much bigger than me, and I revel in the sensation of how small I am in the presence of their numbers.

Their stillness also compels me, when I stand at the door and just watch how nothing moves. sigh, bliss!!

Even the shapes of this view pleases me....the house across from us, especially the one in the distance, the row of trees so dense and stout like guardians, and the barn-like fencing. 

The ginkgo biloba tree, has been a star of this whole place. Its golden yellow leaves were shockingly beautiful. 

One morning I was barefoot and walked on the carpet of leaves and its softness beneath my feet was like a caress. I sooo wished I could walk on them forever.You can see the basket where I collected falling leaves?


On top of that, ginkgo is medicinal, and I decided to harvest some of the leaves to dry them and make tinctures and teas.


How lucky am I to have such a medical tree right by my window?

Its golden brightness could not be captured, sadly, but this tree is magical!



And now that the leaves have all fallen from the huge Sycamore in the front east window, the morning light comes in to my room, and it is gorgeous! I love getting up early enough to catch this light.....and where and how it hits my table of crystals.

I finally found the right type of flowers for my bathroom counter. Once again, they are lilies. I found some pale pink ones, just the right size, and they are gorgeous, placed with a motion sensor light that turns on whenever I move towards the door. It illuminates the lilies so perfectly and this sight also causes me to pause in appreciation of beauty.

And two more pleasures of late, the delight me, are the lites we hung around the house,

and the smell of wood that hits me whenever I open the back door.........sigh.....breathe!! deeply!!! smiles........

Because I have left the matrix world of my own accord and efforts, I have developed a freedom or liberation that involves the sense of living in the present, a presence that is not empty, but quietly filled with the moment, rich with currency.

So there you have my little story my friend and those of you who read my little blog, thank you. I hope I have given you pause for pleasure.

Ah! excuse me my friends, but that magical morning illumination is now moving in and I must enjoy it!