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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Dairy Free Caprice Salad YUM!

Hello Everyone,

Today I have a simple Caprice Salad, which is my favorite salad of all time is Caprice......however, loonnnnng sad face here........ I just found out I am dairy intolerant! OH NO!......lots of thoughts around this (as well as alot of ah ha's!!) but mostly how do I still have my favorite salad without one of 2 main ingredients?!
Well, as always, Nature is to the rescue, and so are those wonderful wonderful women who are so innovative and organic and health oriented. I googled "raw caprice'' and found they use ''cashew cheese'' for the mozzerella and that its wonderful in taste. Really? Seriously?! Well, I of course do not dismiss anything unless I try it and I did and yes, it is a keeper, and I am so happy I don't have sacrifice my favorite meal for anything, because the cashew cheese works just fine.
There are several recipes and I moderated it just a bit and here is what I did.

One cup of raw cashews soaked overnight. Then rinsed the next day and put into the food processor with a tiny clove of garlic, pinch of sea salt and I added a pinch of Nutritional Yeast till creamy. It comes out much like softened goat cheese. Refrigerate it for a while to solidify just a bit but I found this is not necessary and you'll see why.


Next assemble your caprice:
Fresh ripe heirloom tomatoes sliced thick arranged flat on a plate. Sprinkle with sea salt and pepper.
A clove of garlic with some top quality extra virgin olive oil is added to a small grinder (I also use a mortar and pestle) to which I add a pinch (to taste) of sea salt, a pinch of Herbs du Provence, fresh ground black pepper (yes I add more) and red pepper flakes.....grind for about 5 seconds to meld and release all the flavors together. Drizzle some of the oil onto the tomatoes. I do like alot of this dressing, the extra gets picked up with fresh bread which I am also making, but that is another post :D

 Sorry for the blurry pics, this was an impromtu post. :D

Take a spoonful of the cashew cheese and dollop onto the tomatoes....then chiffonade some fresh basil leaves and sprinkle those over the cashew cheese. Drizzle more of the oil mixture.
You are done!
I simply use knife and fork to quarter the slices and eat that way, the creamy cheese is wonderful and all of the flavors I love are there! love love love!

Enjoy this to your hearts content with no problems, eat as much as you want all season long!

woo hoo! :D:D:D