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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Vanity Dressers as Temple of Self Love

*Hello Everyone,

I want to open up a conversation about Vanity Tables or Dressers. I remember these from days past where I felt (childishly) they were such an extravagance, a pretty one but who needs a dresser just for makeup? who wears that much stuff? Of course I had no clue back then, these are the thoughts of a child and I now know just how much women can use to keep themselves both beautiful and groomed.....from make-up to brushes, to supplements, tools etc.

But the Vanity Dresser idea was a quaint and romantic thing to me nonetheless. I thought it was more ''vain'' than love and generally I was right. That was 50 years ago.
Today I need one LOL....and I want one, why? I find that I need to take more and better care of myself, and though I do have some essentials I like to use, I don't because they are spread out all over the house, in the bathroom, in a bedroom in another room, in draws, etc....and I don't use these wonderful things as regularly as I should. So in organizing my thoughts around new Self Care Regimen as a routine, I realized I need everything in one place where they are visible and used.
I recalled a white vanity table I saw in a local store and thought it was so pretty. I want one now, and the ones I like....are like this:

or this.....


or this?

:D:D:D Those are my ideals, the fantasy. :D, but I will most certainly have to be very creative with whatever I do come up with. I do want to love this piece because this Vanity will have to entice me to sit at it and do all those necessary things and use those products I must for healthy, beauty, grooming, maintenance, age rejuvenation, etc.....all of which I am going to outline soon as I'm embarked now on a rejuvenation program I am creating as I go along based on what works, what produces effects or not This will be a fascinating journey since I am determined and when I determined, things happen. I invite you to join me as I journal here what is working and hope it helps and works for someone else out there too.

I began this Natural and Organic Path when I was just 21 years old when I was told I needed X amount of surgeries for different things, when all it was is I was allergic to food......many foods, many of which are considered normal foods but are not because they are so processed but while most people suffer over a period of time, I suffered immediately. Many ''foods'' are poisonous to the body and health and mind, are in fact toxic, and is why nearly everyone is sick. But people don't want to know this. I wont tell. It is all a very long conversation.

But I have re-educated myself, brought myself up to date, and I have begun a Rejuvenating Regimen for myself and because I am beginning to see results, I thought I'd share them and those will be posted in a series coming up.

I want to love this Vanity Dresser because this is where I will be loving myself. It will be the place where I give away personal judgements, many of which have been harsh, and lay those on the lap of forgiveness while I take up the mantle of Self Lovingness. This alone is a challenge. Mirrors will remain covered in the meantime. lol . I have not been as healthy as I used to be. I was a bodybuilder, organic, and ''almost fitness model'' (I refused)  for many years. When I experienced many tramas at once, I lost the ability to remain healthy, things came in and wreaked havoc on every aspect of my being, and I began to eat for comfort for the first time ever, and my health went down, as well as my appearance. I found I've aged and I don't like it. I don't believe in aging, nor sickness. I KNOW we can do many many things to improve or reverse it and I've been educating myself on many of these things for over 30 years and helping many others over the  years. At one time I was up to date on all the nutrients and practices, but after these many years new developments have come in and I have needed to re-educate myself on what these are, how they work etc....and I am impressed. There is hope for us all especially those over 50 like me.

This Vanity Dresser must be my Temple, a place of Sacred Luxury and Self Temple to My Youth Practise it will be, and so it must be beautiful, inviting, and practical. I want to put all the things I use in beautiful jars and bottles and I am collecting them from the thrift store as I come across them. Then I will need the dresser itself and either I will find one that is perfect at the perfect price, or I will have to invent one from this and that as I find those. Time will tell.

Anyone who is more savvy on this Vanity experience, please comment or email I'd love to hear your stories.

Stay tuned.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Of Pink Pumkins and Green Pumkins

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share this rather shabby flavored post and something I find very enchanting.......pumpkins.
Many places are talking about the seasonal change to Fall or Autumn, but we don't have that here, we have only one and a half seasons, hot and humid and more hot and more humid..... however, we do get the merchandising of seasonal changes. One of them are the fall pumpkins which I've always found enchanting and magical, especially when they are carved and candles put inside them! love those.....but the orange color after half a century got a bit boring and recently I decided to claim and display my own personal palette of life and orange doesn't fit.
But Mother Nature being the most diverse, interesting, ever changing, accommodating benevolence, and having the most varied palette of all things in creation, has made pumpkins in all shades.
But here, we are talking about Pink Pumpkins and Green Pumpkins which I have seen this year for the first time ever.  I found these in Lowe's, in one box with a bunch of all the non-orange pumpkins all together and I was so delighted.

I got a pink one, and I let John choose the second color of either a white or green one, he got the green and that one is so beautiful too. This one I wanted on a proper placement of some kind, and had a perfect silver platter for it, and it even got some extra bling in the form of silver dragees. :D LOLOL

I cannot tell you how much seeing these pumpkins when I walk in the rooms delights me!

And do you see that sweet little greeting card below with two little girls having such a nice Tea Party? well I spoke with a most sweet darling lady who listened when I spoke.....and she sent me a card showing me a lovely Tea Party ....and sent me a bunch of wonderful Tea Delights to enchant even the most finicky of palates such as mine! Thank You again, Sweet Palomasea!! I can't even begin to describe to her what sensations those gifts caused.....but I will try, soon.

and the arrangements I'm keeping up on the mantle lately, not much in flowers at all, but greenery from the gardens, pothos, fern, grapevine and palm, and some faux flowers to fill in for color. :D

I'm in love with the flowering bushes of Bougainvillea and Mussaendas which do well here in our parts. I've given up on the other types of flowers and decided to just have what does well, and these two are consistent bloomers. I got some more Mussaendas and these are cut for the vase in my room. They are marvelously beautiful and so drapy, feminine and soft.

 I have several of these white ones now, since they do well. You are seeing below a peak of the new back area I'm working on slooowwlllyy. This beautiful plant is going into a beautiful pot.

 When the flowers or bracts get mature, they get long and I can cut them and put them into a vase inside. Their color and soft see through velvet petals delight me.

 This shade of pink is pure peace......

I changed out the flowers today, having been to Fresh Market and loving their flowers


and I saw something there I'd never ever seen as a florist in all my years......these green ''moss on a stick" I called them, lolol but they are a form of dianthus!......I am sooo enchanted!!  I cut them short and put them with some very fairy looking pink!!

I got another green one on sale......looks special on grey spanish moss.....

May pink surround you.

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Avocado Pear Guacamole

Hello everyone,

I am here loving that I have the luxury and gift of being able to post with my own photos. After you lose your pc for a time, and not having photos of so many lovely things, you can feel remiss, and I have gained back that ability and am tweaking my new pc which doesn't have a good photo software, it is Ubuntu and a new thing and is virtually free of viruses and such so I don't have to worry much about that, but getting a good photo system is priority. But I am still using housemate's laptop as this is where I've been able to store my beloved pictures.

Today I have a recipe as I'm going back to the more-healthy-than-not way of eating I have always done because I have been feeling the effects of not eating mostly raw and not juicing and this is not good. Even John's health and energy is depleting to the point where I'll be having to juice every day again and work a little more in the kitchen.....but things are what they are and at least I have the ability to do these things.

Today I juiced and drank my elixir par excellance, of apples, whole lemons, beets and cucumber, and then I had 2 avocados I need to make something with which I picked from the tree  and those avocados where just within reach of my arm today I had to make something with them before they got too ripe.
Not having everything I needed for a guacamole, I had to improvise. I used what I had on hand and as I looked into my refrigerator I wondered what would go well in the ''at the time avocado salad turned guacamole''......and I picked out several things........ and do you know those innovations of ''what is on hand'' usually turn out the most wonderful new recipes and treats EVER !? Well such was the case today and I loved it so much I have to share it, so here goes....

One perfectly ripe avocado, chopped and into a mixing bowl
half a ripe pear chopped fine, this is the surprise for my guacamole and loved it!
teaspoon of cilantro (not enough for my usual one hence the improvisation),
about a cup of fine fresh chopped parsley, which was the improv part too
half a small onion chopped fine,
chopped olives, about 3 tablespoons? more or less to your own taste
some red pepper flakes to taste, or not :D
fresh ground salt and black pepper to taste
juice of half lemon
dash of olive oil
tobasco to taste
mix up and mash well, and enjoy this lovely treat! A very healthy, raw and alkalizing meal good for anyone at anytime.
Am still munching on this.

Blessings to you all, may you all walk in beauty, dream in living color, and laugh every day.