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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer and Mango Sorbet

Well this is summer and mango trees are everywhere and as many as there are they are coveted by their owners for their precious fruits, for their taste off the tree when ripe is like nothing else. It is by far my most favorite fruit. I have finally my own tree, grown fully in just 5 years but he only gave me 2 mangos. 

Luckily I have two neighbors whose trees give of dozens and dozens and I've had my share let me tell you! I've received even way too many that I could eat, freeze and store for future smoothies which go beautifully with pineapple! So as I had already a dozen on my table, my neighbor came to me with a dozen more! And I looked at them as his granddaughter stood next to him, and wondered what to do with them, yet I didn't want to refuse those perfect fruits! So, I had to come up with something delectable and practical with no waste! What's a Fairy to do? I decided on the spot to make Mango Sorbet. I can use them all and it will last a long time frozen. I can have the taste of Mango for a lonnnnggg time ! LOL. So as I accepted them from him I said, ''then I will have to make some Mango Sorbet! Do you like Mango Sorbet?" He said not him, but his granddaughter there does and she's standing there smiling in agreement. So I asked her directly with an impish Fairy like smile....."do YOU like Mango Sorbet''? and she smiled yes. That was it. I was to make some with all his mangos and give the Sorbet to her. 
So....researching online for simple recipes which do not need an ice cream maker I found plenty and it seems they only require a few basic ingredients, and many even ''strange'' combinations including tarragon?....but still the basic is what I was after and finally simply decided to forego any recipe and just mix what I wanted and see what happens. I did just that. I knew I wanted a creamy texture as opposed to just a crystal or icey one, so I knew I had to add something creamy, so I used the organic goat milk yogurt I had. I also knew I wanted a bit of sugar syrup which I made from organic turbinado, I wanted Rose Water, lime zest, and lime juice. There's the ingredients ! lol....whatever I wanted. I did spend the morning making it then putting it in the glass container and freezing it and the next day I sampled it and it was quite amazing!

Once I had the container of Sorbet for the little girl Liyah, I made a label for it saying "Mango Sorbet'' from Serena for Liyah. And she loved it so much, she made me a pink card she made herself with card stock, with pictures, and brought me a perfectly matching pink rose with it! What a divine gesture! She said ''I didn't like it, I LOVED IT!" lol......She doesn't know she has more coming :D

However, despite my greatest passion and intensity, I have sadly discovered there is such a thing as ''too much'' I had way too many mangoes still. They sat there sadly turning older and getting black spots and I just could not eat another one. Soooooo I decided to make MORE Mango Sorbet! It can always be kept frozen and enjoyed at any time, it was just doing all the work again with such a tiny food processor which I have for 25 years. But today was the day...sooooo......I put the music on and began. I had zested the limes, and juiced them. The Rose Water was ready as was the turbinado sugar syrup. Next,  I opened the can of coconut milk, but it was stuck and the can opener wouldn't open it so I had to use a knife. By some wierd accident, the stuck place gave in, but it splashed so much coconut milk all over me and everywhere else too!...the counter, the floor everywhere. So....what's a Fairy to do? I took the milk that has splashed on me and rubbed it into my skin! was the perfect moisturizer....and the rest of the splattered milk I could grasp I spread onto the rest of my skin. *grin*....all else was wiped up.
However, I HAD to figure out how to make it all in one bowl, in one batch as that would surely make my life easier than making the many smaller batches I would have had to with over a dozen mangoes!
And lo and behold, a Christmas gift I had given to my roommate proved my savior. I had a huge wooden bowl in which I mixed all the mangos and then all the other ingredients sitting pretty waiting to be added were there....well.....just needed to be added, and the Smart Stick is a tool that you can use to mix right in the bowl. It was so easy! Next I tasted it, it was perfect. And all I had to do now was put the Sorbet in their containers which I did. Tomorrow I will enjoy some more, hopefully with a creamier texture with the added coconut milk.
Tomorrow I shall have a luscious beautiful Mango Sorbet, peach colored, delectable and divine, exotic and reminiscent of Paradise or serve anyone who needs a bit of Magic of Nature! as of course, I always have that! and plenty of it too!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ascension Mechanics

Hello Everyone,

Greetings and infinite blessings of joy to all.
It is with some reticence that I post anywhere of late, due to the uncertainty of the current chaos we live in, who is reading, and how what is read is received/understood. So I have decided to try and post only that which may be of help, and hopefully useful or uplifting. I have learned that the usual way of participating in group forums has not really produced the hoped for results, so I am being extra studious.
That said, I wish to share some information on the one thing we all (?), I assume, are wanting......and that is ''Ascension''. This is also my greatest prayer. 

When I was younger I remember seeming to be born with the mantra ''I am here to help Humanity, to help Earth'', and I have lived by that to my best throughout all the storms and rug-pulls and WTH's of my life. I kept the mantra believing it defined my purpose and who I was. I have no clue what the past 50 + years have done in that regard, so recently I have decided I can change it to something that may produce different or better results, after all these years. I'm working on my new mantra, it is the wordless hearts desire for Ascension or Light Body Activation for, yes.....gulp.....myself (a seeming selfish desire).....however, I am OK with it now :D.
And so with that, I have recently come across some works who speak of this Ascension process, its mechanics, very elegantly and inspiringly....and the first is William Henry's "Morph: The Secret of Light Body Activation"  DVD available from his website. I agree with all he says oddly, and I believe he comes to his information from his personal power of thought, through his own investigations and unique piecing-together process, and I like the results. He is called The Investigative Mythologist for good reason. I've not been able to find/watch any of his videos online anywhere, and someone recently gifted me a set of his DVD's. I'm just finishing the 3rd CD of this title and plan on listening to them over and again, because I keep feeling the Lights turn on within me like ' I CAN DO THIS!'.... like I can actually intend myself into a Light Body, which has been what I've wanted most secretively for as long as I've had a body, I seem to want to get back out of it and ''return to The Lightness of Being''.
A comment from his site: "OUR ULTIMATE PURPOSE IS TO MORPH.......Throughout the Ages the wisdom schools have taught that our true selves, our true potential and our highest purpose involves Transfiguring, Metamorphosing or “Morphing” into the next level of human evolution as light beings. The light form is composed of finer vibrations than our physical body. It gives form to our physical body. It’s been termed the immortal body, the Christ body, and the Etheric body among other names....''. ~ end.

The other is a talk given by Jim Self "Ascension: What is It? What is Possible and How to Get There". I took one of his weekend workshops and was impressed a bit. He seems to get better with time. He is definitely ''plugged in'' as they say, and ''in tune'' with the Higher Realms, I find he speaks alot of Truth. In one of his talks he is also speaking about the mechanics of Ascension, how to do it according to the ''archangels'' with whom he speaks. ''They'' are saying now is the time, and time is running short....but that now is ''the time'' to create our Ascension.....we can 'Ascend ourselves'.

There are many others speaking about Ascension and this can be researched with a caveat of high discernment.

I'm feeling that a lifetime of a mission of helping Humanity and the Earth is well done. 

The Earth and Humanity is on a set path now, and I'm now feeling a distinct responsibility to my Self. A lifetime of assisting in unknown ways has come to an empty end and it is for me, a time to ''return to innocence''. 
But I'm also seeing this with alot of other wonderful people who I feel are sadly channeling their energies outside in events of the world, the outer noise, and thus are feeling a great frustration and lack of movement on their/our path. I think this is due to a focus expended in a non regenerative direction, non nourishing, and non replenishing..... the outside, the noise..... resulting in an emptiness and ever expanding void......causing a leakage of precious energies, as opposed to an inner focus of watering our own seed of ascension potential, where we are desperately each one of us needing to bring in more energies of a nourishing kind, a sustaining blessing we can give ourselves......which always elicits a degree of elegant inner peace and personal a sacred silence filled with possibilities. 
I also feel that in focusing on our inner transformation, not just inner peace, but a real and utter transformation, we are setting in motion the very alchemical process most needed for this planet, for the resonant effect of our transformation on a molecular and DNA level always affects everything around us physically as well.....and this transformation is the ultimate thing we can do for the planet now, in my opinion. It is as William Henry says, the true Holy Grail. The truth of that is dizzying.

I'm sensing there is a desperate attempt by the poopy-pants/divergent forces to keep our attentions, down to the last drop, directed away from the true ''powers that be'', namely our personal Inner Diamond Lights, and surely most of the stuff we are reading/hearing is not only being repeated in redundant ways, but more ''stuff'' is being created, literally created, to in fact, keep our focus and feelings tied up in the smokescreen of their illusion, away from the Jewel which is our own Inner Transformation, our Inner Diamond as I'm now calling it. This is the real sabotage. It makes no sense to keep track of chaos or the decomposing world.

And so it is with great sobriety and sincerity that I entreat the luminaries here and elsewhere, to assist a Divine Calling that we gather our strength, our wits, our magic and yes even pixie dust, to activate our Diamond Lights, ignore the fruitless outer noise, and with great devotion and intention, and a collective effort on all our parts, begin the act of our True Divine Calling, the transformation of our Selves, now.... while we are getting the ''current assistance'' in doing the very thing that is the ultimate and final purpose of our being here on Earth.
This, is what I feel we can do for Goodness in all directions, a complete 360 degree wave of Illumination for All.
Infinite Blessings,
Lady of the Woods
"Credendo Vides"
By Believing, One Sees.
Walk in Beauty
She Who Walks in Two Worlds
"Elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo"
"a star shines upon the hour of our meeting", an Elvish greeting.
Love the Mother with all your heart, and you will know Love. 

On Joy and Nature

Greetings Everyone.

Yesterday I went to a nursery, one of my favorites, and one of the most beautiful. I needed to purchase some plants to make my backyard garden beautiful for a July 4th BBQ. Of course I think its a good idea always to celebrate....anything at any time. I don't like waiting for ''holidays'' personally, I prefer to find any reason to celebrate. There is so much to celebrate so I say its a beautiful thing.
Once at the nursery, I came alive again seeing all the beautiful and lush plants and colors and exotic flowers never seen Musical Notes

and White Swan Hibiscus

are just two of the exotic beauties I fell in love with there! 
Ohhhh ! to be able to buy plants and keep them alive indefinitely! I must go back for them because they still are tugging at my heart, and I want them with me.

But to tell my story, I fell in love .......and this made me aware that I was depressed and didn't realize it. That something was wrong but didn't quite know what it was......I realized my love for Nature's beauty and bounty was missing from my world because here in my sanctuary, lushness and vitality was gone. My garden was no longer radiating and I was feeling it poignantly. At the nursery I came alive again and felt something return to Inner Joy

What I came to understand is alot about JOY.....only now do I get to learn about it and what it is, what it does..... and that it is directly aligned with GOD or maybe even is GOD itself.

For this July 4th BBQ, I decided to get the garden in better shape than it is. It is already for most people a place of beauty and serenity but it is void of many flowers, lushness, and veggies as many things have been damaged by summer heat, drought and grasshoppers. We are having fires and water restrictions so the plants are either dying from lack of rain, because they don't like the city water, or from grasshoppers decimating everything. I've been heartbroken. I did not realize this heartbrokeness of my garden, until I announced that I wanted to make the garden green and flowery for the 4th of July BBQ. When my hermit roommate said he also wanted to buy another Thryalis plant, which is very fragrant, we decided to go to the nursery with him limited to traffic. oy! 
But once at the nursery, the flowers and abundance set me into my rightful place of pure Joy. I realized I had been out of Joy because I am intimately and symbiotically connected not only to plants, greenery, trees and flowers but more importantly, to their vibrancy and health, they must be doing well for me to feel happiness. I don't know if many people have this ''dependency'' but I know I do. The Green Kingdoms are GOD's love made manifest....but I realized deeply today, that when Nature in my living space is happy and healthy, lush and blooming, so am I, when its not, I'm not.
I cannot deny this connectivity anymore and realized that I can spend my life in a Lush Garden, creating them, tending them, Being with them, communing with them....... and be very happy.
So do other people but they don't yet realize it. A clue is found in where people go when they are on places lush with Nature like tropical places, mountains, oceans feel happy and rejuvenate. I have only my garden to work on and when its' happy and green and lush, I feel peace, its peace, which is reflected in its Beauty, and that is a frequency of Harmony. I can see GOD's face in Nature....and feel its love. What I learned about myself is that my relationship with Nature is absolute. I feel what it feels. It seems its been crying to me, and I've been feeling its my own. It's been dry, thirsty, not just for water but for nitrogen rich rain water...its been slowly dying, turning yellow and dying, or...being eaten away by insatiable hungry pests. The edges of the leaves then turn brown, then the whole leaf, then the plant just wants to die. With myself, something has been eating away at my edges until I felt raw, unnerved, discontent, praying for rain and for some other nourishment I could not name...just like the plants. I've been feeling this in my own essence as if it were myself. 

The plants here.....all of them, are my charge, I am their steward because I have brought them here. They've been taken out of their own natural environment where Nature provides for them in perfection. In Nature they would be fine without HuMan care. But because they've been taken out of their natural state, they depend on me for their needs. Everything I've planted on this property is transplanted from their natural place. So they are dependent upon me for what they need if Nature is not giving it to them. Not knowing precisely what that is I have not been able to. And they have suffered and slowly died off. My insides have felt it all. 

 I became my own wetiko, out of sync when out of my Joy......that which is directly connected to GOD. I became mental, confused, asking the questions of purpose, the point, the use, wtf's, and all else too. I was out of my element, that which I love. With the plants and a garden to tend, I am IN my element.

So I just came from gardening today and what little I could do on this day made me happy, and knowing I have more gardening to do, more plants to plant and more greenery to watch grow, drip with water and exude an invisible vibrant life, unseen except by its perkiness and fragrance, I am excited and have reconnected with my intimate place in the world. I hope I can remember this again when I falter and get lost, that the Beauty shown by GOD's manifestation in Nature.... is my Joy, and that being a co creator of gardens is one of the most natural and joyful things one can do.
This would apply to anyone who has a Joy, be it playing guitar, painting, gardening, singing, dancing, writing, etc.......this is your part of expressing that which is GOD and I don't know of anyone who is not happy being creative. This is where your surrender happens naturally, effortlessly...the way we like lose that which doesn't serve GOD/YOU.....the mind.....which is the entry point of wetiko. The passion of being creative with our Joy is the way out of wetiko. The Joy makes you impervious to the dark mind. And it is this very Joy that is the frequency that takes you out of the patrix....and a steady holding of this passion/joy/love/creative frequency is, I believe, what will allow us to slip n' slide into the New World....or 5th dimension or higher.....the Beauty.

Today I didn't eat as much, I had no cravings, I desired nothing......only to do what I was doing because I love it....planting a Garden. I did not even need music because I was singing.......but more importantly I WAS the Song. My Song is playing with the Green Kingdoms. 

Gardening is only one face of the Divine. Singing is another, Dancing another, writing poetry or inspirational words is another, cooking nourishing meals is another, so is loving your beloved....there are infinite Divine Songs and Dances. Let us play in this Field.
So it is.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Love Needs a Palatial Heart

Love needs a Palatial Heart to reside in. We must give it a Garden in which to reside. Love is a 'constant graceful presence', it is not emotions, but can be emotional. 
It is a feeling of strength from the Heart. It is ever present. It cares for everyone at all times, and it feels great compassion and empathy at all times for every living thing around them. It does not come and go with winds or moods. 
One must accept its presence. 

Love is an intelligence that chooses where it can visit and how long it will stay. If Love is invited to stay, is wanted within the true heart of the visited one, Love will stay. As long as it is a desired guest, given proper hostessing, a clean environment, and a genuine timeless invitation, Love will stay.  

If love arrives yet is unwanted in the heart and pushed away, because the visited one is fearful of that intensity and power, Love will leave, because yes Love has a will of its own and will direct your life, cause you to feel great care in such intensity as to be overwhelming for some, and doesn't allow the one it resides in to hurt others because Love comes with a consciousness built in. Love commands cooperation. And that goes against the 'ways' of the ego of such as those in military, corporations love will leave...because it is incompatible to such ethics, and cannot live in such a toxic one who has chosen to close their feeling centers down, closed the heart, exert a lower will. 

Love is not directed or bossed around. It only functions with a flow of give and take. Fearful people do not know how to do this in healthy ways.

Love needs a palatial heart to reside in, and feelings to flow through to live.

Lady of the Woods