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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Bright Future of Woman

The Bright Sword of Illumination was radiating this morning and speaking within me, and so I must speak it. A touch of Heaven arrives upon the Light of the Sword of Illumination.
This is about the New World for Women, what it looks like, what it feels like. 

Every woman has all her needs met provided for by Mother Nature as it was intended. She knows no lack for anything. She would be the equivalent to a very wealthy woman in this world, only there is no such thing as ''wealth'' in the New World as we understand it, because money doesn't is not needed. That was specifically a device created by a demon priest to extort spirits into slavery through stealth. And so when money doesn't exist, and no sickness of domination exists, there is no such thing as need or want.

She lives without the demoralizing deceit of rulers. She convenes with the Wise Women in circle for the Good of All. She is the uncompromising protector. She knows truth and lives for it, for in Truth there is cleanliness of Spirit and Godliness. And the woman's spirituality as a direct conduit of the Creator, lives within a lush landscape in complete expanded awareness  of verdant beingness because she is balanced in her brain and sophisticated complexity of processes, embracing all that the universe and cosmos presents to her, being a complete  woman and bearer of life and Keeper of Magic.  She does not fear mysteries, she embraces and welcomes them. Her Spirituality hears the winds, feels the moon, respects the trees, the Green Kingdoms and the animals. She dances in rhythm. She understands and is the embodiment of caring and love, she lives for love. For Her, to multitask is to dance. Home thrives with Her. She is therefore the best suited to organize and oversee larger communities for her sole desire is to perpetuate and care for life.  ''The mind of the woman protects all generations to come''...Aine. Her wisdom is the rhythm of the Universe. This is the Nature of Woman.
She will never destroy whales and dolphin, nor deforest the wooded areas while killing natives. 
She will never organize crime. 
She will never sell her children or her men as sex slaves or to be beaten.
She will never annihilate any species of life. In fact, with her, they will all thrive.
She understands the ''as above so below'' and ''as within so without'' because she lives it in truth.
And in her very body is the amalgamation and alchemy of both yin and yang. She would never seek to destroy another for to do so is to destroy a part of herself. She is the one who knows this. Thus, the whole of her environment reveals only the Light and Comfort which results in Great Beauty.
"In Truth There is Love" by Elvira Armhein

The woman of the future has everything. This creates a completely different world and environment and feeling in which she lives because nothing is withheld from her for her enslavement. Therefore prostitution does not exist Nor are women or children sold into sex rings because no pimps nor priests are forcing her through threat, extortion, blackmale either spiritual or mental,  nor through subjugating violence to submit to their depravity.
Because there is no war she feels secure, and happiness can grow within her. Because there are no chemical nor industrial plants, she is psychologically clear and free to think clearly without the poisons of chemicals in the air she breathes nor electric magnetic negative frequencies affecting her brainwaves, and she becomes the intelligent intuitive magical being as was created. 
The woman's children are safe, happy, and free to pursue a life of discovery and co creation with the Divine Essence.
She finally knows joy!
"Sacred Space"  unknown artist

And so it comes to pass that the woman begins to understand freedom in its truest sense. She has no threats to her life, no lack of nutritious foods, no lack of home, home goods and gardens, no lack of security and safety....these things are all given as birthright upon birth. The concept of having to ''earn'' the basic necessities of life is considered insanity, our world, and it no longer exists in the future. I've always wondered since a child WHY I had to pay money to someone, to live on a planet I was born on! Never made sense because being born on a planet in a sane world meant that all your basic needs were met as created by the Mother from the beginning and the concepts of having to pay for your existence is a foregin installation into the Human hologram by male deviants.

So a life without the dark pall of patriarchal creations allows one' Spirit to be Lifted, and for Light to truly enter ones consciousness in an exquisite way that only authentic liberation can provide.

The Light enters, she begins to breathe deeply, inhaling in the fragrances of flowers, trees, grasses, Green Life of all kinds, and these allow her to relax in the deepest way and to inhale Life again. She feels safe, secure, for her entire life knowing that no such thing as war is possible.....not here. She begins to feel what it means to be alive. She is free for the first time in Earth's history. And her children grow to become intelligent sovereign beings of joy.
The woman no longer has diseases of any kind because the causes of ailment is gone. But especially the diseases of the feminine organs because she is no longer taking in the poisons of anger, misogyny or lust into her body in the form of sex. Lust, a lecherous craving, is a poison greatly misunderstood and underestimated in our world. Because she no longer takes in this lust poison into her body she is free of all known ''wo-Man's ailments'' which have truly been ailments caused by the male contaminating her with his avarice, a low frequency and pain causing vice. Lust has created those diseases, for example endometriosis, wherein this one even grows hair and teeth within the woman's organs and causes extreme pain and these ''animals'' must be surgically removed. These little monsters are growing in her body because she had sex with a man who lusted after her, and she allowed this, or did not allow it, but it was taken through rape, and so this poison he leaves in her body grows into diseases and little animals that cause only pain and great distress. Lust has many forms and is extremely volatile and can erupt in many ways including sex, anger and violence, and often all three together. But when this takes place within the woman's body she eventually develops ''wo-Man's ailments''. The greater population is not aware of the causes of many of these today. 
The New Woman is knowledgeable of not sex, but sacred union, as a divine and sacred act to be shared with only those men of the same caliber of frequency as her knowledge. Thus she is free to engage in sacred union with only those who understand her to be of divine and sacred nature. This is beyond Heiros Gamos. This is an absolute divine and sacred act almost akin to what can be described as a religious experience.

The New World does not have these sicknesses and so woman is free and healthy. The other avarice of the basest kind is rape, and 2 out of 3 women on this planet have been sexually abused by the time they are 5 or 6 years old. Most women do not have recall of these events for either trauma erasure of memory or because it was blotted out for them. Therefore this is part of the reason women of this world grow up with an unceasing need for security or protection which she sorrowfully searches for in marriage and relationships to her detriment. This is a failure. Her unhappiness is never quenched and she knows not why. The trauma of being sexually abused as a little one never goes away, and she remains living life in search of an illusive happiness which no relationship can cure. She is a traumatized being living in world that is persistently terrorizing because of the dark male and his perversions upon her and her children, her air, waters and lands.

That most women on the planet are depressed according to statistics is also testament to this unimaginable crime inflicted upon her as a child. What is also unknown is that the collective psychology of the female as a whole is felt by all, even if many people believe they are individuals living their ''own lives''....the collective is always present, and is felt. Thus the whole world suffers.
The psychology of women at this point in HuMan history is such that even women themselves do not know the extent of their own illnesses, physical, mental or psychological, yet the entire planet suffers because of the most heinous atrocities done to the feminine. And because there is no true separation of consciousness, the entirely of the Feminine condition on this planet is living in a massive Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome which is pandemic even among those considered healthy. They know not what is taking place with their sisters in other places and these atrocities add up daily.
It is known amongst the Higher Realms that the most terrible of crimes upon this planet, is the treatment of women.
So, they have never known liberation nor sacredness and the sick do not know they are sick. This includes the modern woman who has taken into her paradigm the patriarchal creations of ''work'' ''money'' and ''status''. These abominations are nothing from the natural worlds. And so it behooves women to liken unto themselves amongst each other and begin to discover together what it truly means to be that Divine Creature known as Woman.......what it means to be Spiritual and to be ''connected''.......what protection truly is. Only the woman can ''define'' herself in her direct communion within Herself. For the male not only has no clue who or what She is, but those who do have been male oligarchs who fearfully and disdainfully gathered amongst themselves in secretive dark rooms and taken her ''rights'' away via religions and governance by both esoteric and exoteric means, and instilled laws that make her a citizen of Earth with an even lower status than animals in many areas. No man anywhere has the authority to do this, yet it is done and still enforced today. This sickness is rampant today as the world is being destroyed by these ones en masse and at great speeds. So the Women themselves must convene amongst themselves to discover their True Spirituality for the sake of the entire Planet. The Life Force on this Earth depends on this single factor.

It has become such in times past that because women needed to find a way to preserve their lives, often to live to care for their children, women have turned on each other to deflect the mad preists away from herself yet this betrayal was violently instigated upon them by the horrors of the Inquisition period where women did such to preserve their lives from madmen. There have been many of these atrocities as burning women alive, selling women and their children, beating them, drugging them, and poisoning them, all these things done to the woman by various means in all countries, still to this day.
This has created a miasm of the collective female on the planet and they now have become self preserving in the form of a jealousy amongst each other which has become the norm in our world today. For women have not been able to exorcise this tragic miasm from their psychology and body still, due to a persistent feeling of persecution because it is still taking place currently as in sharia law, and so have not come together out of great fear.
In the New World, every woman and child is honored and brought into the world feeling loved and secure. Anything less is unknown.........unknown.
A good description can be heard here starting at 3 minutes into part 8 and going onto part 10. 

Breaking it Down:
She lives without war, a male abomination
She no longer lives in fear for her life. War does not exist.
The threat of male wars and their sick abuse of female genocide in war areas does not exist. She is free knowing she has a life of liberty to pursue her divine nature's calling as Mother Nature created it. The pall of war torn and abused women and children is a tragedy unspoken of yet is one of the major causes of all ailments in our world. The question of why men who declare war upon each other go to villages to rape women and children has never been examined.....why men bring women and children into their sickness is not only depravity of the most vile nature, but is pandemic in the world over. It has penetrated domestic living.
This does not exist in the new world, and the woman and her children are free to live happily without threats.

"Women Singing Earth"  by Mary Southard

Her psychological nature is at ease and she awakes each day to a new freshness where her desires and simple happiness can be explored in great detail. There is a natural inclination for the HuMane Being to live in peace, and the woman does this well with her children knowing she lives in safety and security for their entire lives. There is peace within her, and a perpetual smile lives on her face. She begins to glow and radiate divine Light, and this is spread like ripples upon a pond into the community and all feel the effects of cumulative peace with the women and children. They begin to understand that the purpose of life is Joy....and they begin to dance, for no reason. They are lifted in spirits with their feet planted on the Sacred Mother Earth, and their hands reach for the sky and their eyes glisten like stars, and the Inner Joy moves her body into the Sacred Dance of Joy which happens all over the community spontaneously. This vision of dancing women brings joy to all.

She has no lack for food.
The new woman lives on grounds that produces food in abundance in its pre-gmo Pristine Nature. The foods are grown everywhere, in everyone's gardens which is a source of joy for people to work on. There is not much work to do for the people only need to plant seeds, and Nature does the rest. Most of the trees are fruit and nut bearing trees and they are dripping with produce all year round. It is truly far too much for all to consume because Mother Nature is naturally abundant and giving. The fragrances of these trees in various stages of flower and fruit throughout the year provides scents to intoxicate the senses, and creates a blissful feeling for all throughout the day and night. This free flowing food is freedom for all. There is no hunger ever.

She has no lack of home, shelter or gardens.
The New Woman lives on lands that have easy production of homes and shelters whose names bely the great beauty of structure and design they entail...for they are mostly works of architectural art. It has been the pleasure of many members of this New World to become great artists and great pride is taken in being able to produce a thing of beauty. Every one has a home designed by them when they have grown, but the parents have already provided the child with their own home when they were born. Only the designers and builders need to fill in the detail of the grown child's requests when they are ready to move into it, after leaving their parents. The gardens have also been provided by parents and other kindred spirits of the growing child ....and as the child grows and reveals their personal likes and dislikes, their parents and kin plant such desirables so that by the time the child is moving into their own home and garden, it is already a thing of great beauty instead of a blank canvas with nothing on it. Again, the home and garden is worked on by the child/adult when they move in to make it perfectly to their liking. These homes are made with materials local to the lands, and are abundant in Nature, and since no one owns Nature, there is no ''buying''.  Those who pride themselves as artists do the building. All are happy. Yet the homes are beautiful and organic and sheltering and all are safe and happy. Those who build them are doing community service which all in the community perform to keep everything running efficiently for all.

In summary, because the woman and childs only persistent threat to her life, sanity, safety and well being in this world was the sick male's creations and abuse, she no longer has suffering, no longer has patriarchy to either ''allow'' or ''disallow'' her any human rights given by Creator, nor does she suffer any kind of mal treatment, nor disrespect, nor is held back from attaining natural rights of possession of lands, home and all necessities and desires, she is a free sovereign being. She cannot be extorted, blackmaled, prostituted, sold or threatened. 
She is free and clear of patriarchal contaminations.
So she knows peace. She knows safety, and this psychological freedom allows her to live in a mental state which is conducive to long life. She lives free and easy, knowing there is no possible threat to her life nor to her child. She begins to throw off all previous worries and concerns, and her body begins to show a rejuvenation unknown before. The cells of her body regenerate in a state of deep peace and happiness, and therefore begin to grow into their original divine perfected state. She begins to display glowing skin, strong bones and teeth, strong organs, and strength of muscles. She has plenty of time to pursue arts of body strengthening such as horseback riding, dancing, oriental arts, all those things that show her the power and strength of her body to build flexibility, stamina, energy and vitality.

There is no threat to her in any form, physical, psychological, mental, spiritual or she blooms, she blossoms into a divine creature of great beauty and vitality and becomes the epitome of Creators greatest and most divine of Creations. She has no religions demeaning her status, not prohibiting her from the Divine. She is herself the direct conduit for divine communion. She is the voice of the Mother Herself, and has an un-breachable power as a result. She is comfortable and happy with her sisters and brothers. Her children are happy, beautiful and ingenious. Her divinity grows and shows, and she radiates, with all the power of Creator within Herself. There are no impediments of any kind. She is free. She is love, loving and loved. She is perpetually happy.

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  1. Thank you for this explanation of my dream life, thank you for being a radiant, beautiful, powerful woman, thank you for walking this path, I am very grateful.


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