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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winter Wonderland Portal

Hello Everyone,

I am wishing for everyone on the planet, deep peace, much beauty and lots of love.

Today I made something to keep my mind off of events of late, excuse the shocking following news but I do not believe in hiding what needs to be noted.....but lately its the Delhi woman who died from brutal treatment, [her organs removed] by many men who raped her. They are finally considering changing the laws to be more effective and fitting punishments for the beasts who do these things daily, and also in protecting and listening to women who report on rapes in India. I hope other countries follow. My heart is so heavy.
I'm just one of those people who has had enough.....enough already.

But again,

breathe,......breathe again.....

I seem to be craving a cooler place, a whiter place, a sparkling place, and its not here in South Florida.

I want a bit of this

and this......

 and a tiny bit, for a short time.....of this......

but alas.......

I had to find something to do and I saw something online as I was browsing for chandeliers because I need a tiny one for my bedroom, and I found something so enchanting,

and since I had a hangy thingy I didn't know what I was going to do with, but I knew something, well, this picture became my inspiration for what to do and I had everything, so no cost, and those are the best!
The advice said to just add some pearly Christmas garland and some snowflakes and ornaments and add them to your chandelier and that's it! I can do that! even without a chandelier because I had a silver hangy thingy I picked up from the thrift for $2  that I just KNEW would come in very handy soon  :D

So I made one.

It's not a light, not a candle holder, has no purpose really but it looks like it can be a portal device to a Wintery Magical Land like this.........

or this.....

it could couldn't it ???

So I thought making this device was in good strong order!

This thingy was rusted a bit and had some cheapy plastic crystals that I removed, then I spray painted it....

Then I went through all my Christmas things and took out the clear and sparkly pretties and it looked so beautiful all together!.....I haven't used these things for years.

And this crystal tassel I just got from Michaels as the star of this little show.....

some details of the things I had, acrylic prisms in a jar.......I had to make hooks for all of these.....

beautiful iridescent glass snowflake and an iridescent heavy crystal prism....a few of those...

years ago I bought these wired pearl garlands for a couple dollars each....I never used them....
and some old loonngg pearl strand garland for trees I haven't used since I don't do Victorian Trees anymore :D

glass irridescent icicles which I love!......can't find them anymore.....

Then I slowly began to put it together, and I got this......eventually.

No sun but it still looks purdy :D

The sun came out and I just knew this would look more beautiful and it sparkled alot!

I think its purdy, :D:D:D and its a source of smiles when I see it and it will remind me of Winter somewhere, not here, and a Wonderland, I'm trying to create here....and sparkly light reflecting magical things.

I'm leaving it outside.

I think I love these kinds of things because they remind of me the sparkly light of the Inner Spirit and the stars in the cosmos......cannot get enough of the sparkle!

You can make one too.....what do you have lying around that you can use in a different way??

Magical blessings for a Sparkly New Year!

ps: all images were from google/pinterest and I had them sourced where I found them but somehow the pictures were removed from this post and the linked source for them I had to find images again, and I didn't source them since it wasn't honored the first time. I apologize if the pictures are somehow removed and you don't get to see winter images displayed here just for enjoyment and no other purpose.


  1. What an absolutely beautiful post. I was in a trance looking at the lovely scenes and in my mind I was there,cool and dreamy. You see I live in South Australia but grew up in England. The temp today is heading towards the 40c mark by Thursday.
    I so love your beautiful creation. I must start collecting to make one. I can imagine how it looks with the light shining through it. Enjoy. Happy New Year. xx

  2. Wow that is beautiful! You mentioned you were going to make this and I couldn't picture it. I adore it! I want to make one too. Probably a good time to get crystals with all the after Christmas sales...

    Thanks so much for the very sweet comment you left on my blog. I always enjoy your uplifting comments. Are you going to keep both of your blogs going? I am thinking this post would be perfect for the other blog too. Crystals go so beautifully with the love of white! Love the beautiful snow pictures you posted. :)

    1. Hi Sandy, thanks for the ''wow'' lol. I keep seeing it and I have the same response, and a big smile....its just a really pretty sparkly inspiration to the magical worlds. I'm keeping it up outside, when the sun hits it its enchanting, the garden and arbor love it!
      Yes, I'm keeping both blogs because I use the Fairy blog as mostly on online journal in which I also am writing to a friend in Australia and a few others who want to know of some things I do, and I love to share what I learn with others and my experiences, I feel this sharing is so critical to being a HuManE being, it is goodness and service. And I so love the blogging women who also do this, often with painstaking work in details of photos etc lol.
      And yes you were right of course it would go on the White blog lol and so I posted it there too. I hope that blog gets some more viewers because that one I really have more of a desire to share with. The other began as a personal thing and I simply spoke to a few and it was fine, but this White one I'd like to be more of a community. thanks for your comments, as always,

  3. Oh my goodness! I LOVE this!! Absolutely Beautiful!! You have created a masterpiece!!

    1. lol, wow, thank you. I guess I didn't see it this way, it was more of a "lets see what happens when we put this together" kind of thing, but the inspiration picture did lead and I love how it came out and especially how it looks on the arbor outside.
      let me know if you make one too.

  4. I SEE THE BEAUTY! I DO!!!!!!!!!! What a fantastic work my dear! I LOVE IT! You are like me. When you dream of something, you take it further and you MAKE IT! BRAVO BRAVO!

    And so you saw my dress. Thank you for viewing. We certainly have the same vision for magic and wonder and very few attempt to actually try to make it in the 3-D sense. Let's keep it up in 2013 and blow off everyone's socks! teehee


    1. Yes, Anita, I do take my dreams and make them as real as I can. I'm doing it now with this whole house and I realize I can do so much and then more, with the right amount of imagination, since I'm a visionary and vision comes easy.....its just doing it all with a budget of 20 dollars that is challenging LOL. But I'm building a potting bench now with the help of my housemate and I will finally begin to work on the gardens a bit because they are going to get a transformation too, lots of flowers I want even if south Florida doesn't really do well with them I will find a way because yes even if people say my garden is beautiful what I want is to as you say 'blow their socks off' lol....I want the WOW factor, even for my self. So I'm with you Anita, I'm going for the WOW of 2013....maybe make a post about that one huh? LOL
      So I'll be gardening now with the help of the potting bench so less bending! in between painting. I begin painting the kitchen tomorrow. Thank you always for your kind comments, and ever sparkly presence in my world and your dress is BEYOND WOW, ok? no words....Even I'd like to wear it....

      Have you been to my new blog? its all about Whites, Silver and Glitter!
      I could use more viewers there, on that blog I'd like it to be more of a community than the little family I have on my Fairy one. lol.....I just really want to be in touch and in communication with all of those who are into the Whites all over the world and see what is being done and remain in love ..........

  5. I am enchanted! AND inspired! I will make a crystal and pearl of my own! Thank you for your wonderful blog!
    I also very much enjoyed your new "White & Silver" blog.

  6. Such gorgeous photographs!
    I was enchanted by the winter wonderland one with all the warm golden fairy lights! I love your creation too as it is so very imaginative and brought lots of winter sparkle.


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