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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Organic Car Wash / Wax & Other Tips !

Tips for clean living, removing yourself from chemicals, not supporting chemical producers, and clearing your body of industrial chemicals from all your life's products.
I clean my car myself with a good cleaner, even miracle soap will do. Then I use pure plain Jojoba oil which is really a light wax, on a soft cloth and give my entire car a light coat of that. It also repels dust. For the inside also I use jojoba to clean and give everything a sheen, instead of that smelly silicon chemical thing they sell. I add drops of lavender oil or you can use one you prefer to smell, directly to the cloth and wipe everything inside. My car is clean, smells wonderful and I didn't inhale anything to poison my mind. Nothing was hurt.

In my quest to get away from using the chemicals of madmen, I use anything natural from foods provided by Mother Nature to do all the things we need to do. It is very easy and simple and it all works well. 

I use the jojoba oil with lemon essential oil also to clean and sheen all the wood in the house, kitchen table, wood platters etc. Its polished and smells heavenly.

I use the water from cleaning bought veggies to water my plants. I collect rain water for same, and use that also in spray bottles to mist plants.

I save paper towels and reuse them, rinse and reuse them, and when they're well done, I use them for kindling starter for the fireplace. I use the toilet paper roll for the same thing.

I use MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) with my toothpaste which I make to clean my teeth and gums to spare me $1200.00 in dentist hygiene cleaning bills, and for prevention of visits. 

Toothpaste/powder is sea salt, baking soda and clay with essential oils of cinnamon, clove, peppermint, wintermint or tea tree. I keep it in a pretty jar. Its yummy!

I use Castile soap in the shower and finish with smoothing my skin with oil of equal parts organic sesame, coconut and rice bran oils infused with a delicious blend of essential oils for example, lavender, orange and patchouli, also in a pretty bottle in shower.

I use magnesium oil sold online, as a deodorant and to ingest it into my body via the skin. It is a concentrate of magnesium made from sea water and rich in all the minerals especially magnesium, in perfect ratio's for our own chemistry. 

I also have a powder deodorant I make from baking soda, clay and organic corn starch infused with a ''proprietary'' blend of oils. Only a few things I do not give away. Most I do LOL. Also in a pretty container. But lemon is part of that formula. :D 

Deodorant powder with a bit of glitter added :D

I use pure Sal Suds from Dr. Bronners or Miracle ll soap for laundry. For bleaching I use hydrogen peroxide before I wash. Also I use lemon juice, the kind that comes in a bottle in the grocers, for a rinse in my washer, instead of fabric softener because I have softened water. If I need to iron I use a linen water I make with a little bit of Florida water infused with essential oils, usually lavender, and added water in a spray bottle with a little ribbon.

I make a bug repellent with a bit of Florida water, infused with essential oils of geranium, citronella, lemongrass, patchouly, and lemon, add equal parts witch hazel and water, then add sprigs of fresh rosemary and tulsi/holy basil. It works and smells wonderful. In a spray bottle.

I use vinegar and baking soda to clean sinks, bathtubs, and counter tops and I finish off with sprinkling drops of lemon Essential Oil for amazing scent.

I use bath salts in my baths, also in pretty jars.

I make a bathroom spray with a bit of Florida water, alot of orange essential oil, mixed well, then add water. Its wonderful as a spray to eliminate odor quick.

I make all my own body products from organic foods and essential oils. They are the most luxurious and effective products the world can produce. No nutraceuticals can compare, for those rapists of rainforests and Earth all go to Nature to get the ''stuff that works'', isolate compounds, call it proprietary blends and rip you off of your precious hard earned money. Make it yourselves. Fresh and natural works.

There is more but this is plenty and I hope it serves you well.
I send this to you all so you may also know you do not have to buy chemicals to do is rare to need them.
Do not support the madmen who do not love Mother Earth, who rape her and produce chemicals that make them rich and you sick.
Any questions there is a plethora of information on the net or just email me. 
Make it beautiful, make it fun and make it fragrant.
Blessings of Organic Beauty
 I "See"  You  
"Elen sila lumenn omentielvo''
Elvish meaning: 'A star shines on the hour of our meeting' 
Lady of the Woods

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Bright Sword of Truth Bequeathed By My Beloved

Greetings Beings of Light,
I speak to your Higher Self.
I have so far seen two types of posts being made on this of my mortal self, and the other of my Higher self.

This is a story of my Higher Self, a continuation of The Bright Sword.

I have also since my illumination of understanding of what this Sword actually was.....tried to continue in my creational envisioning. Again.....I could not. I thought since my heart had accepted The Bright Sword, it was done. But try as I might,  I could not continue with any more events happening in the ''other'' world.

Today, a cause nearest to my heart and soul has come up, the women of Earth, but particularly here in the Magadalene Laundries  a place where women who were sexually abused were sent to be ''laundered'' by the church's institution. If a woman was considered too pretty, or even about to become active, she was sent. Often while in those places she was abused by men, often by her own father or the local priests and gave painful birth to children who were taken from them and sold overseas. I cannot go into all of it, you can research it yourself. Upon hearing of these things today, I became enraged, because I wondered what happened to the men who used those girls who wound up there and where the institutions for their rehabilitation were ?? Where are the Pimp Laundries ?? They dont' exist. Its a sexist world that governments, church and state support with the taboo of secrecy upon its vile activities against women.

However, I felt a need to do something about it. 
I wanted my Bright Sword to do the work. But I could not use it. Why I wondered, could I not wield my own sword? I meditated and checked in and realized that the sword was given and I had accepted it, but the Ceremony and Ritual had not yet taken place and that needed to happen before I could use it. In our world, Ceremony and Ritual was the basis behind every significant event....and so of course one was imperative for this Honoring of one of The Bright Sword of The Tuatha De Danann. But I had been too hasty and not allowed for this to unfold. 
But I asked now in mortal need for Justice for the Magdalene women and was told it must commence now.
And so a speedy ceremony was to take place because I had an urgent cause. I felt the approval of Spirit Kin and so a Ceremony was called and began. I focused, relaxed and observed the events.
The call went out to all Domain Kin, the conch horn was sounded and the telepathic message went out to all that a Ceremony was needed now, for all to attend. There was a silent agreement amongst them all, and some moments passed as they promptly dressed and soon all were in solemn attendance in the Courtyard, where I stood with my beloved and The Bright Sword he had crafted for me in his hand. The Kin knew what to do, as always, in Ceremony, and they knew what was about to transpire. These Great People surrounded us in a large circle and stood with dignity and respect, and with the sobriety that comes with ritual of great importance. 
And my beloved began to speak. He looked me in the eyes and I him, and he said that he bequeaths this Sword of Light, forged by his entire lineage, by our people The Tuatha De Danann and by love, for me, his beloved. He held it out to me and I held up my hands. The hilt was handed to my right hand and I held the blade up flat with my left. I remained in that positiion with the Sword held horizontally to receive the blessings of my Kin. 
One by one, each member approached me. They would stand before me looking me deeply in the soul of my eyes and holding their left hand over their heart and their right hand to their third eye. Then they would put their left heart hand over my right hand which held the hilt, and put their 3rd eye right hand on the blade. The blessing was that this Illumined spirit being, having held their hand to their heart, covered my right hand of the hilt offering their heart energy with my energy. And their right hand which was held up to their third eye was then placed on the blade, which meant that with the power of their own All Seeing Eye would the blade be able to do its work with the combined power of all my kin and their All Seeing Eye's.....sagaciously. So the heart is given to the hand that wields it, that it may be wielded with great heart, and the All Seeing Eye is given to the blade for the blade itself to ''see'' how it is to be wielded....for it works directly with my Higher Self and carries is own wisdom and consciousness having been forged out of love and consciousness.
This blessing was profound. 
Each member held their left hand to their heart and their right hand to their third eye. Their left hand covered my right hand which held the hilt. And their right hand touched the blade to offer it their own power of their own All Seeing Eye. Profound.

Then they solemnly walked away to form circle again. Each one came and offered this very same blessing. Even the children. Tears flowed down my eyes as each one came and walked away, until all had given their personal blessing of their hearts and All Seeing Eyes. Then my wolfe friend came running, for he was not to be left out of such an important event in my life, and I reached down a bit, and he licked my right hand, then placed his paw on the blade. 
Humility cannot describe how I felt.

My beloved said, "Now you have been given the Bright Sword of Our People. May you wield it in Truth, Justice, Wisdom, Illumination, and Honesty, Creatively. May you wield it impeccably for all time. You now have the blessings of all our Kin and the blessings of The Blessed Ones''.
I let go of the sword end and grabbed the handle with both my hands and held it to my heart for some moments, then I stuck it in the earth beneath me, between my feet. I now wanted the blessings of the Earth. Soon I saw flocks of birds take to the skies and fly around in circles then fly away. I had the blessing of Mother Earth. I waited for something was incomplete. Then the clouds parted to reveal the bright light of the sun, which shone on me and the blade. I now had the blessing of Father Sun. As my beloved stood on my right beside me, All was complete.
I felt a profound peace.
I can now use the Bright Sword.

I thanked everyone, and in my newfound peace, put the Mighty Sword to work immediately.