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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Adult Coloring Books?? Yeah! :D:D:D

Hello People,

its been a while, but you know how life is.

My blog has a bit of a new look. I took out the forest green background to be easier on the eyes.

A friend of mind sent me a present a couple of months ago and I took my time for a special moment to open them...... and I found coloring books. I thought, maybe she is getting a bit tired here on planet Earth, and some pieces of her brain are already on the ''way back home''.....but I looked more closely and it was not for children, but for! how cool! lolol and I did like the idea of color. My world is mostly white and color especially this controlled as in coloring books :D:D:D  which can be hidden away or displayed was enticing. She also sent coloring pencils. She thinks of everything my Pammie.

One day, while reading and listening to too many things in my line of research, which is for the record, the true workings of this world, REAL news, not the theatre of the absurd they dote out on main stream media, but research done by those who work in their fields and report etc, and I go into the workings of the religious sectors and military etc, because I want the truth and the truth needs to be dug out as it doesn't come easily, especially on scripted television. So one day, I was tired of the truth, as it was getting more unbearable by the minute, and had my coloring book in front of me with the pencils conveiently available to grab. I opened The Shakti Coloring Book to a page of a most beautiful face of a being I had only dreamt of a few nights before, grabbed a blue pencil and began to color.,204,203,200_.jpg

Four hours later I picked up my head and looked around.....what time is it? where have I been? I checked in with myself and was amazed at how centered, grounded and peaceful I had become. Did that really happen? I'm looking around, yes I am still in the same spot I began and somehow time slipped away which to me is always a good sign, and there I am feeling quiet of mind and peaceful. How amazed I was at how this worked even on my brain. I wondered. Well it is simple really, the left brain is a software program, literally a tool that is designed to assist the right side which is not a program but the infinite realms of creative imagination. It is the gateway to infinite worlds of beingness and creativity and where the act of creating and manifesting are born. It is the realms where we have super psi abilities, where there is no time, where we are connected to our Source/God whatever you want to call it, and where we are in our true nature of Spirit......and so getting out of the left brain which can run on overdrive in overspeed and take you down with it, is critical to getting your self under your own control by Spirit again and is the place where we feel most natural.

In our world today of insane busyness, of schedules, people to please, places to go, and all the distractions so cleverly designed to keep us locked within a system that demands our energy but doesn't give it a world where Nature our Source of sustenance and spiritual equanimity is cleverly extracted from me piece by piece and replaced with cement, with more noise, more stores, longer hours and larger TV screens.......we wonder what life is for when we are too old to ask, too sick to ask.....because so much has been taken of our time and attention in all the wrong places, where the tool became the manager instead of the manager utilizing a tool. We neglected our Spirit being controlled by mind, lost our hearts to ego, and gave in to the noise and din of a creation that seeks to own you. If we do not utilize the left brain as merely a tool to be used by the greater consciousness of Spirit then it becomes the thing which governs and rules us, our Spirit and Consciousness waylaid, we become robotic, our hearts servants instead of masters, then we begin to get sick in so many ways and this is why we need ''therapy'' of all kinds from psychiatric to spas to vacations. Think about it.

I recommend watching this video to get an idea about how Nature works.

Coloring books are on the spot stress reduction, no drugs, no nasty side affects, 100% guaranteed.

We must, if we're clever, find ways to break out of this rut and left brain-isms through making Spirit as our Home.....through regaining Spirit as our place of belonging. It is what nurtures. It is Mother.

We must engage in beautiful things, Nature always being first, as in Gardening, or walking in nature in forests and woods, parks etc.....until we find that sweet spot where we forgot what we were doing and just found ourselves in the moment staring at a balloon or listening to children laughing and found ourselves laughing too.

We must go to the beaches and get lost in the horizon.....go for walks so long we forgot where we started.
We must browse
Stop and Wonder
Loose time
Take a new turn and observe
Blow bubbles
Stare at clouds and try to break them up,
Or stare at clouds and make it rain,
Play with sunlight and prisms,
Lie in the grass at night and stare at the stars and ask them questions and just wait for it......

We must put aside the tool of mind and re-enlist our Spirit as the boss.
Engage in arts, by being the painter, not just observing being the musician, not merely listening for all of your being the writer, not merely reading others have a story to tell too.
This is the part of life that makes us human is being the artist.

Some of us cannot find a single thing we can do. Some complain they cannot sing, they cannot dance, they cannot paint, they cannot......etc....fill in the blank. But if you have eyes, and a working hand you can color right? Do not demean this until you can find out just how this seemingly simplistic and childish activity can work magic for your mind. In fact, appreciation for its childish simplicity is key.

It is my opinion that adults need coloring books far more than kids do because kids can find endless things to engage and entertain them, but adults find endless things to derail them. In the ridiculous and inane world of adult-hood there is far too much deemed ''responsibilities'' which run a straight and narrow path to insanity or robotic lifestyles, where what you do becomes your life and if what ''you do'' is chores, jobs, or habits, then you are lost. Your Spirit will let you know by feeling, tired, exhausted, confused, frustrated, all those things are the indiciators to being Spiritually sick.

So coloring books are perfect for those who feel they don't have artistic abilities or talents to express........or for people who just feel bored, or those who want to feel what its like to feel like a child again, innocent and empty of mind but filled with magical things like color and light.......Adult Coloring Books are for you. You may not find yourself wanting to run and climb monkeybars again but you sure will feel more calm and centered than before you began coloring. And this is the beginning.

I found myself in Barnes and Nobles and could not believe how popular these coloring books are and this is indicative of just how many people are finding out its therapeutic value. There were literally dozens of coloring book styles to choose from, from Nature themes, flowers, abstracts, designs, Celtic symbols, landscapes, sooooo soooo much to choose from. I have three books now all given to me so I will finish them before I venture out to one that caught my eye which was Scandinavian Folk Patterns.,204,203,200_.jpg

And if you insist you still don't have talent, even though you don't have to design or draw anything, just use the coloring pencils, markers or whatever......then you can get ideas from images on line like this....they call it "Coloring Therapy" 
and if you cannot find images enough, then there are plenty of youtubes to watch about this, where people are coloring for hours each day and feeling quite contented.

The following video from Olly Love Art shows in fast motion, how you can color and find inspiration in following some tips by watching. Easy.


But the whole point is to relax about it all, don't sweat anything, its about disengaging the tension, and embracing the Spirit........just grab coloring pen and color.
How can anyone feel so contented with doing something so ''silly'' as coloring? because it loosens the grip of the mind who is a monster of a prison escape the shackles of mentalism, of boxlike logic, of limited reason and you escaped into a world of infinite space, timelessness, where choices are made of pleasure, and all that is before you is endless possibilities..... and this is the magic of losing the mind and inviting art, color, light, dance, song....all of it.

Here's another inspiration:

I hope this inspires not just some of you, but all of you lolool.......and lets all get coloring and lose our minds to find our Spirits.