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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Not Receiving Comments On My Blogs

Sorry people, and sorry to myself for not being able to hear from those precious ones who took the time to write to me here.....but there was a glitch I could not understand with the commenting on google/blooger I'm calling them now.....but I do hope it is fixed. I had to subscribe to my own blogs to receive comments even though I had comments enabled for anyone. Oddly the only ones getting through are proliferous spammers. What a crock.

But I do hope this is fixed now and I'd love hearing from you, if you would take the time to try to write here or for my friends respond by email??

Monday, February 18, 2019

Updates, Shed, And Other Things

Hello Everyone, friends, strangers, readers, curious ones.....
*extra long post in 3 parts, pace yourselves.

I have to post something today as its been a while.
Reasons for not blogging life is not a rhythmic thing, predictable, mundane, nor on a schedule. In fact, my life is a rare "oddity", where time has little meaning as do dates (ever since I revoked being run by a clock or calendar, it in fact has revolted against me and played many a trick where I literally lose hours in a minute....vindictive thing time is!), and strange things happen on a regular basis, where magic is real and mediocrity is a virus to be avoided at all costs, and where healing from intense, long term high strangeness and chronic physical agony (more on that later) is an every moment to moment thing, including its long term effects upon the spirit and psyche, hence dropping out of mainstream. So I do not blog regularly. K? :-)

But today I need to clear out the photos, file them and organize everything, and because I have been asked, I am posting about the shed etc.

We have an 11' x 20' shed, nice right? Except when it is used as a dumping place, like "lets put this here for now".....that "for now" thing is a multifaceted evil. It never works unless you are slightly OCD, which I am to my great joy. But my housemate John, is the master of procrastinator and king of glib. There is no compromising, there is only me getting things done, as only an organized person would.
So......finding myself still feeling sick, as in flulike etc, from heavy metal poisoning still in my system despite having mercury fillings removed because I did not embark on following up by removing what metals were sitting in my system which have to be removed specifically with certain chelations that will carry them out of the body otherwise they sit in the body unmoving making you sick the entire time. beloved far infrared sauna which was laying in parts in the shed, and looked so forlorn I never thought I'd see it alive again......was greatly needed, as it does remove metals from the body through the sauna actions. I told john I really need it at this time, and he went and began to put it together at some point, and actually got the electrical parts to work again and so my beloved sauna was back together and working, gifting me that special sanctuary I've always loved being in, with whale and dolphin music being played through the speakers, giving me slight respite from chronic anxiety. I have loved my times in that sauna over the years.
He got it to work, and I can begin detoxing again! Joy! I went to look and inside the shed was the wonderful pure wooden structure which cleanses and purifies, surrounded by filth and chaos and ugliness.....welllll.......that wasn't going to work. I hadn't had ideas for the shed anyway, but this prompted creativity and ideas which I embarked upon right away. The lovely thing is my ideas developed as I took in all those things lying around in the shed, extra wood parts from redoing the living room floors, including one whole 4x8 panel, and other pieces, and thinking now....with some other things, I could use all of this and the shed is done. And that is what I did.
I will just put up the pictures and speak of it there....

At this point I had already removed half of the stuff that was in here to begin clearing it all out.......but you can see the sauna is up and ready.....but I needed to make the shed clean, efficient and pretty. I didn't go all out as I don't have the finances for that so it took the minimum in organizing to make it much nicer.....

Everything was removed and I began cleaning the walls....years of built up dirt, I removed with orange oil cleaner, very powerful and wonderful smelling and the floors used as a paint tester for maybe 40 years, was swept, vacuumed, mopped, painted and sealed with paint that was left in the shed, a beige.
John bought for my birthday a 5x7' rug for under the sauna, and a box of 50 stems fresh eucalyptus I wanted so the shed will smell good and it will tolerate being dried in there and when it reaches 120 degrees as it does all summer long, the heat will release the scent from it too. Nothing else alive would survive in here. We got a $40 metal shelving unit from Home Depot. I'm using a small refrigerator I had to keep my favorite drink for the sauna which is a large mason filled with cold coconut water, aloe vera juice and rose water on ice.....oh how wonderful is that!
The large 4x8 that was on floor, was cut and made into a table on the right which is my space and johns is the left with all his tools. Shelves were made from leftover woods. Then I got from Home Depot drop cloth canvas and made curtains for my side, then john liked them so he wanted them too. Underneath both sides we have stored extra paint, and Christmas things etc organized in bins.

I bought a $17.00 walmart stool to sit when I work at my table, doing what I don't know yet.
The chandelier, he got for our kitchen, but the ceiling wouldn't hold this fixture, only a long fluorescent ugly thing, and he didn't want to take it back after putting on all the crystals, so I said, well, we could use it in the shed, and he hooked it up. I wouldn't normally put a chandy in this shed  unless it had walls and was all She-Shed-like, but it was better than returning it when I needed a light in there anyway.
Lets see what else....

 While in Home Depot, one thing john kept putting off was getting (for one day!) more peg board and accessories, but I made him get the stuff on the spot, so he could also have a nice organized space too, whats he waiting for, we're doing the shed for crying out loud!  So he got a peg board sheet for $10.00 and 2 kits of accessories, and it fit perfectly to fill in the blank space (see 2nd above pic) and to put up more tools.

We like these treats he found called Piroulines in chocolate hazelnut, OMG, I love them.....and the tins are too nice to discard, so I painted them white and added chalk labels and now he has those for odds and ends. I saw a galvanized rolling cart in Hobby Lobby I said was perfect for all his power tools, which would free up his table to actually have a space to work, that could be rolled around as they were awkward laying around everywhere before and no neat way to lay them but having their own rolling cart works. He refused the rolling cart. Then when he put up the peg board and organized his tools, he didn't know where to put his power tools, and I had to explain again.....he finally got it and it works neatly.
I like galvanized steel in the shed. I had many pieces I bought for my move to TN but it was wasted there as was everything else I bought for there, but here we use them all. I even got a little chalkboard to write notes.

I really like the lighter floor and painted table with the canvas curtains and galvanized touches. On the table I have a wood box that needs to be put back together, it is the cover for the cd player for my sauna.
I found a delightful store in Micanopy called Dakota Mercantile, which has all the things I love. One store finally in Florida that I can get to that has good taste. She loves French style, true linens, quality bedding like Bella Notte !, classic french decor, everything for a gracious lovely home. I bought two botanical prints and just tacked them up on the bland wall. I have no idea what to do with this space but if we need to do some work, it is here.
When I get more eucalyptus, I will hang them from the rafters. It will smell so nice!

 I had some lace and made curtains for the little windows, cause why not?

A thrift store find years ago of a huge crochet canopy I never used got thrown over the sauna, again, why not?
I have place mats made of vetiver on the door to cover the glass for privacy, and when I washed them and put them in the sun to dry! OMG the smell of the vetiver came through and they scent the sauna which is also why I chose them for the inside. Anything that will smell good in the heat is a yes.

A sweet space on the top shelf of the metal rack holding the eucalyptus and Quan Yin, some smudging sage and amethyst crystals.

On the other shelves, I have a first aid kit, and some other necessities in baskets, like extra towels for the sauna, that I may need in there at some point. One must make oneself comfortable...this is how spaces serve us. Fridge is elevated up on leftover wood and cement blocks so I don't have to bend whenever I use the fridge, so nice!.....cement blocks covered with fabric of course. One basket holds extra towels for the sauna, and the other various things, paper towels, a balsam fir and eucalyptus room spray I made from pure essential oils, and extra glasses, both for reading and distance. oy.
There is a first aid kit because john is very accident prone, and a galvanized vase holding sand for incense sticks.

 This urn is a water fountain with light, which I need to get working and find a place in the house for it, but until then it makes an ugly corner pretty. And a beautiful crystal tea light holder cause one must have at least one gorgeous thing in any space.
I also added sheer curtains along the back wall but they are too sheer to make a difference, but at least the fabric softens the space. Fabrics are amazing.

 So here is before,

and now. I still am working on making some other crafty things like pinecone wreaths and such to make this shed pretty. I am working on several things at once but at least I'm in the crafty stage, where being creative and acting on ideas and inspirations are all I want to do now....and now I have the space and the time. 


Ok, thats the shed part....I'm going to take a little break to have some home-made bread with garlic-herbed goat cheese and be back.......see you in a few......

Part 2:

My cat......

well, she's not really mine, and this is a first for me, that some creature is not mine in the love sense. She is quite a difficult one for me.....shes' independent, rebellious, strong, willful, wants to be outside all the time and doesn't like to be held. I wanted a cat for all its opposites, someone who likes and wants to be held, who likes being indoor and a little outdoors, who is cooperative, and likes to share time and love and affection. This one, Sarah, has gotten into everything and broken some things, and I never had this before. Now because she wants to be out all the time, she thumps loudly around the house in a frantic caged tiger way, and harasses me with outcries, and basically yelling at me until I get up and follow her lead to the door and open it for her. I didn't like her being out without some control because there is way too much space for her to get lost in and if she doesn't want to come back, then she is not my cat is she? She's just a cat who comes and goes as she pleases, not for me. Plus there are two male cats who come around our doors and leave their stench marks, and I certainly don't want more cats and babies around at all.
I want the cat I had before who was more than cat, was a lover of people and wanted relationship with us.
So, one night, she bolts out after 5pm curfew and didn't come back in. John tried to lure her in but she wouldn't budge.  Eventually past midnight I heard the doors sliding open and closed. I got up and john already had her in his room, he said he found her freaked out on the top rail with one of the male cats at the base of the stairs.
Lots of drama going on here with her, since day 2...... how much difficulty she's given how much stress no one knows. My nervous system has jumped into some kind of survival mechanism where anything that threatens me or my peace feels like its threatening my life again, and I want to instinctively and automatically destroy. You won't know what that is until you've been so threatened so often with your very life that you are now in pure survival mode. That is what I'm still working through. So when I hear something break and fall, or this cat running at blinding speed over furniture with crazed looks in her eyes for half an hour to an hour, this is very uncomfortable and when I try to hold her to calm her she fights to get down, never wants to be held at all, ever.
I want a loving housecat. This one is not it. She has to go.

I have told john over and over again we need to spay her but he does what he does best, procrastinate or simply no response.....and so, when he found her at the door freaked out with that male cat there, I only wonder if it already got to Sarah and so we have to have to spay her asap. John is having to deal with this now, as its too late for my nerves, I am in love with her and giving her away will set me back. I've already shed tears over this and I am not a cryer. So once spayed, I am hoping it will calm her as it tends to do to some cats, and we'll see, but she still will have to go.
I want a cat that likes to be held....and wants to love a human. So this is terribly sad for me, as I do not meter out emotions, I am full on, uncensored and I like it that way. Again, its one sided.

Another little break, be right can also break this up into reading another time, but whilst I am here typing, I am going to finish this through.

Part 3:

Other news? I cannot get to a third part without encountering high strangeness, not in my world anyway. And this one is it. I'd like others thoughts if they are based on some experience with this. Opinions from non experiencers I've had aplenty, but I'd like to hear from experiencers.

Speaking of the agony/pain I live with.....

I've had fybromyalgia since the so called professionals did not believe in it. Now they do. But I had used a machine called a molecular enhancer which alleviated 80% of the pains, so that was wonderful after suffering for 20 years. However, I get pains with emfs and solar activity, and earth activity etc, and with all the wifi going on it has gotten worse again.
Now I have been a jogger and body builder since I was 17 and I ate all organic and got very healthy and a well functioning toned body for a long time. But life and its tolls will exact its price, and with certain circumstances in life I could not deal with emotionally snowballed, I found I could not heal normally again. The outer toxins including heavy metal poisonings were making things worse, I could not get on top of things and I suffered with all kinds of pains, so my healthy regimens increased but it became full time work and I had no more energy for this. I found comfort in foods for numbing as opposed to eating for health.
Then one day I went for a jog and found a strange hip joint thing going on which felt so weird I could not place what it could be. I've had my share of accidents, etc, but this was not in my sphere of experience at all! It quickly turned into pain and then loss of movement. The only way I could describe this is it felt like my legs were removed and put back wrong. The pains increased on top of everything else and I couldn't work out anymore, could hardly move at all. The body always responds to proper treatment with alleviation, but nothing was causing relief. It would only disappear on its own for unknown reasons.
I treated this for arthritis but it didn't help. I treated it for injury it didn't help. I treated it for bursitis but it didn't help. I looked into what I was eating, drinking, thinking, everything, but it was none of that. It was completely an unknown source.
Oddly there were times, maybe once a week where I'd wake up at odd times of the middle of the night and be totally and completely pain free and free of weakness, and felt like my old strong self, I could move normally, bend and walk, like a switch went suddenly "OFF", but slowly the pains would return.
I couldn't figure this out as it was maddeningly odd and made no sense. I could only pray and hope. Then some high strangeness happened and I moved out of Pembroke Pines to TN, and things got worse. I nearly died.
I got out of there 11 months later in May of 2018 I moved here with all of that ailment, which was horridly painful and difficult in every way, being isolated with no friends, only john to help when he got out of work. I did it anyway. I often want to be in the dark, with candlelight only. I started close the blinds and curtains in this beautifully bright sunny house, to crash around 3pm, then 2pm, then 1pm, and sometimes by 11am I was back in bed for the day and night. I gave up. I needed a miracle.

Feb. 1st I woke up pain free and thought it was one of those days where it just disappears and returns. So had hours of respite and could move and do things around the house and cook without being in agony. Nice. This lasted the whole day! Then the next day, and the next. WT? And today it is 17 days in a consistent row I am totally free of those hip joint pains. How does this happen?? I knew it wasn't something I had as I had treated myself for everything possible with no results at all.  Now it is completely gone for 17 days now, and I am flummoxed but so grateful!!! I knew it wasn't me, but I don't have a clue what caused this and what caused it to go away. It is like a switch went off and has stayed off. WTF?

And that is my story for now people. Any clues would be appreciated. Thanks for reading.