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Monday, March 23, 2015

Just Garden Flowers for March

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to take some pictures of the flowers I do have blooming so far. If you've followed my blog you will know I'm trying to grow as many foods and flowers as I can on this small property and I did alot of work last year. I started a blog just for the gardening processes here called Serena's South Florida Garden for those who may be interested because gardening in certain zones is very different and I wanted to connect with those in my zone....and to keep an online journal of my progress.
So here are some pics I quickly took, no artistic intent, I could not see for all the glare and sun, so they are basic.

The Amaranth is blooming nicely. I could ask for thicker ones and more intense color but I don't want to push it, I'm happy. The leaves will be eaten as spinach and the flowers will go into arrangements inside the house. I don't do 'reds', but I will get over it in a quick second once it is done :D:D:D

 These are the rogue tomatoe plants that grew in this bed. The flowers are forming the fruits and I've never had this kind of tomato, I think they are plum tomatoes, whose seeds in the compost decided to come to life to my great delight! :D:D:D

 A friend gave me this miniature rose plant years ago. I continues to bloom, I love it.

All the begonias are blooming now.

This bougainvillia was originally a type of orangy color when John got it. It was blooming 2 weeks ago and I wasn't crazy about the color still. I spoke with it and wished it would turn into a more pinky color. One day I walked out on a very sunny day last week and I was struck dumb when I saw this bush as it was no longer the orangy color, but turned into a type of beautiful gorgeous coral! I walked John outside and showed him and asked him if he could see any change and yes, its not the color he bought. I was thrilled once again, as Nature responds to our requests, not all of the time, but very often. I have done this on many occasions, asked Nature to do something and it does it.
One of those things was in the back. I didn't want grass as a ground cover, it has to be mowed and John never likes to do it. But there was dichondra out there which is a beautiful tiny round leaved ground cover that spreads and never needs mowing, and if it took over the yard, I'd love it. One day I noticed it had.
Another time I got rid of the mold growing on the pavers and rocks. I spoke to it, told it to leave in a very passionate conversation, and the next day it was all gone. I took pictures but no one saw the before.

You can talk to plants and Nature and if they agree, they will accommodate you.Here is my now not orangy color, but a beautiful coral pinky color.


In the front, the row of bougainvillia is coming up, they like the dry season....which is winter.

Tomatoes in the front circle are growing in size and soon will be ready to eat. Yum!!

Borage is blooming. They are small flowers, a companion plant to tomatoes and maybe that is why mine are doing well, and the flowers are blue.

 Azaleas are starting to bloom now that I got rid of the plants shading them. The Mussaenda will begin to put out leaves and then their white bracts and the azaleas will be the bottom bloomer.

This tricky corner was being saved for the seedlings I was trying to grow, but they didn't do so well, and John went and bought some flowers for this area. It is cute and I hope they all fill out over summer. The yellow ones are zinnias, the purple ones African Daisys.

 These purple flowers are dahlias. I've never seen such small ones.



oh here..... Another example of speaking to Nature and plants and having them respond is this tibouchine, Princess Glory bush.....I was sitting in the gazebo contemplating the area I want to make into a Japanese style garden, and was thinking of this bush which doesn't bloom much since transplanting it here. It had exactly one little bloom on it, and for a bush that is not enough. I said, if that is all you are going to do then I will pull you out, sorry but for a bush I want it covered in blooms, and since you aren't doing that you will have to go. The NEXT DAY, I sat in the same chair and looked around and this bush was covered in blooms and buds! I was shocked! Once again, Nature responded. She stays.

 I took out the muscadine grapevine and put in 4 pots of roses. They are doing nicely. I love smelling them out there and seeing the colors and floppy blossoms. I do love it....can't wait for them to grow.




This has the pink pumpkin growing around it, lots of blossoms and a few pumpkins.


This is what I'm calling my French Pot. It has heather in it. I think it looks French and I love it.


 John bought this one too. He keeps buying flowering plants now and when I asked him why, he said it was my fault for making him like flowers and planting and beauty. I said you may like flowers and beauty but you don't like planting. But it was fun to see this is all ''my fault''. I gladly take blame!

The white plumbago which blooms all summer has begun. I love to cut these and bring them inside.


These are the giant begonias in the back. I love them too but their little buds fall everywhere. They look like giant baby's breath flowers, but sadly I'm leaving them outside these days.

The lovely cattleya orchid is blooming.

This topiary below is a prelude to the Japanese Garden I'm making for this area by the pond. I need to have an area that is simple, well manicured, no to low maintenance, and exudes a sense of peace.....this area is perfect for it, and I have little to get now but the ground cover. I only needed one topiary and a juniper and I had the rest. See those weeds beneath it and around it? Soon they will be no more. sigh.

And the pond water lilies

Well that's it for bloggyland today.
I'm going now to dig up some more potatoes I've been growing with great success, cook them up within 20 minutes of harvesting them, season them with some olive oil, salt and pepper and some mint from the garden and it will be accompanied by my marinated Asian Salmon. I will then be no longer a part of the mundane world but in a heaven of my own creation. lolol !