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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Garden Bridge and Flowers

Hello Ladies,

Welcome again to my humble garden. I have taken some pictures, a new late in life delight I didn't know I loved to do until I began to do more blogging about this house and garden and its transformations.....seeing a thing of beauty striking me with the desire to capture it in picture is one of the rare joys I can find lately, and I did have a  little bit to share with you.....

We replaced the old troll garden bridge we had with a new one but had to reinforce it with sturdy poplar wood as it turned out to be only decorative and I didn't see that part when we bought it, but I got the poplar cut to size, and then John attached it so we can walk on it.

Some new changes and plantings in the garden too are delightful......lots of pics.....I hope you enjoy!

This is the ''hangy thingy'' I spoke about here which is going to be just like it when I get to doing it.....I am soon getting the urge to fix up the Gazebo on the inside, with a nice tablecloth and placing my orchids on there, and then hanging this Rose, Moss and Candle Chandelier on the hook where my current mini chandelier is....should be very lovely!

This is what I found in the thrift store, IT IS NOT painted it white which is different from the inspiration picture, but it still will look beautiful when I'm done.....even if I have the roses and candles in there for one day.....just for me. :D    for now the tillandsias are in there and in each candle holder place.....they seem to like it

one of my favorite plants ever is the Maidenhair Fern.....I cannot have enough of these delicate lacy ferns.

 just love these colors and shapes.....

 In this spot was a fire bush which constantly grew bugs on it and didn't do much flowering and too few butterflies or bees used it so I took it out thinking to put another citrus tree, but it gets only dappled light and I needed a place for my hydrangeas so they went in there. I really hope they like it, I want blooming hydrangeas so badly!
I painted the urn white and put lobelia in it, and I love this area now.


 The Garden Bridge.....still to be named.....and it got some flowers too, some marigold and lobelia.
 To me this wooden bridge is a blank canvas, and I have yet to find out what it needs......I wanted to add crystals to the posts, then finials, but cannot come up with something perfect.....any ideas??


The herb garden is doing well goes on further down the right with more herbs.....
The aloe is blooming and the grapevine has yet to begin to sprout leaves which grows so prolifically I can literally create another arbor with it but it gets too is pretty wild :D

I adore the flagstones, we need some more....



One of my new favorite planters, a wire basket lined with fresh moss and filled with lobelia, purple petunias and lime coleus.....soon they should grow and begin to drape down, can't wait.




 Mint in a hanging basket on the Gazebo.....

 In the morning before the sun broke through.....everything was wet with watering, love the smells....

An extremely exotic beauty, the Anthurium......

my lettuces and radicios are growing lovely with merely misting them every morning.....


Herbs between the stones, mint and thyme, doing well :D

 My Gazing Garden MoonStone.......



Christmas Amaryllis are coming back for a second round, love it!


 Front Porch Entrance, elegant lace curtain surrounded by Ficus Repens which is totally covering the surroundings from the floor steps to the roof..........I call him the Mister!

Inside my ever favorite White Lilies.....they scent my room every night.......

another favorite are the Bougainvillieas.....especially the pink and white!

Thats most of the things I'm loving right now. I hope your world is filled with Life and Beauty and Nature!

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