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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Glorious Fragrant Tea and Laduree of Paris

Hello everyone.

I'm a tea person.....
''tea''.....what does that say? Not much in America, but in other countries you would get a dignified nod , perhaps even a slight bow, acknowledging your culture and some other je ne sais quoi, a combination of deep respect, grace and admiration.
And anyone who thinks of tea bags or *gulp* Lipton, has not a clue what I'm speaking of...... there is another world aside from that sorry cup.

 The language of the Green Kingdoms is so vast there has been no end to its scope of discovering its gifts and there is an infinity to its combinations of greenery combined with flowers, berries, fruits, and other delectables.....combinations which know no bounds.

And so, in my desire to become many things, but firstly a true representative of the Green Kingdoms, as my blog title indicates, including the Fairy Cafe for which I'm becoming ''famous'' for in my tiny neck of suburbia here....... I want to be a walking garden, myself fragrant with the herbs and greens which I both drink through teas and green juices, and eat of the vegetable kingdoms. I grow as much as I possibly can, and though Florida summers and heat don't allow much I will not quit for there is, to my mind, a solution for everything and anything. I shall persist.

But I try to consume the greens of the world in any way I can for the greens of this world is an almost identical match to our blood in content, is what sustains and beautifies us. The healthiest blood is very close to greens and is why it has been given to us for foods and medicines.....again, via the veggies for foods and herbs for medicines and flavouring, spicing, pleasure, spiritual cleansing, perfumery, and every other thing.
I've had several friends tell me I'm their best smelling friend LOL.

Back to Tea.....a person can spend a lifetime engaging in the teas of the world with no end to pleasure, education, diversity, exquisiteness, beauty, fragrance, perfume, effects that are sedative, invigorating, exalting, calming, healing, rejuvenating, regenerating, or pleasing in every and any way......all found in the Teas of our World.
As I type this I'm drinking one made of organic black tea, lavender buds, with essential oils of bergamot and lavender.....and some honey. It is amazing as it speaks to my spirit, changing, effecting, morphing me alchemically back into balance. It ''speaks'' of its own origins, offers its medicine. I drink of its indigenous stories, of where it comes from and I inhale its spirit. The combination of these plants and oils create their unique kind of party, if you will, in my mouth and for my spirit.

I've learned that the right kind of tea can entrain my frazzled self back into one of equanimity and repose, without any work at all......just drinking the right brew.
How do I find the right one?
Well, we all have a built in guiding system, a most intelligent, wise, all knowing and always right, honing system, or device if you will, that is foolproof and divinely attuned..........its your Nose. Your nose knows.
It is so simple to find what is perfect for you in that particular moment, and all you have to do is sniff, and your approval or not, your excitement or disdain, your response of becoming enlivened or not, is telling you what is right for you in that moment. This is how I know which teas are right for me on that day, or in that hour or even moment.
I buy a selection of organic teas and combinations and I have my own herbs, flowers, and berries, honeys, and flower waters I add to them as well.....which affords me infinite combinations of teas, and when I feel like having tea, or my Spirit is telling me it needs some kind of healing, repair, re-balancing or love from the Green Kingdoms of the Mother, I will pull out my teas, walk and pinch in my herb garden, sniff them, and the one that causes me a deep intake of breath followed by a siggghhhhhh, is the one. I mix and match according to my nose.
This works for everyone.
It is that simple.

I have had people who proudly and convincingly and loudly even arrogantly LOL tell me, they are not ''tea people''.....they are coffee people. I just smile.
''Well indulge me for a minute will you? Smell these and tell me what you think''....I say. I wish I had a camera for all the times, I've done this, for it NEVER FAILS that their faces change with each sniff of each different tea. Some are definite "no's", some are curiosities accompanied by frowns, the inevitable 'wait, let me smell that one again', and then you have the one that smooths out the face and brow and yanks at their very breath.......and they ultimately choose the one that caused their intake of breath, and when they drink this, found that they not only love it, but they discover they like tea after all. Then I have to write down what it was, where to get it, etc......every time.

I have one friend who refuses to make her own, she thinks I have some special powers LOL, and comes only to spend time, hours with me, drinking pots of brews after our sniffing tests. And she has come to find herself literally feeling the "medicine" of the tea as it courses through her body, into her blood, and she feels its effects of healing on her and she is amazed every time. And its not the heat either, because she drinks coffee too and it is also hot, and it never has this effect on her. These moments are silent ones, for though we are talking she wants to tune into this traveling medicine in her body as the sensation is indescribable, and she is different because of it. I have seen her in mid sentence take her first sip, and fall silent, captivated by the tea's living magic, its medicine already at work. There was once her favorite tea, nothing compared to this scent, nothing could come was orange blossom tea....and it was the essential oil which I'd make a perfume for her out of, and this would literally calm her when she was in bad states. This orange blossom's medicine is to CALM the nerves. It is noted for this and it works. My friend inhaled it, drank it and wore it. It worked for her and she called it her medicine. Now however, that she is over the trauma of that particular time, when she sniffs the orange blossom and other teas, she chooses another. Her favorite of all time LOL now! fresh Mint with Lavender. She says with traitorous guilt LOL that she likes it better than the *gulp!* orange blossom......the reason is, of course, she no longer needs that medicine the orange blossom afforded her, she is now calm and in a good state, her life better from the medicines of Nature, also from moving away and a new job and home. Her favorite now, is mint and lavender, and mint is known for clarity and acuity.
Its so  beautiful to watch how these herbal medicines work on people, and how it quietly does it job. Pure love is Mother Nature.
She likes to tell me and others that I literally scraped her up off the floor of grieving with my teas......I tell her, it was the tea, not me.

A good summer read is a fantasy and magical story of how teas and spices work on human beings called  The Mistress of Spices or see the severely edited movie version of it starring the beautiful Aishwarya Rai.

And so it is for anyone who is in need of any kind of care, healing, balancing, calm, medicine, reconnection, peace, and every other quality that is desirable within the human, can be found in the Green Kingdoms, in the form of Tea.

I've always wanted to open my Fairy Cafe or Fairy Tea Salon, here and show more people just how beautiful Teas are, and how to experience this, while honoring the Spirits of the Fairies who tend to all the Green Kingdom.
I see my Salon decorated with soft lighting, organic textures and beautiful colors. Mine happen to be light spring green, light pink, ecru's and whites with touches of silver and gold. This is my room and I love it. I'd have chandeliers and lots of crystal everywhere, beautiful dishes, glassware, and tablecloths on every table, glass displays and cases filled with delights made of organic delectables, gorgeous music, lots of plants and vases of flowers everywhere....a virtual garden of Eden, inside, where time ceases to exist and one is lost to the pleasures of the senses. The scents of flowers and teas brewing would be an ever changing perfume filling the air. I could go on, but I think you can imagine this, yes? :D

Are you thirsty yet? LOL

That said, I have come up with combinations of teas that have become so healing to others that I want to help to spread this healing even further. I decided to come up with a blend of my own and to introduce more people to the world of Tea Culture and hopefully catch them up to the rest of the world......especially France.
Speaking of France, I have just learned a week ago.....yes I can be slow to catch on to what is happening......that they have done my dream.......of course!!.....and they have done it well. I have learned of their Tea Salons and how beautifully they have done them, of course again!......and how one in particular has used my favorite colors of light green, pink and touches lavender, aqua with accents of gold or silver......(shaking my head)
Somehow because of this similarity and this bizarre common theme I have with the French in my clothes, music, teas, decor etc etc etc, I believe I must have something French in me and because of this I have just developed a desire to actually go there to learn about their culture. Maybe. I have traveled around the world, and was never interested in France, but I am now.

One of their tea salons, Laduree has done such a beautiful job of their Tea Salons that I am still in awe having discovered this, and I have to mention it because they are using my specific colors and done ''my Tea Salon".

Will you look at this window display of Laduree and their packaging? These are the colors in my room and I love them.


You must go to their website and enjoy their little trip through their animated salon and I love how they have the sounds of a live salon going on as you peruse their site! so fun!

Another thing Laduree is famous for is their macaroons, something I see is very popular, which believe it or not, I have never had. I'm not a sweets/sugar person. I know that white flour and white sugar products of patisserie, pretty as they are, age you from the inside out. I'm more into rejuvenation from living ingredients.

But these macaroons are beautiful little colorful things!!

You can also go to this site to see many pictures this blogger has taken of Laduree.

I have been referred since last week by another blogger to other tea salons in France. Gorgeous all of them and I really miss not having these common European luxuries in Florida.

There is also this fascination of Marine Antoinette I've become curious about. It seems she has finally gained, hundreds of years later, her rightful popularity ?? I hope her spirit is enjoying this revival of all things Marie Antoinette as Laduree has honored her by making a tea named after her. And it was these boxes of pink which first captured me and my heart when I saw them and learned what they were. I wish I could find that picture, but alas, I cannot.

Laduree however, has captured my heart, and in this same kind of fashion, is how I envision my own Tea Salon capturing with goodness, the hearts of those here.
As far as I'm concerned there is room for many more Tea Salons!

So, since the inception of my Fairy Care and finally creating my blog, I've decided to develop a tea of my own, which I'm experimenting with currently.....and as we speak my counter is full with glasses, black teas, rose water, jasmine petals fresh from my bushes, rose buds, essential oils, dried fruits, etc etc etc.....and I will experiment until I come up with one that causes that deep breath and a sigh to come from my spirit. When I have this, I will package it in the way I package all things, with exquisite beauty and attention to detail, its all in the details says this Fairy, and I shall have my first tea.
I'm planning on three. If these are not appreciated, I'll just pack myself up and leave for Europe where I'd fit in better.
I'm working on the name, which will ultimately gain its inspiration from the ingredients, however, I'm liking my "original" idea of honoring one from the Fairy Kingdom itself......another Queen who has not had proper recognition either, (another similarity I just discovered now as I'm typing this LOL).....and she is none other than the Queen of the Fae......Titania.

So my theme will involve the herbs and flowers born of Nature and those Spirited Elements known as the Fae who care for them under the guidance of Titania their Queen.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Oh dear Lady, I want to fly down to Florida and enjoy a lovely cup of tea in your fairy cafe. I do hope you will be packaging and selling these teas? This post is so beautifully written, and now I am going to finish some chores, and then make myself a cup of real brewed tea. xo

    1. lol, it would be cheaper to just get some organic quality teas yourself, and imagine the most fun things as you drink it. Thank you for your kind comments....let me know what kind of tea you made and how it made you feel! Yes, I plan on packaging them myself and selling them. I hope people appreciate them, otherwise I will have to pack it all up and just move to Europe! or France who appreciate my style.

  2. Ahhh I love tea, even as a teenager I was drinking herbal teas and everybody thought I was mad, well they still do really but I don't care. ;-)

    I have never actually tried to make my own though. Now the idea of surrounding myself with pots of tea, dried herbs etc sounds delightful. I might just have to give it a go.

  3. I am a coffee and tea person but of lately I am weaning myself away from coffee. I love green tea, but also the rose and herbal ones to of late.

  4. BONJOUR! How lovely to meet up with another fairy lover and an affectionado of TEA! I have to have my tea every night but we are experiencing scorching hot days. SO, I have a special blend of CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT tea with milk waiting in the refrigerator. I love your lace work and the idea of keeping a cottage and believing in are most welcomed to visit any time and take a look at my paper art in my Etsy shop for which the link is provided on my sidebar; I love to make SHOES......! Anita


    1. Bonjour Anita! thank you for your comments, Yes I'm a fairy lover as I am part Fairy myself :D
      WE are having hot weather too, actually ALL the time in South Florida, but I've come to believe it may be better than waiting 5-6 months of snowy cold for warm weather. Chocolate hazelnut sounds amazing> coincidence I'm on the hunt for a good hazelnut extract but it was for my French Toast, now chocolate too! I have seen your gorgeous shoes and am wishing upon a star! check out my Fairy Tale Slippers. Sparkly blessings.

  5. Dear Lady,
    I honestly don't know if I've ever come across a more enchanting blog. I've poured myself a cup of rose petal tea and plan to while away the afternoon reading your posts.
    Thank you for sharing your life ~

    1. What a lovely thing to say. I visited your blog and I can say I found enchantment there! :D I hope you enjoy.

  6. I am more of a tea person too. I love that the little bird flies at the top of your blog. I hope you get to have Laduree tea soon.
    Happy pink thoughts all day!

    1. Thank you! If you know of anyone who has this tea or is going to Paris etc, please let me know, as I'd love to try some! I may never get to Paris...who knows...but I must try it.
      Pinky thoughts.....a new quest for L'Occitane's peony scent you posted...LOL

  7. My dear enchanted Lady of the Woods.....YOUR STORY ABOUT MY FAVORITE SLIPPERS (I have the photo in my files) is LIBERATING! WHY? Because I always wondered WHERE these special shoes were from. I need to watch the movie again to LOOK at those shoes! AND the link you provide to actually FIND the look-alikes is MOST HELPFUL. Affordable and beautiful, I am getting myself a pair NOW. I want to wear them! I love what you did to yours. I am having the time of my life making my paper art and I have sold one pair and one single. They are a bit pricey, but they are works of art.

    I must follow you. I also wish you well on finding that hazelnut and chocolate extract! The tea I use is just the STASH brand and it is good. But my favorite tea of all time is HARNEY AND SONS "Paris" tea. It has a gentle vanilla taste and it is lovely.

    OK, now I am stoked and ready to CREATE TODAY! Have a wonderful one and I will be watching for your next post! Anita

    1. What a most lovely comment to find on my blog! LOL *happy dance*
      Soooooo glad you found some value in my Fairy Tale slipper story, it was so much fun to write.... abbreviated and edited as it is LOL
      I love my slippers and cannot wait for an opportunity to wear them...
      they feel truly special.

      ok Now I too must look into that "Paris" tea. I've read some reviews on it and many say they love it, I will purchase it from amazon...and let you know.

      So glad you are stoked....
      I have soooo many projects I think I got a case of ''overwhelm'' and cannot find energy to do any.... maybe the humidity here too. But at least I'm working on the gardens, and in the process of building an arbor... just finished painting some of the lumber will be the sanctuary for the many orchids I just acquired from a friend who moved away....I love to find ways of making absolutely everything a magical endeavor! I can see it already, white, glowing with metallic golden pearl baroque stenciling, with mirrors here and there, and glass tables holding live moss filled bowls of orchids......?? Never saw one like it yet but in my mind I can see it already, fit for a Fairy Queen and cannot wait until its up so I can do the fun parts! LOL (must wait on housemate who is doing the cementing)
      I will make a post on it when its all done. Thanks for hanging out with me! You have a bubbly energy! the bubbles from champagne LOL luv that!

      sparkly blessings!
      ps;; I cannot reply to you via email because your status is set to ''no reply blogger", so I will respond in comments on your blog.

  8. Good afternoon, ou bien, BONJOUR LA DAME DE LA FÔRET!!!!

    Je te remercie (thank you) for coming to revisit! IT is enchanting indeed to meet other kindred spirits out there that enjoy confabulating ideas into stories, stories into realities and realities into is a cycle that cannot afford to be broken!I love your plans for your white and gold embellished arbor and NO,I do not believe I have ever seen one like it! We too are in the process of painting my writing studio and also having our garden completed with a covered deck. There I will set my white chippy painted chaise lounge with a laced skirt, a burlap covered body billow and burlap pillows.

    DO TRY THAT PARIS TEA. It is exquisite. Harney and Sons PARIS. With a splash of milk it is fantastic.

    I also watched the Ladurée video and I am intrigued. It has given me an idea for a drawing! The ideas are always flowing but yes, who has ALL THE TIME to put them into reality? I am glad however, that as a French teacher, I do have summers off. I will return in September as a substitute so that I can choose my days that I want to work and devote the rest of the time to beefing up my Etsy shop and possible extended business.

    Well then my dear, it is wonderful to meet you and follow you! I look forward to your next blog post....until then, DREAM, CREATE AND ENJOY! Anita

    1. precisement!...we cannot afford to break the line of stories and story MAKING that is the lifeline to the kind of soul who thrives in worlds of beauty and magic! I want to BE my own Fairy Queen and make my own life my Fairy Tale....a work in progress, I love people who GET THAT ~ it makes you special already. :D
      I shall order the Paris tea today thanks to you....cannot wait...the tin is pretty too.

      Thank you again for following and my next post is coming up today, on beauty-full skin will benefit from that one too.... I highly suspect :D

      sparkling blessings

  9. I am looking forward to seeing your post tonight! MAGIC BEGINS!!! Anita

  10. Tea is a wonderful gift to us - the variety and diversity is marvelous! I'll check out this link and try to find those beautiful things from Laduree - my list of things to do is growing! Must get a cup of tea! I hope you're having a blessed day!
    I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  11. I'm glad you appreciated it.
    My list is growing too lol and though I'm moving kind of fast, it grows still, but I love the new!
    Laduree! my new quest....if you ever find some of that tea or know of someone who knows, etc, please do let me know? I cannot find it sold here and they do not ship to the USA.

    For tea, try an organic loose white tea with essential oil scented rose buds and after you pour it into your cup add a few drops of pure rose water available at ethnic stores especially Persian or Greek, or Indian, honey or sugar as you like.........:D:D:D you will be glad you did.
    blessings, Lady


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