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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Beauty-Full Skin Serums

I'm not into wrinkles. Don't like 'em. Don't want 'em.
Don't expect them, don't host them. Don't anticipate them, don't give in to 'em.
Don't feed em.......don't invite them, don't tolerate them.
Therefore, I don't have to have them and thats the truth.
However, the past 10 years being what they were, have taken its toll on me and I didn't take care of myself as I always had. Many things changed and happened, but I began to see something in my face and skin I didn't like. I thought it was just a phase, but it was damage, and it didn't ''go away''.
Time to gear up.

I have to be careful around this wrinkle issue because I have good genes, in a family that doesn't age, from both mother and father sides, we don't do wrinkles. So when I work on an anti aging serum, I had better be sure. I've been working on it for years and have finally got some good results in, confirmed as usual by that peculiar eye test called "visibility". LOL
So.....whilst I have drawn a lonnnnnngggggg cart and horse with this path, and gone down many roads, enough to fill several books, YOU ALL.....get to benefit from a single post of my personal cool is that?? for you! LOL
Well, here we go.

As I'm drinking a bit of white wine infused with lemongrass and black pepper....a combination that is virtually a time machine that sends me direct to the second star to the North !!! otherwise known as Never Never Land ~ .....I will try to make this coherent. LOL *enter Tinkerbells laughter*

Whilst perusing youtubes one night when I could not sleep.....those kinds of nights doing this has, when I ventured to make it worth my time, has turned out some very helpful information and I have to thank all those women for putting it all out there.......I came across something that caught my eye with the word ''organic'' in personal lifestyle....and so one thing led to another and one click led to many others online. I found a woman who makes everything she uses from house cleaning products to shampoos etc, as I do. However, in my case there are some things I haven't mastered yet or found a recipe for that works for me as in my shampoo, a quest I have come to an end to I think as I found something works, but that's another post.
But I saw a youtube from a woman who makes her own Vit C Serum. Have any of you tried making this? Well I've heard of it for years, but didn't bother making it because you know why? The patriarchal 'EXPERTS' in this field all said Vit C applied topically doesn't penetrate the skin barrier.
Enter entrepreneur women who believe in the old, 'let me try this myself' common sense thinking, and you have a slew of women who have benefited from this, and are making their own, seeing lovely and inspiring results with added emphasis of great excitement and thusly a need to share as most women do when they make discoveries. Makes me cringe that I even wasted years believing the "experts" and not trying it myself the way I do 99% of the time.
Oh well, at least I now have a face that WOULD show some benefits from this product yes ? LOL

So, saw this one particular youtube here  and she was so nonchalant about it that I thought its really not rocket science after all as the ''experts'' are trying to make it out to be, because god forbid women make their own rejuvnating creams and serums and gosh! where would all the laboratories and department stores be???

Well this is where I love and have making my own everything. Before recently, this facial serum I didn't really need. I only needed to keep myself well hydrated with drinking good quality water, my veggie juicing, lots of good sleep or making time for it when I didn't get it, all natural products, some sun, and shea butter for moisturizing. I used to believe the more ingredients the better it has be for the skin right? No. I've used them all, expensive and cheap, natural and unnatural, but found shea butter pure and simple works magic on keeping my skin plump and wrinkle free....unless of course its the genes. Castor oil does the same, I do use it when I get dry skin for its magic. There's so much more to problem skin than wrinkles, theres discoloration, sagging, dryness/oiliness, spots/ blemishes, tone, textures....many things.
But these two, castor oil, and shea butter are the most moisturizing ever.
I used all the known power anti aging products from Nature I could find.....because where do you think those high end products sold in expensive chain stores get their basic ingredients disguised with their latin names? from Nature.....and even when they add a natural ingredient from nature as their highlighted ''effective ingredient'', it is something from cannot be avoided. Well I decided 30 years ago to go directly to Mama Nature herself as I don't need the psychopathy of middlemen or marketing to get to the juice of what I need.

Vit. C as a topical serum has been touted as miraculous by the companies who make them, but when an individual tries to make it, well, it doesn't work, say these ''experts''. And I never bothered to test this.
Well the women who have gone and done so have spoken volumes and I both thank them and I'm listening.
After watching many utubes of how others make theirs and the way they see improvements in their skin, of course I bought a powdered vit C and began that very night. I put it in a spray bottle and kept in the refrigerator and used it morning and night.....from my face to my decollete, because the ''face'' doesn't end at the jawline, it ends at your bosom.....that's when you're serious about your skin.
But I didn't just make this vit C serum, I made another serum, and between the two, I used them both morning and night and within days I thought I saw an improvment in what has been causing me sadness. I got excited of course, as the rejuvenating qualities of the skin, when you give it what it needs, became apparent. Eureka!
I have to say, even if I just ''think" I see an improvement, that is enough for me, but a visitor also told me my skin was glowing, and that was all the confirmation I needed. I do see it in the morning and am surprised when I see it at varying times during the day.....
you know? ..... when you just happen to look in the mirror and take a double take? yeah that one LOL

Hold your horses....I'm getting there......LOL

So, after experimenting with these two which I shall share with you in a New York Minute, I believe I found a combination that works, and has given my skin what it needed to do what it is supposed to do which is to replicate healthy skin cells, remain youthful and moist. So here goes:

As in the video above, I simply got an empty spray bottle, mixed one teaspoon of vit C powder with 4 ounces of distilled water, and I really would NOT use any other kind of water......and made sure it totally dissolved and put it into a little bottle.  How complicated is that......
You can use either a spray bottle or just a regular bottle in which you'd have to use a cotton pad to apply it, and I do both.
As the lady above, I used it first thing in the morning and then I applied my own rejuvenating serum, and last thing at night, same thing. The lady uses a commercial product with petroleum jelly which I'd never use.
My own Rejuvenating Oil Serum:

I'm not good with measurements so you'll have to read carefully: I got an empty bottle maybe a 4 ox size? of which I have many for all the things I make, added it halfway with pure organic coconut oil, maybe 3 ounces??,
 opened 4 gel caps of Vit. E 1000 I.U. and put that in,
added half a bottle of rosehip seed oil by Aubry Organics....

one whole bottle of seabuckthorn berry oil also by Aubry Organics,  and this will make things orangy, but it does wash out.

about a tablespoon of rice bran oil which my skin loves and is very popular with the Japanese who are famous for their beautiful skins, 3 drops of carrot seed essential oil, 4 drops of pure frankincense essential oil, and 4 drops of pure rose absolute or otto. I have an extensive collection of pure essential oils but these are basics.
All of these ingredients are used by high end companies touting their ''unparallelled'' skin rejuvenating qualities....all available at your local health food store.

I've been using this and seeing beautiful skin people! I did have one testing area to look for improvement and it was a line I was developing on my upper chest area right underneath my collar bones....there was a line, a wrinkle that went across....and I had a few little red dots that wouldn't go away. Since I've been using both the Vit. C Serum and the Oil Serum they have gone away.....I'm seeing smooth, olive skin, with no wrinkles and no discolorations. It has literally rejuvenated to its original condition of being healthy. I have taken my mirror and gone out into the bright Florida sun to investigate with my glasses on, and the improvement is real.

I also had a bad habit of picking on my cuticles on my fingers, and when I use the serum I not only put it on my face to decollete, but I put it on my hands and up my arms a bit for the skin that is exposed so much in the Florida sun while driving has suffered. And my cuticles have improved at an alarming rate, to my great joy and I feel the skin getting better.

Another test: my housemate John works at Whole Foods as a chef and is always getting burned handling large/huge pans, dishes etc. He doesn't take care of these burns and when I see them I almost choke, they are raw, and yellow from infection etc. Inevitably I have to ask him to let me do something for it, and this past week I thought to test the healing qualities of Vit C topically, quick fast, this burn is perfect to see results with. Usually for these burns of his I use colloidal silver which is unparallelled in my opinion and I usually soak the burn/cut and cover it with gauze to keep it wet with the colloidal silver, but now I'm testing the Vit. C.
So I sprayed it on his arm, and he left it exposed. The next day it was 90% better and he was surprised. I told him where the spray was and to use it freely....pleeeeeeze!......and in his successive burns, he's been spraying the Vit. C serum on his own! I have since seen new ones and asked what in heck is happening, more burns,  and he never treats anything people......but this is too easy even for him......and he's getting very fast healing which is wonderful!

I didn't find pics really necessary, but here is one of my two serums, blurry as it is, it is the best I can do in my mood now, I'm just not into all the work necessary for a good photo and styling
These are small bottles maybe 4 ozs?
The Vit C serum on the right in the blue bottle needs to be dated because it does go bad. I make small quantities to use it up within a week, then I mix a new one, just 2 ingredients, vit C powder and distilled water. I've just had to change the ratio of Vit C powder to water because my skin got used to it. Initially applying it will sting and this is desirable. When I no longer felt the sting I thought it had gone bad so I made another batch with the same ratio, still no sting. I used it up then made a stronger ratio mix and I feel the sting again. I would not keep going up stronger and stronger, not necessary, its just how I test things.....I like to be super sure.
The amber bottle on the left is the Oil Serum. The Vit. E is a natural preservative and it doesn't need any refrigerating. I'm loving these ! LOL *happy happy dance*

So there you have it.....Beauty-Full Skin Serums....try them and let me know how they work for you!

blessings of beauty.

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  1. I can't wait for you to open an Etsy store! I found two out of three things for my homemade detergent, need to find Borax. And a jar. And a scoop. xo

    1. ok, you have just made me try to register with etsy :D
      only they won't allow me to use my own email address....I have sent them an email which finally went through to help fix this problem. If it goes smoothly, I will open my etsy shop, and try to tell all the things I have going on here....thanks to you!
      you can find borax muleteam at any wal mart or large grocery store.

  2. Lady I have given you the Sunshine Award...your posts are always so enchanting & interesting...check on my blog when you get a chance...


    1. oh how fun, thank you! I will have to spend some time in a minute (day or 2 or 3!) to look into this. I'm very tired from working in the hot Florida sun building an arbor and painting it etc, which I must do while the housemate is available and will keep going until it is done, so I will be back here in soon. Thank you!
      blessings, Lady

  3. Good afternoon dear lady!

    I am a bit late today in my blog visits since we are trying to get some work done here at the house in my writing studio. PEELING OFF WALL PAPER is hard work, especially in a heat wave, using a STEAMER!

    ABOUT WRINKLES. I agree with ya! My daddy who died at 82 of lung cancer, looked fabulous. Even with the cancer he still looked amazingly young. I have few wrinkles at my age of 5o something....and I attribute it to my daddie's genes AND.....eating lots of fruits and veggies and using moisturizer since age 14!!!!!

    I must look into what you are sharing here.....but good living, sleep, eating well, keeping weight at a healthy level and STAYING OUT OF THE SUN are all ways to contribute!!

    So nice to see you...Anita

    1. Yes, good genes are a happy thing, but I still believe wholeheartedly in prevention too! plus, as mentioned in my post I began to see things considered terrible in my family and I had to do something about it. I am happy to see every morning a better skin all over and glowing too. But in my case, the sun is critical for being healthy and glowing....without it I turn pasty and pale...not good.

      Today was a big day in cementing the posts for the arbor also in June Florida heat omg! I painted (in the shady porch) the wood white, am now hunting for decorative brackets, and will do some stenciling in a day or so.....the enchanting little mirrors will go up after, and the glass tables I have yet to find or construct.....
      I see it all in my visionary eye, and once its there, there is no going back....I will quest ahead until I see it in front of my eyes LOL

      wall paper.....never had to deal with it and glad too because I hear of the dreary job of removing it.....
      seems we are both hard at work creating and improving? Yes?

      Things of beauty are a joy forever.

  4. Oh my goodness dear Fairy Lady, not only am I grateful that I have found a little piece of heaven on your blog, but I see that you are blog friends with one of the most magical people I have ever known, and that is my precious friend and soul sister Anita!!! Yipppeee!!!
    This is bliss!!

    I have read your WONDERFUL post on tea...I, too, am a tea lover...
    and I must say...I almost purchased that Paris tea for Anita, it looked so lovely, and the packaging is gorgeous. But knowing that she is a purist...I noticed artificial flavor in the ingredients, and I set it right back down. I was so bummed, and I did not know she loves it. I relay this story because you may want to know, dear Lady, that it is not all natural. I was bummed for myself as well, because I so wanted to try it...if a tea contains artificial flavor, I do not drink...
    I am loving the idea of mixing a tea for oneself, and I also go by smell...again, a splendid post!

    Ok, now to the facial you and Anita, I have pretty good olive skin...and I also try to use natural/organic. After years of working for various cosmetic companies....I became terribly disillusioned with the manipulation and now it is all natural for me!! Thank you so much for these wonderful recipes...I am so glad they are working for you. In the winter I used straight olive oil, and I was seeing nice results. As I enter my forties, I do feel I need to bump it up a I will try these wonderful recommendations...I already have a few of the ingredients....THANK YOU THANK YOU!
    Fairy blessings and light to you,
    - Irina :)

    1. Hello Palomasea! what a happy comment, thank you. I just got the Paris tea today, and as soon as I opened the tin I could smell the chemical or unnatural ingredients....I was bummed. Then I poured it as directed and could smell it even more, and tasted it too. I could not understand why so many reviews raved about it, and I decided people need to taste some real tea!! I would not even serve it to my guests because they are used to a high caliber, and this is sad.

      Yes, the two serums seems to be working well for me and I am ever every sooo grateful!.....I'm fifty something and as mentioned in my post, I did suffer some aging but am seeing the reversal with these serums....happy happy!
      So glad you have enjoyed my posts, and I hope you enjoy more!
      fairy sparkling blessings to you too!

  5. Dear sorry about the tea! I know what you mean about smelling and tasting the artificial...
    I would love to spend a bit more time making my own blends.
    Many years ago I worked for Origins, the "natural division" of Estee Lauder. They were revolutionary for a department store cosmetics counter at the time, and many people did not "get" the natural distillations, essential oils, etc.
    But once you use and smell the real stuff, there really is no going back.
    I'm looking forward to trying your serum recipes!
    I hope you had a lovely holiday, and I wish you a magical weekend...
    - Irina

    1. :D its ok, I will find a way to use it. Also each sachet bag I have to cut open to get the contents out to compost because I'm a composter and do not like anything that is wasteful, and these silk bags are. Bulk or loose teas on the other hand goes straight from the pot into the bowl as a nice start to my composting :D.

      But yes, so many people don't understand what happens when you get away from chemicals.....and if I say I don't like the smell or I can't take it, they think I'm being finiky or something, they don't understand that all the chemicals never smell like anything other than that...its a sad thing.

      I wish you the best with the serums. It worked so great for my housemate who doesn't even have scars from the burns he had just last week....and they were bad....this is something I wish I tried earlier, but better now than never!
      I worked on building my pergola and didn't feel any holiday LOL...but happy.
      Thank you for the lovely wishes, and the same to you.
      sparkly blessings,

  6. Oh, this serum looks wonderful - thank you for sharing! I love to create my own skin care products, and I will definitely be trying your creation!

    Beautiful blog!


    1. thank you Barbara and I wish you the best with the serums!

  7. Good afternoon fairy, seamaiden and friend!!!

    THANK YOU FOR COMING to my post today with an imagination and enthusiasm! Anyone who leaves a comment is so much appreciated for understanding a bit of my whimsy, but I know that you not only understand but BELIEVE in making the imagination come alive!!!

    I hope you weather is being kind to you. Our heat wave is supposed to be subsiding by now; it has made even our little fairy garden friends wilt! A sweet squirrel was in our tree being very lethargic and it was odd to see it! And I am sick right now and was not even able to take my tea last night...shame on me!!!

    Sending you a hug and thanks for being so kind. Anita

    1. *listen to British accent here* (something I do when I'm feeling happy for some odd reason LOL)

      Well then me dearest lady, we have an appreciation for each others Imaginarium! I knew it....I could sense whenever I read your posts, and the magical place they stemmed from and how artfully and craftily you try to convey it to is nothing other than Fairy Blessings for the world!
      Of course I BELIEVE and you BELIEVE because we KNOW.....we KNOW....and this world is in desperate need of those who do.
      You are a gift to those you come across, they are lifted because of you.

      Yes, I see great things of Beauty in my Mind/heart and then get to work making them real here in our very very slow 3 dimentional time here. I just got myself ill from working too long and too hard in the sun....and the heat is horrid. Arbor is up, and soon I'll be stenciling.
      Our rainy season began a full season earlier in Spring instead of Fall.....I don't mind breaks from the sun, but the rains out of season are strange, but strange times we live in.
      Thank you for kind word and hugs and I return them in earnest!
      huge grins and sparkly blessings!

  8. So glad you found one of my other homes :)))
    A beautiful day to you, dear magical Lady...
    - Irina

  9. What a joy to read your blog. Will certainly mix up Vitamin C and distilled water. Thank you so much for sharing those gems.

  10. I'll be re-reading this again for all your information! I have been using topical C serum and an E serum for years and it really is the best!

    Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday!

    1. oh Nice to find another who sees it works for them too! I wish many more would try it. Thank you for visiting.


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