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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Home Made Deodorant

I make all my own body products, I've done this for over 30 years especially when I discovered I was allergic to all un natural things.
One thing I particularly love is my perfumed body powder which I keep in a pretty little toile green fabric box.

 Its lovely! This scent is amazing and I love this powder. But sometimes one just doesn't want a powder, because it is visible or seems to not last too long.
And so 2 weeks ago, when I decided I needed a deodorant, as the crystal stick I had was annoying me and didn't quite work anyway, I knew I had to make one. I got on line to look for simple recipes, one that is a spray because I like simple sprays, but I kept coming across one that is creamy and put into either a jar or an empty deodorant stick dispenser. I looked at many utubes on this and all of them said the same about this particular one with basically 3 ingredients, and that is that it worked, their hubby's and family used it and every one liked it.

Do you know why its so critical to make your own and NOT use chemicals in your arm least not anything that you cannot eat as food? Because one of those most critical glands you have in your body for purifying and cleansing your body is located your lymph glands under your cleans the body and releases from you do NOT want to stop this evacuation NOR do you want to add chemicals to this area that is supposed to be releasing toxins and have it absorbed into the lymph glands....... poisons like aluminum known to cause Alzheimer. There is so much more but you can research this.

This deodorants ingredients are baking soda, cornstarch and coconut oil.....wait a minute....oil??? how does that work?
I couldn't wrap my head around the oil part but all the women said it worked and it was not oily and even their families loved it, and since I had everything I needed on hand I decided to get out of my way, make it and try it and THEN decide....and I'm sooooo glad I did!
I never had sooo much fun using deodorant people LOL~
You can find many variations people are using here .

What I did, simply, is to use the aluminum free baking soda from Bob's Mills, and all I had left was about a tablespoon. Then I added a tablespoon of cornstarch and mixed those two powders. I love essential oils in everything I make as it makes me smell like a garden of many delights with a mix and blend of various different essential oils in the various products I use on my body. I have a blend I love from Australia called Love and Friendship and I added maybe ?10 drops of that to about a tablespoon of liquid coconut oil which was at room temperature. I melted it in the sun (love the sun!) for a minute just to get the liquid consistency so I could mix the essential oils into it easily. One helpful hint in the many utubes I watched was one girl who said that she also loves using fragrant essential oils in her products but because the baking soda absorbs odors it also absorbs the fragrance put into it, so I didn't want to waste a precious oil by making it fragrant with more drops. It should be a thick is a very LOOSE recipe and one can play with the amounts to find what they!
I also added a few drops of Eucalyptus oil since I didn't have the Tea Tree Oil which is used in many of these recipes and Eucalyptus is also very antibacterial and clean smelling.
So basically/roughly/approximately! LOL equal parts baking soda, cornstarch (and/or arrowroot powder), and coconut oil, essential oils of choice, mixed well and that's it!
I put it into a little jar as I didn't want to make too much as this was just a test sample to see how oil works in a deodorant, but it works well, even a bit as an antiperspirant, and I can see already that this little jar is going to last me a long while!
Not only do I adore its consistency, but I love how it feels creamy in my fingers and how it melts and disappears into my skin, its clean smell and that it dries almost like magic once applied.
I have also found I do not need it every day....maybe every 3rd day or so. This stuff is really amazing, it works like a charm, is fun to use, and smells wonderful cause I made it so LOL....AND is very very very cheap to make and no need to buy chemicals made by psychopaths who never think of the consequences of their chemicals on human bodies. And organic and natural deodorants sold in health foods stores too are way too expensive....what a racket.
I had to find out the long and hard way how allergic I was to chemicals back in the day when no one was considering that these so called ''common'' body products and foods were the very things causing all my ailments.....especially doctors who refuted that chemicals or foods were causing my problems. When I was told I needed surgeries etc, that is when I decided to find out what is causing my sicknesses and ignored all the so called experts, and this alone has saved my life, my organs, and I grew up to cure myself. I cleaned out everything I used and ate, and there were all the culprits causing my misery. I then taught myself how to eat, what I can eat, what I can use on my body and how to make every bit of it. When I did this, I found health and found Beauty.

Please try this people, it is a wonder and a joy.....for pennies!

blessings of beauty and health.

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  1. I love to visit here, and I am really interested in this product. I have to get coconut oil, I have essential lavender oil and the powders. I love the smell of coconut too. xo

    1. Its a fun thing! let me know how it works for easy to make and works so well!
      thank you for stopping by and your kind comments.

  2. Look at you!!!!! Now you are making your own deodorant......I'll say it again.....IS THERE ANYTHING you can't do?? I am so impressed I can't stand it.



    1.'re too funny. I told you, I don't do welding, make glass, or dig ditches....LOL
      but I do do whatever I can do in my life that nourishes my self in the best way and what way than to make ones own products from the best ingredients ??
      LOL My sisters and my friend always say that to me....they always say, "you made this??? I can't stand you" and I laugh.
      you made me laugh and this is great!

  3. What do you think of using arrow root powder instead of cornstarch?
    Thank you for posting this, it's really great idea.
    SF Bay Area

    1. arrowroot is used by some people too yes, especially if you know that baking soda is irritating to you, but some use it and/or a blend of arrowroot and cornstarch. Go for it! :D

  4. I love natural products. I have allergies too. Great post.

    1. thank you for commenting. I think I'm going to do a series of what I've been making and how. There is no going back to chemicals once you live using only the best ingredients Nature has to offer.

  5. I will pass this on to a friend that has many allergies. Thanks for sharing and for joining the Open House party.

  6. WOW!!!!!!!!!! I am amazed!!! I would like to try this I think. I was reading my friend Diana Frey's post & the comments about her upcoming teaching at Petaluma & saw you there. Hopped over to visit & LOVE what I see here. I am going to try this. Thanks for sharing! Charlene

  7. I am very fascinated with your blog, and especially the fact you are using body deodorants which are kind to the skin. I miss the original Herbal Essence Shampoo which had passion flower in it and smelled heavenly, like real herbs. Everything these days smell so fruity...I use Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo in the Lavender is the least offensive smell I can find but it still have all of those laurel sulfates and aluminum additives in it and it is suppose to be for children! Nothing seems to be without chemical these days.
    Anyway, kudos to you for making your own deodorant. I came here from Irina's Witty and Wise blog.
    Have a lovely rest of the week!
    Teresa in California

    1. you can make it too! then kudos to you! LOL....I'm a firm believer in getting away from chemicals. I suffered from them terribly and alot of people do too but do not know it.
      If I can do anything to get people away from them I messes with our hormones and brainwaves and affects the way we feel and live so much it is unbelievable.
      try it and let me know, its too easy. I'm going to do a series on the things I make, some of them already posted here. I will try to organize them somehow LOL

  8. I'm dreadfully allergic to deodorants and fear the day that the only one that I can use gets discontinued. I'm definitely going to give this recipe a go. Thank you! If you're ever looking for another place to share your creative ideas, stop by Etcetorize. Linky party is still on and we'd love to see you there~

    1. oh don't worry about yours being discontinued, unless you are unusually and heavily lymphatically draining from your pits! LOL....then this should work for you. How did you get a link into a comment? can you tell me? I've wondered how to do that! I will link over on your site. blessings.

  9. The timing is right Lady because I decided yesterday to change my deodorant use to a natural type...most particularly because I want something not tested on those poor little animals :*(.....& Look here!!! LOL this is great & I am definitely going to try this.. Thanks for sharing this...!!

    ((Hugs))) :D

  10. I was looking through some of your blog posts on this site and I believe this web site is really informative! Keep on putting up.This site is really helpful for us.

  11. ohhh fantastic thnak you!!!!

    i have a natural rock salt but find it is not very efective and you have to moisten it before use. i love this idea and i have everything in my cupboard to make a trial run! i am going to see if i have a small jar today and make some up...i am thinking patchouli! i shall let you know how it goes!

  12. Hello! I am definitely going to give this a try! I love the idea of making your own deodorant - don't like the stuff from the stores! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

    1. oh great, please do let me know how it works for you....I love mine, wish I had done it much sooner.


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