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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dream Catching

Lately, with all the materials I have in my garden there is something that is begging to be made. I have lots of grapevine from last year and I decided to make lots of little wreaths with them and hang them from the rafters of the front porch. Nice, but not quite magical enough. Then I thought the center was too much "negative space", a term used in art......and I wanted to add this or that and then it came to me to make dream-catchers. I thought this would be difficult, but I got online to youtube and found a few that explained it quite easily and I tried it. One youtube was especially helpful sans music. :D
I've always liked dreamcatchers. Natives have something magical, such a deep understanding of Nature.
Though I've had a couple of dreamcatchers it never took my nightmares away, and I had it hanging right over my head.
I decided it would be simply decoration, so I added glass icicles to it and it tinkles like delicate chimes. One small one I keep in my car. I love seeing them and that they have mystical aspects.

So with the materials I have especially the grapevine, I made one and it was very pretty! I like making them. I have made a few. I like the therapy it offers when hands are busy crafting, weaving, seeing with my Magical Eye.

I wanted to make all kinds since I saw so many possibilities, and that they are truly endless using all kinds of materials.

One can make these for their loved ones using things from their own possessions. You can use items from a favorite piece of clothing they can no longer wear, or a dreamcatcher made from your wedding dress using different parts of it like the main dress, the tulle, lace, pearls, etc. Or for a child with things like shoe laces from a childs first shoes,
............or jewelry you no longer wear but still next one.

I went to Joann's to pick up rings, and right underneath were some white lace doily's, and I saw it immediately. The doily would be the woven web part and I wouldn't even have to weave it. I bought the rings as I had everything else.
(Turns out the lace dreamcatcher is not my own, original yes since I came up with it by myself, but I wasn't the first :D )
Nothing new under the sun? lolol

Here are a few I've made. I wish the pictures were a better day.

This first dreamcatcher is ala Rachel Ashwell who has again, after 10 years, become a muse for me.
Tausha of Simply Me blog makes some like these to sell, she deserves a mention because they are beautiful.
I like this one as I love almost everything by Rachel, and though I don't like to copy, it was simple enough and because its made of fabrics, I decided it would represent my artistic muse since I'm making my clothes. I got Joann's precut squares in coordinated colors and patterns for $1.99. The rest of the materials I had. This one is magical because it has a bit of everything I use in my creativity and clothes....beads, pearls, netting, fabric, feathers, crystals. It is the one that reminds me that I love to make clothes and I love fabrics, beads and lace. I wove a star in the center. I've not seen that before. I always have to do something original.

It is my Creative Muse DreamCatcher.

I love this one as it uses the grapevine I grew here, beads I had, and pheasant feathers. I had some feather thingys that were a mix of feathers, and I hung it upside down, added beads to its stem and attached it.                 Beauty.
Made from things from Nature...web uneven......... and like nature, is perfect imperfection.

It is my Organic Nature DreamCatcher

This is my lacy white whimsical one. This is the one I decided to do with lace and that it would represent my essence. I love this for its purity and innocence and femininity.
It is lacy, made with white feathers I picked up from walks and the aviary, dreamy tulle, silver and frosted beads, pearls, and I made some tassels. I think I will do more like this....loving the tassels and the lace!

Ozma of Odds gives a lovely tutorial on how to make some similar to these, she is totally amazing!If you have not been to her site please do go, you will swoon or drool, or both. She offers lots of tutorials on her whimsy! If you have not been there, tell her I sent you. She has such a beautiful soul, and her love of white is ...well.....''catching''......hummm.....yes, just like a dream !

This one is unfinished as I see myself adding more to it, the more I feel my own soul from my Magical Eyes.
It reminds me of the gentleness and pure Beauty there.

This is my Spiritual Essence DreamCatcher.

Lune Vintage also deserves a mention because she makes beautiful ones too, with tutorials and pictures from others who make some exceptionally gorgeous ones! Below are 4 pics from her site:

A site for Emma Cassi 

For those who love Bohemian colors.......Linda?? :D

Details from her flickr site:

Check our her video tutorial ! and an artist gathering where people made their own.

I Love this wall of dreamcatchers from here: Dosen't she look like she's trying to catch a dream ?

It is wonderful to make things yourself with your own hands, in ways that are unique to your own creativity. I encourage everyone to make something whimsical for themselves, and for others. Even if you don't know how, just with the materials, especially materials you already have lying around.....and see what you come up with.....using your own magical eye, your own imagination..........these are the most magical pieces of all because they are uniquely you!

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  1. Hi your dream catchers are beautiful,I love the lace one its so pretty,Ihave a couple in my bedroom but Im now going to make some you have inspired me to.Love and blessings Jill xx

    1. I'm so glad....inspiring others is why I'm online, :D and to get some inspiration too which there is no shortage of in blogland ! lovin it !

  2. You have so inspired me! I love this post. Now I really want to make a dream catcher!

    1. I can't wait to see yours! I just KNOW it will be gorgeous!

  3. love all the brilliant ideas, and such a fun way to let the essense of ones dreams come into reality, very beautiful, thanks1 Mary Anne

    1. Yes it is a fun way to let the essence of ones dreams come into reality. It took me a while to actually get to making it, but once I did, whole worlds of opportunities opened up and I cannot wait to get started on the others now! :D

  4. OhYes!! That Bohemain one is right on & the wheels are already turning!! LOL I love the one you made and turning it into a chime is a wonderful idea!! All are beautiful....I have already made one but once you start you want more...I like the idea of adding something personal to it...Wonderful post...It made me smile...

    Have a beautiful evening,

    1. can't wait to see yours too Linda, everything you do is so beautifully artistic and well done! :D lovin it.

  5. Been poking around you blog a little this evening....oh my......dear there ANYTHING you can't do. I cannot believe how talented you are....such an inspiration....I know this comment has nothing to do with dreamcatchers...but I just had to say seems as though I NEVER unfortunately...I have none to catch. LOL LOL



    1. oh thank you so much for saying that :-)
      I don't do welding, blow glass, and a few other things like that, and sadly they are not on my ''to do'' list either :D:D:D
      I try to make sure I am talented in most things I need to I'm not dependent on others....a life grown up in so called "poverty" gave me this ambition.
      Besides, I love making things myself, I think I have better ideas....until I met the ladies of blogland this past November! boy what a world of talented gifted and beautiful ladies!!!!
      There is so much to do LOL

      Dreaming....I dream too much...way too much, its even exhausting for me. So I tried everything to stop it but it won't. I think, in jungian terms, the dreaming may be such a busy mind needing to release its "contents" if you will and they come out all convoluted through dreams? only a theory of mine. I just with I could sleep all night, wake up rested, and not remember anything.

  6. What beautiful dreamcatchers! Love your blog. New Follower.


    1. Thank you. I went to your blog too and I love what you're doing too...especially that you do it with Stan...a couple blogging together! what a lovely thing!

  7. Oh yes! The Pearls and Lace for beautiful dreams! I think you did a great job on
    on yours!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. i love , love them all of them !!!!!!!!!!Beautiful !! love your blog

  9. Oh I do love the Bohemian colors! Very fun! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!


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