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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thrift Store Finds

I've been inspired by so many bloggers of late to go thrifting. I am surprised I found some things I do like. After going through much stuff, there are some treasures. Below are pics of the ones I love. I found a beautiful large oval pure linen table cloth with the most delicate ruffled edge for $2.00. There was a minor yellow spot which was removed with a quick soak in bleach water. After discovering the beautiful linen, I found a beautiful cream damask of the softest cotton which I love for $2.00. Then I found a bag of 6 white cotton battenburg lace placemats with 2 matching napkins for $4.00. I also found this day a pair of crocheted valances I will use as a trim to something I will make later.
All the linens I found this day were taken home and immediately soaked in a bucket of bleach water I had already sitting in the garden from a previous purpose, and within an hour all spots were removed. I then washed them in the delicate cycle and hung them on a clothesline I quickly erected just for them. 

I found a white tureen in the same store the week before, made in Portugal for $15.00. I am happy with my finds. I do believe I shall go ''thrifting'' again. LOL.

Damask to the left and the linen on the right

detail of the damask

blurry detail of the linen

battenburg lace placements and 2 cotton valance

in the sun

Tureen made in Portugal

I've never joined a ''blog party'' before and I hope I'm doing this right, lol, but here I will post the link for " A Delightsome Life'' blog party for thrifty finds.


  1. Hello, These are gorgeous finds! I just love finding beautiful white tablecloths and dishes - yours are gorgeous - so glad you were able to get the spots out! There's something quite lovely in a laundry line drying outdoors! Thank you for sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  2. So glad to hear you found more linens - they are so wonderful - love the texture of linen! I hope you have a great weekend,

  3. Hello, I have been trying to catch up with emails and noted yours expressing that you like the music on my blog - thank you. I chose these because they touch my heart and uplift my soul. I first heard the majority of the music while watching Message in a Bottle. The composer created exquisite music. I too keep it open while I am puttering about the house - sometimes I connect with the Internet on our tv and it fills my home.
    I appreciate you,
    Hope your day is blessed,


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