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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

$10.00 Beaded chandelier- updated pics

Hello everyone,
Well its finished. I did it. But it was not as simple as it looked or sounded. I wonder where my intuition goes when I get all excited about something, and no warnings about the ''hard times''.

Sooooo I was googling on youtube to find out how to re-wire a hard- wired chandelier to a swag or plug-in and I saw this youtube about a $10.00 beaded chandelier which looked very pretty. I watched it and thought how cool is that! I think I even got more excited about this one than my real crystal one LOL But suffice to say, I did go out to get the beads because I thought it was so pretty and for all of $7.00? Plus I aleady had some beautiful colors in spray paints, like Kryon's metallic Satin Finish in Caramel Latte and a metallic copper and I thought these would be gorgeous on beads, making them look like pearls, and they did. The caramel latte on the gold beads turned one color and the same color looked entirely different on the silver beads....but all shimmered with a pearly metallic in creme's with undertones of silver and gold, and then the highlights of the metallic copper.....they looked beautiful. Then I began to work....and work, and work, and what they said would be a 3 hour project turned into alot longer than that. I used more beads also that what the video and tutorial says, and well......I finished it today. 
But not quite as I don't really like the lights I used. I thought some sparkly twinkling light would be nice inside and the ones I have are led lights which look blue and they look cold and I don't like them, I prefer a warm glow like the lights in the picture along the top. I will have to go out to buy a light fixture for a regular bulb as my second option. But here is one picture:

You see I wanted it to be a working chandelier to go onto the front porch. 

Here is the video I saw:

I will take pictures tomorrow because it is dark now and the lights in it I do not like too much and I really appreciate more the variations in pearly sheens and colors that are seen when it is in the sun. I think it even looks good without a light but just hanging on a tree limb in the sun.

If I ever decide to do this again, which I don't foresee, I'd use strings of mother of pearl or jade or some semi precious stones....this really could be a beautiful lamp of quality for those with lots of patience.
Happy crafting !

Here are the updated pics with the lighting changed from the ''twinkling'' led lights to a socket and amber colored bulb. I like it much better and it gives off the glow of candlelight but strong enough to see by. I have it hooked up to a timer that puts lights on just before dark. (sorry for the blurry pictures)

This is my favorite picture with the azure twilight sky in the background! It was just getting dark. I like it :D

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