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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Meal of the Day....Mushroom & Zuchinni with Roasted Garlic in Angel Hair Pasta

Hello Beautiful People,

there are times when you don't go out, don't have a meal planned and simply must use whatever is in the fridge and available. This morning I happened to wake up with the flavour of roasted garlic in mind, I don't know why, I hardly ever eat it, but there it was. I knew I had to have something with it that day, and learn how to make it! But what else I had to do was make a meal from what was in the fridge. This is a creative challenge I set for myself lately. It helps me to be creative and to work my imagination.
I'm getting more finiky about things in the fridge and not letting them go to waste and being frugal.

My roommate bought some mushrooms and zuchinni, I don't know why, he doesn't cook anymore. He's really not well, I believe still recovering from cancer surgery. So I have taken it upon myself to make sure he eats when he's home because he has no desire to do anything but sit out in the garden. He is far to underweight and his mom is worried, so I cook.
Pasta dishes are John's favorite and it would be nice to see him smile over anticipating this one once I told him what I was planning.

So here I have this desire for roasted garlic in something, and there are mushrooms and zuchinni and I figure this is a no brainer right LOL ? I think I want to cook it all in a tomatoe base.

At the last minute I decided to get online after all to see if there were recipes, in case I was missing something that would make this dish special....all my dishes must be special :D.
Sure enough I found a few recipes and the two things that caught my interest was the use of capers and fresh basil which I also had. I didn't see any with a tomato sauce base so I decided to leave it out as the picture I saw was so wonderful I decided the browned  mushrooms with the roasted garlic was enough flavor and I always improvise as I go along anyway.


 But the first thing was to learn how to make roasted garlic so I asked my roommate John, who is part Italian after all, and he said the oven was used. I was not about to heat up the oven just for one head of garlic and he did say how to do it stovetop which I did. It turned out great and was super easy. I will of course, do this more often now.

So the mushroom/zuchinni pasta went like this. Olive oil in the pan, and add a clove of garlic to flavour the mushrooms. I added some balsamic vinegar because those two go very well together and I make mushrooms with garlic and balsamic often in omelettes.

Add the chopped zucchini which was rough chopped because I wanted bite size morsels. Toss. Things were getting done really quick here so I had to put on the water for the pasta. I tossed the mushrooms, garlic and zuchinni to get them nice and brown. Then added sea salt, fresh cracked black pepper, red pepper flakes, capers and the roasted garlic gloves. YUM! You can see the roasted garlic below.

I let this get nice and brown then added a bit more olive oil to get some sauce going, then added a splash of white wine to deglaze all the delish flavours from the browning.....get all that into the sauce, leave none of it behind! :D Then lastly I add the chopped basil because I like it to retain the flavour and not get too cooked.

You can see above it is browning nicely and the added olive oil on the bottom. The wine deglazes beautifully and also gives more flavour.

This is all done and the Angel Hair pasta is ready too. Now to just mix them. I drained the pasta, added it back to the pot and added the veggies and tossed well. This was truly a very quick dish to make!

Once served, add sprinklings of parmesean cheese. I personally like a large helping with an extra dose! :D

This was a delish dish! My roommate came back for seconds, and we had to split it. LOL. I will make this one again. I hope you enjoy this.

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