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Monday, January 23, 2012

My First Crystal Chandelier

My chandelier came in, in a box, and I thought I'd put it up myself. 2 days later, lets just say it didn't work out that way and there is still a mystery to a part that I could not fathom, But I'm done.

But, it arrived with all the parts in tact, and all sparkly like I like it, only it was not a plug in or swag, but wired for a ceiling~!  I frantically searched the internet to find out how to make it a plug in, surely someone else must have wanted this? phew.....yes, it turned out to be a simple thing really......for an electrician.

I got the swag light kit converter and a dimmer switch, it just had to have a dimmer, and ....well......the chandelier is up and working nicely. It sure is sparkly and looks just like the picture online! 

G46-275/4Well my roommate surely would know how to do this? No, the breaker went out. I wanted to learn, but it wasn't working. Even the guys at Lowe's where I got the kit tried to be helpful but also were not correct in their suggestions. John then came home yesterday somehow more determined to make this work and he figured it out. The tracer wire that was not marked was indicated by the ever so slight and subtle indentation or ridge on one side of the skinny wire that needed to be spliced. Yes, the entire wiring had to be done.
I personally think these things should be made very clear and marked n bold because this is electricity we're playing with. They clearly mark things like plastic to say '' do not eat'' or something like that don't they! But when you need clear markings like for electrical fixings so you don't blow up your house, forget it, and not only that but the directions required not only eye glasses but a magnification joke. We still have to splice the wire to hide the caps but that will be in a day or two....we are both ill at the moment with colds for different reasons, and not up to doing any more housework for now.
Well, its up now, and I tried to take pictures with my dead battery camera and only got 2 quick blurry ones, and normally I wouldn't post these, I think they are bad pics, but I think this will be all I can do for a while. 
This first one is with flash. My Tuscany Clay Italian kitchen is colorful lol....with the grape border trim.  Anyway, the next picture is without flash and the dimmer was on low, but it the lights came out very glowy. 
I had taken down the fairy lights with the garden fairy and Moroccan Tea Glass which you can barely see below, but I missed her terribly and so brought her back and set her up again with all the browning grape leaves over the lights so they glow in ambers, coppers and yellows and browns. Beautiful!

I have to say it is a very elegant thing and I don't know how I lived without one all these years.

May we all live with sparklies!

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