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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beets For Our Health, Beauty and Wisdom

Hello Beautiful People,

how to make beet juice 2
This post is about juicing fresh veggies, particularly beets. Beets have amazing and supernal qualities....
 (lofty; of more than earthly or human excellence, powers, etc.)
I have been juicing them for a year now. 

My roommate had cancer and recently surgery and he was doing ok with check ups until last week where his hemoglobin count was not right. I quickly suggested to do beet juice. I do it anyway, I  make extra for him, and we both will have a beet juice blend every day. It is a beautiful gorgeous and intense red, and you just know that you are drinking some divine elixir from Mother Nature, some helpful beneficent medicine of light!
Here is my blend: per person: 2 apples, one whole lemon, one cucumber and one large beet.
What I do is juice the lemon first because I want to collect the skin rind that is rejected by the juicer and put it into the container. I simply hold my hand where the skins come out and the fine zest comes out onto my hand and I add it to the drink container. This lemon zest is the important part in this drink for flavor, it is so amazing, it makes me crave the juice every day for this lusciousness of the lemon! It is all I can taste and I love it. My roommate now looks forward to it too. Then I juice the rest, the apples, the beets and the cucumber. I love this juice.

Below is some un paralleled advise about Divine Nutrition from Anastasia of the Ringing Cedar series about the proper way to eat. What most people do is harmful to the body. What is natural is grazing all day on organic local fare.                       


Anastasia: "Upon awakening the following morning and feeling hungry, he should be able to take any vegetable, herb or piece of fruit and put it on a small plate. After sitting down at the table, he should carefully observe what is lying on the plate, sniff it, lick it and then eat it with an unhurried chewing. It is best to be alone in the room during this time, isolated from the sounds of the artificial world.

The feeling of hunger may not disappear after eating a single piece of food, or it may reappear after a short period of time. In that case he should select a second piece and eat it in the same manner as the first.

Man should take all the produce he has obtained and sample them in any sequence at short intervals.

The time for sampling any particular food is determined by the sensation of hunger.

The taking of food should definitely begin in the morning.

By the end of this day a Man should have sampled all locally grown produce. If there is a large variety available and one day is insufficient, the sampling can extend to the following day.

This procedure is extremely important. It will give many people's bodies, perhaps for the first time in their lives, a chance to become acquainted with the taste qualities and properties of the local produce, and to determine how needful it is to Man at a given moment and in what quantity.

Once the body has become familiar with all the produce, one should cut each vegetable into small peices and lay them out on a large plate. Small clumps of greens and berries should also be put out, either alongside or on another plate. Any produce that will quickly spoil on the plate should be immersed in spring water.

Also on the table one should put honey, flower pollen, cedar oil and spring water. Man may go about his own daily affairs, but when he feels hungry he can go over to the table and pick up an item he likes (either with his hands or with a wooden spoon) and eat it.

It is possible some of the food may be eaten up completely, while the rest may be left untouched. This means that your personal wise physician and nutritionist - your body which was given to you by the Creator - selected for you what you needed at that moment, while what you did not need was left untouched.

The uneaten produce need not be put out again on the table the following day. But after three days a complete variety should be displayed. It is possible that one's body will need something different by then.

In time Man will be able to determine which items can be temporarily excluded from his diet, so as not to waste his efforts in obtaining them. But it is possible that after a period of time his body will indeed have need of them again, and so from time to time one should lay out on the table as wide a variety as possible.''

''This method of nutrition, Vladimir, is important to grasp one essential point: it is not only the animals that are able to determine which kinds of food will be most beneficial to their bodies at a given moment and in what quantity. This knowledge is present, too, within every single Man.''

Anastasia says follow your dog or cat around and whatever grass they eat is OK for you too.. Make chewing grass part of your life or grow some wheatgrass and chew on that.. WELCOME BACK TO NATURAL EATING! How many more hours you will have in the day?!!
"Beetroot : promotes, love, ambiance, beauty"

General facts about Beetroot : 

Beets: (courtesy of Robert Von) 

~ #1 liver cleanser
~ Kidney cleanser
~ bile cleanser/producer
~ great for blood, etc etc because of zinc
~ rewrites genetic codes
~ removes bleached products from the brain
~ replenishes everything
~ forces circulation
~ erases cravings via dendrils in the brain
~ forces cell turnover
~ wont burn in sun (meaning the skin)
~ its a ''morality food''
~ ''wisdom food''
~ ''spiritual food''
~ removes spiritual evil

Blessings of health and beauty!
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  1. Hello Dear Friend,
    I have not heard of the health benefits of beets - this sounds great - I know a few who juice quite a bit and will do some more research into this - thank you for sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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