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Friday, December 23, 2011

Organic Seasonal Fragrances

Today I woke up wanting to smell things, beautiful things, seasonal things. What came to mind was doing it naturally with what I have, what is seasonal and organic. I still have to have my windows to the home closed unfortunately, though I do air the house daily, but the humidity is still so high I need the AC on. But I want to smell wonderfulness. 
For some reason I thought of pomanders to scent the home and quickly realized it might work well because it was natural and the smells were seasonal and wonderful and they were pretty,  but I never made them before, but how difficult can it be? (Don't ask me about the ''simple'' sugar cookie recipe!) I don't know if they are truly scent-ful or not. But I happen to have some nice oranges only I needed more cloves than I had. And I knew I needed some cinnamon sticks because my friend asked for something Christmassy when she comes, so I knew our tea would have to have cinnamon. A nice Christmas Chai would be perfect. But I needed to buy the cinnamon sticks and since I decided to make some orange and lemon pomanders I'd need some more cloves. 
I also thought of the pine branches I have in the back of my car. I had gotten them from the Xmas tree man when they trim trees and he said I could take as much as I wanted. I took some very happily thinking I'd make wreaths with the grapevines I have sitting in the backyard waiting to be cleaned and turned into pine wreaths and give them to the neighbors as gifts, but my roommate cut them one day and the pile overwhelmed me so I never did it.

I got tired of looking at the tangled mess and told him to take it out to his composter friends' place. But soon after telling him that, and the grapevine were in the back of his truck, I felt terrible, my stomach had pangs of something wrong. I immediately realized it was the grapevine and told him to bring it back, because my spirit wants it for some reason. I thought deeply about it and wondered then what I'd do with it.....and came up with a lovely decorating idea for the front porch! I have now other plans for that grapevine, so stay tuned :D
So the wreaths and garland never got made but I was really happy with the pine branches in the back of my car because the smells were divine every time I got into it! I thought I'd never remove them. 
But today I wanted fresh pine. So I took the ones in my car and placed them with the reindeer in the front, to add to the woodland scene, and they look cute bordering the edges. I didn't put them inside the bed because I grow veggies in that bed and I didn't want pine needles in there because I believe they are acidic and I don't need that in my soil. I left the pine branches on the outside and when we have our one cold day of the winter, I can burn them in the fireplace. 

So then my mission was to go to pick up some more fresh cut pine branches to fill my car, so I can simmer them on the stove to scent the house and pick up cinnamon sticks and cloves from the Indian Market, which I did. Now the stove is simmering with the pine and the smells are heavenly.

Here is a pic of my first pomander and I think I'll make one of lemon.........

It is pretty, we'll see if it gives off a scent. I have it hanging right by the entrance on a hat rack. There is sheer mosquito netting panel on the door because on cooler days I like to leave the windows and doors open, but for some protection from little flying things that bite, I put the mosquito panel on the door but when its closed I drape it on the rack. It both offers a bit of protection and looks dreamy.

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