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Thursday, December 29, 2011

From the Enlightenend Tooth Fairy

Hello Everyone...

who at some point has not had tooth/mouth problems? hummmm? 
Well this site, as I am, is about remedies. I don't believe in doctors unless for critical things like broken bones and emergencies. All else the body can heal on its own if it is given the right things for this healing. At this point in my life I'm addressing very seriously tooth/gum hygiene and proper care in the natural way. I just had a bridge put into the front and that was nothing but trauma, getting 2 perfectly good teeth drilled down to small things to fit a bridge. I never want to see a dentists office again. The trauma to my emotional body, the noise of drilling for 90 minutes piercing my ears, the horrid expense of thousands of $ and the aggravation of the whole barbaric scene is not for me. So prevention is the cure from now on. 
I've done pretty well mostly, but the bridge was necessary after a crown decided it didn't want to be there anymore after 13 years, it fell out. I had no choice but to replace the tooth. 

So I'm looking into ways to keep the rest of my teeth and gums in excellent condition so I will not have to regret anything later.
I've come up with a few things I do. One is I never ever never use toothpaste with fluoride. If you research that nefarious psychopathic ingredient you will see why. So I make my own toothpaste. I actually do make everything else I use on my body except for shampoo and conditioner......even though baking soda works as a shampoo as does vinegar for a really does. Check this out for the ''No Sham''Poo" movement. Some are now saying that clay actually words better and this makes more sense to me and so I will try it out, next time I need to wash my hair.

So today I made another version of toothpaste because the one I usually use, is a mixture of baking soda and sea salt with pure essential oils. I love it, it makes my mouth feel really clean except I still want to see better results with my gums, and somehow brushing seems harsh, never mind the baking soda and sea salt. 
Today I made something I heard about using tooth soap, which is a mixture of water, olive oil, coconut oil, and essential oils. I had the ingredients on hand of course so I made it in a few minutes. I brushed with it and the softness with my teeth felt much better. I feel now this is soft enough to allow my enamel to grow back. 
Here is a good explanation.

I put into a little jar, half organic extra virgin olive oil, half organic coconut oil, and a blend of tooth serum I make myself too....which is a blend of neem oil, oregano essential oil. black cumin seed oil, cinnamon oil, clove oil and extra drops of peppermint oil for flavor. I would definitely have added tea tree oil but I was out and substituted the black cumin seed oil instead. I added about 25 drops of this serum to the oils and it tastes great and was very soft on my mouth.

I will let you know if this new tooth ''soap'' works for improving my gums.

tooth fairy blessings!

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