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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Simply MUST have it

Ok...blogging world is officially making me nuts, crazy, wonky. I've been so spiritually strong for so long, so immune to the material world's temptation, excepting for the low cost must have's in the $20 or less range. But now I'm getting the illness of bigger things, more expensive things and I don't like it much. This below is the latest. I want everything in the picture. My imagination swoons to think of feeling those fabrics! That bedskirt I want as a dress. This has sent me on an hour long trek through the internet trying to find bolts of this fabric. I still have not found anything. I think I will have to make something like this......It's truly been on my mind and in my heart for so many years actually.....I think it's time. I'm tired of ignoring this passion I have for fabrics and making beautyfull things.
and whites...... OHHHHH
NEW FOR 2011

"Whisper Linen White Bedding" (Queen)
Headboard Twin: $1,650, Full: $2,000, Queen: $2,200, King: $2,600
Whisper Linen Duvet Cover: 520.00
Whisper Linen Euro sham: 139.00 each
Whisper Linen Standard sham: 114.00 each
Whisper Linen body pillow: 271.00
Linen fitted sheet: 252.00
Linen Flat sheet: 252.00
Whisper Linen dust ruffle: 400.00

You see the prices and why I cannot indulge even if I were crazy enough to want to. Therefore I will need to get sewing....and once I start, I know it won't end. Maybe this could be a good thing.
But where to find bolts of these fabrics?

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  1. It is beautiful! It looks like a linen gauze. I haven't seen it for sale and if it was it would be expensive. You have a lovely blog. I could not find the GFC follower button. Have a lovely New Year! So glad to meet you!


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