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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Fairy's at Play Again....

Good morning all you beautiful people!

I'm in a very playful and peaceful place this past month. I'm not questioning it, just running with it :D and I'm enjoying it for every moment it offers, and when I lose it, I go back and re-member the place and begin to recreate it again. I have done this today. I seemed to have lost the glorious day I walked into when I awoke on Friday, and today I deliberately conjured it up again. What I did was begin to play with some of the beauties I have sitting around in my home, decorating, and making new beauty....which makes everything refreshing, and new, capturing, and captivating, inspirational, and evocative.....all of it.
What I did today was play with the milk white glass I had, that I had brought out in the middle of the night before yesterday because I could not sleep. Let me tell you the story.

3 nights ago, in the evening, I was thinking very much about my friend Yvonne. I cannot describe her accurately, but to say how magical and sweet, and creatively divine she is doesn't cover it at all. I adore her. I was very sad because I remembered all the times we spent together, especially the sleep overs in either her magical house or my magical house because I knew when I woke up she would still be around and I had more time with her, and how we played just like fairies, creating and inventing, squealing and laughing the whole time and with no less beauty than they can! And yes, as grown ups :D We especially love to go the Renaissance Faires together....what fun! 
I wondered where she was, why I don't hear from her, if I should call, would she answer, is she OK, or worst of all, if she was not into playing anymore due to hardship. It was a difficult time contemplating these things. I wished somehow over the years I could find a way to keep us together more often.

2 days later, I could not sleep so I browsed online to see some who blog, create, cook, decorate and oh so much beauty and joy and well organized lives of beauty these women create! I'm in awe of woman yet again. One vase in particular caught my attention.....a pure white creamy pitcher. It was either the picture or the photo or the combination, but it reminded me of a simple and pure feeling, one that I had within, and one that was expressed in some of my possessions, including the milk white glass. 
I had first fallen in love with milk glass when my friend Yvonne had a collection she displayed on a wooden mantle, with all the many milk glass vases glowing from within with candlelight. There is very little more magical than that. She graciously gave me one from her collection. It has been stored away for years with another I had received in a floral arrangement. Well this middle of the night before last, I saw that white pitcher and remembered, the feeling again, and again thought of Yvonne. I went into my cabinet, pulled out the two I had and thought dearly of her, who I haven't spoken to or heard from in over 10 months. My heart pained. I was sad for her and some of the events in her life and a bit afraid she may have been changed so much as to have outgrown me. I felt nostalgic for all the things we did and shared for she is the most magical person I have ever met. When we get together we become like two little girls who only know how to play with each other and make each other smile, with our tastes for beauty, creativity, comforts, joys, purity, innocence, and laughter. Only she is my equal in my life in this magic. 

I pulled out the 2 vases and thought of her. I wondered what I could do with these two vases, making them fit into the landscapes of my home as it is without making it more must be just right. I didn't know at the moment but said I would play with them during the day when I could think, and continued to browse online until I could sleep.
Then next morning, 10 minutes after awakening, as I lay on a bed laughing hysterically out loud at some of the funnies in the Readers Digest I was looking through to find out the planting lunar days, I heard a little girls voice calling my name through my open window......I got up thinking it was the little neighbor next door, but this voice was on my porch peeking into my was Yvonne herself! Talk about squealing and laughing with joy! and magic......
I did it......with my thoughts and sentiments, I conjured her up right to my door, reminiscing about our magic together, the milk white vases, and all the talents she has, and here she is, at my door. I love her sewwww...mueeshhhhhh! 
When I'm with her, I'm not 52 years old, I'm 12 lol. 
I told her my magical story of how I thought of her and brought her here. I explained the whole thing, from the 2 nights previous thinking of her to pulling out the white glass she gave me and how she showed up 8 hours later at my window. Enchanting. This was yesterday.

Today I woke up a little happier having spent time with her in my own home, and having delicious healing orange blossom tea and sharing our latest events, I was very happy to find out she had not lost her magic, and neither did I and that we were the same together again. Very happy!
After Yvonne left yesterday I 'put together' the white vases simply in that I added a bunch of clear white quartz crystals to one vase, added a tea light, and the other vase I only added a tea light and put them on the window sill. Yvonne came back in the evening to pick up something I made for her, and the white glass vases on the window sill were quite magical! She loved them.

view from outside window

But today again, I wanted to play with the vases some more to find them their permanent spot....but because I loved the look of them glowing with tea lights as Yvonne requested while having tea, worked beautifully! lol...., I decided more tea lights would go into them and stay on the window until I could think of something better. So I added the tea lights to both vases, including into one quartz crystal cluster tea holder I always add one to every morning . I left the two vases on the window sill, but soon came back to find that the one in the crystal filled vase was already out. When I looked at it, it was empty, burned out while the other one was still full.....I had only lit them 15 minutes ago, they had 5 hours to burn! I thought maybe it had fallen over, but nothing had touched them and there was no wax anywhere, it was simply burned out. This is not normal. But I added another one, moved them to the table to be with the low crystal cluster, and walked away. 

But something was nagging at me...why did one burn out so fast? I went back to look at the candle to make sure it didn't fall over and melt over the crystals, and no it didn't. Somehow, this tea lite decided to burn in quantum time and when I thought about it, I saw it was the one filled with quartz crystals and looked truly other worldly, and I remembered my Fairy Friends who like to borrow things from me now and again. Then I knew they had taken the one, used it for one of their Fairy events or balls, and because of the strange thing that happens with time on either of our worlds, the candle was already burned out. I do admit it is beautiful enough and worthy for them, and so did they, so they borrowed it as they do sometimes with my lipgloss in a shade called 'champagne'. I love that we share things. lol.

And my favorite picture of them all........


  1. Just reading back through your blog Lady and loved this magical post~the power of the mind is a fascinating thing,isnt it,to bring Yvonne back to you after all of that time...
    The milk vases look so beautiful glowing with tealights,do you still have them in the same place? Has Yvonne visited since?lots of love and lightxoxojuliexoxo

    1. oh thank you and I'm so glad you enjoyed my story, experience! Yes, the mind is amazing, as are the feelings, I don't know which brought her to me. I still burn the milk glass one with the quartz crystals in it every day, in another place. I don't have them on the window sill, that was for is summer in Florida now and the sun is so bright I need the candlelight more inside. I'm using mercury glass vases now and I love them as much. Yvonne has since visited only recently, and she bought me a ticket as a present to see a performer she loved, but who was ill at the time and he was cancelled but the replacement was wonderful, and I stayed overnight at her new apartment, which is like going into a magazine. I didn't bring my camera but she let me take lots of pics with her phone, but for some reason my email is not receiving them. Life has been hard on her and she is not so often as playful, but thank God she hasn't lost it entirely and I bring it out in her :D . We have promised to spend more time together....maybe I'll call her tomorrow to remind her!! LOL....blessings to you and thank you for asking!


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