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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Altered Thrift Lamp

I needed light in the hallway and the perfect lamp was the one in my bedroom. I hardly used it so it went on the table by the hallway and I have a tiny vase of flowers beneath it and it lights up the hallway just enough so its not dark. Love it!
However, the times I needed light in my room in that one corner I didn't have now. So off to the thrift store I went. I found one easily for $1.99, but no shade LOL

A few visits later I found a shade, also for $1.99, but it needed some assistance from the Fairy Crew.

Inspired by this company called Nightshades, a totally fairy looking lady 

 who makes the most gorgeous lampshades, I knew I had to make something, a tiny little something that would remind me of lushness, decadence, beauty and whimsy.

Here are some of her samples.

antique lamp base with chinese peony shade      antique lamp base with victoian lampshade  antique lamp base with chinese peony shade      antique lamp base with dragons
   Victorian Lampshade
                                   Antique Bridge Lamp with French Textiles  Nice yes? No...... drop dead gorgeous is what they are. Her work is fairytastik!

Mine is not nearly so lush so don't get excited.

However, I did fix up that blank white shade.
Here is my version. Keep in mind I didn't have antique fabrics or embellishments, nor vintage beadwork from France, nor antique laces nor glass beads! ! and had to go to Joanne's for some ....ahem....lets just say the necessary accoutrements......but the colors were right lol.

Pathetic I put these lamps in the same post as they are not nearly in the same league.....but you can get where I'd like to go, right? LOL

 The colors of the lace on here are pink, light green and antique gold which I got from a vintage corset from Goodwill and I took apart just for this lace .:D

You cant tell too much here, but I also painted the base a bit with a metallic peridot, matching better the greens in the lace. 


subtle, but there.

 In person it all looks much better.

I added an art deco fairy for whimsy.....she makes me smile!  It took about an hour to do the whole thing.

As it is in my bedroom. Its a better lamp than before that's for sure.

Linda, where's yours?? :D

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. OH! These are stunning! So very pretty. I can see how you would be inspired. Yours is perfect. I love it! :)


    P.S. Thank you for the kind comment about Fresh-Cut Friday. Please join in! :)

  2. Well, I think yours is very Faeitastic! I really like the fairy you attached.

    By my computer desk here I have a standard swivel mount wall lamp, but attached all around the shade are watercolored papers with paper doilies glued on them that my children made one Valentine's Day long ago, and on top of the shade rests a bead and fancy yarn entwined head wreath that my friends made for me when we celebrated my 50th birthday ahem almost 6 years ago.

    1. Thank you :D
      your lamp sounds like an entire family affair! LOL you must love it!
      thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment.

  3. DEAREST LADY!!!!!!!!

    First of all, what your friend did to remedy those mirrored walls is brilliant. To use tulle or another white and airy fabric is the way to GO!!!

    I LOVE YOUR LAMPSHADE. The addition of the fairy is exactly what I would do! Have you ever seen the child's tutu that I put on my lampshade in my studio?????

    Oh dearest, I am trying to prepare for yet another house guest that is arriving next week. I have not had a chance to take decent pictures of my home. But the white bedroom and grays and whites in my studio are making me so happy.

    I love this "Magnolia Pearl" look to your lamp and bedroom. Isn't it fun to create? To change things around, to find JUST THE RIGHT FEEL for your abode?

    I hope you are well, and that today will bring another opportunity to create something LOVELY.

    I must run, but I am thinking of you and your possibilities for yet more fun and loveliness!!! Anita

    1. oh my effervescent Anita...yes I'm seeing the delicious misty stirrings of inner visions for my sanctuary coming alive more and more with each day. I've decided to wait a bit for cooler weather because of all the painting. But I'm deciding to do more of what I'm wanting rather than less, and I will not speak it until I reveal it :D

      Yesterday I picked up 2 more shabby chic euro pillows for my bed but in the soft pink and last night after my salt bath and slipping on my ecru lace tank with my fluffy white cotton skirt I went to bed, laid back upon them and didn't move again. I dreamt of pink and white all night! I slept! I tell you those pillows are clouds from heaven!

      Yes my friend called to tell me I was right about using netting over the mirrors LOL, I wanted to bet her she'd love it that much LOL but she didn't take me up on it....Now I'm trying to talk her into "celebrating" each accomplishment or room she finishes because she's plowing through and making herself tired and dull. I say stop now and again to make merry then continue! LOL what do you say?

      I'm wanting to stay more away from the computer and contemplate more on being creative, conjure up the divine.

      I will look into your tutu one to see what you mean but I love the idea already! I have some gorgeous crushed tulle I'm wanting to make a wearable fantasy of, but have yet to come up with the perfect one because, yes, I do wear my creations out in the public! even grocery shopping ..... how else do we inject fresh light into a dense fog. LOL

      Yesterday I woke up feeling peaceful somehow, then got excited at the thought of making my perfumed body powder and putting it into my new jadite powder container which I will make a post of, so I whisked off into the kitchen with skirt swishing as I collected the ingredients. Then I got hungry but wanted something simple yet yumly, and my cloche happened to be full of croissants :D and so I had to make a tea and I had the one "Paris" you recommended which I did, btw, figure out how to enjoy....with extra organic almond extract, honey and almond milk...and YUM O!. Croissants got warmed, slathered with butter then dressed with raspberry jam....tea poured into gorgeous embossed pink goblet, and that moment the mailman came with my package of vintage Victoria Magazines! :D:D:D Divine Set up! :D
      I spent the day browsing carefully through 3 of them and I certainly did remember the times, when they first came out and I felt "that" way....something sacred, some silent luxury, some heart stirrings.....wishes, beauty, creativity and grace made manifest.

      I hope you enjoy your guest and create beautiful memories.
      Thank you for all your lovely effervescence in my email and for the support of my creations.
      Enjoy your week!

  4. I am so impressed with this--great job! It is amazing what you can create with thrift store items. You are inspiring!

    1. coming from you Sandy, that is saying something. I'm inspired by you too. :D:D:D
      Thrifting.....loving it!

  5. Now I think yours is drop dead gorgeous!!



    1. lol, thank you.....but I'm looking for more ways to make it, ahem.....up to par? :D

  6. so sweet and very one of a kind! Love it, thanks again for a lovely post.

  7. ...♥...
    a delightful creation

  8. Oh, it is just lovely! Thank you for sharing. Visiting from The Charm of Home. Would love it if you would share this at my Make It Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see you at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

    1. Thank you, ok yes, I joined that one and signed up for it, to keep abreast of it.

  9. Beautiful job on the lamp...I love the way the lace came out...I did one for a floor lamp...They are fun to do...I have been catching up on your posts...Love the one on the cloches...someday I will find one that I can afford!! :) Hope the summer is going well for you Lady...

    ((hugs))) :)

  10. I love the lamp with Lace & Crystals two of my favorite things!

  11. Good morning Lady Dearest!!!

    I SO LOVED YOUR RECENT COMMENT ON MY BLOG. I must come via there in a jif......Anita

  12. Hello! Ever so happy to make your acquaintance! I hopped over from Linda's Lime and the Coconut and ever so happy I did. Love the lamp shades, but presently madly in love with the fifth photo down on your sidebar...surely THAT must be what entering heaven looks like...the door opens, the veil thins, and The Lights beckons. DeLovely! **blows kisses** Deborah

    1. thank you for your kind comments. That 5th can do too! if you click on it, it leads you to the post about those curtains. No one can go wrong hanging those everywhere! lol....heaven looks like that....sheer billowy white curtains.

  13. oh my god how beautiful she ausschauen.
    exactly my style.
    I love those lamps.
    And yours is very nice!
    In the kitchen I still have a very small, at the foot of me though but I do not like the shade.
    You conjured me a great idea!
    And so pretty with the little elf, 0)

    Such ideas can only but we pixies have (laughs)

    All the best,

    1. oh there is my forest fairy friend. I wondered when I would see you here. Yes only fairies can conjure up such beauty yes? I see you work magic with your camera and your gardens! I adore seeing all your photos...I visit and follow your blog. thank you for commenting. blessings, lady

  14. The other lampshades are gorgeous, but your gorgeous shade is more to my taste. I love pretty shades and they are crazy expensive. You did a wonderful job! I'm so glad you liked my rose pics! Thanks so much!

    1. And thank You for liking my "economic" LOL version of those lamps. Its ok, its pretty and whimsical and I have alot of that in my room...its enough.
      And yes, your pic is still in my mind. You're an excellent photographer, one of those talents I've yet to peak in interest, but I sure appreciate it in other blogs.
      Have you seen this one btw" Michaela Medina's ''The Gardeners Eden''.....I wanted to post the link but my pc is freezing. she does amazing photography about her gardening life.

  15. Your creativity and talent are amazing. The lamp is so romantic and feminine. The little fairy is just the perfect accent, like a necklace on a fabulous ballgown.

    1. oh you are too gracious. It didn't take too much creativity, it was rather simple, I think anyone can do this. :D
      I'm so glad so many like the fairy! I thought no one would appreciate it, but it seems to be the coup d' etat! LOL

  16. How creative are you. This is a work of art, so original. Thanks so much for sharing this stunning new lamp on Simple & Sweet Fridays. The fairy on it adds your special touch!


  17. That turned out gorgeous! Thanks for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  18. I have been away from my blog friends, and I have missed you, dear Lady! Your blog is a sanctuary, it really is...
    And as I peek at the comments I see that you received the magazines!! Happy dance! I love how you described them to Anita...perfect words.

    Your lampshade is GORGEOUS!! I am so inspired...
    May I ask...what kind of glue did you use to attach the lace? This is a project I would love to much fun to be had! And yes, darling Anita's tutu lampshade is a brilliant idea as creative!
    On to your newest post...
    Sparkly blessings!

    1. thank you Palomasea, sanctuary is what I wanted to create. Now I'd like to create a much larger one, one that takes up miles and miles of beautiful green verdant Earth.....:D you with me?

      I used Elmers Spray Glue for the lace .....a strong tacky one that dries quickly. Use it outside because it spreads when you spray and is very sticky. The E6000 is for the trim, a tube of glue that will hold many things together!

      And yes, the magazines are something special. not just magazines, but a tangible epic of a graceful and beautiful life.....can only have been done by one who knows. I still have them open on my table to calm me when I get ruffled. :D

      sparkly blessings!


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