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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer In House Flowers

I needed to feel happy and free again. There have been some concerning issues around here and fun went to the wayside. I cannot stand it when I am rudely yanked into an ugly patriarchal world not of my own. Or when I have to think of locks, gates, security, weapons, police and reports or anything from their world. I don't do well.
I had to stop myself, full stop.........gather........ breathe......... and make a deliberate move to do something that results in superimpose over the patrix (patriarchal matrix) world, something of my own beautiful world. Freshening up the little flower spots was it. I don't purchase flowers like I used to but I do have some growing at times and I make full use of them. There is never a shortage when you look.
I did one arrangement, then the other, then all of them, and soon the house was feeling and looking vibrant, alive and my space graced with the presence of Her Royal Highness, Beauty, The Face of God.
And this BEAUTY is food for my soul. Without it I am empty, asleep, even dead while breathing. HRH BEAUTY moved me to take a picture of it, for it captures not just the physical beauty but my own sensations upon the view, and records these sensations in seeing the image again. I walked around, snapped a few, then a few more, and before I knew it the morning was gone, but I had a glorious one! And thus this post was born.......
Just some pictures of the flowers in my house.....some not flowers, but have the effect of being a flower.
First I'll put the vinca under the fountain picture, but you can see the newly planted circle in the back.....

My Circle Fairy Cabbage Patch is no more, and is now full of flowers....I pray they do better.

some closeups of them.....happy yellow zinnias which didn't do well at first, but are doing well now.

and the lovely purple Princess Tibouchina Glory Bush..

happy peachy yellow Ixora....

Lavender Princess Floribunda Rose  .....

Variegated Red Hibiscus Bush....I love this one, I think I'll have to get more, the leaves alone are gorgeous.

From the profuse lavender vinca under the fountain which are doing so well, paired with some blue plumbago....I love this combination! You can see my Art Deco Fairy clapping her hands on the sidelines with her very lacy and sparkly wings! :D

 On the sink...I love white in there all the time as the colors are all white, ecru and pale green.

hanging on the towel rack is a French bottle with the same white plumbago....I love this lacy flower.

I use orange hibiscus under the cloche on the kitchen table....they look so pretty and cheerful.

My new cloche!....with a fine tiny waistline.....and lovely little birdy on top for the handle......she gets the white starfish for now on a blue and white English plate.

My beloved Vanda Orchids.....which are blooming for me finally......this is a speckled magenta.

Don't I did.....doesn't this look like a bird?? It is..... from the large Bird of Paradise plant....the white part of the flower fell off and when I looked down, my heart froze for a moment.....its a flower!


One of my very special loves are the fiddle heads from ferns. I have tiny ones and giant ones. This is a baby one from the huge Australian Fern....a baby, the size of my hand.. When full grown the leaf can be 5 feet long.

One of the fiddle heads of the many hundreds on just one stem unfurling......

The baby from the base of the plant.....this one will open to reveal many hundreds like the ones above.

An inspiration from the new Martha Stewart Living Magazine, Travel edition of this summer.

I saw this picture  passing the magazines in a store and it caught my eye as a florist......its all greens! but beautiful! I loved it and looked carefully and said.....I have all of these growing! or at least those that are similar in color, size, and texture and I can do! :D:D:D

Here is mine............

I have a giant pothos leaf, some fern, areca palm, coleus, sweet potato vine, begonia, asparagus fern, bird of paradise leaf, ....I love how it came out.....I love it every day.

A detail from the lovely asparagus fern's berries, such a beautiful light green, that open with a tiny white flower.

thank you for visiting. I hope I brought some smiles to your day as these have for me!

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  1. Dear Lady, you really know how to make a house a home. I love your new cloche, and the fact that it has a bird o top, even nicer. Your green arrangement is so pretty. xo

    1. Thanks Barbara, I have been working on this house since October last year when I decided to make this house my home after 10 years of trying to move. It is very cozy and people love it. They all comment about the peace, gardens, or its angelic, or it smells nice. My brother in law says he falls asleep whenever he comes because he feels so safe here LOL.
      I love my cloche happy to see it in my own home instead of in others pictures nice to have it! Have you found any yet?
      And I love my green arrangement surprising.... as much as flowers.
      How is the laundry detergent coming?

  2. ...♥...
    As always beautiful to look at

  3. I am ENCHANTED and ready to start my day here! Oh dear Lady, your flowers are doing SO WELL and what more magic can you create other than with a cloche! My new clematis vine under my birdhouse finally budded ONE flower and next year, it will be lush.

    We are enjoying these fine summer days as we enjoy our deck at dusk, reading WIND IN THE WILLOWS!

    Have a magical day. I am working on more paper mâché items for my shop and am loving it!! Anita

    1. oh we love enchanted people! :D
      Clematis are beautiful! I tried to grow some when I lived in New York.
      I'm still playing with cloches and bought a nice tiny one from Home Goods. Then I tried to find a base for some small ones I had but no luck...yet LOL
      I did however create a gorgeous one today with a beautiful ornate green base with embossed lion heads made in Viet Nam....great ceramics from there! with some selaginella moss and topped with a cloche....:D happy happy dance!

      I should be getting Wind in the Willows any day now and I will think of you and Ruben and the magic effervescence that comes from your way :D

      I just ordered 2 books by Tasha Tudor.....The Private World of Tasha Tudor, and Tasha Tudor's Garden.....don't know why I never did before, but I guess I'm seeking more inspiration from the authentic vintage heart.....and Tasha is one!
      sparkly blessings

  4. I am so glad I found your blog. It's so very lovely, magical, and warm :) And we've got a lot of "favorite things" in common. LOL.
    Cheers & all the best!

  5. You have a beautiful garden. I am amazed at all of the different varieties you have. Thanks for sharing.

    1. OMG what a trip I'm on because I went to your site and looked at why the name ''dont disturb this groove"...
      Just let me give you a bit of a story as I'm listening to Yarldsborough and People's ''Dont Stop the Music''....LOL
      There have been a series of breakins here in the neighborhood which is shocking to us, but there have been around 6 and the guys are violent, they destroy everything even if they take nothing. Sooooooo, trying to get the housemate/owner interested enough to put up a gate door to prevent them from entering the property has been stressful and today we just finished it and I feel a load off my mind a bit, because the gate door is a bit of a deterrent, in my mind anyway.
      So after all the stress, I listened to that song, "Don't disturb this Grove", then I went directly to youtube to listen to it, then to Tarence Trent Darby' "Write your name across my heart'''.....then onto the S.O.S. band and alot of their songs, and now I'm singing and dancing for the first time in a way toooooo long time let me tell you!!! LOL
      So I cannot thank the divine groovers in heaven who dropped you into my email and blog site to get my groove back ! thank you!

  6. Oh how I miss the beauty from across the way... Thank God for your blog to keep me in check! I really enjoyed all it's beauty tonight. Wish I was there to take it all in. Miss you my friend, we're overdue for a Tea Party!
    Hugs, Yami

    1. I'm still looking across your way to see your car. I may be thinking if your mom is still there I may see you, but no. I asked her and she said she's moving in a few days. I cann't imagine a universe that would do something like that to cause me more pain. So I stuffed myself today with.....guess what....wait for it......:D.....Caprice! and I almost ate the whole I'm hurting right now.
      I went to Gino's on Saturday their busy day. My little cheese friend Robert was there and spotted me right away, I peeked behind the counter and I saw his little face.....he makes me laugh. Gino too was all smiles. I bought another large olive oil, some mozzarella only if Robert made it!, some parsley, and prosciuto bread which I devoured in one day!! eyeroll!
      Well enough for now, someone at the door.

  7. Good morning Lady!!!

    SO NICE to see your comment. I tell you, I enjoy Blogland so much and meeting such kindred spirits. Your cloche adventure sounds wonderful and as far as a base is concern for any sized cloche you have, just MAKE ONE! My husband is GENIUS is many ways, and also in the creativity department. We have a fabulous candelabra that you would like. It is old, and in the shape of a tree! He had wanted to put it under a cloche and made his own base. It is just a decoupage plaque!! I painted it to my liking (black undercoat, gray top layer, then chipped to look shabby vintage!) SKY'S THE LIMIT on what you can do!

    So what fabulous thing are you up to today? The garden beckons, the sun is strong, but we have shade as is shown here on your beautiful background.

    Today I will sit on our new deck to work on my next design for my Etsy shop. I have a lot to do before a week from tomorrow, when my cousin and her daughter arrive for ONE WEEK. August is going to fly by!

    Have a magnificent day!!! Anita

  8. Hi Anita! :D
    Aside from recuperating from the stress of security issues here, I am tired, HOWEVER! I did not realize I had made a decision silently and did not tell myself LOL...that I wanted to make my bedroom all dreamy white! OMG I bought a book for a penny on amazon and the book arrived today and I heard my self chatting with my self saying how we are going to do "our" room LOL....sooooo the news is, I just got wind of that decision today and am looking around in there trying to figure out how to do it. I will need a nice hutch set with glass doors preferably to house all the things I don't want to give away. And the rest is more a matter of alot of painting, walls, furniture and storage baskets OY! but apparently the decision has been made and I must see it done. White is the one color where clutter of same colors is very forgiving and appropriate with the varying textures. Accents of glass and silver is the theme. Will be gorgeous! hugs, Lady

  9. Dearest Lady!

    What a joy to open up my comments page to see your lovely words. I love the discovery that each of us makes when we look at our living space/home/garden and STUDY IT and then finally conclude what we need and want to do. I so agree with WHITE. I must have an uncluttered living space to think creatively. Upstairs in our loft bedroom, white beams and eaves grace the space with calm and a cottage effect. Because of having a house guest two weeks ago and another one coming next week, I had to clear out some of my artist's supplies from my white fireplace mantle (CAN YOU BELIEVE I used it to store things? ) NOW it is how it should be. Lightly and gently adorned with only golden crowns on each end for candles and nothing else, that white fireplace is now so sublime. White cotton linens on a four poster bed equipped with a feather bed finish the touch.

    Let me know how things go with your décor!!! Anita

    1. Well I'm still waiting for pics from your home as you promised? :D
      Yes, my room is going to be different. I didn't want to work on it unless I moved out but alas, I'm moving more in :D and white will be divine I think.
      I love how inspired you are to be working on your paper mache art, it is so nice to have something to wake up to that makes us smile, yes?
      I'm still looking for mine, there are a few interests but nothing committal...sounds like a love right? lol
      Yes, I can believe you used the mantle as storage for paints etc because those things lying around can make us creative on the spot.....but I also understand the sublime look of simplicity too....I love both! oh what to do! :D
      I will keep you posted. House mate brought home some rare tuberoses....have you ever smelled those? The last time I did was when I used to buy them in Bali. They rival Jasmine, but don't let him hear that oi! :D
      And Ruben make me laugh very loud today....thank the heavens for you both!

  10. Love your garden and flowers! I can definitely see the florist in you! Your green arrangement is simply stunning. Wish we lived closer, we could make all kinds of beauty together!!
    Love your blog as usual!

    1. I agree if we lived closer, I've thought of that myself,, you have no idea how much fun we could have! My friend went to your site and your craft room and fell back on the sofa in a swoon! I put up the hand and said "talk to the hand.....I KNOW ! " LOLOL
      lots of magic to be made but you are doing a splendid job all by your self !!

  11. Oh sweet lady......YOU KNOW i"m a flower person...and you are simply divine. You have such a variety and such an abundance...oh my....AZ heat makes my gardening more limited than I would like...but I can live vicariously through you! LOL



  12. Good morning Lady!

    I am barely getting to my blog comments this morning; yesterday was a day with a visitor in my home.

    Oh talk about the comforts of WHITE. Now that my loft bedroom is cleared away of my art supplies and is nothing but sheer white peace, I actually sleep better!

    I hope to get some pictures AFTER my next house guest departs. She is arriving next Wednesday and leaves August 14. I am finding myself so busy trying to replenish my Etsy shop and prepare my next blog post which will again be a message to let my readers know I will again be away from the computer!!

    I thank you so much for your kind words and friendship; I will get around to showing my home in a few weeks.

    Have a wonderful day! Anita

    1. Good Evening lol and I am just getting ready to wind down, after I visit my friend who just finished putting up sheer netting over her wall of mirror in her house and loving it, cause she didn't know what to do with that mirrored wall she hated until I suggested the netting....and she's thrilled with the look and I am tickled pink and can't wait to go see it. I saw a picture of something similar just 2 days ago in the White book and she saw it and knew it was the thing to do. LOL
      White....My room.....I sigh just thinking about it, but cringe at the work. But I must do it. Sublime White and silver and glass....I can see it all....
      I can only imagine the corners you speak of in your home....but can feel them.
      I too sleep better since getting all white shabby chic bedding....truly!
      Today I received Wind in the Willows and will imagine you and Ruben on some deck somewhere on the opposite side of this continent reading to each other as the little people sneak out and peek out and rally each other to come and listen in on the stories written about them.
      I can also only imagine the joy of you replenishing your Etsy shop.
      I am opening one soon, with the things of beauty I have been making for years but not selling, like my earrings and other things. For me its a matter of survival now, but I will do so only with my joys.
      I'm taking more time away from the pc only to look for magical snippets from my magical new friends LOL....spoiled I am! And I wish for you another wonderful time with friends!....a very special treat in life they are....I know....I just lost my last one.

  13. Always love reading and looking at your wonderful photos. There's a feeling of peace about your blog that I really enjoy. So different yet so magical. I love all your house flowers, so pretty. Thanks for sharing.


  14. Good morning, sweet friend...bubbles here! ;)))
    I am in the most magical world every time I visit you, dear Lady!
    And to see the lovely banter between you and Anita just makes it we are sitting down with a bit of tea! :))
    Everything I see is exquisite, and I really love the green bouquets...and the cloches...and the garden...:)) You are very gifted...
    I pray that you feel safe and secure...
    Sending much love and light,
    - Irina (Oh, and the fairy, she is gorgeous!)

    1. "banter" ''bubbles'' words yes? :D
      yes, and tea! btw, I figured out how to enjoy that Paris tea....I add lots of organic almond extract, honey and almond milk and its yumly ! LOL
      Thank you for the kind words and wishes.....
      safety and security will prove itself in time, yes?

  15. Oh! What a wonderful Post! Thank you so much for sharing it at Fresh-Cut Friday! You certainly have a knack for arranging! I love the idea of the little french perfume bottle. I will sooooo be doing that the next time we have company over. :)

    Thank you again!

  16. Beautiful! Everything is beautiful! Your arrangement you made with the magazine inspiration is fabulous! I did something like this once and was so pleased. Your cloche's filled with flowers and star fish look awesome! Your Circle Fairy Cabbage Patch looks great. I like the bamboo border and the different plants in there. Great job!

    1. Thank you so very much sweet lady :D I'm having fun with the greens and did another one, and the cloches are alot of fun too. I bought a small one and I cannot ''see'' anything else in there except a cupcake and I don't eat those...but as it happens, there is a store nearby that sells just cupcakes! LOL so I may have to keep on in there since it would be easy....I'm "seeing" a mad tea party cupcake kind of thing....oh well! we can never tell our muse's what to see right?
      Thanks for the kinds words and for liking everything, this makes me smile to know I make others smile in another part of the world!

  17. Wow...what unique flowers...and I love the little hanging vase. Cute idea!

  18. WOW!!!! Love your garden and your floral arrangements indoors. Martha has nothing on you!!! :D I adore your little French bottle and flowers hanging in your bath. So pretty!!! I have bookmarked this page to revisit after dinner.

    Linking from Fresh Cut Friday,
    Ricki Jill

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. Martha LOL....
      Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay here.

  19. So many pretty arrangements. Love that you have so many options!!!! thanks for linking up to Fishtail Cottage's garden party! xoxo, tracie


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