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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Magical Village of Joy

I awaken from bed

to the sounds of the angelic harpist playing to the Eastern Rising Sun   (press play)

The music tunes us all who hear her to a common rhythm. This rhythm creates a harmonic that rings through our village. My beloved is already up and gone from his quarters and no doubt preparing some special magic for the village.  I am one of many craftswomen artists in this village of all talented and gifted loving beings. There is always some joy of song, color of personality, movement of dance happening in this very lively Village where even the animals of all kinds are safe and even part of the life.
I am inspired by the Village's coming celebration of the Girls Power Dance, a Dance that happens each year when the young women are celebrated for the gifts unique to them, a gift which keeps the harmony of the people with Nature.....she keeps predator from prey.  This Celebration marks the time when the girls are recognized for their gifts which will be honored eternally, for without Her the entire Village fails. These people acknowledge the Womans Gift as basic and critical for peace as the knowledge that flowers and grass need water. The Woman keeps the peace and provides abundance for posterity.
"Mists of Avalon"
 There are many many things to be done for the Celebration, but mine involves sewing some garments for this special occasion among other things like gardening flowers and some foods preparations. But my specialty is in Raiments of an entirely luxuriant nature, for these happy people love to go all out on every whim for any celebration, but for this one in particular, the Village agrees to the theme of Elegance.....though this does not mean anything restrictive, it does mean that all will share a common air of this Elegance. Last year it was an all White and Silver affair, and any who had witnessed an entire village lush with colors of flowers and greenery everywhere with an entire population of the village all elegantly attired in various and numerous dress of white and silver attire, no one would have been able to tear their eyes away for all the beauty.
Laurence Alma Tadema "The Vintage Festival"
Today I consult with a few men of the village who describe to me their designs and we will work together to get them created. We will make many beautiful garments of silks, linens, and flax. I get hungry and walk to the Fresh Stands....these are small fresh cart where individuals sell their fresh wares.... fresh baked croissants and breads      I meander over to the fresh flower stall    I meet some very colorful people along the way......they all greet with the beauty of joy on their lips.... even as they practice their arts!                                    parents with their kids, both having fun and exercising at the same time.     Practical yes? :D   Preparations being made...... Special water performances....   Morning practice of tai chi......a communal power point meeting of the third kind LOL !

and children playing freely to their hearts content..........  I have spent the morning meandering, collecting my goods from the artisans who create them, and have worked with consulting for the day in the Paradise Gazebo
It was another good day. Everyone happy and content.   Peace shimmers in the air around here and the fragrance of the wild woods permeates our higher sense. At the river I see communion between human and animal who love us
"Ashes and Snow"
As I return from a lovely afternoon I see a company of the Forest People returning from their quest.
I enjoy the views of the woods knowing of the beautiful peace we live in.
I decided to spend some time in a favorite spot of mine to commune with the Tree People
    On the way back I stopped at the Western Platform where musicians will lull us to sleep with their music.
I am tiring now and winding down for the much needed relaxed and peaceful mind for deep sleep and rejuvenation. I take my energy from the Earth Herself.
I will play for you my favorite lullaby  
I return to my own beautiful, so comfortable, so cozy and welcoming.
Gilbert Williams
 I shower ......
and return to the cool night air to speak to the moon and the heavens about my gratitude before I sleep, for nothing gives us a more rejuvenating and peaceful sleep, as the balm of Gratitude.
I hope you enjoyed the day with me.  Dream this day for yourselves.  Let us do the most important work we can do to bring this life back to us...... let us dream it all back together..... let us make the dream, The Life.


  1. Absolutely enchanting my dear. The harp music ( you know that I play, right?) and the dream.....yes, we can MAKE IT HAPPEN. My next post that I will be working on today will be along these lines....I will be away for a couple of days entertaining a guest, but my dreaming will never leave. You have created a sanctuary of praise to the life within us and awaiting us. MERCI!!! Anita

  2. Anita, for years I've been trying to create this "Village" I have in my heart-mind. In 2009 I even thought to leave this country and went to Australia thinking I could do so with a group I went to see there. I came back and continued to try to gather people to no avail. I will not give up.
    In fact, in speaking with friends lately, I asked them "where? where do you see in the media any life of a beautiful kind? with lovely human beings living in peace and kindness with each other? where the people are all talented and gifted and share these with joy every day? where children run happy and free? where the Mother Earth's abundance is shared among all? Where the mornings are looked forward to and the evenings are gatherings around a fire to tell stories of real magic and wonder?? where are these stories, books, movies?? who or what has taken over the media and presented only a foreign installation of ugliness unto the divine human being?" No one could tell me they are seeing The Beautiful Life depicted anywhere. Well this is my new venture. I'm going to do this, and I'd love to make movies too....we shall see how it goes. I'm on a mission to present to the world....'A BEAUTIFUL LIFE' give the people the remembrance of what it is supposed to be and to begin to create it all together...then we shall live it! Yes! WE CAN make it happen.
    I'm busy today....lots to will be a good day :D
    blessings, lady

  3. It is a fantastically beautiful post and the songs are very beautiful.
    Often I'm playing Secret Garden on my blog.
    Is simply indescribably beautiful.
    Thanks for the nice pleasant dream time.

    Best wishes, Moni


    I just published my new post, but before that, I read your last comment. I cannot BELIEVE how it coincides with my thoughts that I condensed into my new post. I have to run, but I so agree with your dreams and thoughts. CREATE MY DEAR, CREATE!!! Oh I have to go.....Anita

  5. Lady, awesome beyond words, so calming and made me smile a lot. Thank you. Oh yes, please make more of these!
    Kisses and love

    1. Lady
      the other nite I turned the tv on and they started showing a documentary about Copenhagen, that is said to be the best city for people in the world, and it was so technically perfect, the architecture, the self sustaining aspect, the organic food, the biking, how they're into well being... and I felt sad watching... and then I realized it was perfect but the paradigm was hurting me, it was all about people going to school and college and getting jobs and having a good free time when they're not moving to work, and getting high salaries and high taxes. But your village, srsly, it beats Copenhagen :))) because, really, it's not about being born to contribute economically to society and have a good time while doing so until we die. It's about being true to oneself while living in this human-animal-vegetal continuum. The full expression of a unique self being loved by the group... and life falling into place... something like that...
      Thank you for sharing your vision.
      Love and sincere heart felt hugs,

  6. Yes! I totally agree with your comment abou the need for a kinder more beautiful life.

    I followed you every step of the way on your beautiful day, it was inspirational. :-)

    1. Thank you and I hope to hear from other villagers to write in how they are experiencing their days in this village....yes???

  7. What a lovely Village. Thank you for transporting us to this magical place.

    1. There is more to come and I hope that YOU as a member of this village will also write in some of your experiences in it???

  8. THIS IS IT, my dear Lady!!! You have brought tears to my eyes, for you have described and depicted what I have been dreaming of for many, many years.
    I was awaiting this post (I remember that you had wanted to do this one...), and wow...from the magical music, to the images, to your beautiful and enchanting words...oh, may we bring this back...
    Gratitude...this is where the magic begins!
    Thank YOU!
    Love and light,
    - Irina :))

    1. ok, here is the response I want to see....tears from the heart....because this comes from my heart to yours...I've been dreaming about this village for oer 40 years and I'm going to create this village online so people can remember a more gentle and beautiful existence that still lives in the heart of huMane beings who want to live like this.....for I cannot live in a village of one! An invite is coming out soon.
      Thank you for your most precious tears!

  9. This was so beautiful....a wonderful way to end today...what a vision!! if only...I would commune with the tree people alot...I love trees the forest, the happy place... Thanks for this Lady...



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