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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Living Drinking Water


is very important to me. Not just because I am at least 85% water, or that it is the most important thing we need for life including plants and foods......or that the seas, rivers, oceans, springs, and lakes are part of life and the natural beauty of this entire planet......but because water is a living being with a consciousness with whom I have an extremely intimate relationship with ......I cannot live without Her.

I share this with you in case you are as concerned for clean living water as I am and may try this too.

You may have heard of Dr. Masaru Emoto who has shown how words and sentiments affect water?? He had taken pictures of crystals of water that had sentiments directed to them and words taped to them, and it does not matter the language in which those words are written, the result is the same. Words and sentiments like love and compassion created gorgeous perfectly symmetrical crystalline crystals. Words like hate or anger produced ugly unsymmetrical formations that lacked luster and sparkle. Water responds also to music, the quality and message contained in its notes and tones. It is amazing.

After considering his work, the experiments, and especially the work done on the Fujiwara Dam in Japan, there is no remaining ignorant of the effects of our thoughts and sentiments upon the life around us, especially water, which is such a malleable entity, it is truly at the whim of those around it. In our quest for clean and living drinking water, there can be few who don't know how difficult this is becoming, and I have been on this quest for years. Every so often I come to something that works for me for a while before I have to find an improvement again. At this time, I have forsaken my reverse osmosis water system because I could taste nasties in it still, even with triple filtration. Beside it being dead water.....I could not stand that such an expense went to this system that didn't improve the taste and turns out to be more dead than anything. Yes water must be alive to be good drinking water, not just clean, hence the title of this post. So now I'm drinking only distilled water which I find to be the cleanest water so far......however it is still not alive. I have improved upon its purity by adding sole solution which makes it wonderful and I feel a continued beneficence from this and so does my housemate John who's health has improved upon drinking this water too.                                           Making Sole - Step 1         So what makes water alive? Well I thought, natural good clean clear living water comes from streams, springs and sources where the water is moving right? Living water is moving water. So how can I get moving water? and what makes moving water alive? Its the aeration.....which causes oxygenation......and we all know about the benefits of oxygen right? Not to mention that anything anaerobic is bad for our health, and does not survive in oxygen.....and oxygen is life producing and life regenerating? Healing, cleansing and purifying? So, living water is moving water, oxygenated water.....and how can I do this at home with a standing system? Well, I recently got into worm farming because I always want the best this planet has to offer for my flowers and vegetation, my body and for the good of the soil when my housemate brought home Jurassic size collard greens from a co worker who lives near us, I couldn't believe my eyes....there IS a way to grow veggies in Florida! But what they did was extraordinary.....when her father bought the property, he dug into the ground 15 feet, and added soils, composts, etc....for a rich soil....15 feet! That's alot of feet and most vegetation does not reach down that far. But they are also always adding worm castings, and worm tea......tea made from their castings not the worm themselves! I heard you! LOL Well, this began a journey into acquiring worms and making tea myself, but I did so from my own compost because the worm castings will not be available for a few months. But I watched how to made compost tea here. And in doing this, I'm on a journey to organic fertilizing which is something I hardly did before, but making my own, close to the way nature does, makes me happy, and soooooo many people claim this tea works miracles on flowers and greenery and I can't wait. But back to the water. While making this tea, I was looking at it and thinking. Since it requires a pump that aerates the tea for a couple of days, I had to wonder how it benefits that tea....then.....I thought these benefits can be applied and should be applied to my own drinking water! And so I decided once the tea was done, I would use the pump to aerate my water! Well I tried it and I love how it tastes. It is clearer, but the distinctly different sensation is that it feels more alive. My water is now clean and oxygenated, aerated and it tastes good. Now some people will get technical on me, and say this oxygen only last about 15 minutes or so because living water is moving water, but I say a little is better than not at all.....and if there was anything in there that didn't belong, then the oxygen got rid of it, and I can taste the aliveness and I don't need to sell aeration pumps! So here are my pics of what I'm doing. Here's the unit that gets plugged in. An air pump with 2 tube attachments. It was around $13.00 including tubes and stones at Wal Mart in the pet fish section.
In this pic I'm showing how I have the tubes from the unit going inside the bottom chamber where the drinking water sits. The top unit does not fit perfectly because of the tubes, but I do not care, it is not seen. This is the water system standing unit.It has an upper unit where the water get poured into, with a ceramic dome which purify's the water and then it drips into the lower chamber where it gets filtered with stones. Here you can see the tubes from the aerater tubes in the bottom chamber where the pouring spout is. I also have rose quartz crystals in the bottom chamber which I have programmed to purifying and rejuvenating to the water. :D:D:D Hey! I use what all I can you know?
 Here I plugged in the unit and the bubbles are bubbling away!

I think the quest for living drinking water has been very difficult but I find this aerater to be an easy option.
I will drink this water for a while and report on its benefits if any. I just know that already it tastes crisper, more alive......but time will tell for sure.

enjoy living water!


  1. Wanted to stop by and thank you for your
    sweet comments.. I see your in Broward.
    I lived in Pem Pines for a while then
    moved over to Clearwater.. it was much
    too busy for I lived the city
    life in the world and wanted to come
    back to Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area but
    had no idea how it grew over the years.
    I need a simpler life and found it here.
    Your post on water was really interesting.
    I had a complete Reverse Osmosis system
    put on the house here and it's amazing how
    good the water is.. my hair also loves it.
    Thanks so much for your visit and have
    a great week.


    I have an interesting "relationship" to water. I dream about "her" almost every night. Yes. I cannot swim, therefore I am deathly afraid. But in my dreams, it is as if water is calling me to come CLOSELY at her banks, for in my dreams, I am often skimming the surface in a vessel, or driving on a road right at the edge.

    I drink water FIRST THING, every morning. It is STUNNING how the minute I talk my first gulp, my eyes open widely and I am so awake....water is a gift and so often taken for granted. I was reading one of my favorite lines in scripture yesterday and the reference to WATER was an enigma to me, not really knowing what was meant, but water does play a role in our life.

    WONDERFUL POST, full of a love for the organic world that we must cherish close to our hearts. Anita

    1. I'm happy to hear of this "relationship" you have with water :D, and I am not surprised, you are such a bright soul. I cannot swim either LOL! but I still go in the water and pretend even if I clean out my nasal respiratory system with lots of ocean water in the attempts! lol a good thing anyway :D
      Interesting your dreams. Water is the symbol of human emotions.....could it be you are skirting the deeper ones by hanging out on the edge? LOL ??
      Yes, water is not just important to me, but I'm in an intimate and direct relationship with it, I don't live in this body alone. I feel this deeply. I'm feeling something this morning I'm going to post about soon.....ish.....and I'm pretty excited about it regarding the crystals I have in my water and its effects! If you are interested enough I will tell you, because if you drink it first thing in the morning, there are some tricks to making it infuse you with ......what's the word?!......higher consciousness? more Light?? something....let me know. :D :D
      And I do love the Organic World, it is for me the Organic Light, The Mother Herself which is the source of life for all. I have looked into other philosophies, but for me, its the Mother of Life because I see Her blessings and Her giving every second of every day. Since seeing this with Her, I feel I have become more Knowing.
      blessings to you dear one!

  3. How beautifully dear Anita writes of your post, dear Lady!
    That video always bring tears to my eyes...
    Yes, imagine what these thoughts and words do to us..
    That is a very creative solution, dear friend! I love the addition of the rose quartz...
    I am always looking for the best water not like the idea of osmosis either.
    I buy spring water right now, but I wonder if I shook it before drinking? hmmm...
    Sparkly blessings!
    - Irina

    1. Yes, she did, and I responded to her via email and forgot to post my response below her comment. I've been doing this 2 step process for every comment, responding via email and copying it into comments, so no one thinks I'm ignoring them. But this morning I forgot to copy my reply to her comment on the blog.
      Yes, I'm writing now about the effects of the water and will soon post this.
      Shaking it only lasts a few seconds. Even the aerator lasts only 15 minutes for when water stops moving it becomes stagnant again and takes on the energies, visuals, sights, sounds of its environment while moving water in its natural places of rocks, rivers etc, is all infused with the Organic Light.
      There is so much about water that is fascinating!
      Try the aerator for only $13.00 you can't go wrong at all. I'm loving it.
      sparkly blessings lol


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