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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

'IN AWE OF MOTHER NATURE'' : Square Leaves ?????

I have found it, the one thing I said did not exist, I found. I've always said there is NOTHING square in Nature........I found yesterday a square growing leaf/or flowerette.
I did....
and I had 2 witnesses, and I did take pictures.
I am blown away, LOL!
See how the flowerette grows in a square?? The leaves triangular in shape are growing in a perfect square...on all four sides !

.....a square configuration in Nature !!

Leaves, growing flat on four sides, straight up, in 90 degree angles !
"In Awe" by Riek Jonker

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  1. That is awesome!! Usually you see round spirals, etc... very unusual ...nice to see...I love Nature!! You couldn't live long enough to discover all of its secrets and wonders!
    Thanks for sharing the green...we had snow today so this is nice..:)


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