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Friday, February 3, 2012

The Alteration of a Spice Cabinet

I just wanted to share the finished cabinet, a find from the Thrift Store for $3.17 using the change I had in my purse. As I mentioned before, I am using things that I had already on hand, so there was no extra cost to embellish this. I do love it now. The bottles I will use for another purpose and project.

This is before....a cute thing, but it doesn't inspire me to dream:

After, painting, distressing, and embellishing, inside, and out, front and back.
It also has sheer shimmer ''curtains.''

Sea shells are the door knobs and handles now and you can see the shimmering curtains.

Inside showing the 'wallpaper'.

The drawer sea shell knobs.

Even the drawers on the inside get papered.

The back is not neglected.

Detail of the ''wallpaper'' and ''wall medallion''.

I found many creative ways to use this cabinet now. It is a very feminine display case, and can be used for example, to hold votive candle holders and floating candles. The drawers fit the tealights perfectly for storage.

Or it can be used to display your crystal collections. It is quite beautiful !

........or even a seashell collection.....both large and tiny ones.....also quite beautiful ! with seaglass in the drawers!

This is a very whimsical thing and for a young girl can spark her imagination to dream and become creative herself!

Or it can hold your perfumes, essential oils and pretty perfume bottles.....and maybe some collected feathers?

This is a magical thing, and I can dream and imagine with, it is a good piece.


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  1. Wow -- what a wonderful transformation! I especially like the shells for the knobs.

  2. oh my gosh!!
    this turned out great, it looks like something in a fancy boutique...great job, i love it!!

  3. Looks lovely,you sure can store alsorts of lovely things inside.Love Jill xx

  4. ♥ ...brilliant...♥ I want one...♥

  5. So charming~ it turned out darling. Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday :)

  6. WOW, I love this and it looks so fabulous with each collection too!! What a wonderful creation and thank you SO much for linking it up to the party!!!

  7. Great alteration and I love all of the vignettes that you have displayed in the cabinet, thanks for sharing, Maureen


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