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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bella Notte Thrift Find and more.....

First I hope people read my comment about responses ....or is it my responses to comments ?? LOL !

I went thrifting last week and came across one of the softest cottons or linens I've felt. This is what I look for when I go thrifting....fabrics that are natural and very soft. This one was gorgeous too, with embroidery, I had to have it. How much was it? .99 cents. I can do that. :D

I found a few other things too, and was very happy. Boy, they sure do get stuff in every day and move stuff out just as fast. In the past 2 weeks, I lost 6 things I wanted due to not having enough on me and leaving it there. And when I went back, they were gone. Some of them real beauties too.
But this one I was so happy with because it was so soft, white and pretty, great quality and in new condition. It looked like a bedskirt, but for Faery sized people. Then I showed my pride and joy to my roommate and wondered why it was so small. Then he thought it was a tablecloth, but said it was too small for that too. We decided it was definitely a Faery People ''something'' as it was definitely also of Faery Quality too ~ :D
Then I looked at the label to be sure of the material, and almost fell off the was a Bella Notte linen .

It was for babies, an Embroidered Baby Dust Ruffle which is discontinued.
I was more ecstatic than I even was before because I really really really want some of their linens really badly, or rather I should say, the beauty they've captured in their creations.

"Whisper Linen White Bedding" (Queen)
Headboard Twin: $1,650, Full: $2,000, Queen: $2,200, King: $2,600
Whisper Linen Duvet Cover: 520.00
Whisper Linen Euro sham: 139.00 each
Whisper Linen Standard sham: 114.00 each
Whisper Linen body pillow: 271.00
Linen fitted sheet: 252.00
Linen Flat sheet: 252.00
Whisper Linen dust ruffle: 400.00

 Alas, I cannot afford them and even if I could, I think those prices are ridiculous for bedding, or anything for that I've decided to make my own, and I've begun to buy fine looseweave linens and cottons for making my own. It will not only be gorgeous, of quality materials, but I know that I will have the longevity that comes from quality materials, and which are actually good for you to have near your skin. Not to mention a great satisfaction for myself for making my own.

I'm loving thrifting now, I'm hooked, I'm THERE ~ lol.....and I just started looking at and buying some clothing too to cut up or doctor up into other beautiful works of art.
EXCEPT. today......I found something that is exactly the kind of natural old fashioned white sweetness that I'm wanting to create. I think this one is perfect and I shall leave it alone, as it is also my perfect size too. I washed everything with my homemade laundry detergent  and used a rinse of salt water to clear the energies the cloth picks up either from wear or use. I've had experiences with that before and as an empath it is not good for me to wear anything from anyone....but salt removes energies, and so I use it in the rinse water. So.....Here is that sweet white thing I am leaving as is.....and other pictures.

All linens and cottons.

This was a find from today.....a sweet pink skirt. What was great was that Wednesday is 50% off for ''senior'' citizens over 50, and that includes me in some really bizarre way! sheesh !

A linen dress....a perfect blank canvas for some artistic doctoring up with laces and other things.....

Another sweet pink skirt today! also for 50% off in another thrift store.

This is going to be a Prairie Skirt......right now its a bed skirt LOL...but hey! its already 90% there and I have very little work before being able to wear it!.....adding some lace and other things, and it will be done....can you see it? :D

There is something some 'je ne sais quoi' about having natural fibers of beauty-full clothing hanging in the sun to dry.......sometimes I leave them up for days, because seeing from the window unexpectedly or passing through the garden and catching them stops me in my tracks and captures me in a soft spot, a spot I love to be in.
When I begin making my own clothes, I shall be living in that soft spot all the time.....its why I'm doing it.

I love thrifting, and I love all the blogging women who showed the world their finds, its because of you I have so many new loves in my home and I didn't spend money I didn't have~...... I love you!

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  1. What beautiful linens you have found. I am with you--love thrifting and it is fun to show things off you find. TFS!

  2. such georgous linens...the bed skirt is just scrumptious!

  3. Bella Notte lines are wonderful! Happy for you that you found these thrifting.

  4. Hello Gorgeous linens! I always hope to find such as these. I was thinking your bedskirt was for a baby's bed! I wanted to share a couple of clothing lines I think you'd like and find inspiring.
    Have fun!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely post with Home and Garden Thursday,

  5. Oh my goodness!!!! You hit the jackpot today with your beautiful finds!! There's nothing in this world like BN linens (wish I could afford them, too), and you are going to look sweet in those gorgeous treasures! :)

    xoxo laurie

  6. Your linens are gorgeous and I appreciate you sharing them at Potpourri Friday!


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