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Friday, October 3, 2014

Raw-Toppings Pizza Omelette

Hello Ladies,

Today I have a recipe for you, a pizza that is actually good for you and totally guilt free, you can eat this one as often as you want since it is mostly a perfect protein from the eggs and the raw toppings are your fresh veggies with perks!
Forget the fattening and make-you-puffy-bread dough normal pizza sits on, you don't need it, it only makes you bloated and puffy literally, it has no nutritional value and is a false carbohydrate. It makes you fat and feel guilty when you eat it, but you have a choice!

I want to talk about food.....FOOD is not just ''things we eat'', foods have alchemical effects upon our bodies and spirits, can make is ill or well. This will be a series coming up.
I am embarking once again on a healthier raw foods diet, as I used to be. But now that my taste buds have experimented and enjoyed some of the most wonderful savoury flavors on the planet, they are quite spoiled. So I must be very creative and experiment until I have a good varied menu of foods I love that are both tasty and raw or mostly raw.
For the beginning of a cooked foods person there is a period of "transition" where we add more raw in but still eat some cooked things, and I personally love this phase and wish to remain on it for a while, and I will, until the raw foods compel me to go further. The cravings for cooked simply disappear, thank god.

But one thing I know is deadly for the body is bread, one of the most delicious and loved foods on the planet, is bad for the body. Unless of course you are eating the living sprouted varieties, but schools of thought vary as to the GMO of such grains anymore. But for me personally, I know my body and brain does terribly on bread though my taste buds dance for joy with simply must go. I cannot have anything made with flour.

One thing I invented in my creative ventures as a home chef, is the Pizza Omelette. I love pizza, good fresh pizza, and omelettes. One day I made an omelette and I kept dressing it until eventually it turned out looking like a pizza  and ''my famous breakfast pizza'' was born lolol. I'm sure I am not the only one who has done this, but still I did create it on the spot and have been playing with different recipes of this for a while.

In my transition phase of going raw, I find I still like hot foods and eggs. I also love egg whites raw in my smoothies, and recently discovered, love it as the dominate egg part for an omelette, more egg white then yolk.

I've been craving pizza lately, but want to do this raw so I put the two together and O.M.G. is this wonderful!  I was cooking the same toppings before, tomatoes, etc..... but I want living foods and all of these toppings can be eaten raw and fresh and it definitely satisfied my pizza craving!.....So I made this today and decided to share my Raw-Toppings Pizza Omelette and here goes. Just remember you saw it here first because I just invented it. ;D

You will need the following for two people or one pizza foodie freak lol:

~5 egg whites and two yolks from those, whisked in a bowl
~some chopped onion
~some chopped peppers, today I used a poblano
~fresh garlic finely minced
and the rest are purely the toppings of choice which you can totally make up for yourself:
~2 kinds of cheese of your choice, I love asiago and parmesean, the real imported ones
~olives of choice, pitted
~heirloom or cherry tomatoes finely chopped
~quality Himalayan, Celtic or other salt and fresh ground pepper
~red pepper flakes
~fresh basil

Whisk the 5 egg whites and 2 yolks, or you can eliminate the yolk altogether,  in a bowl and grind in your salt and pepper, some oregano and set aside.
In an omelette pan add a bit of olive oil or butter, and saute the onions and pepper until soft.
Once they are done add the fresh minced garlic, you don't want the garlic to get browned. Then add the eggs. You want a thin layer of 0melette. Cook it well, until nice and brown on the bottom and done on top, then turn if off when done.

While this is cooking chop your tomatoes and prepare the other toppings. Mix the chopped tomatoes, fresh basil, oregano, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, olives, whatever you have chosen for your toppings, in a bowl. I added a dash of olive oil but its not needed.
Grate your cheeses and set aside.

Add the tomatoe bowl contents onto the well cooked omelette.

"Slice" into quarters..............Your Pizza omelette is done, you just need to add your seasonings as in a pizza shop!

This is not finger food lolol, it is eaten with knife and fork, and is delicioso!!

I love this, and I can't believe I refrained from eating the whole thing. I'm going to make another one tomorrow, thank goodness I bought lots of tomatoes today!

I hope you enjoy!

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  1. What a great idea, my dear friend! I have to be honest at this point: although we are really trying to eat more raw food -like the vegetables we grow in the backyard-, I still die for cooked meals and pizza is precisely my Achilles heel... (the more toppings, the best!) ¿May it be that the reason why I always feel so tired and lack of energy? Anyway, I´m definitely not ready to change my habits so much right now; but your recipe sounds -and looks- so delicious that I´m considering it as a good option for my pizza cravings... and the best part is that I have my own fresh eggs too!!! (had I mentioned the six hens that are now part of the family?) So I´ll probably try this one soon and promise to tell you if it works for us too... till then, keep on taking good care of yourself and improving your "home chef" abilities, who knows if one day you may make this omelette as the star recipe of your Fairy Cafe/Bistro/whatever!
    Hugs and blessings for you always,

    1. Hi there ! :D, yes, this is definitely satisfying, I said I was craving pizza, and this is the bodies' yeast/candida craving food for is draining though and makes you definitely feel tired all the time and fat and bloated, its just horrible stuff, and yet we love love love it.....but I am determined ..... will post on this soon...... but this recipe is very good and tasted just like pizza.....let me know how it goes :D

  2. This looks so tasty. Why aren't you here making breakfast!!!!???? I have been craving bad pizza lately and so far have had the willpower to just say NO. I make myself remember how bad I feel for a couple of days after I eat it, but it taste so good. Too bad all the white stuff is bad for us.
    I think you should move to San Diego and open a restaurant, it would be a big hit.

  3. What a great Recipe you have Invented... I will definitely try it, the Images alone made me hungry! *smiles* Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

    1. Oh Dawn! I haven't heard or seen you in such a longgg while, how are you doing? still have the flea market venue? Thanks for visiting. Yes, This recipe is !delish! and I can't wait to make again this morning lol.....the housemate is home and I'll be cooking and juicing. Let me know how you like it! hugs, Lady

  4. This sounds absolutely delicious!!! I love the idea of using egg whites as the base. I am definitely going to make this as I have sworn off bread

    1. Yes, bread, we love it, but it hates us, too sad. I'd like to hear why you ''swore it off''', and let me know how you like this one, going to make it again this morning lolol

  5. Oh yum!! This looks, and sounds amazing!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Oh no! It is 10:00 p.m., and you are making me soo hungry! :))) This looks gorgeous, and what a brilliant idea...
    I am going to try it, I can't wait! (Not tonight, of course!..hee)
    I can't really tolerate bread either, and I try to purchase the Ezekiel, which is sprouted.
    Hopefully, no GMO's with that brand...
    Thank you for this fantastic recipe, dear friend...Buon Apetito!!! :)

    1. I made it again today, and it is very yummly! lolol.....let me know again if you try it. so delish! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo :D:D:D


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