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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Vanity Dressers as Temple of Self Love

*Hello Everyone,

I want to open up a conversation about Vanity Tables or Dressers. I remember these from days past where I felt (childishly) they were such an extravagance, a pretty one but who needs a dresser just for makeup? who wears that much stuff? Of course I had no clue back then, these are the thoughts of a child and I now know just how much women can use to keep themselves both beautiful and groomed.....from make-up to brushes, to supplements, tools etc.

But the Vanity Dresser idea was a quaint and romantic thing to me nonetheless. I thought it was more ''vain'' than love and generally I was right. That was 50 years ago.
Today I need one LOL....and I want one, why? I find that I need to take more and better care of myself, and though I do have some essentials I like to use, I don't because they are spread out all over the house, in the bathroom, in a bedroom in another room, in draws, etc....and I don't use these wonderful things as regularly as I should. So in organizing my thoughts around new Self Care Regimen as a routine, I realized I need everything in one place where they are visible and used.
I recalled a white vanity table I saw in a local store and thought it was so pretty. I want one now, and the ones I like....are like this:

or this.....


or this?

:D:D:D Those are my ideals, the fantasy. :D, but I will most certainly have to be very creative with whatever I do come up with. I do want to love this piece because this Vanity will have to entice me to sit at it and do all those necessary things and use those products I must for healthy, beauty, grooming, maintenance, age rejuvenation, etc.....all of which I am going to outline soon as I'm embarked now on a rejuvenation program I am creating as I go along based on what works, what produces effects or not This will be a fascinating journey since I am determined and when I determined, things happen. I invite you to join me as I journal here what is working and hope it helps and works for someone else out there too.

I began this Natural and Organic Path when I was just 21 years old when I was told I needed X amount of surgeries for different things, when all it was is I was allergic to food......many foods, many of which are considered normal foods but are not because they are so processed but while most people suffer over a period of time, I suffered immediately. Many ''foods'' are poisonous to the body and health and mind, are in fact toxic, and is why nearly everyone is sick. But people don't want to know this. I wont tell. It is all a very long conversation.

But I have re-educated myself, brought myself up to date, and I have begun a Rejuvenating Regimen for myself and because I am beginning to see results, I thought I'd share them and those will be posted in a series coming up.

I want to love this Vanity Dresser because this is where I will be loving myself. It will be the place where I give away personal judgements, many of which have been harsh, and lay those on the lap of forgiveness while I take up the mantle of Self Lovingness. This alone is a challenge. Mirrors will remain covered in the meantime. lol . I have not been as healthy as I used to be. I was a bodybuilder, organic, and ''almost fitness model'' (I refused)  for many years. When I experienced many tramas at once, I lost the ability to remain healthy, things came in and wreaked havoc on every aspect of my being, and I began to eat for comfort for the first time ever, and my health went down, as well as my appearance. I found I've aged and I don't like it. I don't believe in aging, nor sickness. I KNOW we can do many many things to improve or reverse it and I've been educating myself on many of these things for over 30 years and helping many others over the  years. At one time I was up to date on all the nutrients and practices, but after these many years new developments have come in and I have needed to re-educate myself on what these are, how they work etc....and I am impressed. There is hope for us all especially those over 50 like me.

This Vanity Dresser must be my Temple, a place of Sacred Luxury and Self Temple to My Youth Practise it will be, and so it must be beautiful, inviting, and practical. I want to put all the things I use in beautiful jars and bottles and I am collecting them from the thrift store as I come across them. Then I will need the dresser itself and either I will find one that is perfect at the perfect price, or I will have to invent one from this and that as I find those. Time will tell.

Anyone who is more savvy on this Vanity experience, please comment or email I'd love to hear your stories.

Stay tuned.

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  1. I have a vanity...It's a vintage piece found in a favorite shop that I frequent. I keep my vintage bottles on it, earrings, and other jewelry on, and in it. I use the drawers for hair clips, combs, and brushes. I also use the drawers for scarves, and bracelets.
    I don't use the vanity for make up, or any beauty regime. I do that in the bathroom. Maybe I'm doing it all wrong??? lol.
    I hope you find what you are looking for. It sounds like you are on the right track.

    1. Debbie, lol, I'm looking for advise myself, these here are only my own musings on this whole ''vanity dresser'' thing, but it is growing on me. If you do it at all, bathroom or anywhere, then you are doing it right :D, I believe. For me, I thought I'd do it in the bathroom but I've been ''trained'' to be quick in the bathroom due to another who lives here and even though that would be a good place, I can't spend any long time in there without thinking I'm ''in the way''. So a vanity in my own room sounds perfect and they are soooo beautiful! the ones I want anyway. I'm going to have to be REALLY creative on this one! but I'm on it :D

  2. Those vanities you posted are just gorgeous! I hope you find the perfect one :) !

  3. Love the vanities and all you said. No harm in being vain, you're already beautiful in and out, it's just some outside adjusting we are needing (no wonder, after all we've been thru). I guess, for me, this desire to show on the outer side all the beauty we can be must be natural after all these years of purifying who we are within, being so stripped bare, and now wanting things to be "as above, so below". Nothing better than giving ourselves the room to do so. Will love to follow your journey, dear friend.

    1. oh mama, thank you, and I do hope you will find some pleasurable moments and a few smiles here in this journey.
      "Being so stripped bare".....yes.....the place where ''angels fear to tread''.
      I am and will give myself the room to do so, thanks for the permission, it is validating. Hugs to you dearest one.

  4. I have always associated vanities with the Victorian era when the ladies of leisure spent hours perfecting their toilette. I remember many, many years ago. probably 40 plus, I was apartment hunting in Hermosa Beach. I was shown this one apartment that had previous tenants with some very strange decorating choices. The walls and ceiling in one room were painted black with colorful artwork. Now this was in 1969 so it is safe to say they were hippies. They just up and moved out and left everything. I had no interest in the apartment, but sitting in the bedroom was this beautiful vanity that I knew I had to have. I asked the man if he would sell it and it he asked how much I would pay. Miracle of miracles, I offered $30.00 and he agreed. I ran with my treasure and didn't look back. This vanity was all carved wood and had a built in jewelry compartment on the top. I have always loved antiques and have never seen another like it. The vanity moved with me countless times over the years until the 1990's when I have some money problems and I had to sell it. I always regretted that and replaced it with another one which was pretty but didn't compare. Your can still find them at yard sales and thrift shops occasionally.
    They are a vestige of femininity from a bygone era and the perfect setting for the pampering of yourself and your soul. I just know you will find your treasured vanity and it will make you feel like a queen as you sit before the mirror and see your outer beauty.
    Glad your are sharing your thoughts and experiences with us again and I look forward to the beauty secrets you will share.
    Hugs ......Sherry

    1. Sherry! you summed it all up perfectly in just your single comment, what I'm going through slowly here as I discover these "vanities" and just what they mean, what they can lead to, etc. lolol...thank you! I'm sure yours was beautiful! I especially love the carved ones and the more I look into these, I don't think I can settle for anything else, I'm trying but its not working. :D Thank you for checking in again, glad to see you back too.
      hugs, Lady.

  5. Oh dear, how the hell hadn´t I seen this post??? It´s so beautifully written and illustrated that I went one sigh after another while reading... And I´m sooooo with you on this, my anam cara: this kind of vanities clearly tells us about a woman who authentically loves herself! Hope you find yours soon -here they are very rare and expensive as treasures- and definitely am joining you in this Rejuvenating Regimen (god knows how badly I need something like that!!!) I´ll try to be more aware for you updates on the issue, so I don´t miss any health and beauty secret!
    Warmest hugs and blessings,

  6. Dreaming it is the first step, isn't? :) Ahhh....beautiful spaces for taking care of this sacred temple...thank you for reminding and inspiring, dearest Lady...
    I'm so glad that you are re-discovering the road to wellness, self-healing, and rejuvenation...
    Vanity tables have always been a weakness for me...I adore them...
    Never had a proper one...but in one of our beloved Victorias, there was a photo of a simple table, with a lovely cloth draped, (attached...could even use velcro), to cover the bottom area. Then a beautiful free-standing mirror was placed on the surface....simple and oh so beautiful.
    It will be fun to see what you come up with...I am on a similar journey... :)
    Love to you,
    - Irina

    1. Dreaming yes is the first step, and I continue to. I am trying, not too hard :D, to figure this out as to how to make one that will fit the tiny space I have, and I do believe ''it'' will come to me, yes even if I have to put it together in some way, I'm looking out for the pieces, but in truth don't get out much. Again yes, a simple table will work, I only need drawers, and I have found a tri-fold mirror that I'm in love with but it too is pricey, but I do very much love it. Thank you for visiting, my bubbles....:D

    2. I know the magic will come at the right time and in the right form... :)

    3. and don't you know just today it has?!?! as an early Christmas gift??!? I'm so delighted I could sing and dance! I will make a post on this when I'm done with must be a finished and beautiful product after all right? :D:D:D hehehehe

    4. Wonderful!!! :))) Oh, you're going to have so much fun with this....
      Love to you!

  7. I love vanities. My Grandmother had one and my Mother gave me one as a teen. Once I started to have children it got displaced by the crib. I love them and it would be wonderful to have one. I also have many food allergies. They all started when I was 45. Have no idea why I have them.
    Thanks for joining HSH!


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