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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

"Brunch is Served, Sir"

A quick post for my lovelies in Bloglandia!

Have lost my groove and juice for weeks now, a combination of circumstances, my ''work'', and this humid/heat.....
but, my natural state is happiness or joy, isn't that nice? I just learned this about myself this past year LOL.....and so when all the outer stuff seemed to be ''handled'', today I woke up with the pleasure of thinking how to create my sewing projects for which I have a few going on at once, and to wash the kitchen lace valances and play with my new thrift store finds. I got what I believe is a Scottish Lace Panel, in cotton, a floral twin blanket with ruffles which I'm going to make into something, I'm a bit excited about....and a cotton lace round tablecloth.......these three were $7.00 total. I have a really good thrift store by me. If I had a shop, I'd be in there every morning!


I wish I could put in a movie here of the moving lace, blowing in the sun an gentle breezes......sighhhhh.....

ok LOL....sorry about that! had to pretend these pics were single frames in a slow motion movie LOL

Back to the kitchen.....once I took the lace valances off, there was alot more light coming in and I liked it, plus the scrollwork of the ficus repens shows up sooo much and I love that! I asked the housemate for his opinion too and he liked the light I had to figure out what to put up there to have something at the top to cover the awning view and because fabric softens square windows and I need that. I looked around and realized my beloved favorite of all time gauze linen was finished! horror! and the only piece left was one I was using as a long linen sash/belt was in my closet, and I pulled it out and it works perfectly. I just need to embellish it a bit and I'm leaving it there, it is lightweight, sheer and yet softens the hard window structure, lets in the light and shows my favorite, the organic scrollwork of nature crawling all over the windows in the form of Mr. Repens....that is a very vigorous ficus repens which is full out intent on covering this entire house.

I began to make a brunch and as I was about to serve it up, there was this wooden tray I had washed in the dish-rack, and I thought it was perfect to serve a sandwich. I love to make things interesting. I have to. If I'm going to do the same things every day, then I have to be creative with them. The Japanese excel at this, crafting and using the most beautiful stonewear and serving utensils for every day use. But today, it was a lovely accident, and I grabbed the wooden tray just because it was there and fit the sandwich, layed down a shabby serviette in blue because it was for the housemate John, and then I fell into the giggles in love with the delight of it! I went for the camera and I don't have the time or patience for staging people, only when something really ugly shows up and yells at me through the lens do I move it, but otherwise, pics are as they are.....
so here is the delight for the day....

"Brunch is served, Sir" :D:D:D

 A mushroom and onion egg sandwich. I used lavender and Herb de Provence and cream in the eggs this time. Extra flavor came from grated Parmesan cheese and Jamaican Scotch Bonnet hot sauce, which is more flavor than heat. LOVE!!

layed the shabby serviette onto the tray, put the sandwich on it, and covered it up.....

I like to keep things interesting, and when I presented this to him, he did have a huge grin and giggled a bit himself!
please scuse the unsavory t-shirt there, I'm not into photoshop.....but he was a happy camper in this moment despite the HIGH humidity and heat in AUGUST in Florida, the worst time of year and have to find ways to keep him happy because he was muttering under his breath about the heat and having to dig up [at my insistence] those old bushes that ARE NOT FLOWERING. that I can plant bougainvillea in their place,

....because I want flowers and color like this......







Thanks for visiting. Count your blessings.



  1. Your laundry is just beautiful! It is humid here too--I should be losing weight--no water retention that is for sure!

  2. piękny ten obrus koronka i wzory takie starodawne. No i cudowne kwiaty u nas takich nie ma, pozdrawiam Beata:-))

  3. Oh what beautiful finds... Drying in the breeze... Oh I too, love to look of lace, billowing in a breeze. :-)

    Yummmm! That food could make any man, do any task, me-thinks.


  4. My dear, you are indeed a gifted one... I deeply admire that skill you have to find beauty and joy wherever you are and whatever you do! I wish I wasn´t as structure-minded as I am, so from time to time I could also "think out of the box" and find authentic joy in simple things around me, instead of complaining -as I often do- because they are not PERFECT... That´s why your posts always lift up my mood -unfortunately I´m struggling with the flu AGAIN and so is my kid, so this kind of "therapy" is truly welcome LOL- Oh, and those thrift store finds are lovely, you cannot imagine how much I miss thrifting!!! (can you believe there are NO thrift stores, flea markets or yard sales in this d**n town?)
    Thanks for sharing your Magic, send you a million blessings.

    1. :D, I try. Oh I got so very giggly that day when I grabbed that wooden tray and laid that sandwich on it LOLOL ! One would've thought I hit the lottery! though if THAT had happened, I'd be crying hysterically.....from first relief, then from joy, then from exhaustion, and probably from heart attack LOL!

      Your flu, could it be you are cleansing? sometimes moving can make one cleanse of the previous ''era or time or place''.....just a thought. Otherwise, you need to find more ways of keeping warmer me thinks.
      There is alot of talk around Uruguay these days, it is kinda strange, you know! That ''Ka'' kind of strange LOL..... I'd never heard about it much, but lately it is everywhere....
      something is up.
      Well no thrift stores there. I wish I could go shopping for you! I still have some things I want to send you and when I think it is done, another pops up, then I think what size is this box going to be? and I get scared and don't do it, but I will! soon!
      oh please find a way to be warm and well, and please do think about teaching me to crochet over offered and I said YES ! lol
      warmest hugs

  5. It is the LITTLE details....made with love and beauty, which bring the joy...absolutely...and you have SUCH a gift for that...
    The sandwich sounds and looks so yummy!!!
    I love all of the beautiful linens in the breeze... dream!!!! I adore these flowers...cannot wait until you plant them!! :))
    So much goodness here....
    Sparkly blessings to you, dearest Lady!!
    Love and hugs,
    - Irina


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