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Friday, June 21, 2013

Shabby Linens Homemade

 Hello All you Beautiful Blogging Ladies!!

I made a recent recovery from an ailment called "Gotta Have It-itis" lolol. It's a very strange kind of bug because you can be exposed to it sometimes and not get ill, but then others, you get ill very bad very quick! Well I got Gotta Have It-itis a couple weeks ago when I unsuspectingly was exposed to a subtle and soft beauty of comfort that I was not prepared for. :D:D:D
I spoke of it here, from Lauries Heavens Walk blog, and her picture of her own Shabby Napkins is what got me the "bug" lolol.......thank goodness it was a simple bug, and short lived.......


You can read about that in the previous post, but soon I went out and found some nice cotton's at JoAnne's Fabrics and I was quite content actually. Bug wasn't that serious. And I made a set of 8 napkins and have enough fabric to make 16 more, but 8 is more than enough for me and housemate's social life here.

I found these pretties

[and yes, Palomasea, that IS an April Cornell Tablecloth, so lovely it is too.]

and this beautiful soft heavy drapy linen already cut to the size of my table! Classic natural White!



And I knew just what I was going to do, but how to finish it was up in the air. I wanted something simple, but I chose to do the ruffle after all because that is a Shabby Chic Couture style which I did want to go with the napkins, and so I sewed it today and even trimmed it with a thin lace. I left it rough edged and it will fray a bit but that's ok, I can always trim that but I love how it takes the formality out of the linen. I used very very lightweight linen gauze for the ruffle, and I'm very much in love with this beautiful thing and I do not at all feel any less luxurious with my new Homemade Shabby Linens than if they had a namebrand on it! Not at all! I'm very content right now. I am neither cheated out of the nice feel of cotton, nor the beautiful luxurious linen, nor the colors or looks. :D:D:D and hey, for around $30.00, I did good!

I sewed the napkins and washed them and dried in the sun.......they smell great!

 How pretty is that! does it say Spring or Summer?

I cut 8 strips from my linen gauze for the ruffle, double the length of each side of the linen....... I have a so very light 2.8 oz weight linen.....could also be what is called Whisper Linen......wink wink! like from Bella Notte Linens? yeah, that kind of light weight.... :D:D:D

ruffled them and pinned them on to sew.........

Finished, with a very thin lace trim......I'm in love people !

Is this original by Rachel Ashwell that much better than my own? Nope.  I simply love how simple it was to create a thing of beauty like hers.......hers is definitely sewn better but mine is just fine with me :D:D:D and Rachel is so inspiring. As are bloggers who create their own versions of "Shabby".

Look at that texture in the sun.....the base is thick and heavy yet soft and drapey, and the napkins speak of cottons, pretty spring and soft colors!


Finally finished, folded and ready for that special dining experience.........for summer or spring or anytime!


 Classic linen, yet made casual and pretty with unfinished rough edged ruffles......

 No fuss, single serving setting.......



 Folded until ready for use.......

 I encourage anyone who gets bit by the Gotta-Have-It-itis bug, that if $$ keeps you from getting what you want, never hesitate to make your own, because that is just how the big names began, by making their own. And often it is far more satisfying than buying a name that is both pricey and common. My Linens are unique and just as luxurious and pretty! Don't you think?

 Thank you Laurie for the "bug" ! LOLOL......It was worth it being "ill" for a short time to be made to make do with what is available and with a little effort have every bit of beauty with Homemade Linens!

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  1. Hi sweet Lady, just to say that the finished napkins are beautiful, and I too love the way that tablecloth turned out with the gauze ruffles... pure Shabby Chic, with or without name brand! Oh, and I completely agree with you that making our own things is the best way to have all the beauty we desire while living in a budget... that´s precisely one of the inspiring concepts that made me love your blog in the first place LOL
    A million blessings,
    K (still dealing with the flu!)

    1. Hi Ka, thanks for the support as always, is appreciated. Yes, I'm happy I did it too. I didn't want to make any more ruffles in my life LOL, but it seems even if I hate making them, I will be making more and once they are done, I am in love. Yes I love making my own things, the $$ spending never made sense to me, and homemade always seemed a bit more special anyway.
      That its getting on MY nerves.....:D
      get better already. lol
      warmest hugs

  2. Oh I am soooooo in Luuuuuuv with your pretties too. I want,want want. Am I ill too? I know what I'm going to do next week now. Thanks for the inspiration Love coming over here. xx

    1. Jeanette Ann, LOLOL, if you are going to do this, then you probably got the "Gotta-Have-It-itis bug too LOL.....let me know how they come out, would love to see them!

  3. You are so right--making your own can be so much more satisfying than buying a big name. Especially when they turn out as gorgeous as yours did! Love the photos on the clothes line. I just adore both the napkins and the so beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us :)

    1. Thank you Sandy, I'm quite happy with them too, such pretty stuff and the textures are perfect.

  4. Oh how lovely. And Oh how casual, all at one time. Love the raw edges.

    Sooooooooooooooooo pretty. Even hanging on the line. You could make a whole set, just to leave hanging on the line, because it is so pretty. Welllll, perhaps not. Too much work. But you know what I mean.

    I just might have to get myself a small sewing machine..... Haven't had one in ages. Just... might.... Just.... :-)))))))))))))

    Happy June Strawberry Full Moon!!!


    1. lol, make a set to leave on the line, that is too funny. You know sometimes I hang up linens or something lacey and pretty just to see them on the line? lol, I could leave them up there for a while, getting rain then sun then rain then sun and the napkins would fade nicely.....would be lovely! That is another reason I love these, they wear very well! Thank for visiting and commenting, love them!

  5. Absolutely agree with you! Your linens are just beautiful!

  6. Love your sweet napkins and linen tablecloth. Such a charming ruffle and I love the soft floral design of your napkins as well. I need to try sewing again, I feel like I've really been missing out. I've really been lovin' shabby chic again, so pretty!

    1. Thanks Diane,
      I love the ''shabby look'' too. Only when I was doing it, I didn't know it was a style or had a name. I did it on my own. I loved Victorian and Romantic but in pastels and lightweight for Florida. I had an apartment on the water and a neighbor came to visit me and said, "oh, you do the shabby chic style"! "the what?!" "shabby chic", she said "
      "I don't know what you're talking about"...."oh you know, Rachel (something) see it on tv!" "I don't watch TV".....''oh well, she's a designer, and your place is the shabby chic style'. "oh well, someone was bound to make money off it". LOL Then when I moved in this house and we saw on TV Rachel Ashwell had a show, my house mate said to me, "look! she's doing your style"! Dang! everyone steals all my ideas. Happens all the time. Can't believe how famous she became. Then I got tired of it and I don't like to be trendy, so I left it. But I'm back too, Love it.
      blessings, lady.

  7. I loved seeing them out on the line! Reminds me of childhood!

  8. Standing up and applauding!!!!! :)))) BRAVA!!!! Sooooooo pretty!!!!!
    What JOY! Oh, dear and beautiful Lady, you have inspired us yet again!
    Giddy from the beauty... ;)))
    Love and bubblies,
    - Irina

  9. You did a great job on the napkins and the tablecloth! Beautiful! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!


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