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Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Flowers In Whites

Hello Dear Ones,

I'm doing white flowers this week, simple daisies with greens and other flowers from the garden, in some beautiful white stonewear.........and one of them is a chamber pot.....yes, you read that right, chamber pot....with a British accent too :D
I saw some gorgeousness on another blog with June of Laughing Angels who had some peonies and roses in a chamber pot.....I loved the pot but had never seen them around. I googled and found a couple on ebay, and this one was an entire set of white in pristine condition, with delicate floral scroll gold relief and they are so beautiful all together! The large pitcher must have originally come with a bowl, but not in this one, the small container with a lid is a soap dish. I haven't found out what the small pitcher is for yet.$T2eC16N,!zUE9s389ywzBR20tYut5w~~60_35.JPG

So here are lots of pictures.

I love seeing all arrangements on the table together, but they have other places to go to. All of the flowers and greens except the daisies are from my garden.

 The humble daisy with Song of India.

 A tiny pitcher and bowl set gets a single daisy under a cloche LOL....

 White daisies with yellow garden penta flowers.

 The single lavender rose in my garden with some other purple flowers and white plumbago.

 Love these all on the table like this! Even the housemate stopped and stared....said his fav was the chamber pot one.....he likes the Song of India greens.

My happy shabby napkins had to get in this pic! LOLOL.....I keep them folded on the table in a wood platter.....serving up serviettes!

For my room, I found this crystal vase with silver metal trim so pretty, for $2.50, had to have it.

 Still lovin my pearl grey walls......

Another beauty I had bid on only to demonstrate to housemate how the bidding process worked, so I chose this pot I was ''watching'' on ebay and when I clicked to bid 50 cents more to show what happens when one bids, I had no idea the other 2 bidders would not continue, and I won this auction without wanting to! lol, but I'm glad I did because this gorgeous pot was only $10.50 cents.....soooooo worth it! And I think I got the prettiest ones for sale too. Its a beautiful off white with crackle finish, relief details, and blue flowers, much prettier in person.

 The inside is pretty.

Simple pleasures!

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. I always enjoy the way you display your flower arrangements with such exquisite taste, and it´s nice from your housemate to notice it too. You know, if I ever put so many flowers on a single table, my dear hubby would surely shake his head and mutter: "Whose funeral is it?" (he usually does the same when I light "too many" candles all around the house! -and they´re never too many for me LOLOL)
    Anyway, the chamber pots are another story... how do you manage to find these kind of wonderful things on a budget? Around here they are very rare and unattainably expensive... at least for me (I mean not less than $ 100 a single piece!) Your white set is simply marvelous, and so is the crackeled one. I´m really happy you have purchased these beauties, and laughed a lot with your "unintentional" auction winning... I´ve been through similar situations a couple of times LOL ;)

    1. Hi mama,
      I'm a ''florist'', or was, when I worked. I've done thousands of arrangements in my life and many for celebrities. When I have good flowers I can do amazing things, since I am part Fae :D:D:D I do magazine quality and few shops around here can afford to pay me what I need, nor do they need my level of talent for the boring teleflora prearranged styles they do. I tried to work like that and I went mad LOL.....I need to create. It was great when I worked for a high end florist in South Beach and was purchasing the flowers direct from Holland myself along with another colleague and we worked together so well. Those were ''the days''.
      But how I buy on a budget is, when I ''need'' to have something, which is rare, maybe a few times a year .....I will ask my housemate to use his card and I pay him later when I have the money. Since it is so rare, it works.
      The other or extra chamber pot as I explained was only $10.50 and that was affordable, but laughable when I said, 'oh shit'....(no pun intended lol) when I won that chamber pot LOLOL.
      Also, all those arrangements don't stay there they are going to different places in the house.....but today, when I looked at the table, I thought they may just stay there because I'm simply loving them there. We do not eat at the table anyway so it is free.

      I thought of the chamber pots today as I saw so many on ebay for cheap like ten dollars etc, but these were plain and was wondering with all the ingeniously creative ladies in bloggyland, what one can do to make them more beautiful....paint flowers on them? add beautiful stickers? decoupage? yes that one sounds good.......stenciling? I think those things can definitely enhance those bland ones to beautiful ones? maybe even add rhinestones or other my own imagination is going nuts LOL!

      love you cara!

  2. Oh my goodness! you have prettiest darlings here :)
    I love how you put the white daises there.
    The chine set also adorable.

    Hope you have great weekend.


    1. Thank you for saying so. You too have a wonderful week.

  3. I LOVE that chamberpot arrangement! AND your decision to use the star of India greens.... genius! :) The whole arrangement is really pretty.

    Thank you so much for sharing and linking up for Fresh-Cut Friday!

  4. Dearest LADY! HELLO!

    How inviting is your peaceful world of flowers and lace, sunlight and white and gray walls. Oh, are you lovin' the peace of summer?? Thank you for coming to visit the horses! Are you well? May you continue to have a summer of joy and goodness come to you. Fond regards, Anita

    1. Hi Anita,
      peaceful world is good, if the planes would stop, but inbetween they are good! The sunlight is intense and I hide from it most days in the summer, but it is rainy season so it is very wet which helps to keep it more quiet it!
      I am well thank you. Did lots of gardening today and decided AGAIN! that I want more flowers. So far all my tactics don't seem to work, but I am not giving up. Now I have decided to buy plants online like from Jackson and Perkins because I beleive these local ones are so spiked with fertilizer they do nothing but die if you don't use those chemicals which I refuse to. I grow organic veggies and cannot contaminate the soil. I go through too much to produce organic compost, so ''fertilizing'' plants for ''forced growth'' is not what I like to do. I want flowering bushes here, like lilac, peonies, roses etc.....and canot find yet ones that do well, but Perkins has some online good for my zone and so must try!
      I cannot complain, all is reasonably well.
      good to hear from you. Have a lovely week!

  5. Can one ever have too many flowers??? No way!! :)))) Dearest Lady, this is absolute JOY!!!! Gorgeous!
    The set of pottery...gilded in such a delicate
    And chamber pots? Oh, now that is brilliant. I love the shape...reminds me of a soup tureen! :)) What a fantastic deal on the flowered one...very pretty....I go crazy for crackling!!! :)
    As for your darling serviettes...heee...I am so in line to purchase...whenever you're ready! ;))
    Love and bright blessings, my friend...
    - Irina

  6. Oh my goodness---how beautiful are all of your flowers and arrangements Lady!!!! I adore whites and green together. Something so pure about it I think.
    I LOVE the pots you bought. Aren't they wonderful as vases? I have seen so many different ones and wish I could afford a couple more. But then, if I had lots maybe they wouldn't be as special :)
    Such a beautiful post!!!!
    many hugs...

    1. Yes, thanks to your inspiration, which I was finally able to comment on that post of yours where I saw it and not get derailed by so much beauty my mind went mushy! LOL
      I have them and love them on the table as you see in the pictures, but I sure do wish I had a place that was larger in space and with lots more light for better pictures and for myself too.....and with flowering bushes. I so want to move just to have more flowers growing around me.
      I have my 2 chamber pots which I'm in love with and I agree, too many would not make them special, but I do love mine!

  7. Hi there, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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