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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Outdoor Foot Wash

Blogland and blogging ladies are my salvation, truly! I love you all!
I was browsing blogs 2 weeks ago, and some of the parties especially with so many interesting ideas, and one of them had entered a "Wonderfully Made;" Outdoor Foot Wash , which I fell in love with immediately.
I do have a need to organize how my housemate and I clean our feet before entering the house from the gardens because I do abhor dirty floors but we are in and out so often and the rains create a muddy kind of soil which sticks to every bottom of foot wear and it tracks in even when I have strategically placed foot mats to scrub our shoes in sections before entering. It just is not perfect. I realized I did need something to actually clean the feet before entering but didn't give it much thought, until I saw this post. I was excited, Eureka! that was it. I keep a rain barrel by the porch and that would supply the water. I could place it right next to it with just enough space. I need this! LOLOL
I showed my housemate this footwash and asked if we had the wood to do this and he said yes, and showed it to me, yes we had it, and I had 2 buckets of small smooth river rocks I had purchased to make an Acupressure Walking Path in the back, but that never happened. But we did have the wood and rocks and my housemate was willing to put it together for me without the sick face LOL now that he experienced proper tools from making the Potting Bench.lolol

This one is 18" x 16" and put together with simple it is:

our little friend coming over to see what we're doing.....they like to notify us of their presence so they can walk us over to where we keep their feed and feed them LOL.....they literally let us know they are wanting food! lol, but though we took time to follow it out over to the food, it was more interested in what we were doing lolol.

 I used window screening to line the bottom to keep in the small rocks so they don't go through the spaces.

I keep a large ladle hanging by the rain barrel to use to pour the rain water on my feet. Then I bought a runner type bathroom mat to lay on the floor to soak up the extra water as I walk to the door, and then a small towel hanging by the door to dry the feet before walking in. I chose a bathroom mat because I can wash it often as necessary. This system works for me now, I love it! Thank you to Lauren at Wonderfully Made!

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  1. This is sooooo coooool!

    And I went over to "Wonderfully Made" blog, and said the same, to her. And of course, said that you pointed me, to her blog.

    Isn't it handy to have a handy-man around? Yes, it is! :-)

    I'll bet this feels simply wonderful, on your feet.

    Wishing you a lovely Midsummer's Eve!!!


  2. great idea...i jumped over from aunties blog! happy solstice!

  3. How perfectly wonderful!! I'm so glad you took the idea and ran with it -- great idea to use the smaller rocks and the screen! AND love the idea of adding the bath mat to get you cleanly to the door -- great job!!

  4. This is just wonderful--I always make everyone take their shoes off, but I rarely wear shoes so this would be great for me!

  5. What a neat idea! I keep a pair of crocs just for outdoor use and take them off before I come inside. But even then, my feet can still get dirty being in the garden. I'm quite guilty of going shoeless outside!

    I'm making my blog private. I would love to have you still visit if you'd like.
    Just email me at and I'll send you an invite.

  6. I think the feel of those smooth little pebbles would feel so nice on my feet I may take a looooong time to clean my feet! Like a mini foot massage every time you walk in the house. I'm off to see the original post at Lauren's now. Thanks for sharing this idea :) Wendy

  7. Hi Serena...I absolutely love stopping in here and seeing what you are up to. I like your little idea for a walk off mat by your door.....very well done. BTW.....I really have missed a lot of you ladies since I don't seem to be blogging much as of late.



    1. Hi Jo, yes a ''walk off mat'', great way of putting it. Works great :D
      thanks for stopping.....where have you been?

  8. Love to see these brilliant ideas....
    I'm so glad to get my "Lady of the Woods" fix today!!! :))
    Hugs to you!
    - Irina

  9. Great idea! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!


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