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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sensual Fragrant Flower Summer

Flowers and their scents.....
that is what is happening for me now in hot humid South Florida.

I began the day with the intent to start walking/jogging again. Its been a few months, longest ever not working out and it is amazing how unforgiving my body is. Time to plow through. I was walking, I felt uncomfortable in so many ways but didn't realize it. I just knew I didn't feel like doing anything I had in mind even though I was doing the ''right thing''.....walking again, or even wearing what I had on, or looking how I was looking, or feeling. So I walk, and not feelin it, ''the right thing''......
but then a kind and loving perfume fills my head, and I thought ''someone must have a jasmine bush around here''. But I look around and don't see it. I turn my head to the right and there on the ground is an enchanting site of dozens of blooms fallen on the grass, dozens of them. The tree is the Plumeria and it is highly perfumed. I stand there on the wrong side of the fence wondering how I could ever pick up some of those blooms that would completely and totally change my days mood to one of enchantment, when these blossoms are so obviously being ignored and neglected, maybe the owners of that tree don't even notice them. The blossoms lie on the ground, unseen, un-inhaled. I cringe for the ignorance of people so steeped in the matrix, they lose the beauty that beckons them back into sanity.

Full size picture of Plumeria 'Celadine' (<i>Plumeria rubra</i>)

Inhaling and taking in the genius that is natures complex perfumes in beautiful blossoms I began to feel a tiny bit better, because at least now I am guided to where I need to be going. I continue to walk, already achingly missing the flowers and their scent. Why would anyone walk away from that? I miss the message they carry to the limbic brain, how scent by passes the reptilian brain and speaks directly to the soul. A scent that speaks volumes in a complex silent language only the soul understands. I understand their story and I want to ''hear'' more. But I continue walking. I am walking the wrong way. I continue because I am on a mission. Soon my pants begin to chafe and I knew I had to make a quick return home before I get burned. Good, now I have a good reason to go back home. And I can do something that brings joy.
I walk in and I feel off. Its all wrong, I decide to remove these unsightly work-out clothes, how boring they are! put on some lacy frillies, get some flowers in my hair and all around the house with fragrance and begin the day all over again. Thats it!
The Housemate is off today and he begins to do some work on the roof. ''Oh good I'll go up there with you  because I want to see if I can get some Jasmine blossoms''. The bush is so tall now I have to climb a ladder or go to the roof to get them. The blooms are all spent, pounded by the rains, and they're gone, sprinkled on the ground like snow.
But I want scent in my house, I needed those fragrant plumeria in my house, I want to walk in and smell perfume filling the air, from Nature, the kind that heals the soul and elicits a sigh.....makes you smile with comfort.
Candles are nice but I didn't have nice scented ones and those that are naturally scented and strong, are very expensive. It will have to be fresh flowers and alot of them and the good news is that we have them growing all over now :D. I walk up the block to the house with the 2 huge Gardenia bushes and they are full! more than I've ever seen. I pick them regularly but there are so many right now, what a great sight. I pick around 20 blossoms....this is enough to scent two rooms.
I decided to go back to that house and ask if I can pick up some of those plumeria blossoms lying on the ground. I drove there and stared at those blossoms like riches just within hands reach and yet you can't touch it. The house looks neglected and like they would not take kindly to some stranger asking for their blooms. But I remember another tree on my walk that is not fenced in and I drive there. Yes! Its big too and filled with blossoms and many dozens that have fallen on the ground too! Eureka! I park and begin picking and smell them, but....these are not scented! I remember wearing just one or 2 blooms from this tree years ago and it was fragrant, but not this time. I continue to pick and none of them are scented too much. At least they are larger and beautiful so I pick about a dozen and come home.

I set up the gardenias in a water bowl


and it goes to the computer/guest room, where I can smell them while I work.


and in another creamware bowl some more gardenia with a few plumeria.....I love this!


the small cloche got some plumeria with water to sit in........

the plumeria mostly went into my hair with one gardenia for beautiful fragrance every time I move my head.


Then I played with my beautiful soaps. They were hidden in a bag in the cabinet. I took them out and gave them a place to be seen and smelled too. Next to my homemade Cornmeal Honey Facial Scrub....and a Fairy Slipper!

 These beautiful scented natural soaps are by Hugo. The scents are Lavender, Rose, and Sea Fennel with Geranium....the pale green one. They have botanicals in them, and are highly scented. I love them!

I shower, dress and NOW I feel right. My spirit was needing communion with my own Nature, and the most beautiful is through Her Scents, the perfumes of blossoms packed with healing and nurturing. The sight of fresh flowers in every room calms me, I feel like I can handle anything.
I have Gardenias, Plumerias, Jasmine scenting the house inside, and outside I have Jasmine, Almond Bush and is beautiful!
What is perceived as delicate and fragile is powerful and poignant in truth. Flowers speak languages, and each scent tells an epic story that only your soul can hear and your body understand.
This is the language of The Divine, wordless and powerful  beyond measure.
A sentient being can spend a day in a fragrant garden, not speak nor hear a word, and come away filled, sated, healthier and wiser.
My every day from now on will be filled with this Wisdom from Nature, and I understand what can not be spoken.

May you all be filled with the wisdom of Scented Flowers!


  1. How beautiful this post is. I enjoyed reading it and looking at those beautiful gardenias and what we call frangipani,I can almost smell them here. :)

  2. I love scented flowers. My Mother used to too and now she gets headaches--I guess she is allergic. I hope that never happens to me! It is so amazing how a scent can remind you of something...a place or a time. When my babies were little I always wore the same perfume, and when I left them with a sitter I would spray some on their blanket. I think it was comforting to them. Enjoyed your pretty post--wish it had scratch and sniff :)!

    1. Scratch n sniff! funny is that....yes, I've always wished for something like that too. Thanks for visiting. I saw your last post which is ridiculously beautiful! You have so many flowers and that is what I'm trying for her with no luck yet....will have to buy some though I've been trying to avoid that. The rains here are too hard too and knocks them out, but I least I have a long season for them, so will keep trying.

  3. I love the scents in the garden, I will walk by and get a tantalizing whiff of something then I follow my nose.

  4. Loooove this beautiful and wise post, dearest Lady...
    Scent does speak directly to the earliest memories are of flowers and their magical, Divine fragrance....
    What loveliness in you hair!!!


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