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Thursday, January 17, 2013

White Thrifty Finds and Butter Bells

Hello beautiful people,

First I want to say to Pammie dearest, I do pray and hope you find yourself in your own home safe and secure forever more!

I have been working here in the house.....sigh.......there was a time when I said I would be done with a project in X amount of time and it was done. Period.

Now I don't know what is happening.....but it has taken longer than I thought to finish this kitchen. However, it was not just about painting as I found out, I had to also organize and go through the cabinets and things like that. Also waiting on the housemate to help with a couple of details took a couple extra days and there were times I just HAD to stop. So, maybe lol, today Thursday should be the last day. (waiting on the housemate for some nailing up of some wood) I had taken off the last 2 days for rest but I'm not getting near the rest I need with not being able to sleep from too much physical discomfort, nor due to noise, as in barking dogs and flying planes, I live near a small airport....they circle this house.

Sooooooo today I needed to have fun if at all possible because I just didn't feel like I was ever going to smile again.
I've been wanting a butter dish.....that's not so much to ask right? Its a small thing in the scheme of life? I never had one before so it would be a first for me, so that's not excessive right? And a butter dish is organizing and tidy, right? Soooooooo........I wanted one! I needed to get out of the house and the thrift store would be just the most simple thing to do, spend maybe two dollars and be done but I thought I'd look online for some ideas. So as I could not sleep last night I got online to search for ''butter dishes'' and I saw one I absolutely loved, like the nice crystal ones I liked.......alot lol........I'd love something this sparkly in my refrigerator! in fact, I'd like lots of sparkly dishes like this in there! lol

(please excuse if pics disappear from this post, I did copy them from the internet.....)


but then I saw this one,,,,,, I KNEW that was the one I wanted and they said it sits on the counter and does NOT go into the fridge? what? how is that? I read on..........It was not just a butter dish, it was a butter preserver and this system has been used to store butter since the middle ages! And that guess what? after I decided to get this one, I saw the real name was.....wait for it......can you guess???

French Butter Crock! did you know about these? how come no one told me I could have soft butter all the time???

man! French ingenuity rocks!

 A French butter dish is a container used to maintain the freshness and spreadable consistency of butter without refrigeration. This late 19th century French-designed pottery crock has two parts: a base that holds water, and a cup to hold the packed in butter which also serves as a lid. The cup containing butter is placed into the base, where water creates an airtight seal that keeps the air (and thus oxygen) away from the butter so that refrigeration is not needed, and the butter can be used in its soft form. This method will keep butter for around a month provided it is kept at temperatures below 80 °F (27 °C) and the water is changed regularly. The French butter dish design is thought to have originated in Vallauris, France. Vallauris is known for its pottery crafts. Others speculate that it was created in Brittany, or Normandy—both known for their butter production. ~ source

The Butter Bell Butter Crock is simple and easy to use

Some kitchen gadgets require batteries and a Master's in Engineering. The Butter Bell Butter Crock requires 1/3 of a cup of cool water and the stick of butter that you'd like to keep fresh and spreadable.

Add 1/3 cup of water to the base of your Butter Bell French Butter Keeper.
Step 1: Add 1/3 cup of cool, fresh water to your
Butter Bell.
Pack a stick of butter into the lid of the Butter Bell Crock.
Step 2: Pack your butter into the lid of the Butter Bell.
This butter keeper can hold one stick (1/2 cup) of butter.
Place the lid of the Butter Crock into the base.
Step 3: Put the lid into the dish of the Butter Bell butter crock.
An air-tight seal is formed.

Here's how the Butter Bell French butter keeper maintains fresh, spreadable butter:

An air-tight seal of water is created at the base of the Butter Bell butter crock. This maintains your butter's flavor and freshness. To maintain maximum freshness, fill the base of the Butter Bell butter keeper with fresh water every three days.
When you place the lid of the Butter Bell Crock into the base, the water forms an airtight seal.
The air-tight seal of the butter crock ensures freshness.


And looking online further, anything more sophisticated I could not find, and decided this one was the one, I DO want my butter soft all the time people LOL ........and they come in gorgeous timeless colors and all I had to do was choose.....THAT my friends, was the hard part.....but soon one of the four colors I wanted won over.....and I ordered Antique Pink Pastel.......
now....sigh.....I will then need more pink accents....darn. :D:D:D

My other choices for my *"new" White and Green accented kitchen  were obvious......remember these sit on the counter so its a decor choice......

* (post and pics coming soon when the housemate helps me with the last details so I can then take pics)

Ivory Rose......sooooo sweeeeeeeetttttt!!

Sea Spray ....the first oooooooohhhh and aaaaahhhhhhh I had....and still continue to have lol.......


Vert......this green and all shades of lively green just tug at my heart......I do have green accents.....but.....?!


But Pink it is.


So. today I went to see if I can find something that I could put a lid together with a dish and come up with my own lol....until my French Butter Bell arrives......there's always something there. But I didn't have to conjure anything, there were several things there that looked like butter dishes or ceramic crocks with lids and all I had to do was choose.
But wait! there's more ! LOL.....
there were other things that I was not looking for but were pretty and I always said if I see them, I'd get them, and there they were.....but all this had to happen with $20.00. And I found these below........

A couple of milk glass pieces and the square one is truly beautiful and a heavy piece! I think I'm going to add some selaginella moss to it, a plant I have all over outside doing well. There is the sage green ceramic crock which will hold my butter until I get the French Butter Bell. Imagine butter out all the time and be soft!?
Then there is the Madonna and Child. I have always loved the Madonna, or Queen of Heaven which her corona means and I adore her holding a sentiments exactly. This one is already iridescent and white and I had do nothing but wash it, and it sits on my bureau now next to another one. 
Then there is the vintage green glass soap dispenser for my Bohemian was gold accented which is now Old White accented....
.......A creamware ceramic vase which now holds my kitchen utensils.....
and an ornamental relief piece which will find a perfect place soon, no doubt! :D
I almost forgot....I'm always looking for doilies, and I found one bag there, always .99 cents no matter what's in it.

And a last picture of the tiny cloche I have that is filled with Hazelnut Turkish Delights, inside another cloche.

 I love thrifting and I hope you all look into this because so many cool things are out there that can make your home life so much more cozy, pretty, and functional for a fraction of the price of new in stores. I love  recycling and making new use of what has already it.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your post today. I had no idea that butter crocks even existed, but what a fabulous idea! I like soft butter, too :)

  2. I learned something new today! I had never heard of French butter bells before. Like you, I love thrifting as well.

  3. Hi anam cara, welcome back to blogland! And with such beautiful finds... I didn´t know at all about that butter preserving French system, so your post is not only inspiring but highly instructive too LOL(again that Frenchie thing... believe me, I know exactly that feeling when you love an item at first sight and then you discover or are told it has "something" French!!! -but it´s not already a surprise for you, is it? LOL LOL LOL)
    Anyway, I´m sure you´ll enjoy a lot your VERY PINK Butter Bell Crock because it´s both useful and lovely to see (although personally I´d chosen the Sea Spray one... I´m not a very good friend of pink really LOL) Oh, and I LOVED that white Madonna with the child... I´ve been looking for one like that for awhile!!!
    Well, have all the rest you can -YOU DESERVE IT!- and when you´re ready I´ll be glad to see the pics of your "magically transformed kitchen"... Till then, receive a great hug and all my blessings.
    PS: Almost no time for writing right now... but would love to READ something from you! LOL

    1. Thank you, not entirely back, but just taking a small break and looking for a quick inspiration of life in my world. I had to make a quick post on that Butter Bell because I thought it was such a find!....and yes, lol, that Frenchie thing, and though I believe it is bizarre, I don't believe it makes me feel it is exclusively exciting, because again, I never had any interest in that culture, yet its popping up in everything in my life from large to small! Even my housemate! came home and he said "French Country Kitchen" popped into his mind on his way home from work, and this on the same day my neighbor said it looked very much like a "French Country Kitchen" to which I replied in a blank stare lol that I must look into French decor. My housemate has never been to France so I don't know why it came to him and when I asked he said he didn't know, but my friend said she knew. kitchen is looking French Country lol and now for a French Butter Bell too lol
      I'm eyeing my bathroom now and I got excited for exactly one minute because I thought I could do that one in 'one day' lol....but the ideas for a vision have not come yet and it does I think involve Antoinette Pink a new color for me.....soooooooo
      but I do need to rest some more and then some more until I feel I can tackle another thing....even cooking a meal.
      thank for being here.

  4. I love the Butter bell--I have used them for years! I have found like 3 of them at Thrift shops and I always buy them to give to friends. I have gotten them for $1 each! I love the pink one--bet it is awhile before I find that color in a thrift shop :) Have fun with your kitchen--it will be so refreshing to have everything all cleaned out and painted white!

    1. I don't think I ever saw a crock with a lid that had something in it like that, but I never knew such a thing existed! Can't wait to get mine. :D Yes, kitchen is enjoyable now and more fun than before, not that it wasn't before, but I like all the details now, all of them lol......even my dishrack! that's a waiting on housemate to nail up those wooden boards on the soffit!.....
      waiting......thanks for visiting.

  5. Oh I so enjoyed this lovely post and all your gorgeous goodies. I have never heard of a butter ball and would love one. I must look out for one. I'll google it to see what comes up. Thank you for the information. xx

  6. I love that little crock! Nothing worth than cold butter that won't spread! This is so smart! I hope I find one!

  7. Good morning dear heart! I am very late since I have been working a lot this week in the classroom.

    OK, talk about French ingenuity? THEY ARE GENIUS. When I was in France, I could literally go into a HARDWARE store and find the most GORGEOUS and useful kitchen and home gadgets that had not only a good function, but STYLE. I love how they came up with this crock and all it takes is some creative engineering! I LOVE EACH COLOR you have shared here; I need to look these up because that very design is what I would love to have.


    1. oh you are late at all, I only posted last night :D
      I'm glad you are working alot, you mentioned you love your job....nice.
      Yes, to the French ingenuity! what I truly would love is to go into their hardware stores! My favorite stores of all time have been hardware stores LOL, I can only IMAGINE in a French one what a blast I'd have!....never leave. lol
      Just click on the linked French Butter Bell to take you to their site and they are also on ebay.
      thanks for visiting :D

  8. You sold me on this one! I want one.....TODAY!
    LOL I know I am going to love your blog!
    Hearts to you,

  9. Oh precious Lady, ME TOO! How I would love to sail the seas, climb the green hills of Ireland, Scotland and England and go back to my beloved France to see and hear things new to me....then let us observe à peu près like the French say ("closely") at the wonders in our midst and make poetry from it. BLESS YOU! Anita

  10. What fun goodies you've found! I adore thrifting, in fact I buy pretty much everything (except underwear and sheets) at thrift stores, garage sales, and swap meets. I have become totally spoiled with the prices. When I do very occasionally go into a regular store I am horrified at the prices. I just can't bring myself to spend full pop retail. If I spend the same amount that I would in a retail store for a pair of jeans, say $50, I bring home 20 pairs of jeans from the thrift store. I don't have to be a math genius to know that is better. I also adore the recycling part of it. Plus there is a TON of variety to be had... so much fun!!! Thank you for showing the butter crock, what a GREAT idea! I will be on the hunt for one as I love soft butter too. Can't wait to see the pictures of your finished kitchen, your house is turning into such an ethereal sanctuary. I just LOVE it! And as always I love your blog, thank you for sharing!
    Blessings to you,

    1. Tricia! where in dag nabbit creation have you been??? I've been wondering about you, still working on multiple weddings?? I hope you're gaining weight back.
      I'm like a nutty woman, today I began the bathroom which I had no itention of doing but its not about painting since its already white and ecru, but making it a Bohemian Bathroom ! LOL....all because of a dang thrift store find!......such a thing to be entirely inspired by a little thing....but you must know that very well!
      check back in with me soon, let me know what's been happening...the good, bad and the ugly, I'm all ears.

  11. Namaste, beautiful soul!! How lovely to see our precious Anita so near!
    Yes, I have seen these darling butter bells in excited you are getting one!
    And oh dear, now I have visited the website...they have so many pretties!
    Your finds are all wonderful...I completely agree with re-using, getting creative in this way...
    Tomorrow I organize my sewing box...hooray! :)
    Much love,
    - Irina

    1. ;D then you must be feeling better? How is your little one? :D
      I've never seen one and I thought I was well traveled and shopped! LOL I will be definitely eating more butter soon because I never had the time to soften it so didn't use it much but now ! oy! LOL>.....will love to put some organic pure cream butter OMG! lol

  12. I like your butter bell's design. I have one that I bought at a store in Suffolk, va. about 5 years ago. Enjoyed reading your post about their history. Only way to store butter at one time when cold storage was a problem. I like it when old becomes new again.

  13. These are all so beautiful. I have a link party called Wednesdays Adorned From Above Blog Hop and would love to have you share this and any other posts with everyone. It runs from Tuesday night through midnight Sunday. Here is the link to the party.
    Debi and Charly @ Adorned From Above

  14. Love that butter bell! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  15. I truly hope your butter bell works for you. I wanted one so badly and finally ordered one, but it hasn't worked for me. Everytime I've taken the bell part out of the crock, the butter would fall out into the water. It also got a very rancid odor after only a couple of days. I've gone back to the old-fashioned method of just keeping the regular covered butter dish on the counter -- the butter is softer than I'd prefer, but it doesn't go bad. Anyway, I love the one you chose and hope, hope, hope it works well for you!

    1. oh dear, then I hope it works too! Sandy made a comment that she has one and she loves it. I think if its lasted all these years it must work, but I do see how the butter can be so soft it falls into the water...hummm.....will have to pay attention and if it happens will try to figure out how to fix that.
      thanks for visiting and commenting.

  16. Great finds. I never knew about the butter bell either and I absolutely love them! I just found you through Savvy Southern. I'm your latest subscriber. Hope you'll follow me back.

  17. I got a butter bell at my thrift store for $1.50 last week and read on the butter bell web site all the instructions & FAQs. You must use 100% butter only - no margarine or blends - and also add a little salt to the added water - especially if you use unsalted, not salted, butter. Margarine or blends will fall out of the cup as they are too soft for a butter bell... Mine is working great. Mary

  18. Wonderful post Namaste! My mother had a collection of butter bells and I loved when she would put one out at our dining room table when we were growing up. I love your little cloche with the Hazelnut Turkish Delights! So pretty! Loved hearing from you and seeing your inspiring blog!



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