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Monday, January 7, 2013

More White Paint, Pots and Prisms

Hello Beautiful People,

I have white paint on my hands as I type here lol but its ok. Its just amazing how when you say you 'never' will do something again, and not only do you do it but you do it alot. Well painting is that thing. After I painted the outside of this house both with primer then color, in the middle of a gross Florida summer while I was ILL, I swore I'd never touch a brush again.
Then I decided to do my room after 10 years of discontent thinking I was moving out any day now.
That came out magically enchanting I have to say, after painting everything white or a close version of it.

crystal prisms dancing on the pearl gray walls everywhere, love this!

and so I could not end the enchantment at the door could I??? What self respecting Fairy would do that???

So the living room was next,


from the back........

and I quickly figured out the kitchen would have to follow since they are only separated by a semi wall....
as you can see and so the Tuscan Italian Clay kitchen would have to follow the White Way.

John the housemate chose the wall color since he has to live with it too and to get him interested I asked him what colors he would choose for the kitchen if he wanted to see something pretty and he quickly chose a pale mint green and off white based on the dishes I have on the cabinet. Done! That's a great choice John! LOL So we got "Soothing Aloe" by Olympic for the walls,
I don't mind at all the cool pale green to imitate the green of Nature coming in through light.....I don't think this house's kitchen would do well with white walls. John will be helping me so we can get it done in one day. And guess who is painting every little thing else Old White?? Moi. The cabinets, the shelf's, the baskets, lots of smaller items.

I painted a few things these past few days Old White by Annie Sloan and Off White by Olympic. I do have to say I prefer Annie Sloans' chalk paint, it is much nicer to work with especially because I do not have to mix a homemade chalk paint on top of all the painting!! for non wall items..... and I love the chalkiness of it and I do not like the latex plasticy way the latex paints dry on items that are not walls....definitely Annie Sloan is nicer and easier. Mostly I got the chalk paint for the kitchen cabinets, will post pics on that shortly.

These pictures were given to me and I thought the hall could use them, they were nice with the Golden Pearl, but I wanted more white, so when I got the A.S. Old White, I went to paint them right easy.


 both are nice actually.

2 beautiful wood church alter candle sticks from the thrift. They were gold leafed, but I need white.

Another beautiful wooden carved phinial made in the Philippines from the thrift....this was black.

.....this too..........

these are the salvaged pieces of wood that did not go into making my potting bench, being painted with the leftover latex paint in Off White.....these are going to be a single wide shelf over the entryway in the kitchen to hold my cream ware.

these are cool IKEA shelf brackets, the shelf thickness is adjustable which is very cool, and the brackets will be installed at the length of the wood. There is a right bracket and a center to hold the wood shelving which does have to be cut to exact length, and the left bracket. Will take pics when its up.


I somehow got into looking into terracotta pots that were white and saw they were painted, and I thought....huumm.......because I MUST NOT have enough things to paint or have already painted! ......
but I fell in love and I do sooo love falling in lov!
These are white clay pots........from Guy Wolf.....I want!

but alas........
sigh.....I'd be temped, and was, to give every dollar I have to acquiring these but I would not eat for a month. And when our Domestic Goddess Martha Stewart talked about painting pots and I saw hers, I fell in love with those too. I love love love good pottery and use to have a nice collection in New York. I'd like to re-build up another here now. And since I did have paints and some pots and some twine, well, I had to try it because I'm missing working in the gardens. I love the chalk paint on the pots, but it soaks it up like a sponge. I've never seen anything like that. It literally took 2 seconds to dry, as I'm painting the first strokes are drying. So using Annie Sloan would be expensive. But I really liked that color Martha used and I did have a bit of Coco leftover and it was very similar if not exact as her Driftwood Milk Paint, and so I decided to use it. But I love the white clay of Guy Wolf pottery and I had to do that too. I love them both, and I love them together.
I will need to do an entire collection of these colors. Yes I will.
I followed the directions on the video linked here

AND I did paint these on my potting bench! what a joy!

These are going to need a moss treatment too, coming next week. I love mossy pots, lots of them!

I like the twine unpainted actually. And I fell in love with these, the colors and textures, but I will need alot more chalk paint, but what's a girl to do? Chalk Paint is expensive.....

how was I to do an entire collection of pottery with the chalk paint which is much preferred because it breathes and is natural and chalky, if it too expensive???

But do you know??? happy dance.....
Well....a nice little mistake on the part of the packing guy has me with a can of French Linen by Annie Sloan    instead of the Pure White I ordered, and they are so gracious, they told me to keep the French Linen for a future project on their behalf, and they would send me the Pure White on Monday. What was I going to do with the French Linen I thought? I didn't have anything in mind...................

until I painted these and fell in love with them!!

French Linen (That "french" thing still coming up in so many small ways) is very very close to Coco and Martha's milk paint "Driftwood" and just a bit lighter which is fine with me......sooo.....I have my paint already thanks to a nice mistake.........and a beautiful new "French Linen" line of Terra Cotta Pots in all shapes and sizes coming up, covered with mosses and algae.
Stay tuned.

Then I have 25 of these little beauty's that I much prefer to the simple drop crystals.....and they happen to be called ''French prism''.....which is going to be used in a chandelier I will make...

 my bench today.....because yesterday it was different right ? LOL


ok that's it for today.....tomorrow more painting, then Wednesday the kitchen walls, maybe Thursday too....and then I will see...........thanks for visiting!

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  1. All your white items are looking fantastic! You are a busy lady :) Those frames look especially nice in white. I love the pots too. How awesome to get some free paint! It is nice to have good customer service once in awhile :) I can't wait to see your kitchen...seeing a glimpse of it in the pictures I can tell the makeover will be wonderful. Have fun!

  2. Well Lady, it looks like you have been busy and still going..I wish I could do white, I have always wanted to go all white, but with my two boys, my dog and two cats it is not possible at the moment, maybe one day. I think your kitchen in cool green will look great!...Maybe I could do my bedroom in white? Something to think about..Have a great week!

    1. Hi there, yes, I think there is always some space, even a room that can be an ''all white'' room. Its a lifestyle actually, not just a color....I'm finding.
      The green here is! I'm working on making that very cool color warm and cozy....nothing less than magic!
      blessings, lady

  3. I really shouldn't come over here so often because I want to go straight outside and start painting and nailing and pottering,but it's too hot LOL
    Maybe I will take note of to do's for next month the pots are gorgeous xx

    1. sorry so late in responding, I've tried to avoid being online while I work on this house. But lol, some people do inspire us to make projects yes? I did that for a while until I realized I had to let some of them go, just to have the "do nothing" days I seem to need alot. At least the pots are easy, get the paint, a small brush, paint them and they dry by the time you put them down if using chalk pain, that is. Done. Let me know if you try it.

  4. i just love the pots...and your beautiful room! most days my hands are covered in white paint:)

    1. yes, I'm still here with white paint on my hands too and every shade around it. Still working on the kitchen but its going to be very pretty....I love your blog! am following now.....can't believe how organized you are! I'm still in love with your pink cabinet.
      blessings, lady

  5. Oh, how fun!
    And beautiful!!!
    Can't wait to see the moss....magical...
    Those prisms make my heart sing! :)
    - Irina

    1. Hi, there, just now getting to older emails! oysh.
      I will be gardening in another week, since I need to take time off from everything. The prisms will be on a chandelier, I kind of love the plush ones, and I hope to make a nice one! We shall see.
      thanks for visiting.


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