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Friday, November 9, 2012

White Glittery Pine Cones

I'm loving pine cones more and more each year.
Last year I came across a post from blogland called "Get Ready for Christmas: Meet The Humble Pine Cone" and it was a great one about all the ways one can decorate with pine cones and there are some brilliant ideas there, all inspiring and beautiful. Here are a few of my favorites:


There are many more on that post, go check them may re interest you in the 'humble pine cone'. ! :D

This year I saw a picture of white ones with glitter and my heart said, "ok," I did and I ran to my stash for this year when I got 4 bags of pine cones last year at half price from Michaels after Christmas, to do some magic this that? :D  Since I am going "White" in my house, I knew I had to do the pine cones white with, of course! a touch of sparkle as in glitter. So I pulled out my pine cones, and chose the largest ones, and got the white spray paint, the hooks and began.

I screwed in screw eye hooks into the top because I know I'll be hanging these.....somewhere!

Then I spray painted them....this is just a first coat on one side......

I did two coats on all sides, then I glittered them......sorry no pics of that process as I was working on 3 projects at one time, but I can explain. I got Elmers school glue out and my bottles of glitter which I collect...and....gasp! I had NO SILVER! But the panic lasted half a second because I mixed some white with gunpowder and added some larger white particles to get a mix, and used that. It looked silver....ish.....good enough....I'm glad I'm not anal. LOL the white glitter had alot of green in it.......but it looks good, love green!
I glued the edges with the glue and dropped, poured, scooped the mixed glitter onto it and went around the pine cone until all the edges were done, then put them in the square basket-lid to dry. I will add some pretty seambinding ribbon and hang them, maybe on my chandelier or somewhere....but for now, I have a feeling I'm not done with them, and I'll be adding some more sparkle somehow....just a feeling I have :D

 These are large, around 6 inches each.....

What I'm doing for now is leaving them in my room on my bed until I get the idea that tells me this project is done. But today I saw that the glitter from these actually created prisms!!

See that? those tiny lights and prisms are from the glitter on the pine cones......:D:D:D how fun is that.....such simple things bring me joy!

These will be hung somewhere....once they're done, but just sitting there in a basket they are beautiful, and even my housemate had stopped to look at them......said they looked 'nice'.....
I think they are gorgeous! LOL

I have alot of pine cones left and I still wonder what they would look like pearlized??

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  1. Thank you for sharing your idea! they are really stunning! :)

  2. So pretty!! I love them hanging like that. Your last picture really captures the magic :)

  3. They look so pretty. I admire all the pine cone crafts I see on Pinterest. xo

  4. Your pine cones are so pretty. We have them all over in the yard. I need to gather a few. I love the way they shimmer in the light.

  5. Oh you must show if you do some pearlized pine cones! Your pine cones are looking lovely and inspiring me to make some too!

  6. Ooo these are the best decoration! I must make some and paint them white then use the glitter paint that does NOT come off! LOVE IT! Anita

  7. Pretty!!!!! I have some huge pine cones that my Fiance brought me from the Mtns...I am going to glitter a few too!

  8. Awesome job! I love using natural elements for decor items and pine cones are so pretty! I think I'll have to go hunting in my yard and hope to find some good enough to use this year!
    Thank you so much for sharing your pretties with us for Pearls and Lace Thursday!!

  9. These are gorgeous, dear Lady! And pearlized...ooooh!!! :))
    Don't you love those glitter prisms....dreamy....
    Blessings, my friend...
    - Irina

  10. I love these. I have made gold dusted with glitter and they were very pretty on the tree. Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!


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