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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Annie Sloaned French Side Table and Champagne Tulle

Hello Everyone,

In my process of Going White.......

I didn't know what this kind of piece was called so googled a bit and lo and behold, its not an English side table as I had thought, but a French one! How did that happen? My housemate bought that piece and sorry I didn't take before pics, but picture just brown!....all brown.
I did it allover in AS Old Ochre, and then it looked nice but boring, :D, so I decided to do a dry wash/rub with the sample pot of Coco and I loved it immediately, it looked like it had an old dark wax finish and the housemate said it looked antique right away. I got online for some inspiration and saw a few that had stencils, and yes, that's what I've been doing alot of here lately and so I did some in 10 minutes with Old White....and loved it! Then because I accidentally got some OLD White onto the drawer as I was brushing the handles, I  liked that so I dry brushed more white onto it and it brings out the contrasts of the Coco and the stencil a bit more. I just have to wax it and I think I'm going to add some acrylic paint in burnt umber to my clear wax for more texture and detailing and antiquing but I'll do that tomorrow....when I can find the dang thing because the gremlins here have taken that for fun it seems........but here are the pics.....
Actually here is one of the terribly blurry and dark pics of the before and this table is on the far left with the lamp on it.

and now......

Is it ok? should I do something else? opinions would be nice. :D

"JUST" 3 more pieces to go and then I can begin playing with decor and Xmas and with all the pretty things I've had that will look so much better. I give myself another week. I really want to get back to making my clothes.

I almost forgot.....I took a few pics of the Queen Anne Console, not good ones, but another piece done and not making a separate post about is a blurry before ......


and now....I did it also Annie Sloan Old White with Old Ochre for the drawers and small panels.

I decided to make this a Xmas table. Its going to get cut pine, and cloches and candles.....I will play and see.

That white bookcase is going to goodwill along with most of what is on there and the bookcase behind it is going to get painted last.....sigh.....there is an end to all this, right?

Yesterday I got the softest most delicious crushed tulle in a "Champagne" color that looks like a very brownish pink I was able to get because while I was online paying for silver ribbon to finish up my pink ornaments, (post soon) a really nice (Angel) lady gave me her 60% off coupon from Joanne's and I was able to get a beautiful 8 yards for $16.00! THAT was a sweet moment. But this color is a brownish describing it, it sounds very similar to "Antoinette" by Annie Sloan, let me check.....OMG it is! and I've had my eye on this crushed tulle for a year!

Took some pics of that too LOL   Look at this! oodles of luscious pink softness and luxury....

"Champagne" crushed Tulle and AS "Antoinette" Chalk Paint....perfect match in color.

this most delicious, precious, soft, feminine, luxury is now renamed my "Antoinette Tulle" :D:D love it!

and finally a gorgeous prism from the morning south window that went through the crochet curtain on the door to the wall.....what a beautiful pattern and colors! Prisms are fun people! just fun! the round ones, Swarovski.....I highly recommend them as a MUST HAVE in life! :D:D:D

Have a magical Day!

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  1. I think your remake on the little dresser is just perfect! I wouldn't change a thing :) That tulle is just lovely too. :)

    1. ok then, on to the next piece :D, thanks, and yes that tulle is just magical! can't wait to make a petticoat with it and wear it.

  2. that crushed tulle is just gorgeous. You made such a great job of the table,I wouldn't change any of it. xx

    1. Thank you Jeanetteann! I'm satisfied with it, but one just wonders "what else?" but I think its good enough. Can't wait till the gremlins return the paint so I can use it :D

  3. So beautiful...all of it!!!
    Dear friend...that tulle...oh my goodness...
    And I agree very much on the prism... magical...
    Rumi is your favorite?? I can't even describe how much Rumi has influenced my outlook on life...the way I notice the world around me...
    What a magnificent quote on women!
    Bless you, dear friend...
    - Irina

  4. I agree with everyone else. Love the side table and that stenciling is just perfect. I am starting to really love tulle, yours is such a pretty color!

  5. That pale pale pink just glistens, adore it! How amazing to find paint and cloth that match so well. Love the furniture just as it is, looks wonderful and sparkling.

  6. It all looks perfect Id love to paint some of our funiture but Iv got to work on hubby first he likes it as it is,sigh!!! Love the tulle it is so pretty and delicate,look forward to seeing what you do with it all.Love Jill xx

    1. thanks Jill. I had to work on the housemate to paint his furniture and at first he wasn't convinced until he saw my completed room and was impressed. I said to him "you didn't think it would be this beautiful, did you?" he said no! Now he doesn't mind me painting his stuff. :D Thanks for looking forward to more because there will be LOL ! blessings, lady

  7. BRAVO....CLAP CLAP CLAP! did it! Now your sofa console is similar to mine. We must swap photos via email! AND I have that same tulle! I am still now sure what to do with it, but I love the stuff and when I can, will go get more.

    Dearest, this is a divine transformation and I can only surmise that YOU ARE HAPPY WITH IT! YEAH! Anita

    1. lol. thank you. You have the same tulle! of course you do! what exquisite thing would escape you! None! LOL. I got it from Joann's and the first time I got 3 yards of their off white one I could not take my hands off it nor my eyes. I kept touching it and wondering why I was so attracted to this piece of polyester because I abhor poly. But there was the love anyway! I hung it on my window, and adore it. I got another 3 yards and hung it on the doorway and love it there too. Another 3 yards sits on my sofa with the fabrics and it looks delicious....turns out, this fabric is one of those things like a good piece of jewelry that makes anything look better with I had no intention of buying anything but food afterwards but when the Angel offered a coupon to me, with that kind of discount I could not resist and bought the "Champagne" colored one and now have another thing to love. I'm going to make a petticoat skirt with it, to wear OVER a light weight linen one.....will post on that.

      Yes, I am happier with the transformation as it is happening and can see soon the end in the living room, then on to the kitchen, then the middle room, then the huge garden! Today I'm working on the secretary desk.
      The fun will happen when I can create the vignettes etc with all the lovely things I've always had and the candles are lit and I can say I'm done. sigh.
      warm hugs

  8. Oh dear, my comments are getting eaten by those gremlins now!!
    Ok, here I go again...
    BRAVA from me too!!!
    How absolutely beautiful!!
    Dearest Lady...that tulle is heavenly, and there is nothing quite as magical as a prism (or a few) in a room.
    Blessings and light,
    - Irina

  9. I am afraid that once you start....there may always be new finds to restore! But that is alright....Beautiful table...I cna't wait to get mine painted!

    1. It seems, everything is up for a painting, I found another cabinet that was quickly painted to match the Bombay Writing Desk....I don't like painting but I can't stop until its all much to go...other rooms, then I can go back to gardening and making clothes! sigh.

  10. I love this table, it is so pretty and the detailing is fantastic. Great job!


  11. Your little French table is adorable. I would leave it as it is because it's the kind of piece that can be used in so many places in your home. Love all your tulle. So pretty.
    Mary Alice


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